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"He Could Have Pie, He Just Won't Eat It Though...": On the Absence of Pie in Season 12 and the Demystification of Mary Winchester

I am prefacing this by saying that I haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, so if Dean and Co. happen to eat pie in 12x13 “Family Feud” I had no way of knowing it. :)

That said, in the end, even if Dean did enjoy a slice in this week’s episode, it really wouldn’t change a whole lot, because so far we have seen Dean very rarely eat one of his favorite types of food in S12: pie. Sure enough, the reason why we may see Dean not indulge in eating as much pie may be entirely be explained by things outside of the show - like maybe Jensen saying “man, please no more sweet stuff” ;) - still within the context of a show the absence of pie his season feels very telling. Especially so as pie for Dean definitely was a typ of comfort food and held a good deal of connotations and associations that all circled round notions of family, home, safety and love.

In the 12 seasons of Supernatural Dean’s love for pie has become just as infamous as his love for his baby. Even more so Dean’s eating habits as such have been used as an indicator for his emotional state of mind, his longings and wishes and especially over the course of the “Mark of Cain”-arc Dean’s hunger or lack thereof was drawn attention to as it revealed a lot about his emotional struggles (I have written lot on this topic, I’d insert links but as I am typing this on my phone I can’t) as well as the fight he faced within between human and demon. After all, little else is such a direct example of basic human necessities: the need to eat and drink to survive. That entire plot with Dean edging away from being human to becoming a demon was exemplified heaviest when Dean “left that cheeseburger uneaten” as Crowley reminisces before raising Dean as a demon in 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”. Dean’s arc was contrasted with Castiel’s, who as a human for the very first time experienced hunger and thirst as two real necessities to be able to function.

The topic of hunger and food as indicators for humanity therefore have been very directly written into Dean’s personal story arcs from S8 onwards. Given this focus of recent seasons paired with the shows adamancy of inserting Dean’s love for pie as a recurring stylistic device over 12 seasons of the show in general, it feels very striking that Dean seems to have lost his taste or love for pie in S12 almost completely - the season in which he sees his mother returning from the dead.

As mentioned above Dean’s love for pie seems to be to a good extent directly connected to the memory and love of his mother. In fact, 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” even gives the audience as much of a “starting point” as to how Dean’s love for pie came to be in the first place when we see one of Dean’s memories play out in which we (as much as Sam) learn that the Winchesters’ “marriage was never perfect until after Mary died” and that Dean comforted his mother when his father had moved out for a couple of days after a bad fight (one now has to wonder if maybe that could have been due to Mary disappearing and hunting), told her that “daddy still loves her” and offered emotional support to his mother when he was a mere 4 years old. It’s that memory standing out clearest in relation to Deans love for pie as Mary not much later after she calls Dean “her little angel” offers him some pie. It’s by no means a truly happy memory imo, especially as it does kind of showcase how Mary tries to lighten the mood with the offer of pie. It’s this action really that frames and explains Dean using pie as “comfort food” in the most literal sense of the term. So of course this will sound somewhat over the top, but one could argue that every time Dean enjoyed a slice of pie in his life he remembered this moment with his mom. A moment nonetheless in which he again acted almost like an adult rather than a child (and yes, that is suppose will just always remain the tragedy of Dean Winchester: his lost childhood, that, as the show progresses, it seems was lost much earlier than when his mother died…

Keeping all of this in mind I think it is interesting to take a look at S12. The season of Mary Winchesters return. The undoing of the past. But for sure not the erasure of old wounds, scars or traumas, but rather the start to add a few new on top. Amara giving Dean “what he needed most” was his mother. She gave the Winchesters a chance to re-write their story, because maybe she wished her and her brother could do the same. What Amara wanted - and there is not a single doubt in my mind, because even though Dabb seems to have forgotten what he himself wrote at the end of last season, Amara wasn’t cruel just cause - was for Dean to be happy and find peace. Little did she know that bringing back the Winchesters’ mom would hardly bring that for him.

