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"He Could Have Pie, He Just Won't Eat It Though...": On the Absence of Pie in Season 12 and the Demystification of Mary Winchester

I am prefacing this by saying that I haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, so if Dean and Co. happen to eat pie in 12x13 “Family Feud” I had no way of knowing it. :)

That said, in the end, even if Dean did enjoy a slice in this week’s episode, it really wouldn’t change a whole lot, because so far we have seen Dean very rarely eat one of his favorite types of food in S12: pie. Sure enough, the reason why we may see Dean not indulge in eating as much pie may be entirely be explained by things outside of the show - like maybe Jensen saying “man, please no more sweet stuff” ;) - still within the context of a show the absence of pie his season feels very telling. Especially so as pie for Dean definitely was a typ of comfort food and held a good deal of connotations and associations that all circled round notions of family, home, safety and love.

In the 12 seasons of Supernatural Dean’s love for pie has become just as infamous as his love for his baby. Even more so Dean’s eating habits as such have been used as an indicator for his emotional state of mind, his longings and wishes and especially over the course of the “Mark of Cain”-arc Dean’s hunger or lack thereof was drawn attention to as it revealed a lot about his emotional struggles (I have written lot on this topic, I’d insert links but as I am typing this on my phone I can’t) as well as the fight he faced within between human and demon. After all, little else is such a direct example of basic human necessities: the need to eat and drink to survive. That entire plot with Dean edging away from being human to becoming a demon was exemplified heaviest when Dean “left that cheeseburger uneaten” as Crowley reminisces before raising Dean as a demon in 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles”. Dean’s arc was contrasted with Castiel’s, who as a human for the very first time experienced hunger and thirst as two real necessities to be able to function.

The topic of hunger and food as indicators for humanity therefore have been very directly written into Dean’s personal story arcs from S8 onwards. Given this focus of recent seasons paired with the shows adamancy of inserting Dean’s love for pie as a recurring stylistic device over 12 seasons of the show in general, it feels very striking that Dean seems to have lost his taste or love for pie in S12 almost completely - the season in which he sees his mother returning from the dead.

As mentioned above Dean’s love for pie seems to be to a good extent directly connected to the memory and love of his mother. In fact, 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” even gives the audience as much of a “starting point” as to how Dean’s love for pie came to be in the first place when we see one of Dean’s memories play out in which we (as much as Sam) learn that the Winchesters’ “marriage was never perfect until after Mary died” and that Dean comforted his mother when his father had moved out for a couple of days after a bad fight (one now has to wonder if maybe that could have been due to Mary disappearing and hunting), told her that “daddy still loves her” and offered emotional support to his mother when he was a mere 4 years old. It’s that memory standing out clearest in relation to Deans love for pie as Mary not much later after she calls Dean “her little angel” offers him some pie. It’s by no means a truly happy memory imo, especially as it does kind of showcase how Mary tries to lighten the mood with the offer of pie. It’s this action really that frames and explains Dean using pie as “comfort food” in the most literal sense of the term. So of course this will sound somewhat over the top, but one could argue that every time Dean enjoyed a slice of pie in his life he remembered this moment with his mom. A moment nonetheless in which he again acted almost like an adult rather than a child (and yes, that is suppose will just always remain the tragedy of Dean Winchester: his lost childhood, that, as the show progresses, it seems was lost much earlier than when his mother died…

Keeping all of this in mind I think it is interesting to take a look at S12. The season of Mary Winchesters return. The undoing of the past. But for sure not the erasure of old wounds, scars or traumas, but rather the start to add a few new on top. Amara giving Dean “what he needed most” was his mother. She gave the Winchesters a chance to re-write their story, because maybe she wished her and her brother could do the same. What Amara wanted - and there is not a single doubt in my mind, because even though Dabb seems to have forgotten what he himself wrote at the end of last season, Amara wasn’t cruel just cause - was for Dean to be happy and find peace. Little did she know that bringing back the Winchesters’ mom would hardly bring that for him.

