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Showed my Rule 63 work to a friend, but because she is not familiar with some of the movies, it was hard for her to see what changes I had done (expect for adding/removing boobs :P) so I put together this post. Then she was all like “How do you remove facial hair?!” XD

Links to all the GIFs:  ShanPhoebeEsmeraldo 1Esmeraldo 2Miss CharmingDeanaNaveen & Davida

PS: Some of the designs are based on Lettherebedoodles’ work! :D

In the Beginning.

Dean x Reader (Butterfly Effect Story, Read “please read this note” for guidelines)

PLESE READ THIS NOTE!!!: This is a butterfly effect series. Meaning you as the reader have choices as to how your story plays out. After each section you’ll be given a two to three option choice. The choice you pick will change how the story plays out for you. When asked: (What do you do?), you’ll need to click on the bold choice you’ve made below that, which will lead you to the next part of your story.

Warnings for this section: Second paragraph is suggestive.

A/n: Butterfly Effect series. Meaning if you don’t start at the first you won’t understand a damn thing. Lucky for you this is the first.  

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“I don’t understand these feelings. The ones that lurk deep within my core. What’s worse is I have no idea how I’m supposed to act upon them.” You put down on the top part of your pen before continuing to write in the leather bound journal.

“Dean’s the type of guy with two sides. One is loving wrapped in a sugar coat of enough sweetness you’d get a tooth ache. The other would bind you to the bed with handcuffs. Watch as you lied beneath him, begging for a thread. Waiting until all hell was about to break loose before finally bringing release.” Shutting your eyes you paused, envisioning everything you were jotting down. “Thing is, I can’t decide which part of him I crave more…maybe it’s just him in general. Or maybe it’s-”

“Whatcha writin’ ?” No other then Dean’s voice crept up behind you in a singsong tone. Stopping your train of thought mid sentence.

Your hands quickly placed themselves on both covers of the journal, slapping it shut quickly before shaking off what little mind games still frolicked in your head.

“Something called non ya’.” You chimed back at him, holding the journal tightly to your chest. Even as you spun yourself once in the desk chair your dragged out to the Bunker’s main table.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got a middle schooler crisis book filled with pink fluffy innocence.” He laughed lightly as he spoke from behind still.

“It’s not a crisis book, for one. And where do you see any pink fluffy innocent anything?” Closing your eyes tightly at the thought of a thick pink fluff covered diary with an equally fluffy pen, you couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Well if you let me read it, I’m sure I could pick out all the Princess Penelope entries.” While you couldn’t see the smile creeping on his lips, the sound of his voice painted a perfect picture of his equally perfect facial features.

A firm hand took control of your chair, spinning it around only until your eyes were in sight of his. He paused his movement, only for a moment. Long enough to draw a thick line of invisible tension between the eye contact you made. Bending over he slipped his hands over the arm rests of the chair before speaking in a deep cook tone.

“Unless you’ve got something about me in there.” His eyebrow cocked upward. The devilish smile he played on his tauntingly perfect lips only threatened the goosebumps on your arms to reveal their presence.

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Lean Forward and Kiss Him

Act Normal

12x19 Deconstruction: Part II - The Mixtape Exchange


So, yeah, there really wasn’t anything else I could possibly call this piece of dialogue, was there? Nope. Let’s set the scene:

Dean is at his computer. There’s a knock on the door. Cas opens it, pauses, and what we learn from this, by the way, is that Cas was waiting for a response and when he didn’t get one he proceeded inside, thinking Dean wasn’t there. What does this visual exposition tell us?

a) Dean’s bedroom is not off limits to Cas if Dean’s not there, because there’s trust
b) Cas didn’t come to the room looking for Dean

The reason Cas goes to Dean’s room is to get the Colt - the mixtape is just his excuse. So, then, what an utterly beautiful tool of exposition this innocent piece of prop becomes, and how incredibly well it’s used to highlight exactly what the problem has always been in this relationship: the lack of fucking communication. In fact, not only does the mixtape highlight the lack of communication, it goes further as it turns that problem on it’s head completely when, suddenly, both of these men open up to each other. And the fact that Cas is there on a mission, that he’s effectively playing Dean, doesn’t take away from all the truth that is in this exchange as well. Not that there’s complete honesty. Not just yet, but it’s coming. Oh, it’s absolutely on the horizon. It has to be. And this exchange is, as so many others, riddled with subtext which makes the interpretation of it layered to the extreme, but what I have on offer today is my take. So, here goes:

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“Cas.” Dean’s voice is low and dangerous, and Cas is actually trembling, staring at the ground. He’s faced armies of angels and fought his way through Hell, but nothing has ever been as terrifying as the growl in Dean’s throat at this moment. “What. The. Hell. Did. You. Do.”

Cas keeps his head bowed apologetically. “I wanted to do something nice for you.” He braves looking up slightly, sees Dean’s shaking hands, and feels that twist in his gut again.

“So you. You… What did you do?”

“I took the Impala to a car wash.”

“And you sent it through the wash. Without rolling up the windows. My car, and everything in it. Is soaked.”

Cas wonders how long Dean is going to speak in these halting, broken sentences. “I’m sorry,” he pleads. “It was an honest mistake. I truly thought I was doing something you would appreciate.”

Dean’s pinching the bridge of his nose now, silently taking deep breaths, shoulders still tense. Cas wants to reach out and rub that stress away, but he’s no longer sure he’s allowed.

And then Dean finally looks up, green eyes burning, chest heaving.

Minutes later, Cas is on his stomach in the backseat, naked, pushing his hard and aching cock into wet leather as Dean fucks into him. The whole car is damp, smelling of industrial soap, but Cas barely notices the mess he’s made.