Now, as I have written about multiple times at the end of last season and prior the beginning of this season with Mary’s return we aren’t just loosely following the possible re-write of the Winchesters’ story (though much of this season to me feels sadly like “same old same old” and plain repeat), most of all we see the demystification of Mary Winchester - and that may actually be one of the most painful ones for the Winchesters and Dean especially as it seems countless times he is proven that his mother really is nothing like he remembered her to be. Of course there are few characters that have had such a “cult” surrounding them on the show as Mary Winchester. Her own children never really got to know her as a person as they simply were way too small for that to be the case, yet over time Mary was stylized, idealized and turned into a symbol that had very little in common with the very real Mary Winchester - as this season explores.

Not a single episode this season didn’t feature some sort of deconstruction of Mary Winchester as a person and character or a realization of who she is opposed to how she was imagined to be. It’s vital to see things for what they are, but there’s no denying it’s tough and eliminates foundations that provided at least some sense of stability - and so far we have not seen any kind of building new ground together for a stronger and more mature foundation. In the first episodes Dean learns that Mary “never cooked” or “continued hunting even when she was already married” and that many of his memories are unveiled to have been “false”. Getting to know their mother really is a constant progression of disillusionment for the Winchesters (and for Dean much more than for Sam since he doesn’t have any memories that could be rendered untrue or incomplete or downright “wrong”) and while I firmly believe that Mary does somehow care about her grown up sons, true emotion and connection doesn’t seem to be there. And one can’t really blame anyone for that because of course for Mary suddenly being alive is hard and she never learnt how to have grown up kids, because well… she never lived to have them in a natural progression.

Still, I think it is fairly well portrayed how much Mary struggles to form a meaningful connection with Sam and Dean. A relationship that could build into becoming the loving relationship that meant safety and home and everything being okay for Dean for example as seen in his memories - and one memory in particular featuring pie. Coming back to the symbolic meaning of pie again I think it’s valid to analyze the absence of it in S12 (I truly only remember Dean eating pie in 2nd episode when all was still fairly “okay” and happiness prevailing over Mary being back rather than the start reality setting in) in relation to the demystification of Mary as a symbol and mother figure. Pie may simply not provide the comfort and safety it once did for Dean, because like so much of his past and memories regarding his mother have been overturned and corrected, but not in a very healing - or worded differently - comforting way.

So in a way this season exemplifies imo rather perfectly the saying “You can’t have your pie and eat it too”, which describes you can’t have two good things at the same time, which seems awfully fitting to the whole Mary Winchester arc. And in that regard I think it is indeed very revealing how now that Mary is back “Dean could have pie”, but we don’t see him eat it…


Warning: Death of a character

A/N: This is the longest thing i have written so i hope you enjoy.

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In the bunker there is a room that no one is allowed into. It was a room that had not been used for a couple years, the door had been locked and now sat full of books and photos. It was a boring day with no hunts when Mary Winchester had stumbled upon the room, she was instantly curious about he room every other room was open except this one. And it looked like it hadn’t been open in years. That night at dinner she decided to bring it up.

“What’s in room 183 it’s the only door locked out of every room in the bunker?” She asked

It was an innocent question at least she thought but she could see Dean stiffen up when she said the room number. Sam looked over at Dean, but Dean just stared at his plate.“Don’t go near that room, its not important.” Dean swiftly stood up and left the room. Mary looked at Sam questioning Deans rudeness. “Like Dean said its not important.” She couldn’t stop thinking about that room what was in it that they both brushed her off about it.

That night she walked to the room, being a hunter meant she knew how to pick locks expertly. She felt bad for not listening to Dean but she had to find out was in the room. She felt the door unlock she stood

up and opened the door. Out of all the things this was the last thing she expected, the room had dark blue walls and bookshelves on the far wall, a bed right in the middle with lights above it, and on one of the walls was a board with pictures hanging on it. It looked like a teen girls room, she walked over to the board on it she saw picture of a girl at different ages. But what surprised her most was that Dean was in most of the pictures with the girl. Pictures of the girl at around age five with a younger looking Dean eating pie, a ten year old riding a bike with Dean holding the back of it, another one with her holding up a first place trophy, Dean sleeping on the couch with her on his chest, the girl in pajamas eating breakfast with Sam, the girl without her front teeth, Dean in a suit with the girl in a dress, and another one with her in the drivers seat of the car. In all of the pictures she saw a much happier Dean every smile of his looked real, she had only known Dean for about two weeks as she got to know her oldest son she saw that most of his smiles and laugh never seemed real, but in the picture they seemed real all of them did. Mary closed the door to the room as she left she couldn’t get the pictures out of her head, who was the girl.

