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They Call Him Love

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Dean/Cas AU in honor of Valentine’s Day  ❤

Dean was officially having the worst day of college, ever.

It started when his British Lit professor told him that his major project, which he spent weeks working on, lacked “insight”, and continued on when the kid who sits next to him in his creative writing course spilt his latte over Dean’s brand new laptop.

Worst of all, it was Valentine’s Day - Dean’s least favorite holiday. Ever.

He was trying to think of something special to do with his boyfriend, Cas, but so far he had nothing. He wasn’t exactly experienced in this department, and anyways, he was probably going to have to spend the night redoing his Brit Lit project.

Dean rode the elevator to the third floor of his dorm building, ready to grab a quick snack from the lounge, open his laptop, and text his boyfriend that he probably wouldn’t be available to get together on the most romantic holiday of the year.

But as Dean approached his door room, he spotted a small, tan teddy bear sitting on the floor in front of his door. Dean tentatively picked up the creature, bewildered at the sight of it. Sewed on it’s chest was a red heart, inscribed with the words “You’re bear-y special.”

It was the cheesiest thing Dean had ever seen.

Taped to one of it’s furry paws was a small piece of paper. Dean carefully unfolded it and read the message: “I’ll pick you up for dinner at six. Dress warm!”

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Just One More Time

This fic is for @iwantthedean‘s SoCo Summer Challenge! I had prompts #5 and #177 which will both be bolded within the fic.

Song Inspiration: Both prompts are lyrics from the songs “Plucked” and “I Won’t Make You” by Something Corporate.

Summary: Sam and Dean receive a phone call.

Word Count: 1,200-ish

Warnings: Angst, torture (literally not graphic at all though, it’s kind of up to your imagination - you’ll see), multiple implied deaths

A/N: Sooo I’m torn on this one. It made so much sense and played out perfectly in my head but putting it down in words proved more difficult… Like, part of me really loves it but part of me is also like mehhh. I keep flip-flopping every time I reread it sooooo let me know what you guys think!

“Is that him again?”

Without look up from the book in front of him Dean reached over, picking up his phone and flashing the screen at Sam. It was the third time he’d called, and, just like the first two, Dean had no intention of answering. 

“Just answer it already,” Sam groaned, annoyed with the constant ringing over the past fifteen minutes. But much like the phone, Dean ignored him, setting the device back on the table and continuing to read. 

A few more moments passed before Dean noticed a hand dart across the table. He wasn’t quick enough, however, and before he could reach him Sam had the phone on speaker. Holding it out of Dean’s reach where he lay sprawled across the table, glaring up at his younger brother.

“What do you want, Crowley?”

“Ah, Moose. Playing secretary for your brother, are we?”

“Answer the question Crowley or we’re hanging up,” Dean snapped, sliding back to sit in his chair.

“Now, now, don’t get your acorns in a twist. But if you must know, I would like to propose a business deal. A… trade if you would.”

Dean could practically see the smug look on Crowley’s face, but he wasn’t about to play his stupid games. They were busy. They had a case to work, and they had already given Crowley an answer weeks ago.

“Not interested.”

“But you see, I’ve got something you might need.”

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Waiting for the day when it can finally be canon that Cas and Dean are really fucking loud a room over and Sam gets so fed up he fakes a REALLY loud moan and an “ugn, Gabriel!” And hits the wall a couple of times just to wait a bit in silence and add an “HOW DOES IT FEEL? HMMM? TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE, HUH?”

(“Wait what the shit, Sam and Gabriel?”
“I’ve known for some time, Dean, you didn’t?”



Standing there, in front of Dean, his brother, the one he’s been looking for for six weeks, that only a couple of days ago he discovered he’s a demon, and very much alive. He probably memorized this line over and over, it was so important for him to show Dean he isn’t giving up on him. He finally came, after doing everything he could, and some things he shouldn’t have, after being tortured almost to death just to protect his brother. Standing there, being open and vulnerable, just to be mocked and minimized by Dean, this must hurt so deeply. Yet he swallows his hurt and silences his pain. There is a bigger mission here, saving his brother, and he will do everything to get this done.

Human Kisses

Anonymous said: Could you do an imagine where I am an angel but I know a lot about how people are on earth and when I am on earth I tag along with Cas, Dean and Sam while they go on their hunts and stuff and maybe some love can form between whoever you want? Btw my name is Haley

A/N: Hi Haley! Okay, since I don’t do personals I’m just gonna put the Y/N.

Word count: 782

Relationship: Dean/Reader

Warnings: none.

Your name: submit What is this?


It wasn’t long ago that you had fallen from heaven, but luckily you had already been on Earth before as a guardian angel, so it wasn’t as hard for you to adapt as it was for other angels. Along the way you had found one of your brothers, Castiel, and his friends, Sam and Dean Winchester. You had been close to Castiel in heaven, but with all the accusations going around, you were still a little hesitant to trust them.

But after a while, you found yourself not wanting to leave without them. You had gotten used to Sam’s teasing about how short your vessel was; to the smell of the Impala and the thrill of going on cases, but most of all, you had gotten used to Dean Winchester.

However, there was nothing you could do about how you felt. He was a human, someone you were programmed to protect, not to fall in love with. You could never tell him, or anybody, and so you just acted like everything was normal. But lately you didn’t know what normal was anymore.

Dean had started acting weird around you, sometimes stammering when he usually wouldn’t, and his flirting with women had toned down a lot. You had questioned him about it once already, your curiosity getting the best of you, but he had waved it off with a tiny blush.

Right now you and Dean were working on a case as were Sam and Castiel a few towns from where you were staying.

“Okay, Y/N, ready?” Dean asked, hopping into the ’67 Impala. It turns out you were hunting a ghost, so now the only thing to do was to salt and burn the bones.

You grinned, your heart speeding up. It wasn’t decent, knowing that one of you could get hurt, but who cared about decent?

About twenty minutes of driving in silence, Dean finally pulled up at an old house that was crumbling down. He handed you a gun loaded with salt rock and you took it with a smile.

