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Big Brother Sammy/Sister!Winchester: Head Canon

*Sam always being the reasonable one to talk about things with

*Him bringing protective over you as much as Dean

*Long nights in Library discussing books with Sam

*Running to him whenever Dean pisses you off (And Oh Boy! Dean pisses you off a lot)

*Stealing his flannels for night shirts

*Him pretending to be mad, but he doesn’t mind

*Mocking him whenever you see something healthy on his plate

*Taking pleasure in teasing Dean with him

*Sharing a love for Harry Potter just like your brother

*You always and admiring how smart your big brother is

*When fixing supper, you fix up a salad just the way he likes it even though you and Dean won’t eat salad.

*Hearing him have nightmares about Jess, and you go into his room to comfort him.

* “I miss her so much, y/n/n. She never deserved to go out like that. It was all my fault.”

* “I know you miss her, Sammy.” carding your fingers through his hair, “She didn’t deserve that, but it wasn’t your fault. You need to forgive yourself for that, because I bet she did a long time ago.”

*His puppy dog eyes always manipulating you.

*Playing board games with Sam, while Dean goes out to the bar to hookup with a chick.

* “Go Fish!”, “I thought we were playing war?”

*Feeling accomplished whenever you get Sam to eat junk food with you.

*Loving your big brother so much because he’s the best

*Besides Dean, your the only one allowed to call him Sammy.

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Teasing - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge!

Request:  29 & 39, dean winchester x reader, where they like each other but haven’t admitted it yet so they’re kinda flirtatious??

Prompt: 29. It matches your… Personality.
39. Bite me.

Word count: 1,605

Warnings: Language? implied smut, awful pick-up lines, alcohol consumption and PDA (Public Display of Affection).

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam

A/N: I’m a little sick right now, which led me to a writer’s block. I apologise if this is an inconvinient, but please know that I tried my best. Feedback, however, is ALWAYS appreciated; no matter if it’s positive or negative. Also, requests are always open!

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It was Halloween. You had made sure to let the bunker covered in fake spider webs, black dripped candles, paper bats, and any other Halloween decoration you had found at the store. The boys were out on a hunt since last week, and they were going to go back home that afternoon.

After decorating every single room (including Sam and Dean’s), you sat at the library to wait for the boys to arrive. You were impatient to see them, especially Dean.

Truth be told, you had a massive crush on Dean and everybody knew it except for him.  No matter how much you flirted with him, he didn’t seem to notice nor understand how in love you were with him. You, of course, denied at every cost your feelings for him.


Dean was driving faster than usual. Sam and he had been gone for around two weeks, which seemed to the older like ages. He wanted to see her, He wanted to hold her in his arms and… Yeah, he wanted that, in fact, he needed it.

Not only was she his ultimate crush, but also the only one, apart from Lisa, that Sam liked; and, unlike Lisa, she was an amazing hunter and could take care of herself. However, Dean was not brave enough to confess his feelings for her.

Maybe because, for him, she was walking perfection, or because of his everlasting self-loathing. He didn’t feel like he deserved such woman, but that didn’t keep him from flirting blatantly with her. However, Dean would just limit himself to that, denying his feelings for her out loud.

The brother’s arrived to the bunker. Dean was just as impatient as the girl sitting in the library; he didn’t even notice the decoration.

Dean ran towards her, she stood up from her seat and received Dean in a tight hug that lasted more than friendly hugs do. Sam cleared his throat and she let go off Dean, turning to give Sam a quicker hug.

“What’s with the decoration?” Sam asked.

“I wanted to celebrate Halloween… Even if it’s just like this.” You explained, using your puppy eyes.

“It’s fine for me, but Dean…” Sam looked behind her, Dean was gesturing for his brother to shut up.

“Oh but Dean’s the one that gave me permission to decorate, right Dean?” She asked, turning around to face Dean.

“Yeah, I did.” Dean said, trying not to react to his brother’s knowing look.

The Winchester’s shared a telepathic conversation, as always, which could be concluded as Sam mocking his brother for his henpecks behaviour towards you. Dean gave his brother a death glare and returned his gaze to you.

“I made dinner.” You said. Sam and Dean’s faces lightened up, they loved your food.

“Really?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, I made this weird thing I found online and apple pie and…” Dean stopped you with a hand gesture.

“Baby, if everything you cook tasted as good as you look, I wouldn’t mind eating salad.” Dean smirked, making you blush intensely.

“Dean!” You squealed with a giggle. The hunter licked his lips and Sam rolled his eyes. You turned around to the kitchen and Sam followed you, whispering a “how old are you? Ten?” On Dean’s ear.

“Shut up, Sam!” Dean frowned and followed the two of you over to the kitchen, where you were already serving the food.

The three of you sat down and the brother’s started eating. As always, they complimented your food like it was made in heaven. They loved homemade dinner.

After their first plate was empty, Dean decided to go back to flirting. He dropped every single pick up line he could come up with, making your face turn into a hundred different shades of red. Sam obviously got sick and excused himself.

“I need to go check some things… I’ll be back for pie, though.” He had said, serving himself another plate and taking it upstairs.

No matter how much you begged, Sam was gone for good. Not that you didn’t like being alone with Dean, but because it was harder each time for you to control the urge of kissing his face. Also, Dean kept going with the pick-up lines, which was making you fall into a never ending  blush.

“I love your blush.” Dean whispered, cupping your face in his hand at lifting it for you to look at him.

