dean eating


Dating Dean Winchester would include…

• calling him out on his bullshit

• hunting together

• angels and demons knowing not to piss you off

• being a badass couple

• food fights

• rough sex

• morning sex

• any kind of sex

• I feel like he would have a dominant kink

• is into hair pulling

• growing close to Sam

• cuddles late at night

• just holding each other when words can’t express your love

• sarcasm 24/7

• Demon!Dean being obsessed with you

• you’ve died a few times and Deans tried to sell his soul but Sam won’t let him

• Sam trying to convince you to eat healthy but gives up when he sees you and Dean in an eating competition

• dancing around early in the morning

• making him breakfast

• him opening up to you about everything going through this head

• Crowley grows to like you

• TBH you’ve sacrificed yourself for Dean at least once

• is the big spoon 100%

• laughs when you lip sync the words to his songs

• o shit someone get me a Dean Winchester pls

Can we talk about how great it was to see Sam lounging on Jody's couch?

He was clearly so comfortable there. He felt safe and at home, and he was happy to just be there with Jody and Dean, eating pizza and having some down time.

He was practically lying on that couch, he was so comfortable, resting his pizza on his tummy.

The little grins he kept sharing with the two of them were so great to see. I know the scene was short, but it means so much to me to see them like that.

We haven’t seen this side of Sam in weeks, months, and I love that we were given it, no matter how short it lasted.

I put up this tiny skeleton dude in my kitchen for Halloween when I was decorating and I’ve left it there ever since and my family doesn’t even mind so now we’ve put a red scarf on him and a Santa hat and I juST