Now, as I have written about multiple times at the end of last season and prior the beginning of this season with Mary’s return we aren’t just loosely following the possible re-write of the Winchesters’ story (though much of this season to me feels sadly like “same old same old” and plain repeat), most of all we see the demystification of Mary Winchester - and that may actually be one of the most painful ones for the Winchesters and Dean especially as it seems countless times he is proven that his mother really is nothing like he remembered her to be. Of course there are few characters that have had such a “cult” surrounding them on the show as Mary Winchester. Her own children never really got to know her as a person as they simply were way too small for that to be the case, yet over time Mary was stylized, idealized and turned into a symbol that had very little in common with the very real Mary Winchester - as this season explores.

Not a single episode this season didn’t feature some sort of deconstruction of Mary Winchester as a person and character or a realization of who she is opposed to how she was imagined to be. It’s vital to see things for what they are, but there’s no denying it’s tough and eliminates foundations that provided at least some sense of stability - and so far we have not seen any kind of building new ground together for a stronger and more mature foundation. In the first episodes Dean learns that Mary “never cooked” or “continued hunting even when she was already married” and that many of his memories are unveiled to have been “false”. Getting to know their mother really is a constant progression of disillusionment for the Winchesters (and for Dean much more than for Sam since he doesn’t have any memories that could be rendered untrue or incomplete or downright “wrong”) and while I firmly believe that Mary does somehow care about her grown up sons, true emotion and connection doesn’t seem to be there. And one can’t really blame anyone for that because of course for Mary suddenly being alive is hard and she never learnt how to have grown up kids, because well… she never lived to have them in a natural progression.

Still, I think it is fairly well portrayed how much Mary struggles to form a meaningful connection with Sam and Dean. A relationship that could build into becoming the loving relationship that meant safety and home and everything being okay for Dean for example as seen in his memories - and one memory in particular featuring pie. Coming back to the symbolic meaning of pie again I think it’s valid to analyze the absence of it in S12 (I truly only remember Dean eating pie in 2nd episode when all was still fairly “okay” and happiness prevailing over Mary being back rather than the start reality setting in) in relation to the demystification of Mary as a symbol and mother figure. Pie may simply not provide the comfort and safety it once did for Dean, because like so much of his past and memories regarding his mother have been overturned and corrected, but not in a very healing - or worded differently - comforting way.

So in a way this season exemplifies imo rather perfectly the saying “You can’t have your pie and eat it too”, which describes you can’t have two good things at the same time, which seems awfully fitting to the whole Mary Winchester arc. And in that regard I think it is indeed very revealing how now that Mary is back “Dean could have pie”, but we don’t see him eat it…


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I was gunning for Dean originally but THEN I saw Gabriel’s event where he ate the dog food to test the quality for his brother’s sick dog and then I fell in love

So yeah, I married him LMAO 

IDK what it is about him but he always seems kinda sly in his expressions…every time he asks me to do a request he always ends it with a “you don’t mind, right?” and he does this SUPER CUTE SMILE AND IM LIKE…GABRIEL, I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUBTLY MANIPULATING ME But I am so attracted to you I will give you anything you want

still love you Dean.. someday I will marry you, macho florist


Raising Hell in a Hotel

Castiel is a bad influence on Dean. Okay, they’re only six years old – but when they join forces, they’re Mary Winchester’s idea of a parenting nightmare. In theory, Dean and Cas live in hotel rooms opposite each other. But in actuality, Castiel lives with Dean. Shares his clothes, his food, his bed. That sort of thing. Dean might like the colour pink more than society says he should, and Cas has the same problem with petty crime, but there’s one attribute they have in common: neither take well to being apart.

29k · T ☻ read on AO3

ABO AU where teenage Castiel falls pregnant in his last year of high school to his boyfriend Dean. His parents didn’t know he was dating anyone. Castiel had been keeping it secret because he knew that they wouldn’t approve of Dean - he’s poor, growing up with a single father who drinks and has gone from being pitied to being reviled by the community. Dean has a criminal record, even though it’s for small  things like shop lifting and Castiel knows it was to support himself and his younger brother. He knows Dean stole food, but he also knows it wouldn’t matter to his parents. They have big dreams for Castiel. He’ll go to College, not to study like he wants to, but to land a prestigious Alpha with prospects - a Lawyer or a Doctor, someone his parents can be proud to call a son-in-law. 

Castiel and Dean had a plan. They’d finish High School. Castiel would get into a college across state. Dean would get a job where-ever he went. They’d pack up their bags, Dean would leave in the middle of the night with his little brother Sam, and they’d meet up in their new home, in a new place, far away from their families. They’d be officially mated there, out of reach from anyone’s interference.

