dean desperately trying to call for cas

The romantic writing of Dean / Cas (through deleted scenes)

OK, so full disclosure. This started as a simple answer but turned into a whole thing about TPTB and the meaning of deleted scenes and kind of therefore ended up as a Tink’s own small version of a masterpost of the writing of Destiel.

For me, deleted scenes are really important. They made their way to the DVD anyway so are part of canon, lets start with that. But they are deleted for a reason. And before that, they are though up, written, authorised, acted and edited for a reason.

For me the deleted scenes I list below are a big, core part of why I believe Dean and Cas are written romantically and that this is canon. Whether they decide to follow through on it is another matter but I and I know a lot of others agree that they are clearly written romantically and these deleted scenes uphold that. Then they are deleted. Now, some deleted scenes are for time but as you can see here, these scenes often hold key information regarding the overall narrative so clearly they are deleted because of the strong Destiel references. I like to believe this is because they just want to drag it out instead of completely get rid of it from the show, I was worried I’ll be honest before mid season 11 but since then I’m tentatively positive in that I believe the tides are turning and they will textualise Destiel properly and stop deleting these kinds of scenes, especially since season 12 has had so many similar scenes go through to the final cut…

The important deleted scenes for me regarding Destiel are:

1. The deleted scene from 10x23 

Cas states clearly that his time on earth has been more important to him than any time in Heaven and Sam and Dean are like family to him.

here’s a link. Basically it’s this:


As always Cas’s scenes that are just too emotionally compromising or hint too deeply at his feelings for Dean (even if Sam is lobbed in there too) are deleted, BUT this in particular has now been addressed in 12x12! So….fingers crossed?!

2. The deleted scene from season 9 

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE WHOLE SHOW, to the whole of the narrative for Cas and Crowley. 

Here’s a link to the video.

This one scene just kills me as it sets up Cas and Crowley’s whole arcs for the whole show and yet it is deleted because, clearly, no homo. As otherwise it is an excellent scene to shed light on two of the core characters of the show and reveals their motivations for their actions, which is what a lot of the fans have struggled with, saying these 2 characters are stale. 

In this scene Cas and Crowley discuss how they ‘dislike’ being human and how it’s so not worth it and why would you want to be human anyway (the underlying feeling being that they’re both lying and there is a reason they would like to be) - and then Dean immediately walks in and they share a glance. This is….. expositional screenwriting 101 ? 

I mean this is a classic - in fact it reminded me so clearly of the opening scene of a classic romantic supernatural love pairing in the cartoon Beauty and the Beast - the narrator says “for… who could love a Beast?” - and it CUTS TO BELLE’s introduction…

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And yet they cut this scene. And it means we don’t get a clear narrative reason why Cas and Crowley do what they do and are who they are, and casual viewers who don’t look into things as deeply as all of us are confused and think they’re stale and uninteresting. 

Without this scene only people who really look into the show in huge detail, dorks like me, will know that Cas and Crowley are mirrors of each other and both their arcs up to a point revolve entirely around Dean Humanity Winchester.

Yes. That is what happens when you cut important scenes for a stupid reason, the whole show doesn’t make sense and fans get annoyed. *facepalms*.

There are probably people out there who think Cas still wants to be an Angel pffff because he said “I just wanna be an Angel again“ that one time. Yeah, that one time he thought Dean was dead and there was nothing left for him and he knew being a proper Angel would lessen his emotional pain and give him a purpose to focus on. But then, as soon as he learned Dean was still wandering the Earth he just… hangs around, pining, languishing in the blue bathrobe of despair, hoping to fix him. 

And when he finally does get some grace back (FROM CROWLEY - these two are so interlinked Chuck help me what a great narrative if they actually showed it properly) he doesn’t WANT the grace, Crowley doesn’t really want to give Cas grace either but he does it FOR DEAN, and Cas, he allows Crowley to do it FOR DEAN. This then also reminds us how earlier on when Cas steals his first lot of grace Dean asks Cas if he’s cool about being an Angel again Cas deflects and says he needs it. Not wants it, but needs it to fight.  

WHY does Castiel not want his grace back? WHY might Castiel have learned to love ‘humanity’? WHY might Castiel want to be human?


*facepalms again*.

3. The deleted scene from 10x14.

Here’s a link

This scene is not only is great for it’s own individual reveal - Cas and Crowley jealously pretending they dont care about Dean and perhaps he is the other’s boyfriend, even using the term boyfriend, I mean, guys. Could this be clearer? 

But this also just ties in to the whole end of the episode where Dean hands CAS the first blade instead of returning it to Crowley. HE CHOOSES CAS! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT (and is easily overlooked as it was deleted for *reasons*).

This, in an episode where Cas is clearly narratively paralleled as Dean’s Colette, where Dean is scared of losing himself and in a call-back to the season’s start and call-forward to the season’s ending Cas is desperately trying to save him and stop, to keep his humanity….

So, in conclusion… 

There is a recurring theme of Destiel (and Drowley) - heavy scenes being cut and this is hurting the narrative of the overall show. It’s not that these relationship are written into the show to begin with that is the problem as they are key to so much of the overall story arcs but the fact that they are written in, used extensively as key points in the story while being kept in the subtext and then when there is an opportunity to make it textual to make it make SENSE to the narrative it is so heavily affecting, these scenes are cut.


Why are they hurting their own show by doing this?!

So yeah, it’d be lovely if they actually showed these scenes that explains WHY things are happening to the casual viewer and Destiel shippers weren’t sometimes made to feel like we are grasping at straws. 

Newsflash, it’s like a milkshake bar there are so many straws in this show, everyone involved knows about it and plays on it and CONSISTENTLY WRITES IT INTO THE MAIN NARRATIVE.

Just search Amara on my blog, the whole of season 11 doesn’t make sense without Destiel. If God’s sister herself reveals that Dean represents humanity after the fandom had that meltdown after Metatron’s ‘in love with humanity’ speech, DURING a scene interspersed with Metatron just to remind us ;) If God’s sister has to work through the Dean / Cas longing to reach Dean, uses Cas to manipulate Dean, keeps talking to Dean about love and hiding things, holding back, if Dean calls out to Cas while in Amara’s presence and pretty consistently only cares about Cas during these interactions where Amara is present, even though they themselves are bonded by the mark, one of God’s most powerful creations…. please

And season 12 basically is one long Cas-focused parallel so they know what they are doing at this point. I want to trust Dabb but we have been burned before so… tentatively fingers crossed on this one now.

It’s just so freaking stupid to build a gorgeous story and through Chuck knows what, I like to hope it’s not homophobia but at these points I feel like what else can it be, they ruin their own narrative and make the story just flounder, not making a whole lot of sense because  they are not following through on their own narrative and we are therefore MISSING INFORMATION!

We are tired of waiting for this all to make sense.

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So I recommend anyone and everyone pay attention to deleted scenes. They are scenes that show that writers have noticed all the other subtext themselves in order to add to it, then thought about, written, acted out, edited and at the last junction been ripped out, and from these scenes it’s clear why, they all share a focal point - canonising or at least heavily clarifying the subtext between Cas and Dean and/or Crowley and Dean.

Because it is there, we are not insane. If it gets so far as to get acted out and left on the cutting room floor then it’s there and there’s a reason it’s been cut.

“Hey, Cas.” Dean doesn’t bother hiding the smile in his voice when he answers. He hates that Cas is back out there so soon after Ramiel, but the job needs be done.

“Hello, Dean.” Dean’s smile widens when he hears it in Cas’s voice, too. They fall into a brief silence. Dean takes solace in hearing Cas breathing.

“You okay?” he asks finally.

“Of course. I just…” Cas hesitates, and Dean stands, pacing the room. “I wanted to…”

“I miss you, too, Cas.” He hears Cas huff out a soft laugh, and he grins. “You’re bein’ careful?”

“I am. I haven’t had much luck with any leads, but I am being careful. Thank you.”

Dean swallows. “Cas, I…” he sighs, running a hand over his face.

“I know, Dean. Hopefully I’ll be home soon.”