The next day she couldn’t stop thinking about the girl in the photos, she didn’t want to say anything to Dean though she knew he would get mad at her for going in the room. Mary headed to Sams room, she knocked lightly on the door. “come in” Mary walked into room, Sam was sitting on his bed on his laptop. He looked up Sam could tell that something was bugging Mary. “is everything okay Mom?” “yeah Sam everything’s okay I just wanted to come talk to you,” Mary daid walking over to Sam’s bed. “I know that both you and Dean told me to stay out of room 183,” Sam cut her off “but you went in it last night didn’t you.” “yes I did and I was wondering who’s room was that?” Sam sighed shitting his laptop he took a breath before starting. “ that room belongs to (y/n) Winchester, Deans daughter.” “Daughter, Dean has a daughter.” Even though the pictures pointed to the girl being Deans daughter she never thought that Dean would be one to have a daughter. “Had, Dean had a daughter she’s gone.” Mary could see tears in Sams eyes, “what happened to her.”

“One night we woke up to her screaming, Dean pretty much broke the door down, we both thought it was a monster we expected it to be, but it wasn’t when we got in the room she was holding her chest and screaming. We took her to the hospital turn out she had a defect in her heart, the doctors didn’t notice when she was born and it didn’t start hurting her till then. The doctors told us she had a couple months to live, she spent most of those in the hospital, Dean spent every moment by her side, he tried to make a deal with any demon that would show up but none of them take his sole because they like to watch us Winchesters suffer and they knew Dean couldn’t live without his daughter. She died five months later, even though it wasn’t his fault he blamed himself because he couldn’t make a deal to save her.” Sam had tears coming down his face so did Mary. “For months Dean was depressed, she was only sixteen he didn’t know what to do after her death. That was two years ago, he’s still recovering.” Mary couldn’t stop the tears she wished she could go back and change everything make it so Sam and Deans life could have been better that they wouldn’t have had to deal with monsters. And so she could have met her granddaughter.

Mary walked into the kitchen to go get something to eat, she saw Dean sitting looking at pictures. “ I heard you talking to Sam.” Mary looked guilty. “im so sorry Dean I disrespected you by going in the room im so sorry.” Dean cut her off, “it’s okay I understand you were curious, and it makes it so I don’t have to explain to you later on down the road about her.” “Dean I wished I could have met her.”

“I think you would have liked her, she was my light in every dark moment. It should have been me I had already lived, she, she never got to see the world like she wanted to more then anything. She was always taking pictures, or asking Sam to take pictures.” He said lifting up the picture he was holding. “ it was annoying at some times but im glad she did because I have them now to remember her.” Mary was struggling seeing Dean like this. “Dean, tell me more about what she was like.” Dean told her stories about (y/n) eventually Sam came into the kitchen as well to listen to the stories about her to.

You were sitting listening to the stories about you. Your Dad didn’t know you were sitting watching him and listening to his stories, you looked over at Cas “thank you Castiel for letting me see him and listen to him.” Castiel nodded. “your welcome (y/n). But im afraid I have to take you back to heaven now.” You stood up walking to Cas’s out stretched hand, when you turned around and walked over to your Dad, and kissed him on the cheek. “bye Dad.” You whispered In his ear.

Dean looked around he could have sworn. “Dean you okay.” Dean looked at his brother and then his mother “no I’m not, but I think I will be soon.”

Author : Mel
A/N : I told @bigdaddymongoose I wanted to try writing drabbles based on gifs again. She sent me this one to get me started.

You started to giggle again before turning to Sam who laid next to you on the bed. “What?” He furrowed his brow, his eyes leaving the ceiling and turning to you. “What’s so funny now?”

“Dean’s going to flip when he comes back.” You chuckled. “But hey, at least he’s bringing food, right? I’m starving. I’ll gladly let him yell at me if he brings me a burger.”

Sam laughed, his eyes shining. “He won’t yell at you.”

“He will! Or he’ll do the dad thing and be ‘disappointed’. We’re high as fuck, Sam.”