“Let’s go,” he said before getting into hunting mode. You followed him, carefully making sure that dirt didn’t get on your clothes. For some reason you cared more about your appearance than other angels; you were more human than them. You had spent thirty years on earth once, becoming a guardian angel to a human. Since then you had adapted to their ways, and even after you returned to heaven you still kept some of that…humanity in you.

You were no more than a few steps away from Dean when you felt a tug on the collar of your shirt, and next thing you knew, you were thrown against the wall. You coughed the dust away and heard a gunshot. Dean ran to your side, his concerned eyes looking at you.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Dean fussed over your body–your vessel’s body–searching for any major injuries.

“Dean, I’m an angel, remember?” You said with a smile, standing up so that he couldn’t see the small blush spreading over your cheeks. “Let’s just get this over with.”

About ten minutes later you found the basement, quickly destroying the body of the ghost that haunted the house for quite a few years now. The ride to the motel was silent at first, but your angel curiosity got to you again.


Said man took his eyes off the road for a second to look at you, obviously trying to tell you that he was listening.

“What was all that back there?” You asked, immediately getting to the point.

“All what?” Dean looked at you once again, but you could see that his body had become tenser.

“Why did you worry so much about me?”

Dean looked away, his jaw clenched. He let out a breath before slowing down, stopping off the side of the road.

“I guess I can’t hide it anymore, can I?” he said, though mostly to himself.  He smiled when he saw your look of confusion, and you blushed again, this time more deeply. “Y/N, I love you. I-I’ve loved you for a while now. And I know there could never be anything between us because, I mean, you’re an angel and all of that, but-”

You interrupted his babbling by pulling him into a kiss. Dean was surprised at first, but started kissing you back, his soft lips crashing against yours. You had seen plenty of scenes in which humans kissed each other, but the feeling was better than expected. You moved your hands to his hair just as he put his on your waist.

“I love you too,” you breathed between kisses, making Dean smile. 

I’m Always Going To Be Your Baby (Part 2)

A/N: Part Two!!! Hope y’all like it! Not my GIFS (from Google)

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1393

Warnings: Swearing - Uhhhh I think that’s it?, Angst

Part One

You sadly did not pass out; it probably would have been easier on everyone if you had. Sam quickly put all the supplies away, disappearing down the hallway. The older Winchester sat in front of you, eyes narrowed as he analyzed your every move, every feature. It made you slightly uncomfortable, but then again, this was Dean. You knew him better than he knew himself. Sam returned, grabbing a nearby folding chair before placing it right next to his brother. You wiped the remaining sweat on your forehead as well as the remains of your red lipstick.

“Alright. Now let’s start from the beginning. Who are you?”

“Dean, I told you. It’s me. Baby.” You softly replied, knowing that this was going to be awhile before he finally accepted what you were saying.

“Dammit, this isn’t a joke, woman! Who are you and how did you get in here? How do you our names? How do you know who Castiel is? How did you get hurt?” He yelled, slamming his hands on the edge of the chair, roughly pushing it away from him as he paced in front of you and Sam.  

“The witch that you two were hunting took me and changed me into, well… this. At first she was going to have me stay with her, wanting to watch you guys squirm trying to find me. But I escaped. One shot to the heart, just like you have said since forever. But she did rough me up a bit, or more than I thought, I suppose. I had to find you two, I had to come home.” You watched as Sam’s demeanor changed from curiosity to shock. Dean had yet to be convinced, his harsh gaze made your heart pang with hurt. “It sucks to walk, let me tell you. Especially when I’ve been going over 90 pretty much my whole life. But I came here. I had a key that you lost underneath the backseat months ago, you rarely bothered to look there. And luckily I had everything in the car with me, like this.” You slowly reached into your pocket of your discarded leather jacket. Pulling out the legos that were jammed into the vent, a toy soldier, Dean’s old cassette as well as a couple pieces of glass that varied in shape and size. You set the items on the wooden table of the bunker. Sam’s eyes welled with tears, it being all the proof he needed. He was always the more open minded one out of the two. Dean had yet to say anything, merely staring at the items.

You picked up the couple pieces of glass, holding it up to him. Your throat tightened as you remembered everything. “This piece,” holding up the smallest of them all. “Was after your father died and Sam begged you to talk to him, he was so worried because you were holding it all in, Dean. And you tried to convince everyone that you were fine as you worked on me for months in Bobby’s lot. After Sam went inside you lost it, crabbing the crowbar and slammed it on every surface that you worked on. Having to start over on the work that you put into me.” You gently set it down before picking up another. “From when Sam went down into the cage. It was you and Lucifer and were trying so hard to get to Sam. You were pinned to the side of me, bruised and broken and you had lost all hope because once you lost Sam, you thought that was it. And you fixed my window but you put me away, Dean. You went with Lisa and you covered me up as if I was some old painting that needed to be thrown away.” Your voice broken as all the memories came back, of all the times that you had been there for Dean Winchester. The handsome, green eyed hunter that deserved so much more than what he got.

It was dead silent in the bunker, the boy’s not meeting your eyes as they tried to process everything. Sam swore his heart broke, knowing that everything they had been through, you had been through as well. You were there from the very beginning. You cleared your throat and slowly stood up.

“Um, can I take a shower? And have some extra clothes?” You asked quietly. Dean didn’t say anything, didn’t move and acknowledge that I had said anything in the first place. Sam looked at his brother hesitantly before getting up and leading you down the hallway. He didn’t say anything to you. For once, the Winchester boys couldn’t come up with a sarcastic remark, an argument, something. He opened the door to the shower room, quietly assuring you that he would set out extra clothes. As soon as he exited the room and shut the door, you couldn’t help but let a few tears escape your eyes. This was not the way you had pictured it all to go. You were given a one in a million chance to be human, to be with the Winchesters, to be with Dean. What if you had said the wrong thing? The last thing you wanted to do was hurt them. They had already been through enough. You gently peeled off the dirty clothes and let your hair loose from its braid before stepping into the water that you somehow knew how to work. You were surprised how easily things came to you, as if you were human your whole life.