Dean swallows, trying to ignore the ache in his chest. They barely had any time to process before Cas was called away.  He knows it’ll never end, the emergencies and cases and big-bads, but then again… he, a hunter, fell in love with an angel. What did he really expect? He finds himself pacing the hallway. “Maybe,” he starts, taking a steadying breath. “Maybe when you come back we can try for real. No death bed confessions. Just… Y'know. You and me.” In the light of day, not clinging desperately to one another in the dark. “Hell, maybe I’ll even take you on a date,” he chuckles.

“I’d like that, Dean,” Cas answers, and Dean exhales, relieved. As if he thought Cas would actually turn him down. He hears Sam call him from the library, and he turns in that direction. He doesn’t think, and nearly says those words again, even as he steps into the library. Instead, he clears his throat. “Okay, well. Stay on it.” He panics.

“Dean, what–" 

"You get any leads, you let us know. And we’ll keep working on it from our end.”


"Thanks, Cas.” He ends the call and frowns, leaning against the table, chiding himself for his idiocy. “So, Kelly Kline is in the wind. No trace,” he announces, pulling up his texts.

I’m sorry. I panicked. Didn’t mean to be a dick. Just haven’t told Sam about us yet. I’ll call you later. Promise.

“Great,” Sam says. Dean’s half paying attention as Cas’s reply comes through.

I understand. I’ll talk to you soon.

Another message comes through almost immediately.

I’m counting the moments until we’re together again. Be safe, Dean.

Things People Say

Writers - Admin Aingeal @aingealcethlenn & Admin Grace

Characters - Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Castiel

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - She was the best hunter in the United States. They were the Winchesters. Dean is overprotective of her, and ends up pushing her away. What happens when she leaves and hunt on her own? What happens when he gets a call, in the middle of the night, because he was her emergency contact?

Word Count - 2,692

Warnings - Angst…Lots and lots of angst…Mild language, Mentions of injuries from an accident/hunt (reader is in hospital)…
Mary Winchester is included in this, but no spoilers from any actual episodes. Doesn’t follow the episodes at all.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N -So..This was written for a challenge, and ended up getting away from me, and turned out WAAAYYYYYY longer than I first envisioned lol There WILL be a part 2 though (as long as people are interested)! So please let me know! And let me know if you wanna be tagged in it!!!

-Reader POV-

It had been the same almost every hunt recently. Dean asking me to stay behind. Hold down the fort, help with research instead of with the battle. It was his way of keeping me safe. Making sure he wouldn’t lose me to some monster, or demon, or anything else out there.

When I met the Winchester brothers, they knew exactly who I was. In fact, the only hunter feared more than those two, was yours truly. I was meticulous, and dangerous, and loved every minute of my job. That never put the boys off though. No, instead, it only drove us closer. Especially Dean.

Lately though, it seemed every argument that we had, was surrounding my safety.

“We just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Dean said softly, trying to calm me down.

“I know how to take care of myself Dean! Damn it, I was the best damn hunter in the states! Now, just because I’m with you, suddenly it’s too dangerous for me to be out there?!”

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12x11 Coda: More Than His Share

apparently I can only finish codas the night before the next episode airs.  destiel, 1k

There’s been times that he’s wanted to wring every last damn memory out of his brain like it’s a sponge, like if he squeezes in all the right places, he can drain his thoughts.

This is not one of those times.

Right now, Dean clings to every hazy memory that his brain throws in sharp relief, one after the other like developing photos.  It’s not immediate.  When he tells Sam that he’s okay, the major events of his life have puzzle pieced their way back into place, but the details remain lost on him.  As he sits in the Impala, the cracks fill.

Sitting in the backseat with Sam nodding off against the rattling door, watching streetlights make patterns on the leather.  His first few hunts, all shaky trigger fingers and stains he couldn’t work out how to clean.  Cooking endless TV dinners and boxes of mac ‘n cheese.  Sam and Dad’s voices, raising in volume with every shouted word.  The empty backseat after he left.  Hunt after hunt alone.  A bullet straight between Azazel’s ugly eyes.  A deal, a kiss, a howl.  Unpleasant flashes of hellfire from the little of his time there he wasn’t able to stow away in a box somewhere in his head.  

He’s amazed by how much Cas there is.

The exact fold of his old, ill-fitting trench coat, down to how many buttons chased each other up and down the flaps.  The gummy crinkles of his first-ever smile, and how much bigger it’s been growing over the years.  The warm steadiness of his hand on Dean’s shoulder, resting where the scorching red handprint used to lay.

Dean’s lived a long life—most of it, admittedly, dead.  But Cas takes up so much more than his share of space.

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amwritingmeta  asked:

Which are your five favourite scenes with Dean and Cas? (And why, if you please.) xx

Oh you! GAH this is so hard man… OK working backwards:

5. The whole of 12x10...but if I had to choose one, probably the diner scene. 

Dean is not a man of words and he generally is pretty reserved with his feelings (obvs!) around Cas, but here he is just Mr Leave My Husband Alone! The upset at not going in with Cas, the pacing, the fact that Sam knew he would barge in, the postulating in front of Ishim, so Ishim has their relationship pegged after 2 seconds, the lack of personal space, telling Ishim to go to hell for insulting Cas and themselves when he was just moments ago pulling Cas’s ass over the metaphorical hot rocks himself… 

If this isn’t Dean showing how much he cares for the guy (platonically or romantically I don’t really mind, the caring is what stuck for me here), I don’t know what this is :)

Originally posted by bubblemish

4. The MoC!Dean / Cas scene of 10x22. This was so painful but so necessary. For me it shows just how much Cas can see Dean has fallen, he truly feels that he is losing him. I head canon that Cas could feel Dean’s longing waning, his soul fading as he fell further into the MoC and the Darkness, hence the way he acted towards him was different, kind of… cold? During this whole arc? I thought it was really subtle but key and I loved that, culminating in this moment where he tries desperately to get Dean to hang onto the remains of himself.

The key thing here for me is that Cas doesn’t fight back, he lets Dean pummel him to pieces because he doesn’t want to hurt Dean, even though it isnt really Dean, he can’t bring himself to. Then in the end, he isnt begging for himself, for his own life, for me he is begging Dean not to kill him to save Dean from himself… *insert sobbing noises here*

Originally posted by phangirl-landphil

3. This Casifer scene from 11x18, where Dean pours his heart out. Where Crowley, Sam, Rowena, Lucifer and Amara can all see, where Amara and Lucifer both acknowledge that they noticed this, where Amara subsequently uses Cas to get to Dean (so God’s sister has to use a ‘small fry’ Angel to get through to Dean? Because they’re such good buddies? Please!) and manipulate him (and it works), man I just so want Lucifer to mention it please!

I love that there is both Cas and Lucifer in this scene. How Cas’s response to realising he saw Dean calling to him is so sweet, one of the rare smiles we ever get from him, how Dean is so desperate through this whole arc but in this moment just lets everything down to try to get through to him, not giving a damn about everyone else in the room….

Originally posted by driverpicksthemuusic

2. The whole of 9x06 man.

But if I had to choose one, probably the goodbye scene just because that is the most emotional after the whole episode’s built up emotional drama. The angst. The pain. Dean has always lusted after Cas, he then really fell for him emotionally and felt rejected in season 8. Cas didn’t truly understand, he had emotions, more than a normal Angel, that’s why he is different, he always had “too much heart” but it’s not until he fell that I think he truly realised that he loved Dean. This episode is where they finally were on the same page and finally alone. Dean had heart eyes throughout the whole freaking episode, Nora assumed Steve was queer and that Dean was his ex, Dean knew Cas was hurting and just tried to help… it was a whole episode of man pain… which ended in another separated due to outside circumstances…. always the adios man...

Originally posted by blowingshine

1. The bedroom / mixtape scene in 12x19.

I just wrote a whole thing summarising this, for me it is so amazingly important. It takes all these previous moments and kind of smooshes them together, taking 9 years of miscommunication, pain, love and friendship and taking it to the next level on all of these with a huge leap forwards in their communication and actually using their words to describe how they fell towards themselves and each other. It’s so beautiful, seriously!

Dean:  Just let me give myself to you. 
Please stop leaving me. I forgive you.

Cas:   I just want to protect you. I don’t deserve to have you.

Dean: Of course you do dumbass.

Cas:   No, I don’t. Not yet. I will save you even if it costs me my life.
         Just let me give myself for you.