“Hey, all we did was eat some brownies..” He was grinning. “Some really fucking good brownies, by the way.”

“Thank you, Sir.” You smiled and looked back up at the ceiling fan, watching it spin. His compliment warmed you, and you licked your lips.

“Besides. Why do you think Dean eats so much fucking pie.” He laughed.

Your eyes went wide, and you turned back to him. “No!”

“Oh yeah.”

“That little fucking hypocrite!” You laughed. “He’ll still do the dad thing, though. We both know it. The whole ‘do as I say, not as I do’ bullshit.”

“Then let’s buy ourselves some time.” His hazel eyes locking on yours.

“And how do you propose we do that Sammy? Barricade the door so he can’t get in?”

“Make it so he doesn’t want to.” You raised an eyebrow, and Sam rolled to his side and kissed you, both of you moaning gently into it.

“Genius plan.” You mumbled against his lips before your arms went around his neck and he moved over you.

The Contest Part 13- FINISHED VERSION

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N:  My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, @oriona75 . So I’m actually telling two stories here, Jared and Y/N’s, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Dr. Jenkins came running up to the set.  Emily had regained consciousness but was very disoriented.  I was holding her hand and talking to her softly to try to keep her calm.  He knew I was a nurse so he asked me to give him a report.  I kept it brief.  “She’s 37 weeks pregnant.  Gestational diabetes.  Started seizing.  I tested her sugar, it was 500.  She told me her blood  pressure has been running high lately.”

The EMT’s had arrived and Dr. Jenkins filled them in.  We all stood around while they did a quick assessment.  Jared came up next to me and held my hand while we waited.  They loaded Emily on to the gurney in preparation to take her to the hospital.

“Do you need someone to go with her?  I’ll go.” I told them.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but we have to get this episode in the can today.  You still have scenes to shoot.  Dr. Jenkins can go with Emily.” Phil said.

I opened my mouth to protest, but a warning elbow in the ribs from Nikki made me shut it. Oh yeah. I’m not a nurse now, I’m an actress.  The show comes first.  I flashed Phil a smile.  “No problem, Phil.  I understand, the show must go on.”

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⌲ I love you, I hate you. [Dean Winchester x Reader]

A/N: Hiii there!! My first imagine here so bear with me! I will start doing multifandom one shots, since I did only gif imagines. Please request if you have any idea! Thank you!

Warning: just a little swearing. 

Enjoy! x

You loved Dean, but you also hated Dean. He was like a brother to you and you were like a sister to him. He always had your back. Always being overprotective, always looking out for you. Sometimes he is rude to you and that makes you sad because you’re a sensitive person. You knew each other for years, since you two were little. You are a good hunter but still Dean thinks that you need to learn more and that makes you angry. You would give your life for Dean, he knows that, sometimes you start to be annoying just to make fun but he hates that. You two would fight for hours, you know as friends do, but than you would cuddle in each other’s arms. You hated when Dean would flirt or hook up with other girls because you loved him, sometimes you want to grab his beautiful face and kiss those soft lips. You haven’t kiss Dean yet, sadly that day hasn’t come.

Now you’re sitting at the bunker reading a book, you’re alone because Sam and Dean have gone for a case in the town. You started to be bored, sighing you thought an idea. Years ago, your mother taught you how to cook, you’re good at cooking, the boys will be tired, and Dean hasn’t eat pie in a while. You ran to the kitchen and started to cook. You grabbed everything you needed, you were not going to make only the pie, but other things, like cake, chicken and what the boys like. You needed to be fast, they will come soon.

“Oh man, that was the most stupid and tiring case that we have ever had.” Dean sighed entering the bunker.

“I know, we shouldn’t go, let’s take some days off.” Sam said and his big brother nodded.

“Wait. What is this smell?” Dean asked smelling till he came in the kitchen where you were.

“Well hi there.” You smirked.

“Y/N, what is this?” Sam asked confused.

“Well I thought you guys would be hungry and tired so i made you lunch. You’re welcome by the way.” You chuckled at your own words. You looked at Dean which had kind of an angry face.

“Thanks Y/N, we appreciate it, I’m gonna take a shower, than I’m coming to eat, hey keep me some noodles!” After Sam said those words he went to his room, leaving you and Dean alone. He still hasn’t say anything. This dead silence was killing you.