Castiel’s pregnancy stops that plan in it’s tracks. His parents are horrified. Bad enough that he should be pregnant, but with that Winchester brat’s baby? Castiel is still a few months short of his eighteenth birthday, so they bundle him off to a private facility for unmated Omega, a place set up for boys like Castiel to hide their shame. Castiel’s family want him to have the baby, put it up for adoption and keep the whole thing a secret. He might be spoiled goods, but as long as no-one knows, he can still have the life they planned for him. 

Castiel has no intention of following their plan. He lets the months tick away until his birthday and then he breaks into the school office at night and calls Dean. His Alpha is besides himself. As far as he knew, Castiel just vanished from his life. Castiel reassures him, tells him he loves him, tells him everything about their baby - how it’s growing, how much he wants Dean to see him now - and then he tells Dean how to reach him.

Dean arrives in the middle of the night, his car packed and Sam in the back, bouncing with excitement. 

Castiel packs his bags, walks out with his head held high, ignoring the demands that he stay and gets into the car. He kisses Dean - his alpha, the father of his child, the one he loves. 

They drive off - a new family, whole together, ready for a future that is uncertain, but so wanted. 

Imagine meeting Dean and Sam in jail. (Based on 12x09)

Where are we?”

One of those places that officially doesn’t exist.”

“Just look at it- There are only two guards there but-”

“Five guards at the back.” Sam completed his brother’s sentence as they spoke in hushed tones.

“You know what that means right?” Dean asked as he looked up from his food, or what they were forced to call food for however long they were in this place.

“It leads to somewhere they don’t want us getting to.” Sam mumbled, giving a side glance at the guards that walked around the place; making sure everything was in place and no fights broke out.

At first they had thought they were the only ones in this place, whatever kind of jail it was, but when they were led out of their ‘cells’ they got to see they weren’t alone. But all those people that were around them didn’t seem like normal criminals that was for sure. Maybe the government had more secrets to it than they thought and maybe, just maybe, the supernatural part of life was not that much of a secret to them.

“And it is exactly where we are going to get to.” Dean mumbled, his jaw clenched.

Sam paused for a moment, looking at his brother seriously “Dean” he said carefully “Are you alright?” he could see it with each day passing that his brother was not alright. It was subtle at first but then it got more obvious.

“What?” Dean blinked “I’m fine Sammy.” he brushed him off and Sam sighed.

He looked around him, a habit he had gotten from the moment they got into this place. Luckily, and as usual, no-onewas approaching them. The other criminals, or so at least Sam called them, were more intimidating  than the two of them but from the first moment Dean had shown them to not mess with him or Sam and as that they didn’t. Most of them were humans but Sam suspected that one or two weren’t and as that he had been trying to find out more about them and this place. Not that he was in the right place to, anyway.

Sam sighed as he shifted in his seat and rested his hands on the table, looking seriously at his brother “Dean” he said more sternly “Seriously-” he pursed his lips “This is no good for you. Something is going on, I can see it. Jut tell me.”

Although Sam could begin to see that his brother was slowly losing it, he wanted to help him let it out. They had been planning and thinking of every possible way to get out of this place and although Sam was mostly holding well… Dean wasn’t entirely himself anymore.

“Look, Sammy-” Dean put on a fake smile “I am fine, ok? I’m just peachy! Why shouldn’t I be? When I am locked up in this fucking place with no idea of what time it even is! There is absolutely no reason to not be alright!” Dean ended up growling after he snapped at Sam and the younger Winchester sighed.

They’ve only been gone-”

Six weeks, two days and ten hours.”

Sam opened his mouth to speak to his brother but a loud sound caught his attention.They both jumped and the guards were immediately on alert. Some of them walked towards the source of the sound as did everybody else.

“Take your hands off her!” it was a feminine voice followed by a loud thud and groaning as the criminals, let’s call them, cheered.

“What the hell is going on?” Sam breathed out to Dean who only shrugged.

They pushed and walked past and in between the men and some women to see what it was all about. They frowned and shared a look when the only thing they could see was two well-built men fighting with a third, less well-built and quite petite for a man, or at least the kind of men they were used to seeing. The guards pushed past them and grabbed on the three people, pulling them apart and quite honestly saving the two of them as the third had the upper hand in beating them up.

