dean bangs cas in the impala

An accident and the aftermath

It’s been a long day, little Y/N was already asleep when Sam buckled her into her car seat. “Buggy already asleep?” Dean asks as the two of them get into the car. Sam sits in the back with you, to keep you company amongst a few other reasons.

“Yeah.” Sam replies as he protectively wraps his arm around your small frame. You promptly lean your head against his chest. A few miles away from the bunker a car t-bones the door of the impala, causing Dean to loose traction as well as control of his car.

“You two okay?” Dean asks when the impala comes to a stop.

“I’m a bit banged up, otherwise okay. It’s (nickname) I’m worried about, she’s in rough shape Dean.” Sam answers worriedly. The eldest Winchester starts mentally chewing out the person that wrecked his car as well as hurt his five year old sister.

After the paramedics arrive everything is a bit of a blur, but time seems to stop when a nurse tells the brothers that their little sister is in critical condition as well as in a coma.

A day later, Cas shows up and does all he can to help you- which isn’t much. “I’m sorry I can’t do more.” He says sadly.

“It’s okay Cas, at least she’s not in critical condition anymore.” Dean answers as he gently rubs his thumb over your small knuckles.

It’s been three weeks and you show no sign of waking up. “I’m going to Bobby’s to fix up baby. Call me if something happens.” Dean says standing up, and as he grabs the keys. The car that is currently in use is one of the spare cars from the garage of the bunker.

“You know I will.” Sam answers as Dean leaves. He then sighs and moves your hair out of your face. “Guess it’s just me and you kiddo.” As expected you don’t make any form of response.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
You were back where you started again. You sit on the ground and start to cry- you just want to go home but you can’t. Someone places a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Don’t cry cupcake; if you cry you’re going to make me cry.” Someone says. You look up and see a person with golden eyes and golden hair standing over you. His presence is comforting and for some reason he reminds you of Cas.

“Who are you?” You sniffle as the golden haired man sits down next to you.

“I’m a friend, and I want to help you.” The man then pulls out a lollipop out of nowhere. Before he unwraps it he offers it to you. “Want a piece?”

“Sammy says I shouldn’t take candy from strangers.” You softly answer. The man chuckles.

“I don’t blame the moose for that one- but I assure you, I’m not a stranger. I’m Gabriel, or Gabe if you prefer…” The golden eyed archangel notices how you still don’t trust him. So he decides to change tactics. “Your brothers and Cas sent me. They’re worried about you.” You wipe your runny nose with the back of your hand.

“I miss them and I wanna go home.” You look at Gabriel with watery eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll get you home, I promise.”

“Pinkie promise?” You ask holding up your small pinkie. The golden eyed angel smiles as he wraps his pinkie around yours.

“Pinkie promise.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
I turn on Y/N’s favorite Disney movie, praying for a miracle. Another reason why I turn on the movie is to get the song You Are My Sunshine out of my head. I look at the screen and smile to myself. The part that is playing is one of my sister’s all time favorite parts. “I can’t quote your favorite part of (favorite Disney movie) by myself Princess.” I say. The only response I get from Y/N is the beeping of her heart monitor.

Hours go by, different nurses stop by just doing their rounds. Good news is, is that Y/N’s condition is slowly improving, but she’s still in a coma. What I wouldn’t give to hear Y/N’s laugh, or see her beautiful (eye color) eyes right now. I gently squeeze my little sister’s hand. It’s extremely soft- insomuch I nearly miss it, but Y/N just squeezed my hand in return. I fish my phone out of my pocket and call my brother. “What’s happening Sammy?” Dean asks when he picks up.

“Y/N just squeezed my hand.” I reply.

“She squeezed your hand?”

“It was an incredibly soft squeeze, I mean it was so soft in I nearly missed it.”

“A squeeze is a squeeze…hey Sammy I need to go. Mind keeping me posted?”

“Of course. Talk to you later.”

“Later.” With that Dean hangs up. That was one of the quickest conversations that I’ve had with my brother- I’m also confused on what he meant by having to go. He more then likely wanted to get back to fixing his car or he had to use the restroom, it’s one of those two.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Your POV-
Gabe has kept his promise on helping you get home, but there hasn’t been any luck on actually getting you back to your brothers. “I’m never getting home.” You sniffle.

“Come on don’t talk like that. It might take a little bit but you’ll get home.” Gabe replies. “We’ll try again later, okay Cookie?” You simply nod in response.

“Why do you keep calling me food?” You randomly ask, you also tilt your head slightly in confusion. Causing Gabe to softly chuckle to himself.

“I’m not exactly calling you food- I’m calling you sugary snacks.” Your friend says as he pops a lollipop in his mouth. “Besides it wouldn’t be fair if I left you out of the mix- I call your brothers all sorts of nicknames.” You let out a small giggle in response. Your friend then offers you a lollipop and this time you accept the candy mainly because you know Gabriel would never hurt you. He’s almost as protective of you as your brothers and Cas.