“So… How was the case?” You broke the silence making Dean to look at you.

“Well it was a dumb case, nothing supernatural, we will take some days off because there’s nothing.” Dean spoke.

“Oh…” You said and grabbed the plate which had the pie and give it to Dean.

“You made this?” He asked and you nodded smiling.

“Hope it’s not with poison.” He chuckled and the smile you had leaved your face. Yes. That’s why you hated Dean, sometimes he thinks that he should joke all the time, but this made you sad. 

“No poison. Don’t worry.” You faked a smile and he nodded starting to eat.

“You know that you didn’t have to do this.”

“Yeah I know, but I wanted to.” You said with a weak voice, that’s why you hated him.

He looked at you and chuckled.

“What?” You asked.

“Y/N why are you doing this?”

“Doing what? You asked confused.

“This. Cooking, pretending like everything is okay when is not. Just tell me why are you doing this. You know that you don’t have to pretend that you are okay, you can talk to us, I know that you’re weak but…”

You couldn’t take it anymore, tears ran from your face. You ran away from the kitchen and the bunker.

“I hate you.” You whispered knowing that he didn’t hear that.

He was yelling your name to come back but you didn’t look back, you took his keys that he had left on the table, taking the car and driving in the town. Music started to play, old rock music, what Dean likes, you like it too, staying with Dean almost all the time had change you, not only the way that you are with people, but also you are more confident even sometimes when Dean says that you are not perfect in hunting. You sighed stopping in a bar not far from the bunker.

“Shit.” You thought. You knew that Dean would come for you, they had another car in case baby didn’t worked. You just wanted to stay alone for a while. 

You ordered a drink even thought you hated drinking so much, but you needed to take your mind off it. You started wondering why Dean was so rude, so… cruel with you. You’re a good person, he is too but sometimes you feel like you don’t know him. 

You were thinking really hard, you didn’t felt that somebody was touching your shoulder and they were trying to talk to you. It was a guy, maybe older than you, like Dean, tall, kinda slim, shinny blue eyes, blonde hair. Hell no, you thought.

“Well hello there, sorry you looked in deep thoughts, I can go if you want.” He spoke, well he is actual nice.

“Um, no it’s okay. You can stay.” You smiled and he smile back.

“So, you’re alone?” He asked and you nodded chuckling.

“Oh good, can I buy you a drink?”

“Yeah sure. but I just ordered one.”

“Well better, we need a few ones to clear our minds right?”

“Yeah.” You smirked.

You had no idea what time it was, no idea where you were, you had like 4-5 shots but that was enough to make you dance in front of all the men that were in the bar, which was a thing that you never would do. But still it wasn’t enough to make you forget all the things that Dean said to you.

After finishing dancing you went to the guy which you still didn’t knew his name, he wrapped his arms around your waist and he was ready to kiss you, when someone yelled:

“Get your hands off her!”

You all were shocked, you saw Dean, having a heavily breathing, his eyes were dark, all the drinks that you had now were gone, you felt sick. He came and punched the guy’s face like ten times.


“Dean stop, stop!” You tried to take him off from the guy but you weren’t strong enough, Sam came and took the guy off Dean. You started to cry again. This was your fault, Dean’s face had all over blood, you didn’t knew if it was his or the guy’s one.

He saw you crying. “Y/N.” He whispered but you shook your head leaving him and the bar. He ran after you.

“Y/N wait!” He yelled but you pretended like you didn’t hear him.

“I said wait!” he took your arm making you turn in front of him.

“What?!” You screamed.

“You’re so stupid, you know that right?” he said and you laughed.

“Oh, believe me Dean, I know that very well, now if you excuse me I’m gonna leave.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” he said again, he is trying his best to be calm.

“What do you want Dean?” You asked him, tired.

“Look, I’m sorry for what i said earlier okay? And for now, all this time, I know that I have been rude, it’s not that I don’t care, is that I care Y/N. I-I…. I love you. Okay? I love you so much, I don’t want to lose you. You changed me, I want to protect you with all I have, when I saw you there with him, I felt like my heart stopped, he can’t touch you, no one can. You… You’re mine Y/N.”

You stared at him shocked, you stopped crying, now you were looking on the ground. You looked up to him and slapped him.