A large black t-shirt was set on the sink that rested by the door, as well as plaid pajama pants. You gently picked them up, immediately recognizing Dean’s scent. Where were you going to sleep? Did you even need it? And Jesus Christ you really needed to eat something. You mouth watered at the thought of eating a burger and fries, something you had noticed since the beginning that Dean eats often. You quickly pulled on Dean’s shirt and the panties from the previous outfit before slipping on the pajama pants, rolling them down so that they could somewhat fit. As soon as you looked at the large window mirror, a gasp escaped your lips.

“What the hell?”

Your thick hair that you swore was wet a couple seconds ago, was perfectly waved and cry. Your face clean and tan, with dark mascara and perfectly winged liner. It was as if you had a reset button of some sort. The clothes that were dirty were nowhere to be see and in place, were black tights and the black leather jacket along with thigh high flat boots. You quickly picked up the clothing and ran to the dining room where the Winchesters still were.

“Um guys. What the hell?”

Sam and Dean rose from their seats, eyes blinking quickly as if in disbelief of what they were looking at, or whom.

“This is freaking insane,” Dean hissed, running his larges hands over his face and through his short hair.

“It’s gotta be because of the Impala,” Sam mumbled to himself. Both you and Dean turned to him, waiting for an explanation. “The Impala had a signature, right? A go to look. No matter what, you made sure to have it the exact way it originally was. Sleek black, leather. Maybe…Baby,” Sam winced at the use of that name when talking to you, the situation becoming all too awkward. “Has signature looks as well, like the way Dean pictured you if you were human – since you are his car,”

“Oh come on, Sam! This is ridiculous!” Dean groaned, ears turning red with embarrassment.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist, Dean. You’re not the one going through this shit,” You sighed heavily, leaning against the nearby wall. Sam once again, let out an awkward laugh. You all stood there in silence before the young Winchester proposed on grabbing some food. “A burger with a shit ton of fries, please. Along with a chocolate milkshake,” You begged, your stomach grumbling at the thought of finally eating something. You could feel Dean’s stare, surprised at your request.

“What? No rabbit food?”

“I am your car, Dean. Not Sam’s” You laughed, as if the thought was ridiculous. Again, Dean flushed at your words before mumbling to Sam what he wanted.

Imagine Sam proposes to you while he’s drunk


To say that Sam was drunk was an understatement. He was about five shots past that by now and you were starting to become a little concerned for your boyfriend. Dean had of course already left the bar with his latest busty blond beauty. Thank god you didn’t have that second beer earlier; that would have been a disaster.

“BAAAABEEEEE……” came a slurred voice as Sam stumbled over to you where you sat.


“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” He leaned in close to your face, and you could smell the overwhelming scent of alcohol on his breath.  “Cuzzz, I love youuuu a LOT.”

You craned away, suddenly regretting coming along with the boys to the bar. “I love you too, Sam-“

“You’re so byuuutifullll”

You stood up from the table. “You know what, Sam? I think it’s time we got back to the motel. It’s really late and we have to be up early tomorrow morning.” As your boyfriend made to stand up, he stumbled, and you had to grab under the armpits in order to keep him from falling. You nodded toward the bartender to run up the bill.

“Aw…” he pouted and you couldn’t help but chuckle a little. When the barkeep returned with your credit card, you left, supporting Sam by the shoulder. You scanned the parking lot, for any sign that Dean had left the Impala. You let out an enormous sigh of relief upon seeing the shiny black car parked just where you had left it when you arrived.

You struggled with keys to the motel room while, at the same time, you struggled to keep Sam from falling over and hurting himself. GOD he was heavy.

The door opened with a satisfying click and you entered the room. “C’mon Sam, into bed, you need your sleep.” You nudged him towards the bed, but he struggled against you. “C’mon, Hun.”

“Y/N, have I already told you how pretty you are?” Yes, at least a few hundred times in the 10 minute drive from the bar to the motel, you bit back the reply.

“Y/N, I love you soooooo much…” he sat on the bed, his eyes wide with revelation. “You know what? We should get married!” He grinned with excitement, seeming very proud of himself.

The statement caught you off guard. You almost fell over. “Wh-what?”

“Marry me?” He asked, a puppy-like excitement taking over.

You shook yourself out of the surprise and stared at him. “Sam no…”

He stared up at you in misunderstanding. He pouted and scrunched his eyebrows together. His head tilted as he looked up at you. “What…..why not?”

You inwardly smiled to yourself. “Sam, you’re drunk,” he giggled at the mention of the word “I’m not going to agree to marry you when you can barely string two coherent sentences together.” He pouted again, in disappointment.

“Listen, Sam…” you sat on the bed next to him. “I’ll say yes if you ask me again when you’re a little more sober.”

He immediately brightened up again. “Okay!” He yawned and lay down on the mattress. From the soft snores you heard coming from his still form, you could tell that he had fallen asleep as soon as his head pillow.

After you went through your nightly routine, you lay down in the other bed. As you drifted off to sleep you couldn’t help but think about Sam’s proposal.

Sam had a rough hangover the next morning, not that you blamed him; 3 beers, 2 shots of whiskey, and 5 shots of tequila would do that to you. Your mind kept drifting to what happened. Every time you looked at Sam over the next few days you secretly wondered if he remembered. You highly doubted it, seeing as he had been as drunk as a fraternity brother at his first college party.

The Impala pulled in to the parking lot of a small diner on the way to the next town. Dean looked back at you. “What d’you want in here?”

You thought for a moment. “Just get me some chocolate ship pancakes, bacon, and a water.”

He stared at you incredulously. “It’s 7:00 in the evening.”

“I don’t care, I want chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.”

He finally nodded, and then looked over at his brother. “What about you, Samantha?”

Sam scowled at his brother before replying with an order for salad and water.

Dean slammed the car door, leaving you and your boyfriend in the car, alone. There was awkward silence for the first few minutes. Then finally, Sam cleared his throat.

“Hey, um… Y/N? I was wondering if I could talk to you outside?”

You were confused, but you agreed, and left the car. You slammed the car door behind you and took a last look behind you. You turned around only to find Sam kneeling in front of you.

“Oh my god, Sam…”

He smiled up at you awkwardly. “Y/N, um…I know I kind of revealed it when I was drunk those few days ago, but I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time, and I was wondering if you, um…would you uhh….” He took a deep breath, and pulled a ring box out of his pocket. “Marry me?”