“Let go of me!” the voice was heard and at that moment they realized it wasn’t a man. It was a woman. She pushed her hair out of her face and the guards did let go of her because she didn’t seem in the mood for another fight.

“We have talked about this!” one of the guards boomed “No fights allowed!” and he looked at her as she scoffed.

“Tell that to your boys there-” she pointed to the criminals “They think harassing a woman, whoever she might be, can just go by.” she snarled “I wasn’t going to let it slip.”

“Setting peace in here, especially in that way, is not your job!” the guard, head guard they knew, spoke in authority.

“Setting peace has always been my job- even before you existed as a possibility.” she said coldly “So no, pretty boy I am not going to do you that favor. If you want to be the one to set peace though make sure your boys keep it in their pants.” she scoffed and the guard kept a hard look but in the end sighed.

“Take them in their cells.” he said to the other guards who got the men out of the way and the rest just left; no-one doing a thing to you.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes “Men.”

Sam and Dean stood there for a moment, looking at each other before Dean was the brave one and took a step closer towards you. You had your back to them but in some creepy and almost… supernatural way you sensed their presence.

“If you’re wondering- it wasn’t for show.” you looked over your shoulder “They had it coming.”

“And you just- took them down like Harley Quinn because they… harassed a woman?” Dean blinked and you shrugged, turning to face them but mostly Sam. You shrugged, smirking.

Dean stood there for a moment, almost too occupied by staring at you and taking it all in. He had seen the other women in here, the prisoner clothes all similar but despite the worn out look on your face there was something that made you stand out amongst all of them. Your eyes held a sparkle in them but at the same time they gave out signs of exhaustion and… a kind of abandonment Dean for some reason knew all too well.

You looked broken and hurt but you were masking all of it with a smirk. Dean certainly knew how that felt all too well. Aside from that Dean found himself entranced for a moment, in a way he couldn’t understand. Like it was something deeper, something falling into place that actually scared him. He had felt this pull… with Amara but back then he knew and felt it was forced. Now it just felt… natural.

Your eyes snapped at him and you raised an eyebrow. Dean blinked, clearing his throat as he shifted and looked away for a moment.

“Is it not enough of a reason?” you raised an eyebrow.

Sam blinked, glancing at his brother “No we- we didn’t say that. Of course it is- it is an important reason.” he breathed out “But we were just surprised and- wondering where-”

“I learned all of that?” you asked more softly when you looked at him and Dean hated it so much but he felt his heart twist in an unpleasant way that he knew to describe with only one word. Jealousy.

You laughed softly when you looked at his brother “Long story boys and-” you looked around you “You don’t have all that much time in here.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Dean asked, keeping a hard voice tone.

Gosh he hated how greedy he was for your attention.

“Well-” you smirked “Something tells me you will be out of here… very soon.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow “And what are you? A Prophet and we don’t know?” it was supposed to be a joke, despite all of the things Dean knew about the Supernatural but he never expected that response from you.

You chuckled, more freely this time “No, not a prophet but-” you got closer to him – and mind you, Dean held his breath – you smirked “I helped pick each and every one of them.” you winked and walked past them.

“Wait-” Dean asked you as Sam was still too stunned “Who- who are you again?” he blinked and you paused, turning to look at him.

“Why put labels already?” you asked “I think we’ll be seeing a lot of each other, in and out of here.” you tilted your headto the side “You’ll get  to know me better.” you shrugged.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but you beat him at it “But if you insist- Name’s (Y/n). It is a pleasure to meet the legendary Winchesters- from up close that is.” you shrugged and hey shared a look.

“We…” Sam whispered as you had already turned to walk away.

“Didn’t tell you who we are.” Dean completed in a low voice and you paused in your step, not turning back at them again.

“I know.” you shrugged “But I never asked either, did I?” you narrowed your eyes, looking in the distance.

“What are you?” Dean asked firmly, his voice rough but giving out a feeling of… betrayal and hurt. He would have wanted this to be real so much and this possibility, the chance of you being something supernatural, he hated to admit… hurt and scared him.

You smiled and they heard your soft laugh “No spoilers.” you grinned “But oh, I almost forgot-” you turned to look at them with a smirk “Greetings from your father.” you winked and left them to stare at the way you left.

That was something they didn’t expect.

