dean beating the impala with the tire iron is one of those scenes

Imagine being caught red handed at a crime scene and being brought into the station for assaulting the officer and the boys automatically knowing you're a hunter

Imagine being caught red handed at a crime scene and being brought into the station for assaulting the officer and the boys automatically knowing you’re a hunter

Dean x Reader

Word count: 1241

Author: Muffin

You couldn’t help the smirk prancing at your lips as you looked down at the crime scene. The evidence all pointed to wendigo, and this would be a quick hunt. You were looking towards your vacation planned in upper New York for Christmas! (JUST GO WITH IT.) Rubbing your cold arms, you stood up, only for a harsh light to return to come into your face.

“Ma'am, what are you doing?” A man dressed in the officer’s uniform asked, voice gravelly because of the late night information probably received. “This is a crime scene.”

“Oh uh, I know!” You told him, the smirk returning to your cold, nearly frozen lips. “I was looking at it, examining. I’m training at the bureau…” You lied. “And it’s kinda cool looking at it at night.”

“I’m going to drive you to where you’re staying ma'am, come along.” He ordered, obviously upset he had been called out so late. The man held his hand out as if gesturing you inside the car that purred softly and was cozy and warm.

You immediately got defensive. “What, you don’t think I can take care of myself?” Your face turned sour, glaring at him. The other being shifted, sensing your uncomfortable, defensive position now. “I am a perfectly capable young woman!” You hissed, folding your arms over your chest.

“It isn’t safe, and I assure you, you should not be out this late.” He edged forward, and you lunged, pinning him to the car.

“What? Now you don’t think I’m capable!?” You pressed on his shoulder harder, focused on the look of terror in his eyes. The next thing you knew was a sharp tingling sensation in your back and stomach, causing you to collapse.

Waking up in a cop car was not something you enjoyed. Your wrists were slowly becoming red and you had none of your weapons, salt, or holy water in your possession, making it highly dangerous to be like this: vulnerable.

Your head perked up when you heard the voices from the front of the car. “Those FBI agents aren’t too bad.” One of them said, as you noticed another person you hadn’t seen before.

A big hearty laugh came out of one of them. “Have you talked to the Dean kid? He’s got a great sense of humor.”

“Ha! The brain on that Sam is really remarkable.” The one on the passenger side, the one you had attacked, looked back. “Oh, you’re awake.”

Your eyes looked to his, and you almost growled in your throat when you suddenly realized something. You shifted forward on the seat. “Wait, did you say Sam and Dean?”

“Yeah. Why? It’s not like you know them. They’re FBI.” The officer laughed. “Not so scary now when you’re in handcuffs.” He chuckled.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” You mumbled under your breath, watching as they approached the station. Your eyes gazed over the gorgeous machine you knew- well, as everyone in the hunting world knew- as the Impala, Dean’s Baby.

The door opening and you slipping out, you got a good look at the car, and you suddenly hunched over in pain. “God… Ow…” You were reminded of the earlier situation, walking inside.

That’s when you saw them. The Winchesters.

The two godly figures either loved or hated by the people who really knew who they were. They were legendary, and you couldn’t help but think to yourself that hell yeah you were a big fan. You wanted to ask them for tips or how they did things, but you knew you couldn’t.

“Yeah, thanks again.” Dean turned his head up, freezing when he saw you. You were gorgeous, beautiful figure, a playful grin on your face as you were guided to the cells in the back. He glanced at Sam, nodding to you when your back was turned.

The two of them made their way towards the officers, watching them lock you in the dull, small cell. Once they left, you were left with the pair, and you chuckled.

“Dean and Sam Winchester. A sight for sore eyes.” You snickered. “What are the famous brothers doing here?”

“On a case.” Sam replied sharply. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh just a wendigo,” you watched their expressions, giggling. “But you didn’t know that until I told you, did you? Listen, I can help you two and kill that thing or you can try to figure it out with missing evidence.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “We can figure it out ourselves,” he retorted, not liking the way you were not subtly checking him out.

“Come on, Mr. Winchester.” You grabbed his jacket, pulling him against the bars. You kissed him feeling his body push towards yours and then pull back. “Let me out, boys.”

And after staring they reluctantly let you out and paid the bail.

Your body slid under the hovering rock, just barely avoiding the wendigo by not much. The hostages were cut down and running behind you, away from this creature. Sam was guiding them away while you and Dean took care of the wendigo. You could feel your back starting to bruise and your body swelling, burning, begging you to stop. You finally pushed the iron rod into its heart, watching it fall. Dean took the silver axe, hammering off the limbs and running once you had finished.

Safe land was a good half mile away, but you kept running, the adrenaline too much to stop. You loved running, jumping over a log every once and a while, and the breath in your lungs giving your legs the power to pound faster. The cold wasn’t bothering you, and it definitely did not give you a chance to stop. The sweat was cooling off your face, and you slammed on your own breaks once you saw the Impala, Dean beside you. The hostages were driven home in your car, by Sam, leaving you and Dean alone.

You sat on the hood of the Impala, sweating and tired but you leaned back, letting out a war cry. Dean laughed, sliding up and against you in the cold. You subconsciously cuddled to him and he conformed to your body. You could feel his breath against your head and your heart still beating fast and hard in your chest at the man next to you.

Once you really admired him, you were awestruck. He was gorgeous. Not mentioning the toned body and muscles he had, he had beautiful green eyes that lit up when he smelled pie (you experienced this earlier) and you couldn’t be more loving about the freckles on his cheeks. They were so cute, and yet here was the sensitive him that you wanted to know. His arms wrapped around your waist, you tilted your head back, pressing your head into his chest.

You sighed. “So much for that trip to New York.” You laughed, e/c eyes meet in his while Dean laughed a little.

“Why’s that?” Dean questioned, leaning in.

“Because I’ve fallen for a fucking Winchester.” You pressed your lips to his, and he kissed back this time, passionately yet the kiss was innocent- real.

“What if that Winchester wants to come with you?” He asked once you pulled away, panting a little.

“Then it’s a date.” You held your pinkie out, and he locked yours with his own, while you fell asleep cuddled up to his body, and his to yours.