“Why?” You asked. Dean suddenly got nervous. You could feel sweat starting to form on his hand, and his eyes got wider; he stiffened and cleared his throat, letting go off your face. This was becoming more serious than Dean had expected, and he was definitely not prepared for that.

It matches your… Personality.” He managed to say, not being able to find a better answer for your question. You giggled, this time he was the one with the blush.

“My blush matches my personality?” You mimicked, “That’s the worse lie ever!” You laughed loudly. Dean furrowed his eyebrows and pouted, the blush still creeping on his cheeks. “I honestly don’t understand how you make a living out of lies if you’re so bad at it.”

“I’m an awesome liar; I just wanted to make you laugh.” Dean defended himself. You leaned back on your chair and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Yeah right. I mean, that last one was better, but still… You are a terrible liar.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“I’m not.” He insisted. Before you could reply, he suggested taking a shot of whiskey, and you accepted. Dean stood up and grabbed the whiskey from the counter, and so as two glasses; he sat back down, putting the bottle and the glasses on the table.

You kept teasing him over fool things, like the time he almost cried when a drunken girl scratched Baby’s door with her car’s. Or that other time when he was the drunken one and decided to join a karaoke contest, which he lost. Or when Sam and her put makeup on him while he was sleeping. There were a whole lot of moments that you could use against him, it was impossible not to make him mad.

You were also becoming tipsy, which made you double sassy and annoying. Dean had a better resistance to alcohol than you, so he was a little more sober.

“Remember when that demon girl who had a crush on you possessed that man’s body and then she tried to kiss you in his body?” You dragged your question.

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“I got so jealous.” You had spoken at the same time as Dean, which avoided him to hear your words properly.

“What?” Dean asked.

“She kissed you, wearing a man meat-suit!” You laughed, trying to cover up your past words. Dean groaned.

Bite me.” He snapped.

“Oh, I wish.” You chanted, not being able to control your words. Dean calmed down, smiling widely at you.

“I know I would bite you.” Dean flirted.

“Then what are you waiting for, Winchester?” You flirted back, tilting your head to the side to expose your neck. Dean stood from his seat again and walked towards you, leaning over your neck and breathing in your essence. “It will be like that time you turned into a vampire.” You giggled.

“You weren’t even there.” Dean whispered over your skin. His hands were already wrapped around your waist, drawing circles with his thumbs.

“Dean.” You moaned his name at the same time he made contact with your skin. He bit you carefully, not wanting to leave marks yet.

“Say it again.” Dean begged.

“Dean.” You repeated.

The biting turned into a heated make out session that, somehow, moved over to the counter. You were sat there with Dean on his feet, between your legs, which were wrapped around his hip. The kiss was rough; Dean bit your lower lips every now and then and you did too. You had stopped worrying about holding your breath, which led you to breathe in each other’s air as Dean’s hands travelled over your body while your hands tousled his hair.

Sam got down from his room with the plate clean, literally and froze in place at the image.

“I guess you already admitted it, then.” He spoke awkwardly. Dean and you broke the kiss, breathing heavily.

“No we didn’t.” Dean spoke.

“When are you planning to, then?” Sam asked. He was too confused to even argue his brother’s words. Yes, you were making out but his brother and you were so weird it could be a game or something like that.

“Definitely not today.” Now you were the one to speak. Sam nodded and walked in, leaving the plate on the sink and taking out a clean one, which he used to serve himself some pie. He tried his best to ignore yours and his brother’s moans but he couldn’t.

“You should get a room.” He said, leaving the kitchen.

Of course, Dean and you ignored Sam’s suggestion; but Sam didn’t mind at all. He was happy to know that his brother had finally made a move, but he was also worried about said move. He had no idea what that kiss meant, less to say the fact that both of you had openly spoken about not confessing your feelings to each other, which was far more confusing than just the cheeky flirting Sam was used to.

But even so, Sam knew that you and Dean would be fine. The kiss was just the beginning, and whether you ignored it the next morning or not, he knew that you’d end up together eventually.

Call Me Winchester

(gif credit x x)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,126

Warnings: Smut

Song: None

A/N: Sooooo…this is my first time writing smut, please be kind. I kind of feel like it’s terrible. Ugh, oh well, here it goes lol.

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Welcome to the Family

About a month ago I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and order the rest of the Supernatural custom Funko Vinyls I wanted.  I was afraid the parts might become unavailable before I was finished buying them a month at a time, since they’re made, Frankenstein-like (currently a relevant reference!!) from the parts of other figures.

First we have Chuck (God?), in his bathrobe.

Hi Chuck!

Then we have Sheriff Jody Mills:

I just love how perfect this one is.  I don’t know what figure that head originally belongs to, but it’s just so fitting with the short hair she’s had the last couple seasons.  I’m pretty sure the body is Rick from Walking Dead.

Next we have Garth and Mr. Fizzles.

Mr. Fizzles can sense when you’re being a liar.

Next we have Sam “Wesson” from the au episode “It’s a Terrible Life,” where he and Dean “Smith” are not brothers but an IT guy and an executive, respectively, working at the same company.  It’s all a setup by Zachariah, but it’s awesome.  Dean eats salads!  Sam has a man bag!

And finally we have shirtless Sam which is Sam’s head stuck on an Alcide’s body from True Blood, and you can see his anti-possession tattoo.

However, I shall henceforth refer to him as Soulless Sam because that’s the point in the timeline when this scene takes place:

I really can’t think of another episode where he just stands around for an extended period of time with his shirt off.  Normally his soul prevents him from being all “yeah, I’m fucking hot and I know it” but here he is quite unencumbered by modesty.  ;-)

Thanks funkoadventures !