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“Okay, I wouldn’t say I was bad, just out of practice,” he chuckled as he stepped into the house. “I’m not a cold weather person, so I’m not a ski person. I’d much rather be shirtless poolside, working on a tan with a mojito in my hand,” he added, wrapping his arms around Dean’s shoulders after he’d closed the door behind them. “With you, though, I don’t mind any of it. Not even the cold. I’m sure you can find a way to warm me up,” he mused playfully.


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  • Connor: I promised Dean I'd put my phone away but I HAVE to make an exception
  • Connor: it's a wild ride so bare with me
  • Connor: I have been obsessed with this guy, Elijah, from like the moment we met. Massive crush on him, follow him around like a puppy. Totally one sided. We kissed once, it was great, it still seemed like I was way more into him than him into me
  • Connor: then along comes Dean. he's a dick and a douche and spends most of his time plotting how to make me miserable. Still, I always had a soft spot for him. One day, out of the blue, he says he likes me. Cue to more evil plotting. Different day, barges into my room, apologizes, asks me to come with him to Aspen.
  • Connor: cue to me being in Aspen with Dean
  • Connor: but at this point it has now been made evident that Eli does in fact like me as well
  • Connor: so im feeling like Catherine in Wuthering Heights, only hot and less annoying
Duncan Button retuns in Hollyoaks Later - first look pictures

Hollyoaks joker Duncan Button makes a surprise return to screens in Hollyoaks Later next week. 

Dean Aspen has reprised his role for an appearance in the new series, which will air across five nights on E4. 

As seen in Digital Spy’s exclusive pictures, Duncan is now in training for the army with new character Louis McQueen (Bryan Parry). 

Both are busy under the command of Captain Harvey Smith and Corporal Taylor Wells, but a distraction soon presents itself when Louis’s cousin Theresa (Jorgie Porter) comes to visit to find a boyfriend among the squaddies. 

Duncan was a regular on Hollyoaks for two years from 2009 and was known for his double act with Ricky Campbell (Ashley Margolis). 

Aspen decided to leave the soap in early 2011 and his exit storyline saw Duncan move to Spain. 

Hollyoaks Later returns on Monday October 7th, at 10pm on E4.