dean cochran

“Stop shaking,” Cas said softly, wrapping his hand around Dean’s trembling one. “Whatever this is, whatever is wrong, we’ll face it together.” 

Dean nodded, too overcome to use anything resembling words. He was scared. There was no ifs, ands, or buts. He was scared, clinging tighter to his alpha’s hand as their doctor let himself into the office. 

“Mr. Winchester?” Dr. Cochran sat down across from them and smiled reassuringly. “I’ve got your results and I’m pleased to announce that you don’t have cervical cancer. You don’t have any cancer at all, actually, but I do know why your heats haven’t come as scheduled.”

“You do?” Dean whispered. 

“Yes,” the doctor smiled. “You’re four months pregnant.”

Both Dean and Cas’s jaws dropped. 

“But - th-the last doctor told us - I mean - he’d been on suppressants for too long -”

“Six doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. Six. I was on suppressants most of my adult life, hell, I didn’t even have a heat when I came off of them!” Dean protested. 

“Well,” Dr. Cochran smiled, “sonograms and blood tests don’t lie. You’re pregnant. And according to the sono, you’re four months pregnant. Your babies are due at the end of the summer.”

“Oh my go-,” Dean sucked in a gasp. “Babies?!

“Yes.” He laid a piece of paper on the desk. “See? Two. Two little angels growing inside of you.” 

Dean almost laughed hysterically, wondering what the doctor would think if he knew the alpha sitting next to him was indeed a former angel - but - wow. “I’m pregnant,” he whispered, reaching out for the picture of his children. “Cas, we’re gonna be dads -”

He turned to Cas, smiling softly at the stream of tears rolling down his face. Dean reached for Cas’s hand, feeling the trembling running through his body. 

“So at any rate, you don’t need an oncologist, you need an obstetrician, which happens to be my sister’s line of work. You’ll like her, Dean, she’s an omega too. I’ll give you guys some time to talk. In fact, take all the time you need. Congratulations,” he said, before letting himself out of the office. 

“You ok?”

“I am -” Cas sniffled. “I am so happy. I don’t know why I’m crying.” He took the tissue Dean handed him and wiped his face. “You’re not sick and we’re going to have the children we didn’t think we’d be able to. Stupid to cry when something so wonderful, something miraculous, has happened.”

“Such a thing as happy tears, Cas.”

“We’re going to have to baby proof the bunker!”

“I sure Sam and Eileen can help. They’re experienced parents.” Dean looked down at his middle. “Guess it’s not extra pie forcing me out of my jeans after all.”

“No, and it does explain the three months of vomiting. But why didn’t I smell the change?”

“Dunno. Does it matter?”

“No,” Cas smiled, cupping Dean’s face in his hands and pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you so much,” he said softly. 

“Love you, too.”

Cas’s hands slid from Dean’s face to his belly. “Hello there, little ones,” he murmured. 

“Babies,” Dean said quietly, his voice full of wonder. 

They sat in the doctors office for a while, basking in the late afternoon sun and the warmth of their promised family. 


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