dean and pie

Supernatural: The Movie

1. Crowley comes back.

2. Chuck & Amara come back from Vacation

3. Bobby comes back.

5. Gabriel comes back

6. Kevin comes back.

7. Benny comes back.

8. Charle comes back.

9. Ellen comes back.

10. Adam is let out of the cage.

11. Castiel: I love you.

12. Dean: I know.

13. Sam finds his shoes.

14. There is pie.

The end. 

Pillow Fight

Dean: Cas….

Cas: Dean….

Dean: Cas, it has come to my attention that your VICTOR NIKIFOROV BODY PILLOW is perhaps COMIN’ BETWEEN US!

Cas: Comin’ between us?

Dean: Yep!

Cas: But DEAN, what need to you have to be JELLY of a BODY PILLOW based on a really really really really really really really really REALLY attractive Russian Ice Skater dude?  For you know, Dean, YOU are my one an’ only PUNKIN PIE!

Dean: Well, I guess so….

Cas: Come on, Dean!  Let’s sit together, and TALK IT OUT.

Dean: WEllllll….

Cas: We c’n sit right here, on my VICTOR NIKIFOROV FLUFFY CUDDLES BED!!

Dean: *sigh*


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Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.

Happy Pi (e) Day 🍎🍒

I like to imagine that today, Cas is looking for pie at every convenience store, because he overheard some humans taking about ‘pie day’, and since Dean loves pie so much, he wanted to help him celebrate. And when Cas appears at the bunker with arms full of different kinds of pie, Dean looks at him curiously and then smiles widely, like a child on Christmas morning or on their birthday. Dean sets the pies on the table, and then gives Cas a big, tight and lingering hug, before doing a little happy dance. And Cas thinks to himself, ‘driving around for hours was worth it.’

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Meanwhile at the bunker...
  • Dean: Hey Sammy. I've got to talk to you about something
  • Sam: Sure Dean
  • Dean: So it's like this alright... You know how I love pie the best?
  • Sam: Yes I know how you love pie the best
  • Dean: Yeah and I always did since I can remember. And if anybody ever even asked me to eat cake-
  • Sam: You'd throw a bitch fit
  • Dean: I'd politely decline. Shut up Sammy I'm talking. Anyway all my life it was pie and not cake.
  • Dean: But imagine that one day this cake came into my life... this really amazing cake. Like it looks like the most delicious thing to sit on a plate - plucked from God's own dessert tray, if you will.
  • Dean: And I'm like "DAMN! I need to eat this cake right now." And it's not like I don't still love pie, right, like pie is still awesome. But this cake looks so good that I might never eat pie again
  • Dean: I can see myself making sweet love to this cake for the rest of my life
  • Sam: Dean what...
  • Sam: What are you even saying?
  • Dean:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: I might be a little gay for Cas
Perfect Ten

Summary:  Just like his freckles and bowlegs, Dean’s slight pudge has always been a part of himself that he’s never felt completely comfortable with.  After a few miserable days of unsuccessful dieting and choking down rabbit food, Cas reminds him exactly how beautiful he is.   

“You’re getting kinda chubby!”  

Charlie makes this remark lightly, offhandedly, as she passes by Dean on the way to breakfast that morning:  Dean had been stretching his arms overhead in a yawn so that his cotton shirt rode up over his stomach, which Charlie takes the opportunity to poke.

Startled, he looks down just in time to see the disconcerting way in which her fingertip sort of smushes into the soft, freckly flesh.  

Dean halts in his tracks, blinking comprehensively.  “Wait, what?”  is all he can think to say.

Charlie, who’d been nonchalantly continuing on her way down the hall, turns to look at him.  “Well, you don’t have to sound so offended about it,” she laughs.  “I didn’t mean it in a bad way or anything!”

Dean folds his arms defensively.  “Then what did you mean, Charles?”

“First of all, I answer only to Charlie, Ms. Bradbury, or the Illustrious Queen of Moondoor.  Next, I just meant you put on a couple pounds.  Maybe getting a bit of a tummy.  It’s no big deal.”

Dean looks comprehensively down at his stomach.  Now that he thinks about it, he has been eating more these days – he’s been going through sort of a “nesting period” during his relationship with Cas:  lots of baking pies, burgers, etc.  He didn’t think it was noticeable.  

Taking note of the gravity of his expression, Charlie laughs, punching him lightly in the shoulder.  “You don’t have to look so glum about it!  It’s cute.”

Dean glowers at her, tugging self consciously at his t-shirt.  “M’not cute,” he mutters grouchily.  “I’m a warrior.

Charlie laughs again.  “Alright, warrior.  Hurry up and take care of your morning breath – Kevin’s making waffles again!”

With that, Charlie skips off down the hall, leaving Dean to steep in his juices.  He lets Charlie laugh it off, of course – he knows she didn’t mean any harm – but the fact is, Dean’s always known he’s had a little bit of pudge around his midsection, and he’s always been the slightest bit insecure about it.  Just like his freckles and bowlegs, it’s one of the things about himself that he’s never particularly liked.  

His one solace was convincing himself that these features weren’t as noticeable to everyone else as they are to him.  Now, that seems to have changed.  

Dean pulls up the rim of his shirt, noting sourly the way in which his pudge protrudes slightly over the waistband of his pajama pants.

Suddenly he doesn’t feel so hungry anymore.

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Imagine dean finds a case at the National Pie Championships  and goes undercover as a judge 

Warnings: near death experience, mentions of death, happy dean, sad dean, annoyed sam… are these warnings?
AN: I used this gif more as an inspiration for Dean’s feelings, hope that’s okay. Also this is Unbeta’d, please excuse the mistakes and poorly typed structure.

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“I found something!” Dean yelled, triumphantly slapping the paper down on the table between Sam and I. Sam swiped it as I gave Dean an unsure look, he was never this excited about a case.
“What is it?” I asked, looking between Sam and Dean. Sam slid the paper across the table, his bitch-face game strong as he glared at Dean.
“Of course you think this is a case.” Sam chided, I tilted my head towards the paper, still surveying the boys two faces.
“Death at the National Pie Championships,” I looked up at Dean, he was nodding, the smile growing ever wider on his face. “Ruled suspicious as witnesses come forward. Contestant, Bill, from Kentucky, explains death as He just started choking outta nowhere, he wasn’t even tasting anything… Organiser, Kate, said he just started struggling to breathe, he was fine then he wasn’t, then he was… dead.” I finished reading.
It didn’t sound like our kind of thing at all, but the eagerness on Dean’s face was hard to refuse.
“It’s probably just a prank,” Sam explained it away, but looked to me to back him up.
“How’s that?” Dean asked, “All those witnesses?” Dean’s smile had faded, he was properly annoyed Sam wasn’t letting him have his fun.
“Clearly someone’s laced a pie…”
“Come on, Sam. It’s worth checking out, not like we have anything else to do.” I smacked Sam’s shoulder with the paper, his stubborn jaw finally giving way to a hint of a smile.
“I saw that, we’re going!” Dean almost clicked his heels as he jumped the steps from the library.

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This is Captain the Betta. He spent 6 months in a small petco cup because he ugly and only had 1 eye. You can see how little color he had and how skinny he was. When I first brought him home he couldn’t/wouldn’t use his tail to swim. He would just lay on his leaf hammock by the surface.
3 months later and he is unstoppable. He is gaining color and using his tail to swim now. He patrols his tank and guards his ship and treasure. He is a completely different fish. Its amazing what clean, warm water and a good diet will do.

This is wonderful, I love stories like these! It’s so great to see you giving this poor little guy the life he deserves. Thanks for sharing :)