dean duck lips

“Oh, come on,“ Dean groaned, slumping back against the couch with an exaggerated roll of his eyes. "This movie officially made no sense. Who picked this one again?”

Sam gritted his teeth and grabbed the remote.

“If Cas is going to get a cultural education, he can’t just watch Die Hard, Dean,” Sam said, stopping the movie and ejecting the DVD.

“But Disney?” Dean asked, like the movie had personally offended him. Sam sighed and shook his head, hunting for the DVD case.

“I liked it,” Cas said mildly, picking at his popcorn. Dean rounded on him, incredulous.

“You liked it?” Dean echoed. “It was watered-down junk for little kids and that ending-” Dean shook his head again.

“While the movie did bear little resemblance to the original Greek myths, it was nonetheless entertaining,” Cas said, shrugging one shoulder, a habit he’d picked up from Dean since he Fell for good. Cas looked down at his nearly empty bowl of popcorn. “And I don’t see what was so offensive about the ending. That’s how Disney movies usually end, isn’t it? With a ‘happily ever after’?”

“Still made no sense,” Dean muttered, glaring at the now-dark TV like it had done him an injury. Sam scowled as he shelved the (now boxed) DVD back on the bookcase.

“It’s just a movie-” Sam started, exasperated, but Cas cut in.

“How did the ending not make sense?” he asked, eyes narrowed. Dean made a vague gesture to indicate the TV and perhaps all movies in general and Disney in particular, an almost angry look on his face.

“We’re supposed to believe that he worked this whole time to get back to Olympus or whatever, and then right when he gets everything he’s ever wanted, he just gives it up? Immortality, power, his home, all that and he just…” Dean waved his hand again dismissively. “Sorry, not buying it.”

“Why not?” Cas asked sharply. Sam looked between his brother and the former angel, feeling the tension in the room suddenly skyrocket.

“Because it’s stupid,” Dean snapped. He looked away from Cas and ran a hand over his face. “He had everything and he fucking throws it away for the first chick he met.”

“He was in love,” Cas shot back, actually glaring at Dean. “Considering what he stood to gain, I don’t think he felt like he threw anything of value away.”

Sam opened his mouth to speak, hoping to somehow diffuse the tension, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. Part of him held his breath, hoping that for once Dean and Cas just listened to each other.

“That’s bullshit and you know it,” Dean said. He crossed his arms and glared fiercely back at Cas. “You don’t think he’s going to resent the shit out of her for it later? Once he realizes that she wasn’t worth it? Oh sure, maybe he doesn’t now, but one year down the road? Five?” Dean huffed a bitter laugh and shook his head. “He’s going to realize what he gave up and wonder why he ever thought-”

“He won’t,” Cas said, voice low and furious. “Because to him, she is worth it. Even though-” Cas’s voice caught for a moment. He cleared his throat. “Even if she didn’t return his feelings, he would have made the same choice.”

Cas’s words fell heavily in the air between them, landing with an almost audible thud. Sam knew they weren’t talking about the movie anymore and, from the look on Dean’s face, he knew that Dean knew it too.

The silence that followed was thick, oppressive. Sam bit his tongue, knowing he couldn’t be the one to break it, not if he wanted the simmering tension in the bunker to finally boil over.

At long last, Dean swallowed thickly.

“And ten years from now?” Dean asked hoarsely. Cas looked down.

“Even a thousand years from now, he’ll love her still the same,” Cas said. He took a deep breath. “Even if-”

“She does,” Dean said quickly. Cas looked up sharply, blue eyes wide. Dean coughed. “She… I mean there was a whole song dedicated to her not saying the words, but…”

“But she does,” Cas said slowly, sounding awed. Dean shifted uncomfortably on his feet and looked away.

“You don’t think… he didn’t know?” Dean asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

Sam wondered if maybe it was time to make his exit. He glanced at the door and realized that he would have to walk directly between Dean and Cas and whatever Disney magic was happening in the space between.

