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Today’s been rough so here’s a drabble:

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Dean always slept with his door open. The bunker was safe and if anything got in he had all he needed on his nightstand. He kept his door open for you. For nights like tonight.

You couldn’t sleep. You’d been lying in bed, staring at the ceiling for hours but you just couldn’t do it. You let out a sigh as you sat up, running your fingers through your hair before crawling out of bed and silently making your way to Dean’s room. You tried not to wake him up as you slipped under the sheets but you heard him shift as soon as you lifted the blanket.

He was silent as he watched you get situated, your head on his chest and your hand rested on his stomach as your fingers intertwined with his. “You okay, Babe?” His voice was low, sending shivers down your spine.

You nodded. He pulled you closer, kissing the top of your head and you felt a tear roll down your cheek and disappear into his shirt. He propped himself up on his elbow as he felt the tear sink through his shirt. He wiped away your tears as his eyes searched yours. “Hey, don’t cry. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. Life just fucking sucks today.”

He chuckled a little as his fingers carded through your hair. “Sweetheart, life sucks all the time. Especially ours. But you can’t let life get you down, Princess. You gotta keep that pretty head held high and say ‘fuck the world’, okay?”

You laughed. “Okay.”

Deans fingers fell still for a moment, his eyes scanning your face before he leaned in to kiss you. You were shocked for a second but you quickly kissed him back. You placed a hand on his neck and pulled him in closer, deepening the kiss before he pulled away. “I love you, y/n.”

“Y-you love me?”

He smiled. “Of course I do. You have no idea how happy it makes me when I feel you crawling into my bed. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to make a move.”

“I love you too, Winchester.”

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    “Take care of her Sammy.” Dean said. 

    “I always do.” Sam replied. 

    “I know, but you know, we’re together so…”

    “It’s sweet that you love me and all but I’m either gonna faint out here or in the Impala, so can we please go?” you asked weakly.

Dean turned to you, kissing you gently on the forehead. “Yea, sorry. Go, get better.”



Having a panic attack because I might loose a friend because her moms a controlling ass. I just got a “don’t contact this account again ” message.
Like you don’t understand your daughter is a good friend and someone who keeps my head above the depression waters like I can’t loose her

Dean and Cas going to a supermarket, because there is nothing better than domestic Destiel. Dean and Cas doing races in shopping carts down the aisles, Dean reaching for Cas’s trenchcoat to stop him every time he sees something he knows he will like and also to take him away from the free samples girl who is being too nice with the angel. Cas using his charm to get Dean to buy two more jars of ice cream. Dean getting things to make a special dinner and for a pie too.
Castiel and Dean buying groceries in a supermarket.

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What type of brother-in-law activities do Cas and Sam do? What do Dean and Gabriel do?

Cas and Sam probably like to talk about Dean, in that good natured complaining but also praising thing. And they have their own common interests that they share - rare books and magic, pet care, gardening.

The first time Dean and Gabe hung out, Gabe drove him to a strip club and, well…it didn’t end well and Castiel was very annoyed about breaking them out of jail in Thailand.


It’s gonna be a big lounge to fit giant Jacob!

I can certainly see BC Dean putting Dean up to telling Jacob the idea, once they’re all on board with so many versions of themselves. Deans gotta stick together, after all, when they’re not bugging each other.

Meanwhile, John’s gonna see just how tall his tiny Sam is if there’s no curse on him, and he’s lucky if he reaches tall Sam’s shoulder.


Giant Jacob would probably be trying (and failing) not to look so big. If he was told that Dean had another even tinier Dean telling him to do things, he might not believe it right away.

If he went along with it anyway (Giant!Jacob would probably be the most likely one, since he’s completely untrained with smoler folk), he at least wouldn’t trap Sherlock or dangle him over the ground. Probably just scoop him up if Dean insisted enough. “What? He said you do this to him, too!”

Jacob the gentle giant might feel left out as the only one so big. Everyone else is so leetle, don’t be afraid of him!

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Hoo boy, this would be an experience for the Baker Street boys. Not only are they face to face with human versions of their smols, but also with an honest-to-god GIANT! They would certainly be bemused to find that their smols are actually taller than them on the same scale. Sherlock would probably be offended.

He’d certainly be betrayed when the Deans conspire to have him plucked up by the giant, the only person in the room they don’t ‘know’. At the very least, it’d be enlightening for him and John to see how they look to the BC bros all the time.

Even if it means Sherlock’s flailing in a giant palm and clinging to giant fingers.


I have a feeling Jacob might be a little more willing to believe in the smol bros when Dean starts arguing with thin air.

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Lone digger by Caravan Palace fits Sabriel so much.. *WARNING* *WARNING* THIS HC HAS CONTENT SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT LIKE. BUT OKAY HERE I GO. 

Imagine this, Sam walking into a strip club. All the lights are dimmed and the only light is coming from candles and the lights lining the stage. Sam took a seat at a empty table and looked down at his phone to check the time. 1 am. Dean was probably doing something he rather not think about, so he directed his gaze to the stage. Where he saw, a rather handsome man Dancing. The man’s golden hair caught the light as he spun around the pole. The movements catching Sam’s attention, he got out of his chair and wandered to the stage. Leaning against it in content, looking up, eyes full of wonder. Fumbling in his pocket, he pulled out a ten dollar bill and held it up, The man smirked and took it, their hands brushing together ever so slightly, causing a shiver to run up Sam’s spine. Oh boy, was Sam gonna stay here all night.

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The comment about Chris being a hot guy, yeah Chris is a good looking man with a nice body, but let's face it Dean is a very good looking man with a nice body, the pictures of him without the Harry Potter glasses are very hot and he looks like he will age well. "Hey Dean, how you doing".

I agree.. Dean is also a good looking guy.. 👑


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.