Tears fell from your eyes as you stared at him, beaming ear to ear.

“Yes! Of course, yes!”

Wild Horses (Part 5)

Based on Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, sort of.

Sam and Dean have settled into a comfortable routine, with the trouble of the past finally settling down. They are back to hunting, back to being brothers. Only, now there’s something more. Something that might ruin everything.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warning: Wincest, angst

Word Count: 1900ish

A/N: My first Wincest series! Tagging @meganwinchester1999, @winchester-bait @pada-ackles, @mrswhozeewhatsis @kittenofdoomage, @latinenglishfandomblog, @mishasmuffin, and @heyobrothers. (The only Wincest shippers I know of.) Tag any other Wincest shippers, or let me know if you don’t want to be tagged!

The ghost haunting turned out to be simple. Too simple. Sam wanted something dangerous, something he could fight, something he could channel his energy into beating the shit out of.

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Reverence - 5. First prep

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

Summary: Dean x Reader: Dean thinks about how the bunker has changed since the reader joined their little group and Sammy comes with news of a hunt.

Word Count: 3092

Triggers: None

Y/N = Your name  Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Note: This is a slow burn type story, really slow, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait! The full story will be written in third person limited point of view with Dean as the main character.

Chapters: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9
Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15Part 16

The day of their first shared breakfast had been a truly happy one for Dean. It felt nice having (Y/N) there and the mood seemed lighter than it had been in months, if not years. After he’s thoroughly stepped in it that morning, by making her bring up her nightmares, Dean had feared the mood would be heavy. But they’d been back on lighter topics easy as pie. They’d finished washing the dishes together well before Sammy came back from his run and spent the morning talking over another cup of coffee as (Y/N) checked out their lore collection.

Most of the rest of the day had been spent looking at her sweetheart to prepare what needed doing or showing her around her new home. They’d spent some time chatting over the map table in the war room as she traced lines across the whole of the great US with her fingertips, talking about where her hunts had taken her. Dean’s own fingers tracing lines where there paths might have crossed time and time again. He’d shown her their arsenal too, and she’d thrown some less than PG jokes his way about the bunker having a dungeon.

All in all the day had been calm, quiet and completely normal. Something Dean wasn’t used to anymore, but it was nice. It was just easy, calm and natural to have her around, even after just knowing her for a few days. Somehow she was just that missing piece of the puzzle, and she fit in perfectly in the slightly dysfunctional Winchester household. The picture Dean was seeing of his daily life now that she was around somehow finally matching the image on the box.

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Contrasts Part 3

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam

Summary:  After Sam died, you fell in love with his brother.  Where has he been?  Do you still love him?  Which brother do you want to be with? Do you tell Sam the truth?

Word Count:  3216

Warnings:  As promised:  Angst, guilt, smut, unprotected sex (practice safe sex at home, please!!!)

Read part 1 and part 2 here.

Tags:  @mrswhozeewhatsis @growleytria @pennygirl47 @castiels-colette @winchesterenthusiast @aprofoundbondwithdean @manawhaat @tiffanylynnca @sammit-janet @daydreamingintheimpala @charlotte-corday @brooklyn-writes-flangst @number-one-supernatural-trash @asumaiki @spnfanficpond @for-the-love-of-dean @blushingsamgirl @jensennjared @lady-of-the-bunker @sis-tafics

Thank you so much to all those that reached out and asked for tags on this series.  I love you all and appreciate the support more than I can say.  If you want to be tagged/not tagged, please let me know!

Feedback is always appreciated!  Thanks!

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Contrasts Part 3

“Stories hold conflict and contrast, highs and lows, life and death, and the human struggle and all kinds of things.” - David Lynch

Sam had held your hand, your heart, for three years.  Sam had loved you.  All of you. Your flaws, your weaknesses.  He had shared in your triumphs.  You loved Sam.  He was sweet and kind and compassionate.  Intelligent, charming.

And then he died.

Your world had collapsed in on you.  You lost the will to live.  You had holed up in his room at the bunker for days, lost in your sorrow and grief.

Dean had helped you piece yourself back together.  Dean had been your rock.  Your beacon of light in a turbulent sea.  The two of you healed one another, the love that grew between you a soothing balm to your broken souls.

Dean had fought at your side for the past year and a half.  The two of you struggled to overcome the guilt that assailed you over the bond that developed between you.  Over time, you allowed yourself to fall for Dean.  He was tender and patient.  He was strong and smart as a whip.  He was such a contrast to his brother, and you loved him in for it.  You loved him for all the things that made him Dean.

And now Sam was back. Raised from the dead, like Lazarus. And you had no idea what to do about it.

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New Hunter

Imagine learning that Sam and Dean were hunters and wanting to become one yourself. Dean tries to teach you, but he’s worried about you getting hurt. Feeling bad about it, Sam takes you on your first hunt but things go horribly wrong and Dean has to think quick.

  • Dean x Reader | Sam | Castiel (mentioned)
  • 1228 Words
  • Warnings: Judge it by the gifs.

Nothing could have prepared you for this. This was an absolute nightmare. To see Sam, hands bound behind his back, that gnarly gash on his forehead, it was traumatizing enough without the memory of your own beating.

You felt your eye start to close itself shut and you were sure that you had a loose tooth wiggling around, though it was honestly hard to tell through all the iron building up inside your mouth.

The door to the basement opened and you feared the worst. That woman, the blonde, she’d descend the stairs as slowly as possible, putting you and Sam on edge as she tried to think of what she could do next.

With no idea as to what the woman wanted, you and Sam had no choice but to sit back and take it. Sam tried countless times to have you freed, knowing his older brother would shoot him dead if he ever found out you were captured and tied up in a basement with no contact whatsoever.

When she appeared in the doorway, there was a triumphant smirk across her lips that sent a shiver down your spine. You felt the snot oozing out of your nose and the tears mixing in, not a great combination with the liquid iron in your mouth.

