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Hold me Down - Part 15

Summary: It’s reader’s birthday. Sam and Dean surprise her.
Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester
Chapter name: Happy Birthday, Babe
Summary: You and Dean finally give it to your feelings.
Warnings: I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases; cussing, song use; fluff, Gifs aren’t mine, they’re from Google or Tumblr. Set on season 1.

Hold me down (Masterlist):

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The next morning, Y/N woke up alone in bed after blissfully falling asleep in Dean’s arms. She was dressed in his button down shirt, and a pair of his boxers. His scent was all around her, and it brought a smile to her face.

She pressed her face in to the pillow, grinning like a school girl for a few seconds before her stomach woke her up, letting her how hungry she was.

Well, after a night like that it wasn’t exactly a surprise that she needed to restore her energy.

“Dean?” She called, not receiving an answer. “Sam?”

Y/N looked around, noting that the room was empty. Looking at the clock, she realised that the previous night had tired her way more than she imagined. It was already 2pm.

Sleepily, she walked to the bathroom and reached for her toothbrush. She noticed a piece of paper on the corner of the mirror while she brushed her teeth.

‘Follow the footprints.’ She read in Dean’s handwriting.

The woman frowned. Footprints?

She brushed her hair quickly, proceeded to look for the “footprints” she opened the motel door. Outside in the corridor, she found them leading to another room.

Y/N rolled her eyes with a smirk. She knew it.

Grabbing her phone and the room keys, she followed the instructions and walked in the direction the prints led her, knocking on the door and waiting for an answer.

“Come in, but with your eyes closed.” Sam yelled from the other side of the door.

She laughed, but obeyed, Dean held her hand as soon as she stepped blindly inside.

“Don’t open your eyes until I tell you to.” He warned, guiding her to the center of the room before stepping away. “Ready?”

She nodded.

“Okay. Open your eyes.”

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Down The Rabbit Hole - Part Three

Mad Hatter!Sam x Alice!Reader

Summary: What will happen the reader stumbles down the rabbit hole that she came across when she was just a little girl. And what will happen when she comes across an old friend, who wears a generously over exaggerated top hat and has a love for tea?

 Alice – The Reader

Mad Hatter – Sam Winchester

March Hare – Dean Winchester

Tweedle Dum - Castiel

Tweedle Dee - Crowley

The White Rabbit – Kevin Tran

The Doormouse – Charlie Bradbury (She is the size of a mouse).

The Red Queen - Abaddon

The White Queen – Hannah (I thought that she would suit it better than Donna).

Knave of Hearts - Alastair

The Catapiller – Jodi Mills

The Chesire Cat - Gabriel

Bayard the Bloodhound – Bobby Singer

Dodo – Michael

Red Knights – Demons

White Knights – Angels

The Courties - Demons

Word Count:2000+

Warnings: AU. Hilarious imagery of the Supernatural characters in tights, waist coats, and so forth. And I have no idea if there is anything else. Also, sorry if I get anything wrong. I have kind of pout a lot of thought into this, so give me a break.

 A/N: This is my entry to @mamaredd123 1k/Birthday Challenge. I chose Alice In Wonderland, the Tim Burton edition. And this is based upon that idea, so there are some things that I have changed some things so that it would be suitable. And may also be a possible series starter. And if you want to be tagged, please send me a message saying so.

 Part Two:

If you want part one, it’s linked to part two. So click the link for part one and two.

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How Convenient




“Could you have picked a shorter dress?” you asked, pulling at the skirt. Honestly, it wasn’t that short—it hit right about your knees. But it was a hell of a lot shorter than your favorite pair of jeans.

“Calm down,” Dean said. “We’re supposed to be suave people, right? But if you go around yankin’ at your dress, people are gonna realize we don’t belong.”

“But I feel like my ass is hanging out!”

Dean grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand away. “Stand up straight.”

You did so, fingers itching to grab the hem again. Dean stepped around you, examining the garment.

“You’re fine,” he said. “Everything’s covered.”

“I wish everything was covered. Why do I have to go with you? Just take Sam.”

“He’s sick.”

“Please. It’s just a man-cold.”

At that moment, a strange retching sound came from the bathroom.

“Tell that to the toilet,” Dean said. “Sam’s been attached to it for three hours.”


The party and investigation went off without a hitch. None of the other party-goers seemed to know that you and Dean were technically crashing the event. You didn’t hear any whispers about your outfit and somehow managed to keep from pulling at it too much.

The cursed necklace, the one that allowed the wearer to summon demonic powers, was found upstairs, hidden away in a surprisingly plain jewelry box. Dean took the whole thing and took it out to the Impala, locking it securely in the trunk.

“Anybody notice it was missing?” he asked as he found you again inside.

“No. Everyone is acting pretty much the same as they’ve been acting all night.” You glared up at Dean. “Boring.”

“Well,” Dean said, stepping behind you, fingers brushing against your hip. “What do you say we make this a little more interesting?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

Dean reached down and grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hall. He opened a door that led to a bathroom, leading you inside and locking the door behind him.

“Dean,” you said with a slight laugh. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you just how much I appreciate this dress.”


Dean stepped around you again, watching you in the mirror. “This dress,” he said, running his hands down your body. “Makes you look so damn good. Don’t you see how it hugs your curves?”


“This neckline,” Dean said, his fingers tracing the edge, barely slipping below the fabric. “Just enough to give me a peak.”

You laughed, arching your back so your chest was up and out.

“And this skirt,” Dean said, his fingers pulling at the hem—up, this time, instead of down. “Just short enough to keep my interest but long enough to keep the old bats out there from getting offended.”