After awhile Gabe asks if you’re ready to try again to get you home. Surprisingly you shake your head. “Thought you wanted to go home though.” Gabe comments right when you yawn and rub your eyes. “Oh…” you fall asleep against him. Gabe doesn’t let you sleep long though, and he gave you no explanation why he didn’t want you to sleep at the moment.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Sam POV-
Normally Dean and I switch off with who stays with Y/N at the hospital- but I haven’t seen my brother since this morning. So I have a feeling that’s not going to be happening tonight. Cas pops by with an angel I thought was dead. “I thought you were dead Gabe.” I comment.

“That wasn’t really my thing.” The archangel replies as he places two fingers on my little sister’s forehead using his grace to heal her. He mutters a few things under his breath. When he removes his fingers he smiles. “She’ll be okay and waking up soon.”

“Thank you Gabe.”

“You’re welcome- besides I like Y/N.” With that the archangel pops off. Leaving me to wonder about what he meant by that.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-no one POV-
When you open your eyes, Sam doesn’t hesitate to call a nurse. About half an hour later you’re moved from ICU to a regular hospital room. “Sammy where’s De?” Little Y/N asks her (eye color) eyes have a bit of worry and fear in them.

“Want to talk to him?” Sam replies pulling out his phone. You nod as Sam dials his brother’s number.

“Hey Sammy, any changes?” Dean asks when he answers the phone.

“Yeah, Buggy’s going to be okay.” Sam answers looking at you, you smile a little bit in reply. “Also someone wants to talk to you.”

“Oh really who?”

“If I told you it would ruin the surprise.” Sam says before passing you the phone “Say hello.” Your brother gently encourages.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-Dean POV-
I start to think that Sam hung up on me… but suddenly there I hear a voice on the other line that I haven’t heard in weeks. “Hello?” The person on the other end is my baby sister.

“Hey Baby bug.” I answer standing up and walking away from baby. I’m also trying not to cry at the moment.

“De!” She happily squeaks. I chuckle to myself.

“Whatcha doing kiddo?”

“Sammy put in a movie for me.”

“Did he now, what one is it?”

“(Favorite Disney movie.)” A smile forms on my face.

“Did I miss your favorite part?”


“That’s okay… hey Buggy could you do me a favor, and give the phone back to Sammy?”

“Otay… love you De.”

“Love you too (Nickname).”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
-No one’s POV-
Once Y/N is released from the hospital she gets all sorts of confused when she doesn’t see the impala. “That not De’s car.” You say.

“Don’t remind me.” Dean replies, as he climbs into the driver’s seat leaving Sam to help you with your car seat. Before San can sit in the passenger seat you give him the puppy dog eyes asking him to sit in the back with you. You would’ve done it to Dean but he was in the driver’s seat before you could even ask him.

“Not today squirt… besides, you’ve got Cas to keep you company.” Sam says when he’s done buckling you in and when he sees the trenchcoat wearing angel sitting next to you.

On the way back to the bunker you fall asleep against Cas- car rides always puts you to sleep. The angel becomes confused on why he is suddenly being used as a pillow. “Is this normal?” Cas asks gesturing towards you.

“Nine times out of ten yes- but mind keeping an eye on her? Rather not take her back to the hospital because she fell back into a coma.” Sam answers.

“She’s just asleep.” Cas replies as he removes his fingers from your forehead. “She’ll be fine.”

For the first few weeks of you being back home at the bunker, your brothers take turns of keeping an eye on you throughout the night- just to be sure you don’t fall back into a coma.
You’ve given both of your brothers a fair share of heart attacks- mainly because when you get nightmares you always go to one of your brother’s rooms… and you never really go to the brother who is keeping an eye on you that night.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
It’s Dean’s turn to keep an eye on you- and the hinges on his door softly squeak open waking him up slightly. He tiredly reaches for the gun under his pillow before turning to see who opened the door- it’s just you and your stuffed animal friend. “Why are you still awake kiddo?” Dean asks with a yawn.

“Scary dream.” You reply softly, you then say you stayed with Sam the last time you had a nightmare. Dean disguises a chuckle as a yawn, before making room for you. You then crawl under the covers and snuggle next to your brother absorbing his warmth.

“Night munchkin.” Dean says as he kisses the crown of your head- yeah you’re going to be just fine. Baby on the other hand isn’t going to be roadworthy any time soon… much to Dean’s annoyance. Even though he’ll never admit it, he would rather have his baby destroyed, but his family is alive; than the the other way around… a car can always be rebuilt; however the pain of losing someone that you love is like a wound that never wants to close… a wound that always finds away how to open after one is positive that it’s healed.

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I accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au

A/N: This came out way longer than I expected…but I hope you enjoy!

Castiel was going to kill his older brother, he’s decided.

He’ll survive in jail. He had already thought about the consequences. And sure, with how handsome and reserved he was, the chances of him becoming bait preyed upon by fellow and experienced inmates the second the cell door was shut behind him were pretty damn high. But it would all be worth the satisfaction of him actually murdering his obnoxious, careless brother. So, yeah, Gabriel was dead meat…that is, if he could ever find him.

“You okay, son? You look like a lost puppy in the middle of a thunderstorm.” Ellen. That was her name, Cas read it on the name badge she had plastered right above her right breast. She wore an old shirt, faded red, with the logo “Bobby’s Bar.” wrinkled across it. It took a moment for Cas to realize he had better look up at her face before the woman started to think he was a creep.