“I hate you so much Dean Winchester.”

Than you grabbed his face and kissed his soft lips. Finally the day came.

“But I fucking love you.” 

He chuckled at your words and grabbed your face pulling closer to him.

“I love you more Y/N and I promise that I will till the very last day.”

                                                       X X X

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Cherry Pie

So this is the product of a Skype call with @atc74 @chelsea072498 and @just-another-busy-fangirl a little alcohol and my husband who was in the other room screaming about his pie. 

Word Count: 587

The boys had been gone on a hunt for almost a week. You had been cleaning like crazy almost the whole time they were gone.

You had no idea when they would be back and that is why you were wearing only booty shorts and a tank top, dancing around the kitchen making pie blaring Warrant. No point in wearing clothes when you were home alone.

You had made the crust and cherry filling from scratch and had just pulled it out of the oven to cool, a satisfied smile on your face. You set the timer on your phone and made your way back to your room.

You didn’t hear the front door of the bunker open, or the boys come in and go to their rooms. Your headphones made sure of that.

You danced back down the hallway to the kitchen. Stopping in your tracks to find Dean standing in front of your masterpiece, a fork in one hand.

“Don’t touch it!” You squealed ripping your headphones out. Your state of undress forgotten you rushed forward to catch his large wrist in your hand.

“Well hey sweetheart!” Dean laughed looking down at you, his smile growing wider when he caught sight of your black booty shorts with little red cherries.

“Sit! I’ll get you some pie.” You told him pushing him toward the table the best you could. He didn’t make it too far and he came up behind you. He didn’t touch you but you could feel the best from his body through your thin tank.

“Come on, I wouldn’t have ruined it. I know how to eat pie,” he whined quietly in your ear.

“On the contrary,” you smirked, cutting a large slice for him. You dished it onto a plate and looked sideways at him.

“Didn’t think we would be coming home today did you?” he asked reaching around you to trap you between his arms against the counter. He took the fork and cut the tip off his piece slowly bringing it to his mouth.

“Mmm cherry,” he breathed nuzzling your neck.

“Of course,it is your favorite” you answered closing your eyes. He still was hardly touching you.

He took another fork full and it fell off the fork as he raised it to his lips falling to the front of your tank top.

“Guess I don’t know how to eat pie, maybe it’s the cherries.” He chuckled looking down at the front of you.

“If you are over 21 you should know how to properly eat pie, no matter the flavor.” You purred at him. You turned in his arms stepping up to him, bringing your body flush with his causing him to gasp.

“How’s the pie?” You asked pushing on his chest to rotate him so you could pin him against the counter.

“Uh, it’s damn good sweetheart,” he reached for your hips with his free hand.

“Good,” you leaned into the front of him, snaking your arm behind him.

“I can think of a better place to eat it though,” he leaned in to kiss you.

“Hmm, me too,” you breathed against his lips. Just before he came into contact, you pulled away snatching his forgotten fork from his hand.

You stepped back smiling coyly, his plate of pie in one hand, his fork in the other.

“Hey!” He frowned at you.

“You need to learn how to properly eat pie Dean,” you winked at him and strutted out of the kitchen singing ‘Cherry Pie’ very loudly.

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Imagine being at a diner and ordering the last piece of pie, with Dean Winchester silently watching you from another booth, and judging you by how you eat it and everything you do with it.

Imagine getting hit by a truthspell and the Winchester call Crowley for help. While under the spell you say some pretty interesting things.

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The hunt on the Witch went pretty well… okay it went good. Okaaay it went horrible. Yes she was dead but in this Case it was bad. Why? Because this damn Witch cursed (Y/N) with a truth spell. At first it was fun for Dean. He asked her many things just wanting to tease her and make her embarassed but it soon started to get annoying for all of them. The poor Huntress really answered on everything with nothing but the plain truth. It didn’t wear of for four freaking days!! She couldn’t even go outside anymore.. cause ya know people don’t like to hear the truth. Sam and Dean went over books and the Internet and even Called Bobby. But with no use… Normally the spell should wear off after a Day but this one didn’t. It really was the last hope as they called onto Crowley for help. Castiel was busy and well Gabriel and Balthazar weren’t on best terms with the two Brothers so Crowley was the best bet.
If (Y/N) and the boys had known how this would end, they would’ve send their lovely sister(not by blood! Sawwy!) to another room.

