To sum up this episode:

  • Sam has been mentally violated again by bitch of letters.
  • Lucifer has red eyes??????????
  • Rowena is fucking fabulous, as always.
  • Crowley looks fantastic in a bow tie.
  • Cas somehow manages to be the one who smooths over awkwardness?
  • She namedropped BENNY!
  • Lucifer has fucking spectacular wings!!!!!
  • Mary is fucking badass.
  • Cas managed to miss a whole fight scene because of warding.
  • Cas is the Winchester family “attack dog”.

sleepyjlzimmermann  asked:

I just watched the ep and am still digesting but what really stuck out to me was Dean shoveling the pie in. Like we haven't seen him eat like that in a really long time. And pie is like The Comfort Food from the show. Mary serving pie, even from a box is like the ultimate in terms of Dean receiving comfort from the mother. And the way he's piling it in it's like he's afraid that he's going to lose her just as quickly as she's come back

Yeah. Poor Dean, he’d seemed so disappointed to learn that Mary never cooked. Like, he’d prided himself on the fact that he’d learned to cook, and he’s probably better at it than Mary ever was. I wonder if she even knows how to make a pie? Oh dear!

But yeah, she’d provided the pie when he was little and I guess that was association enough for 4-year-old him. It didn’t have to be homemade, just “from mom,” and that’s why he loves it so much. :)

But yeah, it’s like he’s trying to at least cling to the happy memories while they last, because just like the revelation of her not knowing how to cook, and the revelation that John wasn’t exactly a great father, are going to keep coming. It’s almost like he’s clinging to the last vestiges of that illusion he’d built up of her for 33 years, especially now that he likely expects a lot more of his illusions to crumble.

No wonder he was so terrified to talk to her that he’d actually asked CAS for help with talking to her. 

I don’t think Dean stuffing his face with pie because its pie is the reason he did that in the first place. Mary just told him and Sam that she didn’t cook, which doesn’t line up with Dean’s memories of her. He shoves in the pie because its also something to do with himself as he tries to process that unexpected information.

Look at his face after Mary says she’s sorry to burst his bubble. He looks at Sam for half a second, looks away, and then he looks at the pie. There’s sadness, almost grief there, and then he covers it right up a second later when Mary asks if he still likes pie. Scoffs, of course he does! And then shoves it right in faster than he normally would (he savours what he eats, and usually makes himself look like a pig doing it, much to the disgust of others. Doesn’t attack it like a starving man).

In the next scene he’s in, he’s drinking and looking at old pictures. Specifically, the ones of him and Mary. I think he’s really getting slapped in the face with all of this - and he was struggling to accept Mary before because who she is as a person doesn’t match what he remembers, but now he must be questioning whether any of the memories he had were real at all, and not something he manufactured to comfort him.

i am going to need 80,000 fics about sam and dean’s reunion ok ready go