A Princess and Her Fish

Summary: Dean and Y/N’s daughter wants to get a pet, but she doesn’t quite understand how to take care of it.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1155

Beta: The wonderous @idreamofhazel

Warnings: So much fluff

A/N: Written for @babypieandwhiskey challenge, prompt is bolded. Enjoy all the Star Wars references!

Earlier this morning you, Dean, and your daughter Leia went to the pet store to pick out a fish. Leia was ready for the responsibility of a pet. Being only four years old, a puppy would be too much work for her and Dean would not allow us to bring a cat home. Besides, Leia loved the idea of an animal that could live and breath in the water.

The three of you were eating dinner, or inhaling rather. You took your time to savor the meal that Dean made, as Leia sucked it down; she said she wanted to go be with her new fish. And Dean, well, he always inhaled his food.

You and Dean finished cleaning up from dinner when he went to go call Sam and then look for Leia. After you finished the dishes you started to make your way to the library, where you knew your daughter would be with her new fish, when you heard Dean say, “Leia, put the goldfish back in the fish tank, right now.”

Turning the corner you saw Leia stomp her foot with her new fish in the palm of her tiny, little hand, “But daddy, I want to pet him! He’s my friend!”

Giving your daughter a stern look you said, “Leia, listen to your father.”

Leia rolled her eyes and pouted, “Fine, I’ll put Chewy back in his tank, but he doesn’t like you any more daddy!” Leia stormed off to her room, slamming the door before you could say another word.

“Chewy?” Dean asked with a chuckle, “That’s what she named her fish?”

Walking over to Dean you sighed, “Yeah, she looks up to you babe. She wants to be just like her daddy.”

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“Come on, throw a guy a bone.” Dean rolls his eyes and inspects his cheeseburger. “Never in my life did I think my little brother would be getting laid more than I do.”

“Well, an actual relationship helps out my stats. Where you wanna go tonight? ” Sam forks his grilled chicken, hoping to get Dean off topic.

It doesn’t work.

“You will not distract me from the matter at hand.” Dean wags a finger at his brother, “So spill it, come on. Is she feisty? Into anything kinky? She looks like she’d be into a little role playing-”

“Dean!” Sam nearly chokes on his food. Last week you came across his old priest get up. You made him wear it and some very naughty ‘confession’ followed.

Dean doesn’t need to know that.

“Maybe a little spanking?” Dean makes a little butt slapping gesture with his hand.

When Sam even thinks about your round little bottom his face turns red. He runs a hand through his hair, mildly embarrassed. He can’t help it…he does love your ass.

“Her ass…” Sam sighs and looks away from Dean with a shit-eating grin plastered across his face. “Her ass is top shelf.”

“Sammy!” Dean pounds a fist on the table, “Now we’re getting somewhere!”  

Grocery Store Valentine

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Valentine’s Fluff for the DeanCas Sweetheart Challenge: 

SFW: No Smut

Castiel had ridden along with Dean to pick up groceries. Sam usually did the shopping but Dean simply could not choke down  anymore Kale, salads, or smoothies. He needed real food.

“You mean junk food…” Cas murmured at his back at Dean’s lament on Sam’s shopping practices as he shadowed him around the store.

Dean gave Cas a face of mock offense. “Bite your tongue, and since when do you side with Sam about food? Burgers and pork rinds are considered junk and they’re your favorites…”

“<i>I</i> can’t get heart disease either…” Castiel murmured with a hint of a smile on his lips.

As they shopped in companionable silence, Cas noticed the Valentine’s decorations and candy on the end of every aisle. “I’ve never understood Valentine’s Day being associated with Cupid. Cherubs are not interested in dating and relationships. They force people to fall in love. Very against Team Fee Will’s mission statement.”

Dean nodded his head in agreement, his mouth shaping into a frown. “Good point. Screw Valentine’s Day…You know I used to call it Unattached Drifter Christmas…I would swoop into bars and find lonely women and show ‘em a good time. Figured I was doing my part to cheer them up. Think I was just trying to cheer myself up really.” Dean stiffened then, realizing he was being a bit more revealing of his feelings than normal. He did that with Cas…It was annoying. As they went down every aisle, throwing in essentials like bread, sandwich meat, cheese, and milk, occasional anomalies would appear like Oreos and Slim Jims. Neither commented when they both threw in a bag of pork rinds, grinning to each other.