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Also, this is my 2000th post, the day after I hit 1000 followers - which kind of makes my non mathematical but logical mind happy :)

We’re Still Good

Written for:  Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k Sammy Says writing challenge

Tagging: @impala-dreamer @idreamofhazel

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, and Cas

Words: 4,033

Prompt: “We are far from perfect, but we are still good.”

Warnings: Angst, Language, Canon-typical violence, slight fluff

A/N: Congrats to both of these lovely talented writers and all their very well deserved followers. This quote is actually one of my favorite Sam quotes. I wanted to kind of keep the quote in its context and the story seemed to work better in my head than written. I’m not 100% happy with the finished version but I hope you do like it. Italicized words are flashbacks. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: The British Men of Letters make their first moves against the Winchesters using the one person who cares about them the most…you.

     Slipping into the bunker through garage had been easy enough. It was a little after one am so you knew Sam was definitely asleep while Dean was probably too drunk to put up much of a fight. You took the gun and knife he’d given you making your way to find the Winchesters. Personally, you wanted to make Dean watch as you killed Sammy just to see the look of betrayal on his face. Or make Sammy watch as you made Dean relive every torture he’d known in hell. The possibilities were endless at this point it really depended on who you found first.

     Dean hadn’t been in his room so he was probably still drinking in the library, which gave you ample time to get to Sam and tie him up. The door opened quietly as you gazed upon Sammy’s sleeping form. You slipped the knife back into the sheath on your thigh and moved closer to the bed with your gun pointed at Sam. “Sam?” He murmured turning away from you and you laughed before delivering a hard kick to his kidneys jolting him awake and into the floor. “Glad you’re awake, Sammy.”

     Sammy bounced up quickly raising his arms in a defensive position before looking at you in awe, “Y/N?” Sam dropped his arms in confusion, “Where the hell have you been? We’ve been looking for you everywhere! It’s been weeks.” Sam moved toward you and you brought the gun up causing him to stop. “Y/N?”

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Close Every Door, Epilogue

Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Summary – TFW tries to find answers after the reader is kidnapped; what they uncover will surprise them.

Word Count – 4,130

Warnings – Aftermath of Kidnapping, Torture, talk about PTSD and different kinds of therapy used to treat it

A/N – So, yeah, the “epilogue” kind of got away from me (shocker, I know).  But we’ll call it an epilogue anyway!  Thank you all so much for your support and feedback on this series!  It makes me so happy to get your comments!  As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged! Please let me know what you thought!

Catch up: Close Every Door Masterlist

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Your name: submit What is this?

“It is over, baby.” Dean agreed.  “And I’m going to be here for you – we all are – just as long as it takes.  And you take as long as you need, sweetheart.”

Dean had been thrilled when you’d hugged him just before telling off Vapula for what he’d done. While you had turned a major corner, there was still a long way to go.  The first night back, once Vapula was dead and his ashes buried, Dean helped you change into fresh pajamas and tucked you into bed – the bed you normally shared with him.  He noticed you tense when he climbed in next to you and paused. 

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So, the Destiel Secret Santa challenge came to an end today and the authors have been revealed, so I’d like to share all of the fics I wrote for this challenge. 

This fic was a last minute pinch hit and my prompt was-

‘Hurt!Cas or Hurt!Dean and loads of comfort.’

So of course I wrote a 9.06 coda. I really feel like I’m one of the guys now! ^_^

Beta read by @officieldestiel, who was utterly fantastic and terrifyingly fast :)

Title: Saudade

Word Count: 2006

Rating: T

Summary: He can’t bear it now, the pity in Dean’s voice, the wasted sympathy, the kind platitudes, a few hundred dollars pressed into his hands before Dean inevitably leaves again. His hand is on the doorknob when strong arms wrap themselves around his middle and haul him back.

“Please don’t go,” Dean whispers into his hair.

Read on AO3, or click for more.

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SPN 11x02: Third time’s a pattern!

I’ve said before that Andrew Dabb is one of my favorite Supernatural writers. After watching tonight’s episode (11x02), I have confirmed that he’s still in my top 3. Even though Dean, Sam, and Cas had their separate stories, I found I was very interested in all three of them. However, if you’ve read previous stuff I’ve written, you will know the main focus of my posts is always Dean/Cas.

Once Dean made sure Jenna and baby Amara were “safe” at Jenna’s grandma’s house, he left and started working on item #2 on the list he made in the previous episode: find and save Cas. He desperately wanted to contact Castiel.

(Source: x)

He really was worried about Cas and wanted him to answer the phone. How many times have we seen Dean worried about Cas over the phone? Let’s count… 9x18, 10x14, 11x01 and now 11x02. It’s more than three times. Of course, Cas didn’t even get to know Dean was calling him because the angels who had taken him broke his phone when they realized Dean was calling him. But at least there is continuity between 11x01 and 11x02. If Jenna hadn’t called Dean about the baby, Dean would have continued trying to find Cas. 

In case we didn’t get the memo before, Castiel’s endame is to choose what he wants to be (an angel or a man?). Third time’s a pattern!

(Source: x)

Cas has been asked three times now about his endgame. In 9x06, when Cas said he wanted to live, Ephraim asked him: “But as what, Castiel? As an angel or a man?” Even though it couldn’t be clearer than that, Metatron became more obvious in 10x18 when he asked Cas: “Who are you now? Like, you’re obviously not an angel of the Lord. […] And what are you gonna do once you’re done […]? Go back to heaven? […] Tell me, Castiel, truly, what is your mission now?” This time in 11x02, we have another angel questioning Cas with the very obvious question: “What are you?” In fact, this same angel answered the question about Cas’ mission that Metatron asked in season 10 because he said: “When you have to choose between Heaven and the Winchesters, you choose them, every time.” 

The angels don’t consider Cas a brother anymore. They don’t see him as an angel of the Lord (even though Cas still calls himself that) because they know Cas’ loyalty doesn’t belong to Heaven at all. It belongs to the Winchesters. And if we analyze a little beyond the surface, it belongs to Dean ‘cause Cas broke Metatron out of Heaven in order to find a cure for the Mark of Cain. All Castiel cared about was to save Dean. Everything has always been about saving “one human,” right?

Once Castiel killed the angels who had taken him (R.I.P. Hannah, btw), somehow he managed to get to the place where he knew he would find help. He went to the Bunker, back to the Winchesters. He went home. Because Heaven isn’t home anymore. Home is where the heart is and… where is Castiel’s heart? 

(Source: x)

I believe we can agree that Cas’ heart is in Lebanon, Kansas. The Bunker is the only place where he has voluntarily stripped of his angelic identity (his trench coat) in the company of his human family (10x18 the same episode where Metatron mocked Cas for still considering the angels his family), so… you make your own conclusions. 

Shouldn’t 6

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary:  Dean acted on his feeling for reader, regretted it, found reader in bed with Sam, jumped to conclusions.  Reader left him behind.  What happens next?

Word Count:  590

Warnings:  Language

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Shouldn’t 6

The room is poorly light, it smells musty, as if it’s been sealed off for quite some time. You seem to be laying on a mattress and you shudder to think what might be staining it. Experimentally, you tug at your wrists. They’re bound tight, whoever tied you up is quite skilled with a knot. A dull throbbing ache in the back of your head reminds you of the blow you were dealt right before your head hit the dashboard of the pickup truck that you’d hitched a ride in. That was the last thing you remembered before waking.

You shouldn’t have walked away from Dean at the gas station. You shouldn’t have given up, not without a fight. You shouldn’t be here right now.


Sam chastises Dean as the Impala tears out of the gas station. “How could you let her walk away like that?”

“Sam, I fucked up, I get it. Can we please just concentrate on finding her? She couldn’t have gone too far.”

“Yeah, but what if something happened to her?” Sam pushes.

Dean sighs. “Sammy, she’s a hunter, she can take care of herself. She’s fine.” Dean is lying to his brother. Something in his gut tells him she’s in danger and it leaves him feeling anxious. He shouldn’t have let her go. What was he thinking? God, he was such an asshole sometimes.

“Her GPS is off, which makes sense, she wouldn’t want us to follow. Tell me again about the truck that picked her up.”

“Uh, late model Ford, rusty brown. Taillight out. Guy had a baseball cap pulled down low, I couldn’t see his face. Alabama plates.”

“That’s it? You don’t remember any numbers or anything?” Sam questions.