After they summoned him, the three of them waited at least for 15 minutes. Sam was on his Laptop and Dean eating his Pie. (Y/N) sat on a chair across from them lost in her book. “Hello there Kitten.” A sudden deep voice purred beside her ear, making the poor girl squeak and fall down from the chair out of shock. Sam and Dean shot up pulling out their Guns only to put them away again when they noticed who it was. (Y/N) glared up at the King of Hell. “Don’t do that!” She growled getting to her feet. Crowley only chuckled at her looking over at the Brothers. “Moose, Squirrel. What can I do for you on this lovely Day?” He asked as he sat down. Sam decided to speak up. “(Y/N) was hit by a truthspell… normally it should wear off after a day or two but this one won’t go away.” The Demons eyes the wandered towards you making her gulp. “Is that so?” The (H/C) haired girl nodded at that. “And why do you need my help?” He drwaled. “Because we won’t let you out till you help us.” Dean growled. (Y/N) really tried to keep it in but well the spell was stronger. “Because we really tried everything and it won’t work and I am slowly going insane so please will you help us?” She said in a begging voice surprising the three man. “Now if you ask so nicely.. I like it to hear someone beg.” Crowley smirked. “Oh I bet you do…” Left the young huntress mouth before she even could think about it. Dean furrowed his brows as Sam shot you a warning look. Crowley only smirked and got up taking a step closer. He placed a Hand on her cheek but barley touched her. A soft whimper left her as she took in his scent already feeling weak at her knees. But Dean pulled her out of her thoughts again. “Don’t touch her Crowley!” He hissed. A deep throaty laugh left him as he kept his eyes fixed on her. “I don’t think she does mind, am I right Kitten?” To fast and high for her comfort a ‘Yes’ left her lips. “The hell?! You know he is the King of freaking Hell?!” The young huntress eyes shot towards Dean an then the door wanting to run out here before some more deep secrets came out. And Hell… that wouldn’t end well. Crowley finally took a step away from her. “It is a stronger spell than the normal truth spell.. it’ll wear of in a few more Days.” He said with a proud smirk. “Get the hell out!” Dean growled making Crowley laugh. “What no thank you?” Dean gritted his theeth. “Yes thank you… now go to hell.” Crowley smirked at that. “Now now Dean… always being so Dominant.” (Y/N) bit her lip wanting to stop the words that wanted to leave her but it was to late. “I wouldn’t mind to Dominate you.” At that all eyes shot towards her and Crowley raised an eyebrow at her. “Is that so Pet?” Sam was the one now raising his voice. “Don’t call her Pet, Demon!” But (Y/N) cut him off again. “No I don’t mind, I like this nickname.” She clasped her hands over her mouth wanting nothing more than just disappear. Dean sent her a dirty look while Crowley appeared behind her whispering in her ear. “When your back to your normal self… I’m gonna come for you.” Her breath hitched in her throat. What left her mouth next terrified her. “Oh I bet you’ll do…” A last laugh left him as he disappeared leaving an embarassed Huntress and two fuming Winchesters.
One tought went through (Y/N) head over and over again..

’“This is going to be one hell of a long Week.’


The phone rings and Garcia covers her mouth, giggling. Smiling, you pick up the phone. “Hey sweet cheeks, whatcha got for me?”

Morgan sounds confused. “(Y/n)?”

“The one and only.”

You can practically see him shaking his head as you try to hold back giggles. “Alright, we need a list of all brunette delinquent male teenagers at Sumner Highschool.”

“I am on it faster then Dean Winchester eats pie.” You say, typing furiously. Morgan frowns on the other end. Smiling, you click the enter button. “The information is on your tablets now.”

“Alright, thanks (y/n). And are you feeling ok?”

“Peachy; why?”

“You’re just … acting different.” He says.

Unable to hold the laughter in any longer you choke out, “Let me know if you need anything else.” Then you hang up and Garcia and you burst out laughing, tears streaming down your face at your friend’s confusion.

On the other end, Morgan is staring in wonder at his phone. Smiling to himself, he pockets the phone and goes to find Hotch.