“Sam’s going to eyeroll for days, but damn it, I like Oreos! I didn’t get a childhood. I deserve cookies at least, I mean damn,” Dean laughed as they turned left onto the next aisle. He hadn’t been paying attention. It was that stupid Seasonal aisle and it was piled high with stuffed bears, hearts full of chocolates, and boxes of paper Valentine’s. Dean tried to make good time down the aisle but it was full of last minute husbands scrambling for gifts. Dean realized it was February 13th…the poor bastards. Dean shared a few looks with the men searching through the candies and he smiled sympathetically as he turned off the aisle. “Man, that makes me glad I don’t have to worry about that stuff, right Cas? Cas?” Dean looked back down the aisle and he saw Castiel talking to a man at the other end of the aisle. Dean’s eyes narrowed and he turned his cart around to make his way back down the red and pink splattered aisle. As he came up on the two talking, Dean knew right away the man was flirting with Cas, who was completely oblivious.

“Cas, man, come on. We’ve got to get the rest of the groceries and get home…” Dean growled out more aggressively than he intended, putting his hand on Castiel’s elbow.

“Sorry, Dean. This man, Daniel, was asking me about good places he could take a date for Valentine’s. I informed him I thought he might be unable to get reservations at this late of a date.” Castiel looked at Dean without a hint of understanding as to what Daniel’s true intentions were.

Dean narrowed his eyes at Daniel and his stupid perfect teeth and short red hair. He knew this game. Hell, he’d played this game, finding singles hovering near the Valentine’s aisle, unattached…attractive…singles. Suddenly, Dean’s grip on Castiel’s arm became more of an open handed, possessive grip than a way to get his attention. Who did this Daniel think he was, flirting with his…Cas…Oh shit. Dean realized he was being jealous when he had no claim or right to be. It wasn’t like he was attracted to…Oh Hell, who was he kidding other than himself? He loved Castiel. He just didn’t have the guts to find out how Cas felt, though he suspected at times….Daniel was staring at where Dean’s hand was still touching Castiel’s elbow. Yeah, asshole, read the signs. He’s mine…Dean thought to himself then he grimaced internally.

“I’m sure Daniel can manage just fine Cas. That’s what Yelp is for…Come on <i>sweetheart</i>, let’s go…” The sentiment had just come out. Dean told himself it was a means to get Daniel to back off…Yeah that was it, because the way he’d been gently holding his elbow hadn’t told Daniel enough. Shit. Castiel followed numbly along behind Dean as they once again made their way down the Valentine’s aisle. Dean pushed the cart with one hand and kept a grip on Cas’ elbow with the other, worried another Daniel might swoop in and try to steal his Angel away again. He only loosened his grip as they got off the aisle. Castiel’s forehead was scrunched up in thought. “Daniel was flirting with you. Couldn’t you tell? I…said that to make him leave you alone…Unless you wanted to…” Dean stuttered out, his face turning red from his nose to his ears.

“Why would I want to flirt with Daniel? I have no romantic attractions to him,” Castiel said as if it was an obvious fact.

“Right…Angels don’t date do they?” Dean murmured out as he gripped the cart with both hands and strode with purpose down the next aisle. Castiel actually had to speed walk to keep up with him.

“That’s…that’s not exactly true…Dean, would you slow down? I can easily keep up but you’re missing things we need,” Castiel said, annoyance now clouding his tone.

“What’s not exactly true? And what did I miss? Oh, coffee…right.” Dean darted down the aisle, grabbing several canisters of coffee and filters. He grabbed creamer and sugar for Cas, who seemed to like his coffee very sweet. As he tossed the items in the cart, Castiel stopped it from moving with his foot on the bottom rack of it. He locked eyes with Dean, his own tight.

“That Angels don’t date. They don’t…I would, but I’m not an Angel’s Angel, remember? Besides, it would have to be the right person…” Cas said neutrally, his eyes dark as he glanced nervously at Dean before he wandered down the aisle as well.

Dean was so confused. This was the last time he brought Castiel along with him when he shopped. Flirtatious men and weird conversations didn’t happen to him when he was alone. He pushed the cart along, looking for Cas. He found him finally, grabbing a pie at the deli and he grinned to himself as he pushed the cart up. “Thanks…” Dean said quietly behind him.

“You’re welcome. Anything else we need?” Cas said as he placed an apple pie in the cart.