“Gabriel.” Castiel coughed and waited a few seconds for her to reply before furrowing his brows at her confused expression, “Mzzbr- Gab…riel!” Holy shit. That was literally all he could say. Gabriel.The word he despised the most at the moment, was all he could muster out in his drunken rage. Because, yeah, he was definitely drunk. And that’s why he was so angry at Gabe in the first place.

The older woman sighed, flagging down a young waitress, “You have a phone, blue eyes?”

Castiel shook his head, because it’s in my brothers car, which is god-knows-where, would have been too much of a mouthful to try and attempt to say.

“This here is Joanna Beth,” Ellen spoke calmly, as if she already had this conversation more times than anyone could hope, “she’ll take you to the phone we have in the back where it’s quieter. You can call this Gabriel from there. Do you think you can do that?”

Castiel closed his eyes, “I can tr-” he interrupted himself with a burp, but hey. It was further than he had been a minute ago, and both him and Ellen, it seemed, would take it.

"Do you need help walkin’ or can you manage?” Joanna, or Jo as her name tag displayed, rose her eyebrows and barely noticed as the other woman walked away, “I don’t mind letting you lean on me but if you want to throw up I’m going to need you to not.”

"I’ll be fine.” Castiel lied, because if Gabriel was in this bar and saw him being helped and held up by someone else, he would never hear the end of it. Another reason why he was mad at his brother, actually, was because Gabe was already giving Castiel crap about ‘how boring and bland he is.’ repeating over and over how he needs to ‘live a little’ and practically forcing the poor guy to take shot after shot, then leaving to the bathroom and never coming back.

And that lead to now, with him walking (or at least attempting to) towards the back of a bar he had only just been introduced to, and trying not to throw up as he promised, just to get to a damn phone.

“Okay, here it is,” Jo sighed and nudged her blonde head towards a tattered telephone that hung loosely on the wall, “I can’t really stand back here and babysit you through the conversation you’re going to have so pl-”

“I’m fine.” Castiel lied, again, but there was about three of her and that was making him more dizzy than he already was, “You go aheads. To job.” He swayed slightly, and whether the young waitress didn’t notice or chose to ignore it, he didn’t know. She was gone in a matter of seconds, and he was okay with that.

Sort of. There were two phones now and, he didn’t know which one to pick up. After attempting to grab the right one and only receiving fistfuls of air in return, he figured he ought to go with the left. Yes. That was it. Now…what was Gabriel’s number?

“Shizzz.” He furrowed his brows at the foreign symbols before him. Those were numbers, he knew that, after a few moments, and after staring at them intently for what seemed like an hour, he finally decided to press them.


That had to be it. It had to, because it was all he could remember. It had to, because it was ringing. It had to, because someone answered.


Castiel hiccuped in response, then laughed, hiccuped again, and became angry, “Gabriel!”


“I don’t know -hiccup- where you went to. But you…left me here!”

"I’m sorry, I th-”

“Gabriel, please!” Castiel began to breathe heavily, he could feel himself swaying again, “What if some-hiccup-one takes advantages of meee! IM DRUNK!”

"I noticed.”

Castiel frowned, as if anyone could see him, and only spoke through hiccups. The line was silent, but no one had hung up yet, so he spoke, “So?”

“So, what?”

“Gabriel! Come pick me up!”

“But I’m n-”

“Please?” And this time he said it with a whimper. Because honestly if this room began to spin any faster he swore he would pass out.

There was a sigh on the other end. Castiel could hear the chime of keys and the zip of a jacket, “Where are you?”

A groan, “Wheeere you left me!”

“Uh-Huh, and where would that be?”

“I don’t remem-” Wait, yes he did. Ellen’s shirt…what did it say…"Bobby’s Barsss!“ Castiel burped out, a proud smile gracing his face, "Remember now?”

“Yeah, I know where that is.” There was another sigh, and then the clearing of a throat, “Help me remember your name too.”


"Do you want me to pick you up or not?”



No! Castiel, he wanted to say. But damn…the room was seriously way too blurry and spiny now. So instead of replying, he hung up the phone, sat on the floor, and decided to sleep for a few seconds. At least, that’s how long it felt before he was woken up again.

“I’m assuming this is him, on account of he’s the only one who used our phone tonight.”


Castiel looked up finally, allowing his eyes to adjust to the figures standing before him. That one was definitely Ellen, but the other…was definitely not Gabriel. “Not Gabriel.” He said aloud, tilting his head slightly.

The man rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “Yeah uh, you called me thinking I was Gabriel.” Even from where he was, Castiel noticed how green this man’s eyes were, and also how tall he seemed to be.

Oh yeah, he was still sitting. With an attempt, and fail, to stand, Ellen and the man both helped Cas up until he was stable. It took another few seconds for his eyes to adjust to their faces, and after noticing Ellen’s amused expression, he went on to notice something about the guy. He was handsome. Plain and simple. So handsome, in fact, Castiel decided that staring at him was what he would do from that point on. Even if it did make the other man blush and squirm slightly, Cas didn’t care, he was too busy counting all the freckles on his cheeks.