“Pull it up a little higher,” you whispered. “I think you’ll find something else of interest.”

Dean did so and you felt his breath catch. His eyes were trained on the mirror, at the spot where your bared pussy looked back at him. “You little minx.”

“Why do you think I was so afraid of having my ass hanging out?”

Dean spun you around and lifted you onto the sink in one swift motion. “Little girl, you certainly do play a dangerous game.”

“It’s a game meant for two,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You wanna play?”

Dean’s fingers expertly undid his belt, pulling out his growing erection. You leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips as your hand drifted down, wrapping around his dick. Dean inhaled sharply, glancing down as you pumped him to full mast. His own fingers dipped into your dripping cunt, your slick dripping down onto the sink.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Dean said, pulling your hips toward him, angling them upward. “I need to feel you.”

“Dean!” You cried out as he suddenly filled you, all the way to the hilt in one swift go.

“Shhh,” he said, clapping a hand over your mouth. “We don’t want to call attention to our situation, do we?”

You shook your head. After a few moments, Dean pulled his hand away, only to have his lips pulled to replace it. His hands gripped your hips, his thrusts causing the most devilish sounds to echo throughout the bathroom.

“Little girl,” Dean groaned. “Promise me you’re gonna keep this dress handy in the future.”

“Anything for you, Dean,” you promised.

Dean grunted, his hips beginning to stutter. One hand slipped between the two of you, his thumb finding your clit.

“Dean,” you moaned. “Dean, please.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” he said, applying more pressure. “Come on.”

A few more moments and you reached your climax, your pussy contracting around Dean’s dick. He made a few more minuscule thrusts before spilling into you. The two of you stayed connected, breathing heavily for a minute. Dean carefully pulled out of you, tucking himself into his pants.

“Hold on,” he told you. He pulled a hand towel from the bar behind him and ran it under the hot water. Then he cleaned you up, lightly pressing the towel against your still-sensitive pussy. “I know,” he whispered, his free hand landing on your hip, holding you in place. “There. All clean.”

Dean lifted you down from the sink, keeping a hand on you as he could see your legs trembling. He pulled your skirt down for you, patting you on the ass when he was done.

“Let’s go home,” Dean said, slipping his hand into yours. “I wanna see what that dress looks like on my bedroom floor.”

Title: The Rush is Loud

Destiel Fanfic

Rating: Explicit

Happenings herein: Dean and Cas smut. Dean’s POV; a great deal of Castiel appreciation. This is my Dean, who I felt so certain was Mr. On-Top, but he refused. This is where we ended up.

Shivers raced over Dean’s skin. He was flushed, heat in a shimmer around his head, but the heat warred with goosebumps raised over his hips, his ribs. His breath came shallow, labored.

He was sprawled in a chair, stark naked. Slouched, butt to the edge of the seat, legs spread apart. Castiel knelt between, causing both heat and shivers. Dean was hypnotized by the slow bob of Castiel’s head, by his hands; in a warm slide, up and down Dean’s thighs. Cas was bare chested, barefoot, trousers undone. Dean touched his face, gripped the softness of his messy hair. Sometimes Castiel looked up, meeting Dean’s eyes, and it felt as if Dean’s entire pelvic floor bore down in a stormy, anxious way. Blood rose to his cheeks and shivers breathed over his belly; big muscles in his legs tensed, feet pressed hard to the floor.

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Look at how fast David Tennant throws himself down those stairs.

This is from the Doctor Who Confidential episode “Stage Fright” (which accompanied The Shakespeare Code)

You can see that the three of them (the Doctor, Martha, and Shakespeare) start together at the top of the stairs.  David runs down at breakneck speed - taking the steps at least two at a time - leaving Martha and Shakespeare far behind (Freema and Dean are running more like normal people - being careful to not to kill themselves on the old and probably rather uneven steps).  

I don’t think he can even stand up straight on those stairs - he’s crouching down because the ceiling/covering is too low for him.  He somehow even manages to make it look graceful.  Amazing!

ya know how after 12x10 we said Ishims little speech technically confirmed Cas was in love with Dean? WELL I DIDN’T BLOODY THINK WE’D GET A HEART FELT DYING LOVE CONFESSION TWO EPISODES LATER.

I love the fact that my father ships Destiel

When I first told him about Destiel he was like “whatever” but during one episode when Ca$ called Sam my father turned to me and asked me: “Isn’t Ca$ Dean’s (boy)friend?”, (Depending on context, the German word “Freund” can mean either friend or boyfriend) and I answered: “well, they share a ‘more profound bond’” and ever since that day my father sees Destiel as canon.
When he talks to other people about Supernatural he always mentions Destiel and how fucking obvious it is and that it is canon, and I have just showed him a video of Jared in Ca$’s clothes at HousCon and my father was really confused. “This is not Ca$, this is Sam, isn’t it? Why does he wear Ca$’ clothes? I could understand if it were Dean…” and I couldn’t. I simply couldn’t.

you ever think about the fact that purgatory is a place that makes you bare, strips you down to nothing but raw instinct, makes you “pure,” and that in that setting, for a whole year, every single unadulterated instinct dean had was to find cas

Have some unnecessary JD angst
AU where his plan to blow up the school was successful, and you know how him and Veronica were supposed to watch the building fall, and toast marshmallows?

Well what if she doesn’t come out of the building, but JD doesn’t realize until it’s too late, and the last thing he sees before the building collapses is Veronica waving from a window

Just like his mom

married bbies 。゚◟ (*; ▽  ;)◞。゚ 。