She grabbed something to her side and pulled a figure into the view. You and Sam gasped at the same time, realizing you knew this figure to be Dean. His hands were bound in the same chains that bound yours and Sam’s, his hair was a mess and his nose was pouring blood.

Your heart was racing against your chest, making it more difficult to breath, to keep still. The tears you nearly had under control were now trickling down your cheeks again. Dean was your last hope until now.

Dean was on the second step when the woman winked at you and shoved the man down the last ten steps. There were a lot of cracks and groans and maybe even a cry as Dean hit the concrete below with another sickening crunch.

“Dean!” You cried out, not able to stop yourself or the thrashing that came out of you next.

Dean looked up with his eye now forming a black ring around it. He winked with his good eye, a small hint of a smirk playing on his lips that told you he had a plan, but you weren’t so sure. How could he have a plan like this? He wasn’t supposed to know where you or Sam were.

“Ahhh. Is this the girlfriend?” The woman’s voice was high-pitched and very annoying. Every time she opened her mouth you expected a mirror to break.

When no one answered, she finished walking down the stairs and picked Dean up by his ear. You had to turn away in case anything started tearing.

“Listen,” she tossed Dean in the chair between you and Sam and chained his feet to the ground. The chains looked too tight for Dean’s ankles and his eye looked like it might start closing on its own any second. “I don’t actually like doing any of this, but now that I have all three of you here, I might as well get to the point.”

Her blonde hair was tucked so neatly into a bun, you wondered how she was able to think. Her face reminded you of a wicked witch and her outfit, well that was too much like an office woman and not a human who beats up people.

You sneak a glance at Dean. He’s looking right at you, his lips parted so he could breath and his hands before him in his lap were opening and closing, like he might be trying to get the feeling back. It hurt, knowing this was all your fault.

“Get to it then.” Sam growled from his chair. You could barely see him, his chair sitting just a few inches in front of Dean’s. His jaw was clenched and his eye was twitching from his nerves. He was ready to taste blood.

The woman cackled, proving your wicked witch theory further, and she shook her head. “You Winchesters crack me up, you know?” She stepped in front of Sam. “Always ready for a fight. But I don’t know who this one is.” She straightened up and looked over at you. “She’s obviously new to the hunting scene, am I right? She hardly knew how to defend herself.”

“Leave her out of this.” Dean hissed, bringing her attention on him. She laughed again, this time sounding like a broken cat.

“She is the girlfriend.” She smirked. “Or secret lover? Either way, it’s a shame you won’t make it together.”

This was the dark place Dean told you about. This was why he never wanted you to hunt. He always told you there were terrors in this world that you could never understand. It wasn’t the werewolves, the demons, the ghosts. He was talking about everyday normal humans with the equipment to ruin your life and a hell of a lot of time on their hands.

This was that dark place Dean dreaded. Give him a vampire any time—as long as it was a supernatural creature with the ability to heal itself.

You wanted nothing more than to go back two days and tell Sam this was all a bad idea. He was only trying to help, wanting to take you on a small hunting trip so you would know what to do. Dean was slow about training you, slow about bringing you on the field with him, but Sam wasn’t and that was the problem.

The other problem was that Dean found out and followed you two, getting himself caught in the process. He was the one, the only, that could potentially save the two of you before anything really bad happened. Not anymore.

“I’m going to give you three some time alone.” She smiled calmly then, a scary sort of calm that made your insides crawl. She turned on her heel and ascended the stairs, slamming the metal door shut behind her.


None of you spoke for several minutes. You were afraid she was listening in, though that was crazy since this room was built to be soundproof.

The only sounds you could hear was their breathing and somewhere behind you there was water hitting the floor, telling you there was some kind of leak.

Finally, Dean broke the silence. “How could you.”

His words were directed at Sam, who was clearly trying to think of a way to get out of it. You could almost hear his brain working away two chairs over. “Dude, she was ready.”

“She’s not ready!” Dean snapped, turning his head to look at you. “Baby, look at me.”

You didn’t. You couldn’t.

Dean sighed. “Castiel told me. He should be upstairs right now, taking them out. I was a distraction in case they knew how to ward the place but they’re just people.”

“We were careless.” Sam admitted.

You raise your head and look over at the younger Winchester. “Had our backs turned when we were caught.” He dropped his head.

The door flung open once more, catching you off guard. You gasped, peering up in the doorway, scared of what you might see until you saw the glow.


Sacrifice (Part 4)

Relationship: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1323

Summary: Y/N finds out what Dean’s final plan is, and decides how much she is willing to give in order to save him. This series will be ending in two more parts. I hope you guys are enjoying it!

Warnings: Angst, a tiny bit of smut (But not really)

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This is a one shot requested by an anon last week. Sorry it took me so long to get it to you! 

Original request: Anyway, could you write a oneshot the reader gets her long hair cut really short unintentionally and comes home and Dean expresses that he really doesn’t like it. It makes the reader super self conscious and then you can end it with fluff or whatever you like!!! (x)


Staring in front of the mirror, you ran your fingers through your hair… or what was left of it anyway. Where it used to fall to your lower back, it now hung just above your shoulders. All you had wanted was some simple layers and the dead ends cut off; you had a date with Dean later that day, so you thought you’d freshen up your look and surprise him. You had been mortified when you turned around in you chair in the salon and discover that the stylist had taken off six more inches than you had originally planned. You had always loved your long hair and seeing it in a pile on the floor brought you close to tears. She had apologized profusely, but it hadn’t made you feel better at all. Dean would be home soon to get ready for your date, and the thought made you extremely uneasy. While your new style wasn’t bad per se… you knew that Dean was going to have something to say about it, he felt the same way you did about your hair. You just hoped it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.

The front door of the bunker closing signaled that Dean had arrived home from the supply run. You found him in the kitchen putting away the groceries. You stood in the doorway and waited patiently for him to notice you. After a few minutes of going unseen, you decided to break the silence.

“Get anything good?” you asked.

“Just the normal, everyday crap.” He said with his back still facing you. “I did pick you up some ice cream… figured we could split it later when we get home.”

“Oh… okay.” You were nervous, and it showed. He finally turned to face you.