Finally, Ellen chuckled, interrupting the gaze-fest, “Well as much as I’m all for two attractive men getting to know each other, I need to start closing up. Can you take it from here, Dean?”

“Dean.” Castiel repeated and stepped closer to the two in front of him, “Not Gabriel, Dean.”

Dean nodded, taking Cas’ arm softly, “Yes. Not Gabriel, but I’ll take you home, okay?”

Cas opened his mouth then quickly slammed it shut. The room was spinning again, and there were two Dean’s. Not that Castiel was mad about that, but he only nodded in agreement instead of talking, because that was probably best. Ellen offered water to Castiel on his way out, and he took it, because that’s what was best too. And he didn’t know what exactly she had put into it, but whatever it was seemed to work like magic because by the time he and Dean had reached the car, he began to feel as if he was sobering up.

“Where do you live?” Dean slid into the drivers seat after helping Castiel into his, “Or do you want me to drop you off at your boyfriends? Although, I personally wouldn’t want to go home to someone who had just left me drunk at a-”

"Boyfriend?” Castiel interrupted, then shook his head, “Gabriel isn’t my boyfriend.” He could feel a headache coming on, so maybe the way Dean seemed to looked relieved was only an allusion, “He’s my brother, and I’m staying in a hotel but…”

“But he has your room key?”

“And ID.” Castiel groaned, “So I couldn’t request for another if I went back.”

Dean started the car, “We can go to my place and you can use my phone to call him, maybe you’ll remember his number by then.”

Castiel blushed, harshly, “I am truly sorry about that.”

“About what?”

“Disturbing you, I -hiccup-

“Still buzzed?”

A moment passed before Castiel sighed, “Yes. I never drink, I swear, but Gabriel was so insistent that I loosen up a little. He thinks I’m uptight.”

“Well, are you?”


Dean held up one hand in surrender, “Sorry, sorry. Just wondering if maybe a drink or two wouldn’t have been so bad.”

Castiel scoffed, “What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Do you always pick up strange men from bars when they accidentally call you for help?”

“I guess you can say the first part is true, picking up men from bars. But I’d have to say you’d be the first strange one.” Dean smiled, taking a sideways glance at Castiel’s fresh blushed face, “And the first one to have my number without me giving it to him.”

Cas clenched his jaw slightly, then let it rest again before turning to face Dean, “Again, I’m sorry. I really do appreciate you helping me…you didn’t have to.”

"I know.” Dean said, “But I wasn’t doing anything and I haven’t visited Ellen in a long time, so I thought, why the hell not?”

Castiel was silent as he watched the trees passing by swiftly. It was dark, just like it would be after midnight, and the stars and moon were lighting up everything around him. He finally allowed himself to look at Dean again because, drunk or not, he really couldn’t help it. The way the moon highlighted his features was something Cas could awe at for forever, if time would let him.

“You live close by?” He finally asked, hoping that Dean wouldn’t notice him staring. They had only been on the road for five minutes, so maybe it was a dumb question, but he decided he liked the sound of Dean’s voice better than the silence. So a dumb question it would be.

Dean nodded, “About ten more minutes down.” He shifted in his seat quietly, “What about you? You said you’re staying in a hotel?”

“Momentarily, yes. I would have stayed with my brother but…” He waved the thought away, “I live in Washington and just received a job offer out here, so I decided to stay in a hotel for a few days to see how I like the area myself.”

“And? What do you think?

Castiel locked eyes with Dean then, for how long he didn’t know, but he finally willed himself to smile, “I like it.”

And God help him, Dean blushed, “Good.” He said, clutching the steering wheel and peeling his eyes away to look back to the road, “That’s good. What, uh, what do you do?”

"I-ugh,” Cas’ head suddenly ached horribly, and if he wasn’t trying to make himself look somewhat good for Dean, he would have asked him to pull over so he could puke out whatever it was making him feel so bad. But he only sighed, “I’m a child psychologist. I help kids who have been in unfortunate situations establish and control their mental health before it gets bad, or any worse.”

Dean chuckled, “Wish you were there when I was a kid.”

“You think you may be mentally distressed due to your childhood?” Cas asked seriously, then tilted his head at the quick pained expression that passed across Dean’s face, “Do you want to talk about it?”

And in that moment, he regretted the question. Dean clenched his jaw tightly, “No. We just met, Cas. Don’t get too ahead of yourself.”

Cas could feel a quick pang in his chest and tried to ignore it as the car came to a stop in front of a small house, “Sorry, it’s habit.” He defended, but he let the subject drop anyway because, yeah. They had just met. He climbed out of the car, feeling only slightly less dizzy than he was when entering it, and followed Dean into the house.

It was nice. Actually, it was very nice, more than Castiel expected from the outside looking in. He looked around long enough to satisfy his curiosity, and quick enough to not seem too nosey, because that wouldn’t be a good look after what had just happened.

“Follow me.” Dean interrupted Cas’ thoughts and began shrugging off his jacket, and man, Castiel could have punched himself in the face with the thoughts that scene just gave him. He really, really, tried not to look at Dean’s ass as he walked behind him, but come on. It was right there.

