dean and sam and cas all standing around a table


Summary: Reader and Dean both have crushes on each other, but refuse to admit it. Cas and Sam decide the reader will fake date Cas to make Dean jealous, but when the reader gets injured on a hunt, they admit their feelings to each other.

A/N: This was my first imagine, i’m just posting it here so that notes can be made on it. I’ll probably post all of my original imagines again so notes can be made :) I’m working on some new stuff for you guys, gonna try and get one up tonight or tomorrow morning.

“I think I found something!” Sam called out triumphantly from the library of the bunker. I stood up and walked around the table to stand behind Sam, and read the old and tattered newspaper on the ancient and supposedly haunted house.
“Guess it must be a vengeful spirit then. Now we just need to find the bones to salt and burn them,” I said, relieved to finally know what we were dealing with. Sam smiled tiredly at me.

“Since we’re done with the research, do you wanna watch a movie? To take your mind off of things?” Sam offered as he scraped his chair back and stood up.

Sam was my best friend, and he was the only person I had told about my not so little crush on Dean. He had encouraged me to confess my feelings to Dean, and insisted that he believed Dean felt the same way, but I was skeptical, and refused to admit my emotions to him. Considering he was out at a bar and probably hitting on random girls, instead of doing research with Sam and I, I highly doubted he even felt the same way, but Sam still insisted I talk to Dean.
“No thanks Sam, I’m just gonna go to sleep” I replied, saying goodnight to Sam as he smiled before hugging me and then walking into the kitchen.

I sighed, turning and beginning to walk past the base of the stairs. When Dean suddenly stumbled through the door of the bunker with a random girl clinging onto his arm, giggling profusely and trailing her hands down Dean’s arm constantly.

Dean was grinning widely and led her down the stairs and into the library, tripping over his feet as he stepped off of the last step and stumbling forward, crashing into me, causing me to stumble backwards.

The lanky blonde beside him fell down, too intoxicated to catch herself before crashing to the ground. Dean was leaning on me heavily, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the girl he brought home from the bar was struggling to stand back up in her high stilettos and drunken state. I pushed Dean off of me, rolling my eyes as he protested and tried to hug me. I pushed him off me and walked away toward the kitchen, my previous decision of going to my bedroom abandoned.

“No Y/N wait” Dean called after me, before I hear the blonde yell at him to help her off the ground. I walked into the kitchen and sat on the counter, ignoring the questioning look Sam was giving me, as we listened to the shouts of Dean and the girl before eventually hearing the door to the bunker slam shut and Dean’s footsteps retreating back down the steps and into his room. I sighed as I looked down, until I heard the familiar flutter of wings that signified Castiel had entered the room. I glanced up at Sam and Cas, who were both staring at me, Sam with a pitiful look on his face and Cas who looked confused and thoughtful, as if he had a possible solution for a difficult problem.

“It’s alright Y/N, he’s drunk, you know Dean. He’s just stressed from the job, we’ve all had these nights” Sam said, staring at me with such care and worry for my emotions, but I couldn’t help but feel the desire for it to be Dean comforting me, even though he was the one who caused me this emotional pain in the first place.

“Y/N, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but Dean really does care for you. Maybe if you just talked to him…” 

“Sam if he liked me this way he wouldn’t bring home girls every second night! I’m just a friend to him, nothing more nothing less.” I snapped back at Sam, rolling my eyes.

“Y/N, I know it doesn’t seem likely but I think Sam has a point. I’ve seen the way Dean looks at you, it is different from the way he looks at Sam and me and all the girls he sees and talks to.” Said Cas thoughtfully.

“I just don’t understand why he would go out with other girls when he harbors these feelings for you” Cas muttered, looking at me with a confused expression on his face. 

“Maybe he’s trying to make you jealous” suggested Sam with a small smile on his face.

“Yeah, I wish” I sighed.

“If he is trying to make you jealous, maybe you should also do that. If you pretended to date someone I guarantee Dean will be all over you.” Sam exclaimed triumphantly.

“So you’re saying I should just fake date someone to make Dean jealous? Who? I don’t exactly know many guys except for you and Cas” I said skeptically.

“I would happily fake date you if it will assist in getting you and Dean together” offered Castiel. “I’m not sure how to engage in a proper romantic human relationship, but I suppose since Dean is so infatuated with you it would not be hard to persuade him our relationship is real and cause him to regret not acting upon his feelings for you” said Cas, making Sam laugh.

“Alright, in the morning we begin project get Dean and Y/N together. I’ll feed him the false information about your new found love, and you two act like the adorable fake couple you are,” said Sam before grinning and walking out of the room. Cas and I smiled at each other before leaving the kitchen.
The next morning, I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. Yawning, I began to make some coffee, knowing the brothers would want some as soon as they woke up, especially since Dean would have a massive hangover.

"Morning Y/N” “Hey Sammy” I replied, pouring the coffee into three mugs, and passing one to Sam. I heard loud groaning from the doorway, and glanced up to see Dean walking slowly through the doorway, one hand clutching his head.

“Might want to take some aspirin Dean, we’re heading out later today to salt and burn the bones of the spirit haunting the house” Sam called out.

“Shut up Sammy, this headache is killing me” groaned Dean, gratefully taking the coffee and aspirin I offered him. 

After breakfast, we all got in the impala and Dean began driving towards the cemetery. I was sitting in the backseat, and Sam was in shotgun. 

“Hey Y/N, how are you and Cas going?” Asked Sam with a slight smirk on his face.