So. Waiting it was, then.

“He wondered, but he didn’t hope that his feelings would be reciprocated,” Cas said softly, stepping towards Dean in an almost unconscious gesture. Dean mirrored him perfectly. Sam held his breath, wondering how it had taken them this long to get here.

Dean chuckled breathlessly.

“Really? I mean… it was kind of obvious she was… you know,” Dean said, making another vague gesture, but this time between Cas and himself.

“In love?” Cas prompted, a faint smile on his lips. Dean ducked his head, then took a deep breath and met Cas’s eyes again.

“Yes,” Dean said simply. Cas’s expression melted, something tender and warm taking place of his smile, and-

Sam knew he should stop watching, he should allow Dean and Cas their privacy, but there was something so right about the moment Dean leaned in and pressed his lips to Cas’s that Sam couldn’t look away. It was like the world had heaved a sigh, shifted, and everything had fallen perfectly into place.

Pity he didn’t have his cell phone handy. A picture would have made excellent teasing fodder.

Sam cleared his throat, breaking the spell and reminding Dean and Cas that he existed, and was in fact in the same room as they were. They sprang apart, owlish looks of surprise on their faces.

Sam crossed his arms and put on his best long-suffering little brother expression.

“I don’t know how Hercules and Megara missed it, but Phil saw that coming from miles away.”

For Ali, because she’s my amazing muse. This fic is based entirely upon what she’s told me she’s been learning :) 
(Ancient Florence!AU)

Castiel Milton thought the hat was ridiculous. It was made of straw, with dried flowers threaded though, and looked more like something one ought to be working in rather than flaunting and courting in. But, the thing about this particular hat was not that it was unremarkable, but that the person under it was.

Dean Winchester was probably the most attractive male in all of Florence.

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"But first, let me take a selfie" One Shot
Author: Anonymous

Warnings: I don’t think so

Word Count: 126 (sorry for length D: )

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“So we just… press the button and pose?” Cas asked, moving the phone so that it was facing all three of the team.

“Sure do, just make sure not to do duck lips,” Dean replied, fiddling with his locks to get them into perfect position.

“What’s ‘duck lips’,” Cas asked, confusion marking his face.

Sam sighed before explaining. “It’s pursing your lips, or pouting, it’s not attractive.”

“I still don’t understand the concept,” Castiel frowned before accidentally clicking the shutter button. Cas was frowning, Dean had his tongue sticking out in concentration and Sam was rolling his eyes.

Cas clicked the arrow to send it to you before the other guys could refuse. 
“Why does it say that Y/N Screen shotted this? What is Screen shot?”


“Do you wanna put your phone down for just one minute, Dean? Don’t you guys ever take a break from the texts?” Sam sighed, raising his brows as he watched Dean pull out his phone as soon as the notification sounded.

“Just wait a minute, will you? I have to make sure that the text I sent before didn’t sound stupid to her,” Dean muttered, head ducked and lips pursed as he read over your response to him. A smile lit up his entire face and he lifted his phone for Sam to see, eyes crinkled as he showcased what you’d said. “She said I’m funny. Sam, she thinks I’m funny." 

"At least someone does." 

Dean ignored the comment as they walked back to the Impala, but he didn’t put the keys in the ignition right away, choosing to sit behind the wheel and stare at his phone as he thought of what to say back. 

"Dude…let’s go,” Sam urged, but Dean only sucked his lower lip in as he concentrated, eyes wandering as he thought of all the different things he could say to you before finally beginning his text back. “Dean!" 

"Fine, fine! We’re going. But if I say something stupid, it’s on you,” Dean warned, peeling out of the parking lot to head back to the motel. 

It was quiet all the way till they were back in their room, when Dean broke the silence and cleared his throat awkwardly to get Sam’s attention. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, holding his phone out so Sam could peek at the screen. 

“What do I say?"