Dean is kicking himself mentally. Why hadn’t he paid more attention? Oh yeah, ‘cause he was too busy being a dick. “Fuck, man, I don’t know. Look, we can’t be too far behind, just keep your eyes peeled.”


Two hours of driving and they’ve found nothing. Not a thing. This is backwoods country, tiny invisible roads branch of the highway everywhere. Dean is feeling a little desperate, he can’t shake the feeling that something has gone terribly wrong.  

Sam is about to suggest they retrace their steps when a voice sounds out from the backseat, Dean swerving the Impala into the oncoming lane.

“Hello, Dean. Hello, Sam.”

“Jesus, Cas! How many times have I told you not pop in like that!” Dean says as he corrects the car.

“My apologies, Dean. However, this is of importance. Where is (Y/N?)” Cas asks.

“We don’t know,” Sam admits. “We’re trying to find her. Can you locate her?”

“That’s why I’m here. She appears to be in trouble, she’s been calling out for me, but I can’t locate her. I assumed she’d be with you.”

“What do you mean you can’t locate her? You’re a freaking angel of the lord,” Dean grumbles.

“She must be warded somehow, but the connection is stronger here. She must be nearby.” Cas disappears and reappears in the blink of an eye. “Turn left up ahead!”


The door opens with a groaning sound, protesting loudly. Your eyes focus slowly as you track the footsteps across the room.

“Ah, sleeping beauty is awake,” a male voice cuts through the air. Grabbing you harshly by the shoulder, he demands, “Sit up.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” you demand as you struggle to sit upright.

“I want nothing from you. But I want to take everything away from Dean Winchester.”

Part 7

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One of These Nights (Part 1)

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Summary: Dean returns from purgatory with a new friend

Pairing: Eventual Benny x Reader

Song Inspiration: One of These Nights, by the Eagles

Word Count: 3,000

Warnings:  mild violence

A/N: This is the beginning of a Benny series I’ve been working on for a while! There are some timeline discrepancies because I live in a wonderful world of denial in which Benny Bobby and the Bunker all exist together. 

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anonymous asked:

Why does ackles not even look at misha when they're hugging ( 12x09)

Oh Nonny. I don’t quite see what you see in that scene. On first watch I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t drawn out longer especially since the Sam/Cas hug was intense and beautiful, but after consideration and a second watch I changed my mind. Take a look at the two hugs:

External image

(Gif borrowed from this post by @codestielckles)

The way that Sam grabs him and closes his eyes. He is just so thankful for human contact and he falls into Cas. Its a heartwarming moment of utter relief and gratitude. Its beautiful.

With Dean however there is reservation there:

External image

(Gif borrowed from same post as above.) 

Now I get that at first glance and following on from such a great moment with Sam, this seems lesser somehow, as if there is less care, less desire there. But it isn’t about that at all. 

Dean is close to tears in this scene. He is holding back because he is holding something important back. Something that he doesn’t wanna tell Cas. He can’t look at Cas like he couldn’t talk to him about it earlier, because if he lets Cas in he may just break. Think about it, He has spent 3 months in prison, isolated and unable to see Cas, then he gets out and is desperate to get hold of him on the phone (even though he didn’t pick up first and any normal person in a desperate situation would then call someone else) because he wanted to see Cas before midnight. Because Dean knew that at midnight he was gonna die. 

This is a situation where Dean once again knows he is doomed and is trying to hold back his emotions because what good will it do if he’s gonna die anyway? The scene in the car was very revealing in how Dean sat in the back next to Cas, and looked at him without speaking before Billie showed up, his face full of regret. 

Dean knows how much it would hurt Cas to think he would lose him again, so he is purposely holding back to spare him that pain. The pain of thinking he has found Dean only to lose him moments later.

But that’s just my take on it. The way you said “ackles” rather than “Jensen” leads me to believe there may be some residual hurt there from Jensen’s comments last weekend? Maybe you wanted my answer to be “Jensen is a homophobic asshole who is purposefully playing down any hints of destiel”? I mean I picked up on that from your ask but I could be totally wrong here. I don’t believe that statement. I believe Jensen is a dumbass who still believes there is nothing more to destiel than two guys fucking offscreen. He has a very limited understanding of it. But I don’t think he would attempt to sabotage Dean and Cas’ relationship through weird acting choices. He is a professional after all. 

So yeah whilst I would have preferred Dean to fall into Cas’s arms the same way Sam did, for Dean there is no relief in Cas’s arms when he knows its hopeless anyway. Its heartbreaking and tragic. But such is the nature of this relationship.

I Miss Our Talks

Requested by: @willowing-love (aka my fav angsty queen)

Drabble Prompts: “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her” AND “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: angst to fluff

A/N: that awkward moment when youre supposed to be writing a drabble and it turns into a fucking oneshot. *WHOOPS*

“Where’s Cas?” you asked, looking around the room and seeing no one but the brothers.

“With Meg,” Dean muttered, staring at Sam’s laptop screen.

You felt a pang in your chest, clenching your jaw at Dean’s reply.

Fucking Meg.

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I thought I’d just share this headcanon...

…for the SPN finale that I came up with today. I don’t think I’d really want this to happen because it would be too much pain for me to endure (also there’s probably plot holes), but it surely would be kinda cool.

Let’s begin.

It was when I first read the synopsis for 10x23 that this theory started to come into my mind.

(The first thing about the “shocking decision” I reckon would be something to get us off the track, or a build-up to what I now will write)

It says ”Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena face off and Castiel gets caught in the middle”. That sentence made me think back to the Cas-Colette parallel, because Colette got captured by the knights of hell, and therefore this could mean that Cas gets captured by Rowena and Crowley. With that, Crowley and Rowena would get a hold of the First Blade.

That led my thoughts on to this picture of Castiel from the finale that recently were released:

If you look at his eyes you can see that there is a clear similarity to the eyes of those people who Rowena cast the Attack Dog spell on. I’ve seen this theory multiple times here on tumblr, but since it contributes to my theory, I’m going to repeat it:

We know that Colette got possessed by Abaddon. If Cas really is under the Attack Dog spell on this picture — if Rowena casts it upon him — it only strengthens the Cas-Colette parallel. Rowena casting a spell on Cas would be a parallel to Abaddon possessing Colette.

Following from this event, I’ve seen theories about Dean killing Castiel while he’s under the spell. I’m holding on to that theory, but at the same time I don’t think that killing Cas would be the only killing to take place.

Let’s go back to 10x14 (The Executioner’s Song) when Cain tells Dean that he is going to live his life in reverse.

First, you’d kill Crowley, there’d be some strange mixed feelings on that one. You’d get it done, no remorse.

And then, you’d kill the angel, Castiel, now that one I suspect would hurt something awful .

And then would come the murder you’d never survive, the one that would finally turn you into as much savage as it did me: your brother, Sam”

By telling from Cain’s statement we know that Dean has to kill Crowley first. But then comes the thought: why and when?

Rowena wants Crowley dead, we know that from the deal she made with Sam. We don’t know yet how the whole thing will go with the Book of the Damned, but let’s say Sam won’t kill Crowley for some reason.

Perhaps Rowena sees a new opportunity in Dean. We have figured that Rowena wants the Winchesters dead, but what if now when she’s more aware of the Mark of Cain and what effect it has on Dean, she comes up with another plan? (We’ll talk more about that plan of hers later)

Anyhow, Rowena makes Dean kill Crowley. She knows how hard it is for Dean to control himself when he has the First Blade, so she gives it to him. 

On the other hand, I don’t think Dean would kill Crowley just because he has the First Blade, there must be something more to it, which I’m not completely sure of. At least we know that Rowena is capable of many things, and I don’t think she’d have an issue setting this up. Perhaps she creates a scene which makes Dean think that it is Crowley that puts Cas in danger after they’d captured him.

When Crowley’s dead, we all know what comes next. The thing that would hurt something awful.

Dean would never kill Cas in his real state of mind, that’s for sure. He wouldn’t kill Cas even when Rowena casts the Attack Dog spell on him, he would just surrender and let Cas kill him. Because if he were to kill his beloved angel that has sacrificed so much and has done everything for him, Dean would never forgive himself. Killing Cas would never even come into Dean’s mind.

So how will it happen?