Thankfully it wasn’t a bedroom, like Cas had swiftly pictured, that they entered into, but a kitchen instead. Okay, maybe not thankfully. But whatever, he would deal.

Dean handed his house phone over, once they reached it, and cleared his throat, “Make as many calls as you need to. If you can’t get a hold of him then let me know, I’ll figure something out.”

“My name is Castiel.” Cas blurted mid-grab, causing Dean to stop and look up at him with a confused expression, “I, uhm, I couldn’t say it fully when I called you. But it’s Castiel.”

“Oh.” Dean replied, “Castiel. Okay.”

“But I like when you call me Cas. It sounds casual, like we’ve known each other for a while.” Was he still drunk? Or was saying what was on his mind the new thing? “Sorry, I don’t-” He stopped himself, “What do you do?”

“Huh?” Dean was confused now, rightly. Too many questions at once maybe, or maybe he noticed how close he and Cas actually were and couldn’t pay attention.

“Your job? You asked me and I failed to ask you. Instead I asked a personal question, which I shouldn’t have, and we should wait for the personal questions until later.”

Dean cocked an eyebrow, “Later?”

Castiels face must have been the color of the reddest tomato, and he hated how his way of sobering up was by having no filter on himself, because, here he goes, “Well, I was going to ask you on a date. As a thank you for tonight. And I was hoping that there could be more dates, hence the later.” Shut up, Castiel. “Because I like you.” Cas, seriously. Shut up. “Even though we just met.”

Dean only stood there, his mouth hung slightly open as his eyes studied the other man thoroughly. This time, Castiel was sure that they looked at each other for at least two minutes. Two long minutes, of him cursing at himself under his breath while Dean probably was trying to figure out ways to kick him out.

“I’m sorry.” Castiel shook his head after looking away and began to dial Gabriel’s number, which he finally remembered, into the phone, “I shouldn’t have assumed that you would have been interested in me. I’m a mess tonight, I should have just never gone out in the first place like I inten-”


“What?” He snapped his head back up to Dean, who was rubbing the back of his neck like he was when they met.

“I fix cars. I’m a mechanic.” Dean coughed, and smiled almost too softly, “That’s my job.”

“Oh.” Cas said, because that’s all he could say while grinning.

Dean laughed, “I have a cell phone, actually, it’s the phone you called.” He pulled the small device out of his pocket, “I didn’t tell you because I wanted to bring you back here, not to try anything, but to maybe get to know you more, sober. So, yeah. You were right to assume that I could be interested in you.”

Castiel let himself smile fully then, and he could feel his face burn hot for what must have been the hundredth time that night, “Okay, then. That’s, uh, that’s good.”

“Yes, it is.” Dean was smiling pretty big too, and honestly, if he wasn’t such a gentleman, he would have kissed Cas then and there. But he was still slightly tipsy, and Dean was better than that, so he bit his lip instead, “Are you free tomorrow, for dinner?”

“Yes.” Castiel replied a little to eagerly, but that was okay, for both of them. He couldn’t stop smiling, not even through his conversation with a very worried Gabriel who seemed maybe a little more drunk than Cas himself. Both men smiled even more while discussing the plans for tomorrow night while sitting across from eachother on Dean’s couch. And even when the doorbell rang, the moment they both secretly dreaded due to the fact Cas would be leaving, they held stupid grins while Dean walked him to the door.

“Thanks aga-” Castiel began to say, but was cut off by Dean’s lips against him. Because fuck being a gentleman. There was no way he wasn’t going to kiss Cas when his eyes were looking at him like that, or when his hair was in that sort of mess, or when his lips looked that amazing. He was sober enough, Dean decided. And now they were kissing.

For having just met three hours before, the kiss felt like it had been practiced for years. Maybe even lifetimes. And, god, if it wasn’t for Castiels’ brother ringing the doorbell once again, Dean would have kept him right there, pinned against the wall, all night long.

They broke away panting, and grinning, of course, before Cas started to open the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Dean.”

“Yeah.” The other man caught his breath and chuckled, “Do you remember my number?”

“Surprisingly, yes.”


The door was open now, and neither man really cared to pay attention to the relieved look on Gabriels face, but they watched each other until the door shut instead. Cas repeated Deans number to himself over and over again as Gabriel spewed out an apology while they climbed into the car, and as he watched Dean’s house fade away from the side view mirror, Cas decided that maybe he wouldn’t kill his brother tonight.

He just might thank him.

2016 has been a weird year for this blog, ive changed my url (gonna change it again), gained more followers than i ever thought was possible and befriended some amazing people! so going into 2017 i want to let everyone know that youre stuck with me forever ♡

sorry about the header me and photoshop are only coming to terms

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dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala asked: Hi hun ;) I’ve got a prompt for u and I’d love it if you write it <3 Ok, the prompt is: TFW is hunting a witch and before she dies she turns Cas into a kitten. They can’t find a cure and it’s been 2 weeks & everyone is losing hope. So, one night Cas is sleeping on Dean’s chest and in the morning boom he turns into himself again and Sam walks into the living room seeing Dean sprawled out on the couch with a very naked Cas on top of him. So Moose The Winchester snaps a pic ;) Thank you so much!