“Actually Sam, he asked me to be his girlfriend last night. So I guess I’m not single anymore!” I said with a smile on my face. Dean’s hands tightened around the steering wheel slightly, and he swerved slightly into the neighboring lane. 

“What? Come on Y/N you can’t be serious! Of all people and supernatural beings, Cas?” He shouted.

“Calm down Dean! I don’t see why it matters to you who I date, and besides, Cas is really sweet and likes me for who I am.” I argue, defending Cas. Dean sighed, and glanced at me briefly in the rearview mirror before setting his eyes back on the road and continuing to drive. Suddenly we heard wings in the car.
“Hello Y/N” said a gruff voice next to me.

“Hey Cas!” I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Cas half smiled at me and moved closer to me on the back seat, before awkwardly placing his arm around my shoulder, glancing down at me for my approval of his actions. I gave him a small nod and a smile, before leaning into him. He was stiff beneath me, as if he didn’t know how to react. “Relax babe,” I laughed, causing Dean to scoff and roll his eyes. Sam smirked again, before telling Dean to take the turnoff to get to the cemetery.
Once we arrived at the graveyard, we all piled out of the car. Dean refused to look at Cas and me as we held hands and stood to the side as Sam and Dean grabbed what we needed from the trunk. Once he had grabbed a shovel, he turned and pushed it into Castiel’s chest, causing him to let go of my hand to grab the shovel. I shot him an apologetic smile before walking over to Sam to get the salt off of him.

"Y/N, if you can’t see that he likes you now, seeing as he is acting like he is hating Cas at the moment, then I don’t know what will persuade you.” Sam said insistently, handing me the salt.

“I don’t know Sam, he might just be in a bad mood,” I suggested. 

"He was fine before you told him you were dating Cas” Sam said, before beginning to walk towards where Dean and Cas had already located the grave and had begun digging. There was obvious tension between the two of them as Dean completely ignored Castiel’s presence. Cas looked as if he didn’t know how to react to Dean’s angry behavior towards him. I trailed after Sam holding the salt in one hand while using the other to brush my hair off my face. 

Once the grave was completely dug up, Sam poured the gas and salt over the body and I pulled the lighter out of my pocket. I began flipping it, struggling to get a flame. 

“Y/N look out!” My head shot up and I began to spin around when I heard Sam’s shout when suddenly I was flung forward and through the air. I hit a tree nearby to the grave and crumpled to the floor, my vision going cloudy and my head throbbing. I tried to stand up but my arms wobbled and I collapsed back on the ground in a heap. My eyes stared to close and I struggled to stay awake. I could vaguely see Sam swinging an iron rod at the ghost and Cas fling the lighter, which had now produced a flame, onto the bones which resulted in the ghost going up in a blaze of orange and red flames. My eyes closed once again, and I resisted the urge to slip into unconsciousness as I saw a third figure, Dean, running towards me and shouting my name. Dean wrapped his strong arms around my legs and shoulders and lifted me up against his strong chest.

“Stay awake Y/N, please stay awake. Your gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok…” Dean sounded close to tears as he cradled me to his chest and began to run towards the impala, shouting out to Sam to start the car. I let my head rest on his warm chest and listened to his steady and rhythmic heartbeat. I resisted the urge to let my eyes close once more, staring up into Dean’s worried face, before I couldn’t resist any longer, and my eyes closed, before I slipped into a deep unconscious state, just barely hearing Dean shout at me to stay awake before completely blacking out.
“Are you sure she’s gonna be ok? She should’ve woken up by now Sammy!” I stirred from my deep sleep, hearing the sound of Dean’s worried voice just meters away from my bed. I hear Sam sigh. 

“She should be fine Dean, I think she should wake up soon anyway” he said, sounding slightly less worried than Dean.

“And if she doesn’t? I can’t lose her Sammy, I’ve already lost so many people. I’ve practically lost her to freaking Cas already, but if she died? I couldn’t live with myself” I opened my eyes, squinting against the light in the dim room. We were back at the bunker, and I was laying on my bed with the blankets pulled over me. Dean turned his head and caught sight of me, and when he saw I was awake, he quickly walked over to the bed.

“Y/N, I’m so glad you’re ok. How are you feeling? Do you need anything?” Dean stumbled over his words as he made sure I was alright. I gave a small laugh, causing me to wince slightly at the pain in my head. Dean noticed and quickly grabbed some aspirin and a glass of water off of the bedside table and offered them to me, while Sam quietly walked out of the room and shut the door. I smiled and thanked Dean before swallowing the tablets. 

“How are you feeling?” Dean enquired, sitting beside me on the bed and frowning slightly down at me.

“I’m fine Dean, honestly. Just have a small headache, but I’ll be perfectly fine and ready to hunt again tomorrow” I smiled, but it dropped from my face upon seeing Dean’s incredulous expression.

“Are you kidding me Y/N? You could’ve died, and you’re all set to go back out hunting tomorrow? I could’ve lost you, and Sammy and I can’t lose any more people. And Cas doesn’t deserve to lose you either…” Dean trailed off, his shouting voice getting quieter as he sighed and rubbed his hand down his face.

“Look Dean, Cas and I aren’t really dating” I trailed off, sighing. “Truth is, I like you. A lot. And I was too afraid to tell you but…” I was cut off by Dean’s soft lips pressing against my own. Our lips moved in sync, and after a few seconds we pulled away from each other and rested our foreheads together.

“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that for so long,” breathed Dean, as he smiled down at me.

“I love you Y/N,” he whispered, staring into my eyes, his own filled with compassion and love towards me.

“I love you too” I smiled up at him, pulling him back down by his neck to connect our lips once more, feeling complete and content at last.