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(part 1) Dean likes being a mechanic. He doesn't have to take his work home with him. He can just sit back, switch on the TV and forget about replacing brakes or realigning wheels or taking dents out of body work. Cas, being a teacher, doesn't have it that easy. He has a whole heap of reports to write, as well as homework to grade. Not that he doesn't love his job, but it's hard going. That's why Dean makes sure that the coffee pot is on and he's already picked up the groceries so

(part 2) when Cas emerges from his grading papers and report writing, and collapses onto one of the chairs at their kitchen table, Dean can just slide a home-made burger in front of him, and a cool beer, and neither of them have to worry. Burgers make the world better, and even if they don’t give Cas back the couple of hours extra work he’s done, at least Dean’s angel looks more like himself than a zombie.

(part 3) He’s even better after a hot bath, maybe even a shower Dean can join him in, to kiss the tension away from his shoulders as the hot water rolls down them both. Dean knows it works, because when they crawl into bed, Cas sighs a happy little sigh when he settles against Dean, wrapped in his arms, and the cats settle at the foot of the bed (Dean learnt long ago that if he tried to shut them out, Castiel just let them in later).  (part 4) Cas is up bright and early next morning, there’s swing music playing from the kitchen radio and Dean can smell fresh coffee. Dean manages to force himself out of bed and downstairs, and the smile Castiel gives him from the coffee table is beautiful.

This is so nice. It’s like a big warm hug of a fic.

Dean Winchester is a talented wedding planner. He has a gift for making his clients happy, for solving their problems and bringing all their dreams to life. He knows how to deal with just about everything that comes his way. From delayed flowers, damaged wedding cakes, melted ice sculptures, temperamental in-laws to capricious music bands and even misplaced doves or the occasional missing priest… and that was just one of his regular days.

Together with his assistant Castiel Novak, they are the best team in the city at what they do. Anybody  who wants a fairy tale wedding or even a simple low profile ceremony on the beachfront to tie the knot, knows to come to ‘’Winchester’s Weddings & Wooing’’

Dean is pretty content with his life. He is famous, needed and respected, fantastic at his job, adored by his extensive family, in the prime of his youth and with ladies falling at his feet everywhere he goes.

There’s just this teeny tiny problem to it though… That assistant of his? Castiel? His best friend since that first day in college when they met at a Business Planning lecture? The same friend that Dean knew he would start a business with, since that very first day, even if he didn’t mention anything to Castiel for years after? The man that Dean had a bit of crush on ever since he was told that he’s too masculine and impatient and disorganized (and practically a dumbass) for a wedding planner business but that Cas would gladly stand by him even so? The man that made Dean’s every day seem like it was the best and the worst at the same time? The man that helped him breathe and put him through the wringer at least twice an hour every day?

Yeah… that one. Well… that was the only problem in Dean’s life that he didn’t know how to handle.

He knew that he was being beyond ridiculous, he dealt with love and declarations on an every day basis, hell, he even had to write some occasionally for his laziest clients. But he just couldn’t face his best friend and tell him he liked him liked him. Because Castiel was his first crush. The fact that Castiel was a guy didn’t make any difference whatsoever. The fact that Cas could walk in the morning in the office with a cup of Dean’s favorite coffee (picked up from the other side of town from Cas’s place, even if it was just plain old black coffee), ‘’Good Morning’’ and a  warm smile thrown Dean’s way that never, not even for one day, succeeded in not making Dean blush… well that… that made all the difference in the world.

Just because he loved his job so much and sure… because he was a bit bored that one time outside of weddings season, Dean had everything planned out for their wedding – the restaurant (a little dinner Castiel discovered when they had to make a short pit stop between errands, and the man fell in love with the burgers served there), the band (some dorky trio that played all these classic rock covers, that Cas enjoyed a little too much), the décor (outside of course, in his parents back yard where Cas liked to barbecue with Dean’s father), the menu (lasagna with meatballs, cobb salad, salmon steak with parsley – yes, he knew that was by no means an appropriate wedding menu, but those were Cas’s favorites… so they were perfect), he even knows who the ring bearers would be (Sam’s baby girl Anna and Cas’s favorite nephew Max)

Now, there was just this one minor issue left… of actually asking Castiel out on a date