“No, let’s check out. Come on.”

After all the bags had been loaded up into the backseat of the Impala, Dean hesitated, his hand on the doorknob of the driver’s side. He looked at Cas, who was contemplatively looking out his window. They were both getting older. Even Cas, who Dean thought would never age. He’d never asked him about that…Dean gripped the doorknob and swung the door open to stick his head in.

“I forgot something. I’ll be right back,” Dean said casually before closing the door and jogging back inside. Castiel nodded once then continued staring out into the night sky.

It was about ten minutes later that Dean returned with something wrapped in several plastic grocery sacks. He shoved the lumpy item in Castiel’s lap before buckling up and squealing out of the parking lot, his eyes only for the road. Castiel slowly ripped off each plastic bag, revealing a plush bee holding a heart that said “Bee Mine”. Cas tilted his head to the side before side eyeing Dean.

“Is this for…” Castel said hesitantly.

“For you….” Dean said quietly, chewing on his bottom lip as he refused to meet his eyes.

“Are you asking me to be your Valentine?” Castiel said, a hint of a smile ghosting across his lips.

“Don’t be stupid,” Dean barked out then frowned as he saw Cas almost pout. “I’m not asking.”

“You’re so rude, Dean…It’s a good thing I love you despite it,” Castiel said softly, his fingers making the bee’s antennae wobble.

“I thank Chuck every day for that, Sweetheart…Now, how do we break it to Sam we’re going out tomorrow without him?” Dean said with a grin forming on his lips.



Request- 2: One where your dating Dean but it’s been years since you even said I love you so one day you ask him what happened

A/N- This one is cheesy haha That’s pretty much all I have to say. Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count- 828

You and Dean were doing your regular routine while Sam was out on his morning run. He would make breakfast for the three of you and you would be in the library with a fresh cup of coffee looking for a case.

Then Dean popped his head in, “Foods ready and Sammy’s back,” he said. He left right after that.

You sighed and thought to yourself, ‘When did this become normal?’

It had been so long since he called you sweetly by your name, let alone any pet names. How long ago was it that you both told each other the simple words, ‘I love you’?

‘Too long,’ you thought, answering your own question.

You stood up from your spot in the library and walked toward the kitchen. “Morning,” you say, mostly to Sam since it was your first time seeing him today.

He gave you a small smile, “Good morning,” he responded.

“How was your run?” you asked as you served yourself more coffee.

He looked at you curiously, “…Good?” he answered. He looked from you to Dean, “Are you guys… Are you guys fighting or something?”

Both you and Dean spat you coffee, almost choking on its warm contents.

“Why would you think that?” you question, wiping your mouth.

“Oh- You just seemed… No, never mind,” Sam said.

“We aren’t fighting,” Dean stated.

“Y-Yeah… We’re… good,” you added.

“O-kay,” Sam responded.

The first few minutes were a bit awkward. It was silent and uncomfortable. Then Dean spoke up.

“How’s the case searching going?” he asked.

“I haven’t found one yet,” you responded all too quickly. You were too absorbed in your thoughts. ‘I am the only one thinking about us? Does he still…’ You stood up abruptly and the brothers stared at you, “Um…” you start, not knowing what to say, you just knew you couldn’t stay there anymore. “I’m not hungry,” you say before you storm out of there. You simply go to the library, back to look for a case.

Hours passed before someone else came into the library. It was Dean.

“You alright?” he questioned, with a hint of a smile.

‘Why is he smiling?’ you wondered when you look over to him. You nodded, “Yeah just reading.

“With the book upside down?” he asked.

Surprised, you look at you book, only to see that it was indeed upside down. You sighed and set the book down. You looked down sadly then back to Dean, “Dean… do you still,” you pause and saw Sam walk in. You smiled and let out one single chuckle, “No- never mind…” You stood up, “I think I need to lay down a little.”

Dean and Sam watched you walk out of the room. Though you were smiling as you left, Dean noticed your sad eyes. He just didn’t understand why you were sad.

“Is Y/N really okay?” Sam asked his brother.

Dean was still looking in the direction you had gone but turned toward his brother. “Not sure…” he whispered worriedly.

“Not sure? Then go find out,” Sam told him.

Dean stood up and went to go look for you. He honestly didn’t know why he didn’t go this in the first place but thanks to Sam he’s here now. You were laying on your bed, which you shared with Dean, facing down on the pillow.