“(Y/N), babe what’s wrong?” he took a step toward you when you didn’t reply. He brought his hand to cup your face and run his fingers in your hair. He stopped when they reached the bottom… a little earlier than they normally would. He took a step back and examined your head; his eyes searching for what you knew was gone. “What….” He shook his head, “What happened to your hair?” he asked, picking up the short strands and holding them up for inspection.

“I…I got it cut.” Your voice was shaky and your palms started to sweat.

“Why would you do that? I thought you loved your hair! Why would you get it all chopped off!” he interrogated. You felt tears fall down your cheeks and you buried your face behind you hands as you mumbled back a response. “What?” Dean asked, not understanding you through your sobs.


“WOAH!! Hey! Calm down! Why would you say I think you’re ugly?” Dean interrupted, cutting off your sudden outburst. You took a deep breath before answering.

“Because I know that you love my long hair, and now it’s gone. I don’t look the same Dean!” You backed away and lowered yourself down in a chair at the table, putting your hands on your lap, and keeping your gaze on the floor. “It was an accident.” You whispered.

Dean’s shoulders dropped, and he deflated at your words. He came to kneel in front of you, pulling your chin up so you could look him in the eye. “You’re crazy if you think I could ever find you anything but beautiful.” He brushed a stray tear from your cheek. “Yes, I loved your long hair, but that’s not why I love you. (Y/N) I would love you if you were bald.” You let out a small laugh. “Besides, I think this…” he pushed a strand of hair behind your ear, “is kinda sexy.”

I Just Want To Be Normal (Dean x Reader)

Reader Request: Can you did a Dean x Reader imagine based on the song Lips of An Angel by Hinder? Where reader breaks up with Dean after Sam goes to hell because reader wants to keep hunting while Dean wants to live a normal life so he goes with Lisa and reader calls him one day to check on him and they talk.

Here you go! After reading the lyrics, I knew I was gonna love writing this one! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the request dear Anon!


You and Dean sat on the couch of Bobby’s house. Bobby sat at his desk, drinking a glass of his usual drink. It had been a mere three hours since you had watched Sam and Adam fall into Hell. Although it was Lucifer and Michael, you always saw it as Sam and Adam. And you always would.

Dean was a complete wreck. He had every right to be. He had just watched his brother sacrifice himself to stop the apocalypse. It worked, but now Sam was gone. That was all of the true family Dean had left. His eyes were bloodshot from crying. He literally could not cry anymore. He was silent, although his body trembled, still in shock.

Dean finally broke the silence. His voice quivering and breaking.

“Bobby, can you give Y/N and I some time?” he asked. You looked at him questioningly. As did Bobby. 

“Alright.” he said. He got up and headed upstairs. As soon as he was out of sight, Dean looked over at you. 

“What is it Dean?” you asked.

“Before Sam said yes,” Dean began. “He made me promise him something." 

"What is it?” you asked. 

“That I would quit hunting.” said Dean. “Cold turkey. Go get a real job, have a normal life. The life I always dreamed of having.” You were surprised. You always thought that Dean would be the one to keep fighting for Sam. But you thought wrong.

“I was also wondering,” said Dean. “If you would join me.”

“Me?” you asked.

“You.” he repeated. “Y/N, I love you with all of my heart. Whenever I see myself living a normal life, and truly happy, it’s with you and I don’t want to let that thought go." 

You were completely taken aback. You loved Dean with everything in you and you were willing to support his decision. But, you just couldn’t quit hunting. Unlike Dean, you wanted hunting to be your life. You grew up a hunter, like him and you loved it to pieces. You were angry at yourself for choosing your way of life over the one you love.

"I’m sorry Dean.” you said. “I can’t." 

"What?” Dean asked, his voice breaking again. “What do you mean you can’t?" 

"Hunting.” you said. “It’s my life. It always has been. It may sound strange, but, I love it. And, it’s because I love hunting that I can’t give it up.”

“But Y/N.” Dean protested. “Haven’t you ever wanted a normal life? A picket fence? A real home? A family? A real paying job? I would kill for that!" 

"You don’t have to kill for it Dean.” you said. “You have your chance right in front of you. Take it! But I can’t go with you.”

“I’m not going without you.” said Dean. 

“Then I guess you’ll be waiting around for a while.” you said. Then, you had an idea. 

“What about Lisa and Ben?” you asked.

“What about them?” Dean asked. 

“Why don’t you go stay with them?” you asked. 

“Are you…saying what I think you’re saying?” Dean asked. 

“Look, we have to face it.” you said. “You want a normal life so badly you’d kill for it. I can’t bring myself to leave hunting. Naturally, we can’t stay together." 

Dean’s gaze shot to the floor. You heard him take in a sharp, shallow breath. He closed his eyes, holding in the tears as he picked up his jacket and headed out the door.

As soon as you heard the door close and the revving of the Impala, your hands fell to your lap. More tears spilled from your eyes. You regretted everything you said almost instantly. You had let your hunting instincts get the better of you and you had ruined your chances. You wanted to be with Dean more than anything. So at that moment, only one word passed through your mind. 


*Three Months Later, Dean’s POV*

I had finally got what I’ve been wanting for about 99% of my life. A normal life. Sure, things were great with Lisa and Ben, but it wasn’t what I had with Y/N. Almost every time I look at Lisa, I see Y/N and the life we could have had. I guess I still love Y/N. I’m not ashamed of it either. 

I was sitting in the chair in the garage, admiring my wheels and drinking a bottle of beer, when I felt my phone buzzing. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it. 

"Hello?” I asked. Let me tell you that I almost fell out of my chair from the voice I heard.

*Normal POV*

“Hey Dean.” you said. 

“Y/N?” he asked. “Is that you?" 

"Yeah.” you said, giving a short laugh.

“I gotta be quiet.” said Dean. “Lisa is just inside.”

“That’s alright.” you said. “How uh…how’ve you been?" 

"Good…” said Dean. “I guess." 

"You guess?” you asked.

“I just…I really miss you Y/N.” said Dean.

“I guess there’s no point in denying I really miss you too.” you said. 

“Really?” Dean asked. 

“From the moment you left.” you said. “I realized how much you meant to me more than hunting." 

