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“What, are you gonna look up more anime, or are you strictly into Dick now?”

A lengthy exploration of Dean Winchester as a consistently queer character, thank to themes he embodies with his core characterisation of occupying both sides of binary traits.

(aka the reason why I lazily shove random things into my “Dean vs cake” tag with no explanation, written out while on a 8hr train journey)

The writing of Dean is of a character split between endless examples of duality, moments of characterisation which have stark opposites (either generally accepted or made up into a false dichotomy by the show) where he appears to embody elements of both at all times. Generally, the less-expected or pleasant part is something he resists admitting liking or labelling himself as.

He may be described as a killer while being shown to be the most compassionate character by his actions in the same episode; his projection of himself as a dumb grunt has been so successful that we have to scrape up lists of dozens of examples to prove his intelligence in arguments, despite one of the most-used examples being in only the fourth episode but is cited all the time to prove he’s not the stupid brother in contrast to Sam’s college-educated introduction leaving a lasting impression there; a lesser example of Dean wobbling between sides of a duality includes his strict favouritism of pie being shown in stark contrast to cake as if he must surely hate it, having declared himself for pie; and of course his frequently shown interest in women is contrasted with extremely consistent queer subtext implying that Dean is attracted to men as well.

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Gilmore Girl Asks

Rory: What did you/do you want to be when you grow up?
Lorelai: What Fandom’s do you belong to?
Emily: Do you have any siblings- do you get along?
Richard: Tell me something good.
Luke: Favorite Hobbies?
Taylor: Leader or Follower? 
Kirk: Tell me your past 5 jobs
Jess: Last book you read?
April: Favorite Vacation?
Logan: Best gift you ever received
Mrs Patty: Single or taken?
Dean: First Kiss Story
Paris: Favorite subject in school?
Babette: Tell me a bit of gossip. 
Sookie: Favorite Food/ Recipe 
Jackson: Morning person or Night Owl? 
Michel: Three things that annoy you.

Do you think Sam has a mental list of topics Dean finds boring for when he needs to throw Dean off the scent of what he’s really doing? 

I’m listening to an audiobook about the making of khaki pants.
I found a talk radio station where they discuss nothing but rice cake recipes.
I’m gonna go see a documentary about the creation of the Netscape browser.

A Gift (Lucifer x Reader)

Pairing/Characters: Lucifer x reader, Sam, Dean, Chuck, Casifer

Warnings: Usual SPN injuries/deaths, swears, fluffy ending for once

Word Count:1708

Summary: Reader is Sam and Dean’s estranged sister, who betrays them to be with her soulmate Lucifer. However, jealousy grows and Lucifer kills her. Time passes and a lot changes but Lucifer might finally have a chance to redeem himself.

A/N: Hey guys! Here’s a quick fic for you, thought of and written today lol. Thanks @mybittersweetbullshituniverse for not letting me give in and making me finish it today” This one’s for you! haha 



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“Lucifer. You don’t have to do this,” I pleaded with the angel, backing myself away from him. My voice was filled with fear and confusion as I watched him slip the silver angel blade from his sleeve.

“Yes I do,” Lucifer spat. “I should have done this the first time I met you.” Lucifer span the silver blade in his fingers tauntingly as he crept forward.

“Why are you doing this? I love you!”

“You’re a Winchester, I should have killed you the moment I laid eyes on you. Filthy liars the lot of you.”

My back hit the wall. There was nowhere else to go. Lucifer grinned, like a predator about to eat its prey, then pressed the cold metal to my neck.

“I’ve never lied to you Lucifer, you know that! I left my family for you, I gave up my name for you! Please!”

“Bargaining with the devil? Y/N, you know so much better,” Lucifer laughed adding more pressure to my neck, the blade piercing my skin and deep red blood began to trickle down my neck.

“Please.” I sobbed looking into his crystal blue eyes. “Don’t.”

“You must really take me for a fool, little one.”

Before I could plead anymore it was done. One slash and I was done for. I collapsed to the ground and gasped for air.

“I… lo-love you.”

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I came here to pose for the camera and get blue-eyed curly to fall in love with me. And I just finished to pose.

Я пришел сюда, чтобы попозировать перед камерой и влюбить в себя голубоглазого кучеряшку. И я только что закончил позировать.