We know that the Mark of Cain is affecting Dean more and more for each day, Cas said so himself in 10x20 that Dean is getting worse. So after Dean kills Crowley, the mark affects him more than ever, sending those killing vibes through him. It hasn’t taken over him yet, but he has a hard time controlling himself. And with the First Blade in his hand, his self-control is barely existent.

Dean stands there with the mark burning on his arm and the First Blade tightly clutched in his hand, and Rowena casts the spell on Cas.

Cas would never kill Dean either, even Rowena knows that, I’m sure. But none of that matters when he’s put under the spell, because then he isn’t himself anymore.

Cas attacks Dean with his only intention to kill him. As I mentioned before, Dean would never kill Cas in his real state of mind. But in this situation he would at least try to get away. Now, when strongly affected by the mark and the First Blade, he fights back. He does not intend to kill Cas, but he fights back because he reasons that in some way it will get him free. Cas is violent when under the spell, and he’s difficult to tackle.

The fight intensifies and the Mark of Cain is burning on Dean’s arm.
He doesn’t know how it happens, but at least, Dean stabs the First Blade into Castiel’s body while staring into his bloodshot eyes, no trace of blue left in them.

I’m sure that by now, when holding Cas’s limp body in his arms while he falls to the ground, that Dean would realize what he had done. He would come back to himself for a moment and be devastated, shaking Cas’s motionless body in desperation, his voice cracking while calling Cas’s name. Dean would desperately try to wake him up and he’d yell at Rowena, but there would be no point. The angel would be gone.

And now, we know that when Cas is dead, there’s only one left.

Now it gets a little more interesting. Dean would definitely not kill Sam for no reason, so what could make him? What could Rowena do to make Dean kill his dear little brother?

A thought that popped into my head was the Book of the Damned. We know that it can create and undo any damnation in existence and we know it can create bad things to happen if you use it.

My theory is that somehow, all due to the book, Lucifer is set free from the cage.

There is two alternatives of how that could happen, either

1. Rowena has all of this in mind, and while she’s ”helping” Sam translating the book to figure out a cure for the MoC, she finds out a way to open the cage.


2. It is a consequence from the book being used.

However, Lucifer comes back to earth and we all know what his mission would most likely be. I doubt that he would have changed his mind about creating an apocalypse, and I also doubt that the fact that Sam is his true vessel has changed.

The problem I came to think of just now is, how will Lucifer get permission to possess Sam?

Actually, I don’t really know, and I guess this will be a plothole for my theory. Perhaps it could have something to do with the MoC, that Rowena makes Sam think that the only choice he has is to give in to Lucifer: that it is the only way to cure Dean. I mean, if there is one thing we’ve learned from Supernatural it is that Sam and Dean would do anything for each other, no matter how reckless it is.

However, Lucifer possesses Sam, and guys, do you remember this?

(Hasn’t it been five years now?)

Sam/Lucifer shows up at last with Dean and Rowena, and Rowena’s plan that I wrote about earlier is going perfectly. Dean and Lucifer speak to each other, and Lucifer reminds Dean once again that just as he said before, no matter what Dean does, they will always end up here.

And now, since Sam is a parallel for Abel, Cain’s brother, I realized something really interesting. Remember when Dean and Cain first met?

Cain told him ”Abel wasn’t talking to God. He was talking to Lucifer. Lucifer was gonna make my brother into his pet. I couldn’t bear to watch him be corrupted, so I offered a deal — Abel’s soul in Heaven for my soul in Hell. Lucifer accepted… as long as I was the one who sent Abel to Heaven. So, I killed him. Became a soldier of hell — a knight.”

What if this is exactly what happens?

Dean realizes that there is no point anymore. He’s never going to get rid of the mark. Cas, his very own Colette (the love of his life) is dead, murdered by the monster he’s becoming, and Sam is trapped with Lucifer.

He realizes there is no way of freeing Sam from Lucifer, the mark is affecting him too much and there is no way he could figure out a way all alone by now under his circumstances. He doesn’t want Sam to end up in Hell for the rest of eternity, but he knows that Lucifer would at least want one soul to go to Hell. Since Dean knows himself that his life is already damned with the mark on his arm, he does exactly what Cain did.

He offers the deal to Lucifer, and Lucifer accepts once again.

So Dean kills his dear little brother and sends his soul to Heaven, and afterwards Lucifer possesses his dead body again, reuniting with his ultimate vessel.

With this, Dean has given in to the mark, and just as he himself and everyone else that cared for him had feared, his eyes turns black.

Rowena is delighted, for now she can take over the throne of Hell, and she has the knight Dean Winchester by her side. The new Father of Murder.

True Colors

Type: Gabriel x Reader
Can we have an AU where a person’s world is black and white until they meet their soulmate and one day Gabriel happens to pop in on the reader and the Winchesters researching and they’re never meet before and Gabriel starts acting dramatic cause he thinks somethings wrong with him cause as soon as he layed eyes on the reader he started getting color and when he tells them what’s wrong Dean laughs and explains what’s going on since he’s gone through it with Cas?
As said in last post, I’m so sorry if I’m this late! I’ll try to be more present in the next weeks. ~ Also sorry for eventual mistakes.

There was no doubt of it: the bunker was, most of the times, a marvellous place to live in. It had big spaces, a placid atmosphere, and, most of all, Sam even felt so comfortable with its kitchen that he liked to delight himself by making awesome sandwiches. The fact was, though, that the bunker hadn’t been designed for such a strange company as yours:  the Men of Letters didn’t really consider bringing angelic boyfriends to the place, so, when Dean had first tried to get Cas into the building1 , he had had quite a problem.
With time you and your brothers had managed to remove all the symbols and marks that in the bunker prevented angels from their entry, and Castiel had managed to come and live with the three of you. It hadn’t been an easy choice, to be honest: Cas could get in now, yes, but other angels could too.

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==You and Dean go on a search for Sam when you realize he isn’t at the bunker, and come face to face with a different kind of monster. 

++Dean x [BAMF!]femReader | Castiel makes an appearance :)

This is based (very) loosely on a dream I had not too long ago. It went much farther and a little darker than I had expected it to, but I’m happy with the end result. – Deana::

Warnings: Language | Violence | Drugs | Maybe some feels

“Sam has to be somewhere in one of these houses,” Dean said, his face scrunched up from the sun. He put his hand up to shield his eyes.

You and Dean were at the bunker this morning, only to find out the younger brother wasn’t at home. He didn’t answer his phone, even after multiple calls from both Dean and yourself. Naturally, you both got worried after trying to contact him for a few hours. 

Sometimes Sam liked to go off to get supplies early in the morning, most likely as an excuse to get some time to himself. The past few weeks were full of hunts that required the three of you to spend a lot of time together, so it would make sense that he would want out for a while. He loved you both, but he could only take your lovey-dovey nonsense for so long.

 But he’s never been gone for this long on a supply run.

 Out of desperation, Dean finally called on Castiel. Cas told him that he heard someone on angel radio mention seeing Sam not too long ago, and that they had seen him in some obscure neighborhood mere miles away from the bunker. It was a slim lead, but it was all you and Dean had to go off of.

 You both assumed that he couldn’t have gone too far on a simple supply run. But why he would go to a neighborhood - especially a dangerous one like this - alone was what started raising some red flags.

 Dean knew Sam had taken Baby, so he reluctantly had Cas Zap you guys to the area. He immediately started looking for his car, hoping that would clue him in on where Sam was.

 "He might not even have it babe,“ You were standing on the sidewalk, glancing down the street. "I really don’t think he would come here to get groceries, or whatever he gets…”

“So, what? You’re saying he was kidnapped?” Dean was out in the road, trying to get a better view of the neighboring driveways and cars that were parked on the curb.

 "Well, it would make sense. We haven’t seen Baby yet. Where does he usually go on these runs?“ You hadn’t realized that you had no idea where Sam goes until now. He usually leaves while you’re still asleep.

 "There’s this store we both go to when we need stuff. But Sam will go anywhere that has what he needs. Who knows what that is this time.” Dean gave up on looking at the cars and walked up to you. He put his hands on your shoulders.

 "Okay, you try to walk the neighborhood and see if you can see the car. Look in people’s back yards, side yards, driveways, peek in garages if you have to. I’ll go ask Cas to check for the car at that store and anywhere else around here.“

"Alright, and where do we meet up?” You pulled your gun out and checked to make sure it was loaded, then put it back into your jacket. There wasn’t any danger yet, but you could never be too careful.