All he’s noticing is the stretch and burn of Dean inside him. The only dampness he feels is Dean’s sweat dripping onto his back.

Dean grunts and growls into his ear about punishing him, about teaching Cas his lesson, and Cas absently thinks that this is absolutely not an effective punishment. Dean sinks his teeth into Cas’ shoulder blade and pushes even deeper, and Cas wants to run out and commit the crime all over again just to feel this over and over.

Dean’s hand smacks Cas’ ass, then curls around and underneath him to grab his dick, stroking only twice before Cas is coming, making an even bigger mess of the Impala.

“Gonna have to clean that, too,” Dean huffs, voice hoarse and broken because he’s close.

And then Cas can feel Dean coming, can feel the hot pulses as Dean curls around and into him, muscles tensing the relaxing, pushing both of them down into the wet mess Cas has made.

Dean nibbles lightly at Cas’ ear, and Cas knows he’s forgiven.

“Next time, just let me take care of the Impala,okay? Just buy me porn. Or a pie.”

Cas grins, relief adding to his orgasmic high. “Okay. I can do that.”

Used to This - Part II

Overview: You’ve lived with the Winchesters for years as a fellow hunter, and everyone has always stayed well in the friend zone. What happens when nightmares come haunting and Dean offers to help? Will things change, or is it all in your head?

Characters: Dean, Reader, with special guest appearance by Sam

Word Count: 2,524

Warnings: Nightmares, crap motel blankets, cold feet, language, and FLUFF

A/N: I thought the first part of this was just gonna be a drabble. Then it turned into a oneshot. Now it’s turned into a mini series. Oops. Blessings bestowed up on @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for fixing my letter errors and giving me all the encouragement. And Lee is the whole reason this second part even exists, so thanks to her for demanding more.

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Cold. I noticed it in my toes first, a sharp sensation that had my feet stretching down in desperate search of my quilt. Chill bumps prickled my legs and quickly traveled up my spine and down my arms. An involuntary shudder briefly shook my shoulders. Where are my damn covers?

A sensation of blissful warmth tickled my memory, and in one quick flash it all came back to me. My eyes snapped open, my chills long forgotten as I blinked and waited for my pupils to dilate. The cold had already answered my inquiry, but my adjusted eyes confirmed it; Dean was gone.

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Light light light up the sky
You light up the sky to show me
You are with me


Who Are You?

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 346

Part 1 of Shocking Awakening

“Dean…” You groaned, rolling over in your sleep. “Damn it, Dean!” You snapped, the effects of the night before still lingering.

Dean grumbled, ignoring the voice saying his name, and believing the crying was a dream. However, the loud slamming of a door jerked him awake. Looking around, he furrowed his brows. “Where the hell am I??” He muttered before licking his lips and sitting up. Hearing little feet quickly making their way towards the door, he tried to think of what kids he knew.

Before he could process anything else, a little boy came flying through the door. “Daddy!” He grinned, jumping onto Dean. His little arms hugged him, hanging on as Dean got up.

Moving through the unfamiliar halls, he was panicking. Where was he?! “Oh, now he gets up.” Your sarcasm came from his right, making him look over. “Thanks for getting up with the kids like you promised.” His eyes watched as you moved around the kitchen, worrying about everyone but yourself. There was a somewhat messy infant in a pink high chair on the other side of the counter, completely oblivious to what was going on around her.  “I never ask for anything, Dean. I love you, and I tell you to go enjoy yourself all the time. You deserve it. I asked for one night with my friends, and the chance to sleep in. You agreed, and still, I’m doing everything.” Sighing, you poured a cup of coffee and placed it near the counter by him. “So, can you tell me what the hell is up? Because ‘I was tired’ is a bs excuse.” One hand was on the counter, the other on your hip. “I’m waiting, dear husband!”

“I don’t know who you are.” He told her softly. “I don’t know where I am.” He added. “I don’t know who these kids are…” His voice cracked, because he hated seeing the pain wash across her face. “Who are you?” Dean breathed.

The little boy clinging to him looked from Dean, to you. “Mommy?” He sounded sad. “Is daddy sick?”

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httpshut  asked:

Hey so I haven't watch supernatural in a few seasons but I want to keep up with destiel!! I read that 12x20 was crazy! And that cas said I love you ???? WHAT??! Could you mind explaining the cassette tape and "I love you" thing?? I want to watch this episode but I'm sooo behind. Do people really think it'll become canon? (I'm so excited) thanks!!

yes i can explain it perfectly 2 u

  • cas was dyin so he was like ‘i love you, i love all of you’ implying that the FIRST ‘i love you’ was only to one person while the ‘i love all of you’ was to all of the winchesters. the camera immediately panned to dean after the first ‘i love you’
  • cas didn’t die oopsie doodle now it’s super awkward so he hides in heaven for a while
  • dean was stressed
  • dean called cas 235097 times
  • when cas returned, dean was pouty face
  • in order to have a conversation with dean, cas went to his room and tried to return a cassette tape titled “Dean’s top 13 Zepp TRAXX” (i may have had a meltdown after this and immediately created merch that u can purchase here)
  • dean handed the tape back and was like ‘it’s a gift, u keep those’ (actual verbatim straight out oft he fucgkin episode)
  • dean canonically gave cas a mixtape
  • it’s 1995, allie mcbeal is the most progressive thing on tv, jurassic park and independence day are the peak of special effects, and dean gave cas a mixtape
  • i don’t think destiel is going to become canon
  • i think destiel is already canon