Author’s note: I couldn’t stop thinking about this, so here you go! Enjoy. :’) 

“Holy crap!”

Dean was staring at the floor, bewildered, his mouth hanging open. It had happened so fast, too fast. One blinding flash of blue and purple, seconds before Dean had managed to throw a knife and end that nasty witch.

“Cas?” Dean called out his friend’s name as he kneeled down and studied the pile of clothes, the witch’s lifeless body in the corner long forgotten.

When the sweater that Cas had been wearing suddenly moved, Dean flinched away. The second he dared to look again, blue eyes were staring back at him. Blue eyes that he knew like the back of his hand, yet they weren’t quite the same. A tiny black cat was shyly peeking at Dean from under the bundle of fabric, shooting him a helpless look.

“Cas?” Dean said again, this time a whisper of disbelief.

The only response he got was a soft, broken “Meow”.

With a gasp, Dean got up to his feet, unsure what to do as the little cat proceeded to simply stare at him.

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed as he entered the dusty room, sounding slightly out of breath. “Turns out she had a sister downstairs, but I took care of it. Where’s Cas?”

Dean scratched the back of his head as his younger brother came to stand beside him, then silently pointed at the kitten that was their friend.

“Yeah… I think we have a problem, Sammy.”

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The first time Dean figures out he can sweep Cas off his feet is during a hunt: rogue angels have been killing people expressly to lure Cas and Winchesters into their midsts, and Team Free Will is caught off-guard. Which is not the worst thing to ever happen, but Cas gets banged up pretty good, and with Grace seeping out of him at an alarming rate, it’s easier to carry him to the Impala than drag him along. 

Dean honestly doesn’t notice that he picked up an angel of the lord and carried him to safety until Castiel is back at the Bunker, healed up and squinting at a book in the library. He gets up to find another huge tome and that’s when Dean sweeps him off his feet a second time.

Needless to say, the second time is deliberate. 

And, to be honest, a lot less graceful. 

Because Cas isn’t hurt, the angel’s arms flail and his legs kick in surprise, hands moving to grip at Dean’s shoulders for stability. “What…?!” The tome drops to the floor with a loud bang and Dean smirks in triumph. Look at him, fuckin’ carrying an angel of the lord.

Castiel is significantly less impressed.

“Dean, put me down.”

“What? Why?” And Dean might walk around a little, just to prove he can. 

Cas rolls his eyes. “Because you’re treating me like an invalid,” he growls. “And I don’t understand. Where are we going?”

“Just to like the kitchen or whatever,” the hunter says, casually. “No big deal.”

A frown. “Dean.”

“Hey, look, we’re here!”

When Cas is deposited onto the ground, it’s very clear the angel hopes this is last time he’s ever forced to be man-handled like that. 

Unfortunately for him, it isn’t.

And Dean doesn’t know when Cas stops making faces at it, or when he stops doing it ‘just because he can’, but somewhere along the way–somewhere amidst the random lifts down the hallway or to the library, or from the kitchen to the couch and vice versa… things changed. It kind of became just this weird thing they did. Something Sam would laugh at. Something Cas would tolerate with adorable bewilderment. Something Dean would just… do. 

Something about closeness. 

“Why do you carry me?” Cas asks for the millionth time, squinting up at his friend as they make for the war room. And Dean’s not sure if it’s the closeness or the air or what, but suddenly he’s saying:

“I guess I just like knowing I can protect you like this.”

And then he gets all blushy, and Cas gets all wide-eyed, and suddenly Dean’s grasping at six feet of squirming angel as the messy-haired dork fuckin’ surges up to plant one on him. No hesitation, no warning, just–BAM! A kiss. Right on the mouth.

“You should take me to the couch,” Cas says matter-of-factly.

Dean kisses him in response.


It just started out as a better and more efficient way to heal Dean, that was all. It just so happened that a kiss on the lips was more direct path to the injury.

The first time it happened, Dean was seriously hurt, bones broken and gashes all over his stomach. Cas panicked. It would of taken longer to heal Dean just by touch.

“Dean, I have to kiss you so I can be able to heal you. Is that alright?” Cas said, barely keeping himself from freaking out.

Dean bobbed his head in a half delirious state. Cas lunged at him, pressing his lips to Dean’s in desperation. Blue light shone from Dean’s wounds that showed for less than a second. Dean was still going to have to be healed more, but he no longer needed medical attention.

And that is how it begun. Here and there, Dean would get a bruise or a cut from hunting something or other, and Cas healed him with a kiss. Just quick and barely there. Even if the wound wasn’t even remotely serious.

Dean started coming up with excuses to have Cas ‘heal’ him. “Cas, I have a terrible paper cut”, “I burned my tongue on my coffee”, “I have a really bad headache, Cas. Can you heal it?”. Things like that which happened 2-3 times a day.

Gradually, they kissed more and more, but always with the excuses.