“I’ll call you if I find out anything, and vice versa.” Dean winked, then kissed your forehead. “We’ll find him somehow, (Y/n). Then when this is over, you and I can get some R&R, eh?”

 You scoffed and smiled, “Yeah, I know neither resting nor relaxing is going to ensue.” You put your arms around his neck and reached up to kiss him.

 "You be careful, or else I’ll be ripping some heads off.“ Dean said before going to call for Cas again. You smirked, knowing he was serious.

You walked the neighborhood for a good half an hour, searching for the car and any signs of Sam. You weren’t having any luck, and there didn’t seem to be any questionable activity from the people in the area. Well, not any activity that was in your interest.

Sure, there were some sketchy groups of people most likely making drug deals, but you weren’t here to play cops and robbers. You were here on a rescue mission.  

You glanced down a side street and saw a girl walking the sidewalk by herself.

"That’s strange, shouldn’t she be in school right now?” You checked your phone to see that it was 1:30pm. “Hm. Maybe she got out early…” You watched her for a moment, and right before you continued your search, you noticed a boy about her age approach her.

“This is none of your business, (Y/n)” You mumbled to yourself and started walking again, until you heard the girl yelling.

“Go away, Rick! We broke up!”

You backed up a few steps to look down the side road again and the girl was trying to push the boy away, but he kept going back at her.

“Leave me alone!” The girl shrieked at the boy, and he grabbed her arm to keep her from walking away.

“Stop, Rick!” The girl cried out, and the boy laughed.

“Fuck this, I can’t just stand here and watch,” You walked briskly down the side street and stopped in front of the boy and girl. You could immediately tell they were teenagers.

 "What the hell is going on here?“ You glared at the boy.

"Stay the fuck out of this, cunt.” The boy spat.

“Oh, hell no.” You growled and grabbed the arm that he had on the girl, and twisted it to make him turn and submit to you. You mentally thanked Dean for showing you how to do this when he was training you. You leaned down to the boy’s ear.

“You’re obviously not an adult yet, so I can’t kick your ass. But you will not talk to me like that. You don’t know me, and you don’t want to.” You squeezed the pressure points on his elbow and he gasped in pain, then you let go of him.

“Now get out of here and leave this girl alone. And don’t you dare try to touch her again.” The boy stumbled away, his hat falling off of his head. He turned to face you and the girl, picking his hat up and pointing at the girl with it.

“Since you don’t want to cooperate with me now, I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.” He put his hat back on and turned, waving. “See ya later!” He said in sing-song as he walked away to the main street.

“What the hell does he mean by that?” You asked the girl, but she was trembling.

“I- oh my God. I can’t go home. What am I supposed to do, I can’t go home! I was with him too long… I don’t know where to go, oh my God…” The girl was rambling frantically, and it looked like she was about to pass out.

 "Woah, hey, what’s going on sweetie?“ You put your hand on her shoulder. "Was that some sort of threat?”

“Yes,” She squeaked, “A death threat.”

“A death threat? Because you broke up with him?” You furrowed your brows. “What the hell?”

The girl stood there, sobbing.

 "Alright, listen. If that really was a death threat, we can’t ignore it. Where are your parents?“

"My mom’s dead,” The girl sobbed again, “Dad c-can’t help, he drinks too much.”

 "Oh.“ You said more to yourself than to her. This girl was dealing with some real troubles. "Alright, I can help you then. Do you want me to help?”

The girl nodded, tears still streaming down her face. “I have no other choice…”

“Nah, there are always choices. But let’s make sure you’re safe, okay? You can trust me. My name’s (Y/n). What’s yours?”

 "Sam-antha.“ She hiccuped through her crying.

 "You gotta be kidding me,” You mumbled and smiled at the irony.

Your phone started ringing, and it was Dean. “Hey baby,” You said after answering.

“Did you find Sam?” Dean immediately asked.

“Well let’s just get to business, then.” You laughed. “Not exactly… “ You glanced at Samantha, “I take it you didn’t, either.”

Dean sighed. “Not exactly. But Cas found Baby. He couldn’t find the keys of course so he hot-wired her and drove her to me, can you believe that?”

You laughed. “Wow, I can’t even imagine that. It’s that pop-culture awareness thing, huh?”

“Something. But there’s bad news. Sam was kidnapped. Cas checked the security cameras at the store and two men knocked Sam out and dragged him out of the camera’s sight. Meet me in front of uh…” Dean paused, probably trying to find an address.

“406 Main. I’ll wait for you.” Dean hung up, and you stared at your phone, puzzled.

“Oh, wonderful.” You sighed and turned to Samantha. “Well, we are going to get you somewhere safe.”

You and Samantha made it to the address Dean gave you. He had his arms crossed impatiently as he was leaning against his car, and looked at you with confusion when he saw you weren’t alone. 

“This is Samantha, she needs help.” You said before Dean could say anything.

“Samantha, this is my boyfriend, Dean. You can trust him too, okay?" 

Samantha looked at Dean and the Impala, noting the license plate, then nodded. "Okay,” she whispered. 

“What is this?” Dean asked you, trying not to look as angry as he felt. 

“Like I said, she needs help. She was threatened by her ex-boyfriend. A death threat.” You glanced over at Samantha with worry in your eyes. 

“What? (Y/n), that’s not something we handle, you know that. That’s a job for the cops.” Dean shook his head and looked frustrated. “We have trouble of our own, remember?”

 "Yes, I remember, Dean! He’s like a brother to me too, you know. Since when do you trust the police to get anything done? You never did before.“ You crossed your arms. 

Dean looked at you for a long moment, then sighed and let his arms fall to his side. "Okay, fine. I’m not going to waste time arguing.” His eyes were softer now. He didn’t like arguing with you, ever. 

“You can take Baby and drive Samantha to the bunker. Cas and I will continue looking.” He opened the door and hot-wired the car for you.

 "C'mon Samantha, let’s get you out of here,“ You made sure she got into the car, then you walked over to Dean and hugged him. 

"I couldn’t just ignore this, Dean. Her ex is a real piece of work." 

Dean hugged you back and kissed the top of your head. "I know (Y/n). That’s why I love you so much. You were born to save people.” He looked at you and chuckled. 

“Call me when you find him, okay?” You kissed Dean and got into the car. 

He closed the door for you and patted the top of it. “You got it, babe. Be careful." 

"Or you’ll rip some heads off, got it.” You grinned at him and put the car in drive. 

“Wow, are you guys rich or something?” Samantha asked as she walked into the bunker. She walked over to look at all of the books nestled in the bookcases on the wall, and trailed her fingers along them.

You laughed at how blunt she was. “Yeah, I guess we are rich. But not with money. We have each other’s backs, we’re family. You can’t put a price on family. This place is just an inheritance.”

You sat down at one of the tables, and Samantha followed suit.

“This is an extravagant inheritance…” She said.

 "So you like to read? You seemed interested in those books.“ You leaned back in the chair and put your legs up on the table.

"Yeah, I escape that way when Dad is on a drinking binge.” Samantha looked at her hands.

“I can imagine it’s difficult,” You didn’t really know what to say to her about it.

“He wasn’t always like that. It started after mom died. I guess he can’t handle the loss.” Samantha took a deep breath.

“How old are you, Samantha?”

 "I’m seventeen. I’ll be eighteen in a few weeks, actually.“ She smiled at the thought.

"Any plans for college?” You asked. “Are you excited to graduate high school?”

“I don’t know about college. I have to work a lot to help Dad. He doesn’t work as much because of his drinking. I missed a lot of school because I’m always having to take care of him. But I got good grades, regardless. I graduated last week.” She shrugged.

“Well, that sounds like a great accomplishment, especially with all the responsibility you have on your shoulders. You should really consider college. You’re smart.” You smiled at her.

“What about you? Did you go to college?” She looked around the room again.

 "Eh…“ You weren’t sure how to answer her without telling her what you and the Winchesters do. "I got into a profession that doesn’t require a degree." 

"Want something to drink? Coffee?” You stood up, trying to change the subject.

“I’ll just have some water, thanks.” She stood up and went to the books again. 