"Why didn’t you say something before?” Dean asked. “You could’ve called." 

"I didn’t think to.” you said. “Anyway Dean…”

“It’s so nice to hear you say my name again.” he said. You smiled, allowing a blush to creep onto your face.

“Anyway, how’s life with Lisa and Ben?” you asked.

“It’s ok.” he said. “It’s hard to look at Lisa though." 

"Why?” you asked.

“Because every time I look at her, all I see is you.” said Dean. You felt tears welling up in your eyes. 

“I guess there’s no point in hiding the fact that I still love you.” he said.

“I love you too.” you said. “With everything in me.” You heard Dean take a shaky breath. 

“I uh…I really want to see you Y/N.” he said. 

“Come outside then.” you said. 

“Wait…you’re here?” Dean asked. “How?”

“Ever hear of GPS on your phone?” you asked. You looked up to see the garage door opening. There stood Dean, holding the phone up to his face. A small smile played across his lips. You took the phone away from your face and hung up. Dean did the same. He opened his arms and you immediately ran into them. He held you in a tight embrace for what felt like forever. 

You eventually leaned in and pressed your lips to his waiting ones. You had forgotten what the touch of his lips felt like and how much you missed it. 

“I’m willing to have a normal life.” you said. “If it means I can be with you." 

"What changed your mind?” Dean asked. 

“You did.” you said. 


There you go! I loved writing this one so much! I hope you guys liked it! Thanks so much for the request! Keep ‘em coming! Sending hugs to my fellow Cheesies! Much love!

- Chelsea :)

#78 Sleep

Word Count: 700
Character(s): Sam x Reader

X << Send me a prompt and Character(s)!

Requested by Anon. 

Every single time you went out on a hunt you came back to the shabby hotel rooms tired, sore, and usually covered in blood and bruises. Sometimes it wasn’t even your own blood. You wasted no time making your way to the shower, stripping one article of clothing at a time as you made your way there. The trail was a long one, shoes, pants, jacket, shirts, eventually you stood in the bathroom in nothing but your underwear.

You turned the water on hot, letting the steam of the water blur your vision. You stripped until you were naked, and slipped into the scalding hot water. It burned, but it didn’t hurt. Every muscle was thankful for the heat, soaking it in and loosening your muscles.

You stayed in their till the water started to run cold, till it no longer made your skin red and sensitive. With a towel wrapped around you, you left the bathroom and made your way to your bag, pulling out a few articles of clothing to sleep in. Something comfortable.

You heard yelling from the room next door and chuckled to yourself. It was only a matter of moments until Sam would come knocking on your door. He’d been jealous that you got your own room on hunts, saying it would be more cost efficient if you all had shared a room. But Dean had agreed. You were better off having your own room, away from their blatant disinfection these days.

Knock Knock Knock.

You smiled, slowly making your way to the door and opening it without seeing who it was. It was Sam, there was no one else who would dare knock on your door at this hour. “Sorry if you heard that.” Sam said, entering the room and locking the door behind him.

“Its okay, I was still awake.” Your dripping hair would attest to that.

Sam smiled weakly, standing awkwardly in the entrance of your hotel room. “You’re just as messy as Dean.” He said, easing the silence in the room. He looked at the trail of clothes and smiled, a real one this time. He was in his sweats and a tshirt, obviously just as ready as you to go to bed.

“I’ll pick it up, I just am too tired right now.” You threw your bag on the floor, clearing your bed off so you could finally get some shut eye.


You mimicked him. “Well look, I’m going to go to bed. It was a long hunt. I’m tired. Your welcome to stay in here till things smooth over with you and Dean.”

“Actually..” he trailed off, causing you to cock an eyebrow at him. “I know its probably overstepping my boundaries, but can I stay with you tonight?”

“I only have one bed.” You gestured to it. But even you knew you both would fit. That was the benefit of having one bed versus two. It was huge. Sam could have his side and you yours and no one would have to touch. Slumber party status. Sam didn’t say anything, but you saw the infamous puppy eyes on his face and knew it was over.

“Fine, you get the left side. And I kick in my sleep.” You warned. And for the first time Sam entered the room fully. Rounding the bed to his side and pulling the blankets back.

“That’s fine. I’m like a log.”

You both climbed into the bed and settled down comfortably. Sleep threatened you both, but something thick in the air kept you both awake. “Y/N?” Sam asked.

“Yeah.” You answered.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked.

“Nope. You?” You asked shifting so you could see him now.

Sam lay with his hands under his head, arms folded and showing the strain in his muscles. “Not really.” he turned to you, both hands under his head. His eyes met with yours and you felt a spark of something new. “Y/N?”

“Yeah?” You gulped, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

“You have pretty eyes.” And Sam’s closed. You waited, but the sound of snores soon came from between his lips and you sighed. He was asleep.

Request -- Can you please write one where it's nighttime and Dean and the reader are together, just sitting in front of the lit up Christmas tree and cuddling? And Dean shares the only time him and Sam celebrated Christmas on SPN? Fluffy! Thank you!!!
(I hope that you like it!)

You leaned back into Dean’s warmth, your lips spreading into a small smile as his arms, which were wrapped around you in a secure hold, tightened around you comfortingly. A fleece blanket covered your legs, you sitting criss-crossed in between his, assisting him in warding away the creeping cold. The both of you sat in a tranquil atmosphere, one that was much needed after a tumultuous week of hunting, admiring the Christmas tree that you had managed to erect in the corner of the huge bunker library with shining eyes. It was the calm after the storm, and you were thankful that you had this to come back to with the man that you loved.

A quiet rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” seeped into the silent night air as Dean hummed it into your ear. You turned your head so that you could face him, and he took the opportunity to catch your lips with his own. A soft giggle fell from your mouth as his stubble lightly scratched against your face, and you pulled back a little bit.

“You’re getting scraggly,” you teased him, reaching up so that you could bring your fingers over the shadow that was cast over the bottom portion of his face. As you did, his green eyes twinkled in the soft yellow ethereal glow that the lights on the tree were casting off.

“Well, I sure as Hell deserve it after the week we’ve had,” He pressed a kiss to your hand before smirking, his eyebrows raised skeptically. “Besides, I thought you liked the stubble.”