“Cas, I had this nightmare last night that was awful. I need a kiss to heal.” To which they would both smile as Cas leaned in, lingering for a couple seconds longer than last time.

Then one day, they were in Dean’s room watching tv (which actually meant they were talking and giggling while staring into each other’s eyes) when Dean bumped his head in the headboard.

“Ow. Cas, can you heal my head?” Dean said as he advanced toward Cas before he even registered the question. This time, Dean held Cas’s head in place and kissed him for far longer than they had done before.

It quickly escalated to a make out session with Dean in Cas’s lap, his hand in his dark hair. Cas eagerly accepted the kiss, wrapping his arms around Dean to keep them as close as possible.

Dean pushed Cas’s lips apart and licked into his mouth. Cas gasped and slid his tongue besides Dean’s. They both murmured in each other’s mouths and deepened the kiss. Dean pulled back a bit and sucked Cas’s bottom lip between his own, gently biting.

After staying in that position for while a while, they both pulled apart.

“Cas, you should kiss me like that more, it heals my injuries much quicker.”

Cas nodded. “Yes, that would be much more effective.”

Now it was pretty much a make out session wherever they went. Once Sam caught Dean sitting on a table with his legs wrapped around Cas’s waist kissing the daylights out of him. Since neither of them noticed Sam walk in, Sam turned right back out planning to confront Dean later, and congratulate him of course.

“Dean are you and Cas like together now?”

“What? Sam, no he was just healing my foot that I banged into the leg of a table.”

Sam dropped the matter after that.

But now that Sam knew about it, they would kiss after hunts or in the Impala but still not while he was in the room. (Or car.) But they were still only kissing for healing.

After a few days of this, Dean looked over at Cas while they were doing some research for a hunt. Dean leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.

“Can you heal me Cas? I’m in love.”

Dean thought he heard “About freaking time” from Cas before he pretty much tackled Dean and kissed him with all his grace and love.

After they somehow managed to break apart, gasping for breath, Dean asked the one thing that he always wondered about.

“Cas, why does kissing work better for healing than just a touch? I’ve seen other angels heal with just the snap on their fingers.”

Cas blushed a little. “Well, the one thing that combines with my grace to make it even more powerful is love. Since kissing is a sign of affection, it fused with my grace to heal you better.”

Dean grinned. “So that’s why you never kissed Sam for any healing.”

After that, they never had to give an excuse to kiss again.

Chuck Loves You



Summary; You are feeling insecure and angry and confused. Chuck comes to you to help.

Title: Chuck Loves You

Parings: Reader (any gender) x Chuck

A/N: I I hope this is something that gets spread far and wide. I struggle a lot with being okay with myself and how my brain works. I know a lot of other people do too. But, there are people like you out there. There are people who can sorta understand your struggle (everyone’s is different and unique). There are people who want to help you and want you to Always Keep Fighting and remember that You Are Not Alone. I love you all and my inbox and ask box is ALWAYS open, even if you just need to go on anon and vent. Stay awesome and kind everyone and know you are loved <3

Hate. Confusion. Anger. Sadness. Insecurity. Loneliness. To name just a few. No matter what you did or what you said, they wouldn’t leave.

No amount of self-help books, positive self-talk, people saying “oh I know how you feel”, none of it made it any better.

You weren’t even sure really how it happened, but you can’t remember a time before this. A time where you felt completely comfortable with yourself and your life.

People have let you down. People have hurt you. People have left, and others have stayed too long.

You have hurt yourself. You have wanted to run away from it all, maybe even end it all.

You sat there alone, wondering why the world had to be so cruel.

Why can’t people accept each other? Why can’t they support each other? Why do people need to always fit in? Why do I always have to feel left out? Or judged? Or less than?

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Anonymous asked: um hi is it possible for you to write a destiel fluff but in sam’s pov hehe

Author’s note: I’ve had plenty of other people asking me to write some Destiel from Sam’s POV, or shipper Sam. Since I love this kind of thing, I wrote this for you all. Destiel with a bit of Team Free Will on the side. ;) 

Sam Winchester’s life was full of complications. Sometimes, these complications came in the form of demons, ghosts, witches, angels or even werewolves. Other times, like right now, he had to deal with less life threatening but equally frustrating issues.

Issues like his stubborn brother Dean, and Dean’s clueless fallen angel Castiel.

The three of them were currently at a diner, having a late night snack after a rough ghost hunt. Their booth was fairly secluded, and so it was safe to talk about a similar case they’d solved years ago, without the other guests noticing the odd topic of their conversation. Dean was chatting away about how awesome it was and how he’d kicked the ghost’s ass, but Sam was only hearing half of it.

His eyes darted from Dean to Castiel and back. Sam’s older brother was sitting across from Sam, and Cas was sitting beside Dean. There wasn’t much distance between the two of them; personal space was a foreign concept to Castiel. Cas was quietly munching on his burger, whereas Dean was enjoying a slice of fresh pecan pie. On the surface, there was nothing disturbing about this picture… Unless you knew Dean well, like Sam did.

While Dean was telling his story, the oldest Winchester kept sneaking sideway glances at Castiel. Dean’s face was mildly flustered, and his eyes were on Cas most of the time. Sam knew this look, because he had seen it on his brother often enough whenever Dean tried to impress a girl. This was Dean giving out the obvious ‘I like you’ signal.