You came back with her water and some coffee for yourself. She was at the table again, flipping through one of the books.

“You have a lot of books on lore and myths…” She looked at a picture of a werewolf.

Your phone vibrated, it was a text from Dean.  Still can’t find Sam. Gonna keep looking. Kinda freaking out.  

“Um, yeah… it’s a common interest for us. A lot of that came with the inheritance.” You sighed and put your phone away, starting to get really worried about Sam.

 "Tell me about Rick. Why did he threaten you?“

 "He’s a high school drop-out. He does a lot of work with his dad. They-” she hesitated, “do deals.”

“Like, drug deals?” You furrowed your brows.

She nodded, “Yeah. I was with him for over a year, so he showed me everything. Now that we are broken up, I think he wants to kill me to keep me quiet.”

 "That sounds awfully extreme for a drug dealer.“ You drank some more coffee. "Are you sure there isn’t something else going on with it?”

“Oh, there is.” She scoffed. “When business is slow, he and his dad kidnap people and bring them back to their basement. They tie them up then drug them to make them addicted, then inject them with a sedative and leave them somewhere. Once they’re addicted, they have to come back for more. His dad is the only dealer in town, so they end up going to him. It’s one thing to supply someone’s addiction, but it’s another thing to be responsible for creating it." 

You dropped your coffee cup. "Samantha, where does Rick live?”

“Just a couple streets over from me, I’ll write the address down.” Samantha pulled a notepad that was sitting on the table and started writing.You got up and called Dean. 

“Something wrong, (Y/n)?” Dean asked when he answered. 

“No, Dean. I think I know where Sam is. Can you send Cas here to look after Samantha? Tell me where you are and I’ll be there soon.” Dean gave you the address, and you got Rick’s address from Samantha. 

You went to the front door of the bunker and Cas was standing there. “Thanks for not Zapping in front of her,” You quickly hugged Cas. “She still doesn’t know about who we are, so try not to be awkward.” You patted his shoulder, then ran to the Impala.

You went about 20 miles over the speed limit on the way there, so you got to Dean within minutes.

“Did you speed in my car?” Dean said loudly when you screeched to a stop at the curb. You rolled down the passenger window.

“There’s no time for that Dean! Get in!” Dean looked at you with wide eyes, then put his hands up as a truce, and got in. 

“Okay, okay. Lead the way, Daisy Duke.”

You parked a few houses down from Rick’s house. You and Dean both got out, carefully shutting the doors to make the least noise possible. Dean started walking to the house, when you grabbed his shoulder. “Dean, they’re drug dealers. If movies hold any sort of truth, there might be a lot of people, and they’re probably armed.”

His lips pursed as he contemplated, then he scoffed, “Awesome.” He went to the trunk and popped it open, grabbing a shotgun, then handed you a second gun. “I prefer dealing with monsters that don’t have guns.”

The both of you crouched and quickly made your way to the correct house. "We’re just going to bust in and go at it,“ Dean spoke lowly as the both of you stood by the front door.

"He’ll be in the basement.” You whispered back. “It might be better to sneak in.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Dean cocked the shotgun, “Ladies first. I got your back.” He winked. “And your everything else.”

“Of all times…” You smirked. You knew Dean was just trying to keep the mood light so that he doesn’t lose his shit from how things were going today. You slowly tested the handle. It was locked. You looked over at Dean, and shrugged, testing the doorknob again. Dean walked to the side of the house to see if there were any basement windows the two of you could sneak into.

“Of course.” Dean said in his normal voice when he came back. “Alright, we’re gonna have to bust in after all.”

You stepped back as Dean kicked the door in, breaking the wood where the lock was. To your surprise, the house seemed empty. It was dark, but you both saw a faint light emitting from the kitchen. You followed the light stream over to see that it was a door, cracked open, leading to the basement.

“That almost seemed too easy,” Dean whispered, looking at the front door. “That was loud, it would’ve woke up the neighbors. You go down first and I’ll stay behind in case anyone decides to pay a visit.” He positioned himself against he door frame so that he could see you and have a view of the living room. You slowly opened the door, it creaking angrily from being disturbed, and softly went down the stairs.

You looked into the room when you got to the bottom, and there was Sam.He was tied up in a chair, brutally beaten and unconscious. “Oh,”  You moved back into the shadow of the staircase and quickly covered your mouth with your hand, then looked up the stairs at Dean. 

He nodded to try to reassure you, so you took a deep breath and calmed down. You peeked around the corner again and saw that Sam wasn’t alone. There was a man standing at the other end of the room, preparing a syringe. You waited a few more moments, and Rick walked into your view. You could hear rock music playing loudly from a boombox, which would explain why they didn’t hear Dean break the door down. That’s not very smart for someone who has to stay alert, you thought.

You looked back up at Dean, then sent him a quick text, praying his phone was on silent. They’re both here. I have an idea, just wait there.

You could see Dean’s phone illuminate his face and he looked concerned, but nodded again. You took another deep breath, then swung around the wall and knocked on it. “Anyone home?”

“What the hell are you doing here? Where’s Samantha? I know you have her.” Rick was sharpening a big knife. “She wasn’t home when I went there. Daddy was, though.”

You suddenly felt sick, and you hoped nothing happened to Samantha’s dad. You had to keep going though, can’t break the charade.

“That’s kind of why I’m here.” You stepped further into the room, trying not to look at Sam. “She told me you had some quality stuff here. I was wanting to try it.” You bit your lip, hoping this was working since you hadn’t the first clue on how drug deals go.

“Why would she say that? She hates what we do. Are you fucking with us?” Rick stepped closer to you.

“Who is this?” The other man walked up next to Rick, still holding that syringe. “If that bitch of yours is yakking her mouth about us, we’re gonna be outed. Clean up your mess.”


“Wow,” You looked at Sam finally, speaking loudly over the music. “That guy looks like he was beaten to Poughkeepsie and back. What’d he do?”

“Shut up.” Rick said. He grabbed you and had his knife at your throat. “Tell me where Samantha is, or I’m going torture it out of you.”

“Or you can let go of her so you can keep your brain in your skull.” Dean was at the bottom of the stairs the moment you alerted him. He was holding the shotgun at his side as he pulled out his pistol. He glanced over at Sam, his death glare faltering for a moment, then looked back at Rick. 

Dean’s threat distracted Rick long enough for you to elbow him in the ribs. You grabbed his knife arm and twisted it behind him again, pinching his elbow pressure points to make him drop the knife. You kicked it back toward Dean, who kicked it under the stairs..

 "We need to stop ending up like this, don’t we?“ You smirked and pulled harder on Rick’s arm and you heard it pop. He screamed in pain.

 "Let go of my boy!” The older man yelled at you.

 "Or what,“ you scoffed, "You gonna call the cops? Have them find your fucked-up operation?”

“You’re not here for a deal! I knew it,” The man stomped over to you and Dean stepped in front of him, gun aiming at his face.

“Do you want to lose your head, too?” Dean sneered. “What did you do to my brother?”

 "Who? That guy?“ The man tipped his head toward Sam. "He’s a future customer of mine. Shot him up with heroin.” The man stated nonchalantly. “He’ll be a good one too; had a lot of cash in his wallet.” The man smiled, patting his back pocket.

There was a long moment of silence in the room. Rick was still struggling in your grip. You looked over at Dean to see what the deal was, and he was standing there with the coldest look on his face that you’ve ever seen.

Dean pulled the trigger, and the man dropped, a bullet hole in his head. 

“NO! Dad!” Rick screamed and started crying.

“Dean!” You gasped, struggling more with Rick flailing in your grasp. 

Dean put his gun away. “He may not be our kind of monster, but he was still a monster.” Tears were welling up in his eyes and he went over to Sam, untying him from the chair. 

“Sammy?” Dean shook Sam’s shoulders. “God, what did they do to you? Sammy!?” Tears were streaming down Dean’s face now, and he shook him again. “Sam!” Dean’s voice broke. His brother still didn’t respond. 

“No…” You swallowed the lump in your throat and cried silently. Your grip on Rick loosened and the boy went over to his dad’s body, crying over it. 

As if this whole thing was a joke from the Universe, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” started playing from the radio. Your knees trembled from the overwhelming emotion and the tears were flowing harder now.