“Never said that I didn’t,” you chirped, and a chuckle went through him as you turned back to the tree, resting in the familiar shape of him once more. You felt his shoulders move up and down as he sighed in gratification prior to putting his chin on your shoulder, and the sound made something dawn on you. “…Dean?” After earning a quiet “Mm?” in response, you looked at the beautiful tree while asking your question. “How long has it been?”

Dean’s confusion was obvious. “How long has been since what, beautiful?”

“Since you’ve had…this,” You gestured to the breathtaking sight in front of you, the twinkling symbol of Christmas cheer. “A decorated tree, and some actual joy during the holidays.”

“Hm…that was about, six–no, seven years ago,” he told you, and his laughter filled the library, the happy sound echoing throughout the room. “It was a damn good surprise, too. A sneaky one, but one of the best ones I’ve ever had.”

His voice was wistful, the bliss in it something that you didn’t hear very often, and you broke out of his hold so that you could turn yourself around and face him. You definitely wanted to hear this story, but not with your back to him.

“Elaborate, please,” The words left your mouth excitedly, and Dean grinned at your genuine enthusiasm. He straightened up, his eyes twinkling at the memories that he was about to indulge you in.

“Alright, so Sammy and I, we’ve just killed off these two nutty Pagan gods. After dropping Sam at the motel, I go to the gas mart because I feel really crappy and like my brother should get something for Christmas, using getting beer as an excuse to, especially since it–” His voice got a bit quieter, and his eyes dropped to the ground. “–it would be our last one together. Y'know, going to Hell and all.”

The air became somber, and you were desperate to see the happiness on his face again, and piped up, “So, what did you get him?”

“Nope!” he exclaimed, the sparkle returning to his emerald eyes, and you let out a silent breath of relief. “You’ve got to wait for it!”

Rolling your eyes playfully, you threw up your hands. “Well, go on, then!”

“Okay, so when I get back to the motel, I hear this Christmas music coming from somewhere,” Dean launched right back into his story, and you were thankful that he didn’t linger on what had dampened his spirits. “And of course, I think it’s just our annoying neighbors in the next and that I’ll have to bang on their door in the middle of the night telling them to turn it off. But no, when I walk into our room, Sam catches me by surprise, just asking me if I got the beer as I’m just standing there stunned and looking at this small tree that he decorated with, listen to this–lights and air fresheners.”

“Air fresheners?” you repeated, laughing when he nodded. “Well, I’m sure you two weren’t rolling in money back then.”

“We were definitely far as Hell from that. So I’m just standing around like a dumbass, asking what all of it was. And then Sammy just goes, "What do you think it is? It’s Christmas.”. He then gives me this terrible–and I mean terrible–eggnog that he put way too much whiskey in. Like, it was freaking toxic or something. I’m sure that inside, he knew it too. The son of a bitch. Then, we sit down and I pull out my gifts for him in this stupid brown paper bag…and then he reveals that he got stuff for me too, wrapped in that day’s newspaper!“

The both of you had to recover from laughing like fools, and you urged him on. "And now, what did you get each other?”

“He opens his presents first, and they’re shaving cream and skin mags–”

“Of course,” you said out loud, expressing your lack of surprise, interrupting him as he chuckled.

“–and then I open mine, a candy bar and fuel for Baby.” Dean’s tone changed into something nostalgic and completely blissful–you could’ve sworn that his whole face was brighter than the whole Christmas tree. “And then for the first time in both of our lives, we just have this moment. It was like, I don’t know…like we knew that everything was somehow going to turn out fine–and of course, that’s something were never sure about, but it was nice to have that instant. We have a toast, and then I cringe while choking down that horrible eggnog.”

You grinned. “And then?”

Dean sighed in happiness. “We watched football for about three-quarters of the night before passing right out. And let me tell you: the whiskey hit us hard the next morning. We could barely get out of bed after ten. Sammy’s the one who finally toughened up and got us some strong black coffee. Then, we were on the road, and it was just a regular day again.”

His last words lingered between the two of you as you sat in the newfound silence. This Christmas story was one of the only stories you had heard about the brothers’ pasts, and you couldn’t keep grinning despite the nagging thought in the back of your mind, which you spoke about at least ten seconds later.

“So, all in all…it was a great Christmas?”

“Yes,” The word was absolute and unwavering. Dean then chuckled, running his hand through his hair. “A lot better than when I had to steal presents for Sam and use a dirty sock as a makeshift stocking.”

“Creative,” you noted, and he put on a proud expression as he brought his hands up and shrugged with a devil-may-care grin spread across his face. It faltered a little bit as he spoke quietly to you, taking your hand in his.

“I never got to live out my childhood at Christmas,” he said, toying with your fingers. “After my mom died, it was my job to be a soldier, not a kid stuck in a fantasy. My old man told everything to me straight–that there was no Santa, no Tooth Fairy, no nothing. That there were just things waiting to kill you in the dark, and that I had to protect Sammy from them, not be ignorant of them like all children are.”

You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat. “What about–what about Sam? Did he get to believe in all those things?”

Dean sighed. “I tried my best not to ruin it for him. My dad tried the absolute hardest, believe it or not, but it’s not easy when Christmas comes around and you have a little kid asking how Santa will find you if you don’t even have a tree.”

“Dean–” you started, but he stopped you before you could get any further.

“But,” he continued. “That time is long gone now. I have him, and I have you, too. That’s enough to make me the most hopeful guy in the world right now.”

A giant grin slowly started to adorn your face, and you scooted over so that you could sit next to him, laying your head on his shoulder. The both of you observed the glistening and sparkling tree in front of you, reminiscing about the past and thinking about what was to come. “…I hope that this year, Christmas can be just as special for you as it was seven years ago. You and Sam deserve it.”

“We all do,” Dean replied, bringing his lips to the top of your head. “We’re all together, what’s in the past is in the past, and nobody’s going anywhere anytime soon–” He paused, and when you looked up in bewilderment, he stole a kiss off of your mouth. The two of you grinned, and you sank into his arms once more. “It’s going to be an amazing Christmas.”