Not like Dean was aware he was even doing it; he was still in denial about his feelings for Castiel to the point where he’d never make a move on Cas on purpose. And Cas, of course, was completely oblivious to Dean’s unconscious flirting. After watching the two of them dance around each other like that for five long years, Sam may or may not have contemplated multiple times if maybe he should just lock them up in a room together and not let them out until they finally talked about their feelings for each other. 

“Hey Sammy, you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” Dean’s question pulled Sam out of his reverie.

“No… No I’m good, Dean.” Sam said, taking a sip of his coffee to emphasize his answer.

Dean shrugged, then turned to Cas again.

“Hey Cas? I know you’re more of a burger-person, but you really gotta try this.” Dean said, pushing the plate of pie towards Cas.

Oh wow, Dean was even willing to share his pie. Surely Dean’s affections were running deep… Sam cleared his throat with an awkward little cough as Castiel looked up at Dean, blushing as he considered Dean’s offer. It was almost as if the two of them were on a date, and Sam had to be there to supervise them or something. And the worst part was; those two lovesick idiots didn’t even realize they were doing it.

“No Dean, it’s fine. It’s yours.” Cas replied after a moment of silence, pushing the plate back to Dean, shyly ducking his head while doing so.

Dean rolled his eyes, then bribed Castiel with a crooked smile and a “Come on, Cas. One bite.”

And no, Dean couldn’t seriously be about to do what Sam suspected he was about to do. Except he was. Dean scooped a piece of pie onto his fork, before holding it up in front of Cas’ mouth.

Castiel’s entire face turned an even brighter shade of red as he opened his mouth.

Dean grinned, and Sam watched how his older brother’s eyes unsubtly strayed to Cas’ lips as he fed the pie to him.

Just when Sam was sure that what he was forced to witness couldn’t get any more sappy, Dean commented that Cas had “a little something there” then proceeded to rub a crumb of pie that was clinging to the corner of Castiel’s mouth away with his thumb.

“Seriously, you two?!” Sam snapped reflexively.

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Cherry Pie

Title: Cherry Pie

 Prompt: “How long have you been standing there?”  A prompt by @one-shots-supernatural for the #SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.

 Summary: Dean has the bunker to himself, so he decides to make the most of it…until someone comes home.

 Warnings: none?

 Tags:  @grace-for-sale , @lucifer-in-leather , @thewicked-end , @chelsea072498 , @nerdwholikesword , @chaos-and-the-calm67 , @percywinchester27 , @pizzarollpatrol , @savingapplepie-eatingthings , @cici0507 , @wayward-mirage , @charliebradbury1104 , @melonberri , @bellastellaluna , @pinolief2001 , @feelmyroarrrr , @carry-on-my-wayward-girl , @girl-next-door-writes , @twoboys-and-afallenangel , @fangirl-faye , @the-assbutt-impala 

Let me know if you want to be tagged in my stories! :D  

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

Sam was out to some weird auction for a couple days, Cas went to do some work for heaven…which meant Dean had the bunker to himself, and to say he was making the most of his time was an understatement.

He stood in the kitchen in his boxers, music blaring, as he cooked up breakfast.  The bacon sizzled away as Dean began head banging to the beat.  Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” was one of his favorites to jam to…

“She’s my cherry pie! Cool drink of water what a sweet surprise!” Dean belted out, bringing the spatula up to this mouth as if it were a Karaoke microphone.  He took a step back from the counter top as he began swaying his hips to the music, giving them a little roll as he kept belting the song, way out of tune, but he didn’t care.  This was his time to do whatever he wanted, screw everyone else…

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Castiel - Oh, How Unfortunate

With this fic, I now have one each for all of Team Free Will - yay! Cas is a snuggly little baby (and badass) who deserves all the love ever. This is just plotless fluff, so enjoy! Requested by @iwillbeatyouwithmysketchbook

Premise: A situation at a motel after a hunt conspires so that you and Castiel are required to share a bed.

Warnings: Mentions of blood/injuries

Word Count: 1972

Your head bangs against the window of the Impala for the sixth time and you startle awake, blinking owlishly. “Are we there yet?” you croak. Sam stirs in the shotgun seat, but doesn’t wake up. Dean, his tired eyes fixed on the road ahead, merely grunts and shrugs.

“We’re still on the road.” The low rasp of Cas’s voice beside you is very soothing to your aching head, despite the still-disapproving set of his shoulders. His tone is reproachful, still angry but not furious. “We should reach the nearest town in around fifteen minutes.” 

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Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone’s holidays were fantastic and that you all have the best year of your lives coming up.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who helped me reach 9k. Can you believe it?? Still can’t believe that there are that many people interested in what I have to say. But thank you so much, you all are the best.

I follow some of the coolest people in the world. I wish I could have just put everyone on here, but these are some of the people whose blogs make my dash amazing every day. I’m doubtlessly missing some people, and some have changed urls for the holidays so it’s harder to find you, but I did my best.

Thank you all for being awesome!

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