Dean pulled Sam’s limp body out of the chair and held him up, putting Sam’s arms on his shoulders. He looked up. “Cas!” Dean sobbed. “Dammit, CAS!" 

You heard the familiar fluttering of wings as Castiel appeared in the room. He looked around, taking in the surroundings, and went over to Dean. "Fix him,” Dean buckled to his knees, still holding his brother. “Please. Fix him, Cas.”

Mama, put my guns in the ground; I can’t shoot them anymore. The song echoed hauntingly through the room.

Castiel reached his hand out and placed it on Sam’s forehead. The bruises and swelling on his body disappeared, leaving the blood behind. The room was silent besides the drone of the song, and Rick and Dean’s crying. You waited for what felt like an eternity. 

Sam slowly moved his head and groaned, and finally opened his eyes. He looked up at his brother. “Hey,” Sam said weakly.

“Sammy,” Dean hugged his brother tight and cried again.

 "How’d you do that? C-can you save my dad?“ Rick looked at Cas through bloodshot eyes.

Castiel looked at him, pain in his eyes. He shook his head. "I’m sorry. He’s gone.”

Rick sobbed silently and laid his head on his dad’s chest. Dean looked at him, then looked up at you. The song finally ended, and the radio was spewing annoying commercials. You walked over to it and unplugged the damn thing, carelessly throwing it anywhere it would fly. It landed on the floor, little plastic pieces scattering from it with the impact.

“Rick,” You turned to face him, “Your dad was doing terrible things to innocent people. He dragged you into this, too. You don’t have to live this way.”

“He’s all I have,” Rick squeaked. “What the fuck am I supposed to do now?" 

"You’re almost an adult. I’m sure your dad has money stashed somewhere. Take it and start your life over. Get on the right foot.” Castiel walked over to Rick and carefully pulled him to his feet. He healed his dislocated shoulder.

“He does. But where do I go? What do I do?” Tears were streaming down his face. “I’m lost.”

“Come with us for right now.” Dean looked at Rick. “Let us help." 

"I want nothing to do with you.” Rick growled at him. “You’re lucky that you have witnesses right now.”

“That’s really not the best way to get your life on track.” You said. “We have Samantha. She trusts us, so why shouldn’t you?”

Rick thought for a moment. “Fine. But she’s not going to be happy to see me, considering I was a pretty shitty boyfriend.”

“You don’t have to be shitty,.” You smiled knowingly at him. “Unless you want to repeat what happened earlier.”

Dean and Rick supported Sam as he walked into the bunker. Samantha was reading one of the books she found, and looked up when Sam was placed in one of the chairs. Cas went to get Sam something to eat and drink, assuming he hasn’t had neither.

 "Samantha, this is Sam. He’s Dean’s brother, and Rick’s dad’s last victim.“ You sat next to Samantha.

"What is he doing here?” Samantha glared at Rick.

“His dad is dead, Samantha.” Dean said, leaning on the table.

“Thanks to you.” Rick spat. You shot him a look of warning. Rick sighed and sat down across from Samantha.

“I’m… I’m really sorry. For the way I treated you. It wasn’t right.” Rick looked down at his hands.

“You’re right, it wasn’t.” Samantha went back to reading. You cleared your throat. She looked up at you, and you tilted your head toward Rick.
Samantha looked at him again. “Sorry about your dad. He wasn’t a good person though.” She went back to her book.

“Thanks, I think.” Rick sighed. “I am truly sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you like that. I was under pressure. I really like you.”

“I like you too, when you’re not being a complete asshole.” Samantha stared at him.

“I’ll take whatever insults you give me, Sammy. I deserve them.” Rick smiled sheepishly.

“So, what are you going to do now?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t know, they said they were going to help.” Rick looked over at you and Dean. “I have dad’s money… guess I can do something with it.”

 "I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today, and I think I’m going to move upstate to my aunt’s house and go to college there. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me having a plus one.“ Samantha smiled.

"Really? You would do that?” Rick asked.

“Only if you stop being an ass and actually do something with yourself. No more death threats, either. Hard to trust someone who wants to kill you.” Samantha smirked.

“Ooh, sassy.” You laughed.

“Kinda like someone else I know,” Sam laughed.

 "I’m so glad you’re back, Sam.“ You grinned and went over to hug him.

Cas came back with Sam’s food and some water. "Eat, then go rest. You’ll feel better in a couple days. The drug is gone, but you’re still weak.”

“Drug?” Sam looked puzzled.

“Yeah, that son of a bitch shot you up with heroin either before or after he knocked you out.” Dean clenched his jaw. Rick looked away, ashamed.

 "Oh. All of this because I wanted to go grocery shopping.“ Sam shook his head. "And it wasn’t even a monster…”

 "It kinda was,“ You said quickly, trying to get Sam to stop. He caught on to the fact that Samantha and Rick didn’t know about hunting.

"Yeah, kidnappers are monsters… I guess.” Sam started to eat so that he didn’t say anything else.

 "You guys can stop hiding, Castiel blew the cover for you.“ Samantha stated nonchalantly as she continued reading. "I know what you guys do; why these books are here. It’s really cool, actually.”

You looked up at Cas, who looked away in shame. You laughed. “S'okay Cas, you’re the hero of the day anyway. We can let this one slide.”

“What do you do? What is this place? Who is he?” Rick asked, looking up at Cas. “How was he able to heal me and Sam?”

 "That’s a long story, and nothing you should get into, anyway.“ Dean looked at Rick. "Although you do have fight in you.”

“That clears it up for me, thanks.” He replied sarcastically. 

“Speaking of fight, how’s Samantha’s dad?” You asked Rick, a hint of coldness playing in your eyes.

“My dad?” Samantha shot daggers at Rick, “What did you do to him?”

“Nothing… he was asleep in his chair when I went over there earlier.” Rick looked nervous. “I didn’t do anything to him, swear to God. I couldn’t do that to you.” 

“But… you can threaten to kill her?” Dean said sardonically.

Rick looked at the table angrily. “No. I could never kill her. I couldn’t even stand to hurt her.”

Samantha looked at him, realizing he might care for her, after all.

“Well it has been a long ass day, and I’m exhausted,” You stood up and stretched. “There are a couple spare bedrooms you two can stay in, want me to show you?”

 "Sure,“ Samantha and Rick both stood up, Samantha still holding on to the book she was reading. "I’ll tell you about them on our way to my aunt’s,” Samantha mumbled to Rick.

You walked over to Dean and hugged him, then kissed him. “You coming to bed?”

 "I will in a minute, babe.“ Dean smiled.

You left with Samantha and Rick. Dean looked at Cas. "Can you watch them tonight and make sure they don’t do anything stupid?”

“Of course, Dean.” Cas answered.

“Thanks for everything, man.” Dean patted Castiel’s shoulder.

 "Good to have you back, Sammy.“ Dean ruffled his brother’s hair, his eyes glistening with emotion.

"Yeah, good to be back.” Sam laughed.

“Yeah.” Dean smiled, watching his brother a moment, then went to bed.


Title: Surprise

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word Count: 1,482

Theme song: Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson

Request: anonymous asked - Hello sweetie! Could you make a one shot where Castiel and reader talking about everything and nothing? (like in your “First Kiss” one shot. That was amazing by the way). And of course something happened. (good or bad whatever you want). And it would be awesome if they were a couple already. Or whatever - I just love your writing and ideas so I’m reading everything :D. Thank you:)

Request: theriddlersgirl asked - I have to say I LOVED the babysitting series! And they had to be one of the best I’ve ever read including a young reader. But I also wanted to request a Cas one shot where the reader and Cas have been together for a while but they’ve kept it secret. And Sam, Dean, Crowley, and maybe a few other people find out when the all catch them kissing in the bunkers library because they all wanted to surprise Y/N for her birthday. Thanks I adore your writing!

A/N: Thank you both very much for your lovely words! You all voted and Castiel fluff it is! New poll up on main page now for the next imagine!

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Cas trailed his long fingers over your jawline lightly and down to your collarbone before making his way back up again, creating a little pattern on your skin.

“And what about the last supper? Were you around for that?” you asked. You were laying on your side in bed, lying on top of your covers facing Cas.

“I was alive, yes. But I was halfway around the world that night performing small miracles. I heard the food wasn’t anything special anyway,” he said dryly.

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