“Y/N…” Dean whispered.

His voices startled you or maybe it was him calling you by name. “Hm?” you hummed without moving.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

You felt him sit on the bed next to you.

“Nothing,” you responding. You knew saying that nothing was bothering you was not the answer and that it wouldn’t solve anything but you just weren’t confident at the moment.


“Come on… You know I’m not going to buy that,” he said. “What were you going to ask me in the library?”

You were silent for a while and he didn’t pressure you into saying anything. You took a deep breath and without lifting your head you told him, “Do you still… love me?” you questioned. Your chest tightened in anticipation.

“What? God… Of course I love you!” he said.

You sat up quickly to see his face, somehow wanting to judge if he was telling the truth. “Are you sure?” you couldn’t help but ask.

He saw your watery eyes, on the brink of tears, “I’ll always be sure,” he answered. He then brought you into his arms and hugged you.

“I’m sorry… it’s just… We haven’t told each other ‘I love you’ or called each other babe or whatever in so long… I was starting to think we were drifting apart,” you nearly sob.

He hugged you tighter, “Y/N… I’ll call you babe or love of my life every day if it makes you happy. I don’t care how cheesy that is,” he told you.

“Dean… I love you,” you tell him.

Although you couldn’t see, he smiled, “I love you too babe,” he answered.

Hope you liked it! x)

Skeleton Key Part 2

Requests: @kayleexidk: I need a part 2 !! Im living for this. Maybe an interaction with Crowley – @waterbabybel: this NEEDS a part 2 please omg – @fab-notfat: Omg part 2 for this plz I love these prompts

Word Count: 2960

Warnings: Depression, implied smut

Version en Español: Llave Maestra (Skeleton Key) Parte 2

Skeleton Key: Part 1


“I stopped at that diner down the road for breakfast,” you announced, walking into the hotel room with bags in both hands. “That cute guy who was there yesterday wasn’t working today, sadly. But I’m sure the food will taste just as good.”

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Dating Sam Winchester would include..

For @angelkkid 💚

-always cuddling

-him getting jealous very easily

-borrowing his endless amounts of flannels and him being slightly annoyed that you look better in them that him

-Being close with both Dean & Cas

-You and Sam shipping destiel

-Getting used to his healthy food choices

-He literally gives the best hugs

- Him being super overprotective and worrying about you constantly, but you know it’s for your own good

- You are one of the only people he opens up too

- Always helping him relax after a hunt ;))

- Being able to act super goofy and immature with each other

- Him being supportive of everything that you do

Feel free to request more headcannons or anything else!!

Morgan Able

Requested: Can I please have a one shot where Dean has slept with the reader before and encounters her with a bunch of other hunters? ^__^

  • Dean Winchester x Reader
  • 1189 Words
  • No warnings, I don’t think?

Dean frowns as he takes a look around the room full of hunters. A hunter gathering was something he and Sam just never went to, mostly because their father forbad them when they were younger, saying they were nothing short of a prison trip waiting to happen.

“I’m going to grab a drink.” Sam sticks his large hands in his pockets and shrugs off, leaving Dean alone by the door, which was a place he hadn’t wanted to be.

There were a few faces he recognized and some he didn’t. One in particular, he tries to tell himself to stay away from because he was sure he owes the man some money from a very faint memory of a poker game several years back.

On the one hand, Dean would get free booze and free food. Speaking of, he saunters his way through the mass of hunters to find his brother at the cooler in the very tiny kitchen. Sam was not there, but a very pretty girl was.

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Happy Valentine’s day Cas & Dean. 

“What are you having?” Dean asked, curiously cocking his head at Castiel.

Cas frowned at him from across the table.

“I’m not sure yet, Dean.” He mused, biting his lower lip in that way that Dean found more than a little endearing. “There’s so much, I have no idea what to choose.”

Dean chuckled; human Cas discovering his preferences in food was a rather entertaining journey. By now, Cas had learned what to pick at the cheap diners where they usually stopped while on the road, but a fancy restaurant such as this one was a whole different story.

Also, they weren’t on a case. Or on the road even. Dean had dragged Castiel here for a reason. Cas had been confused at first, asking why Sam wasn’t joining them, staying behind at the bunker instead. But not even Sam’s knowing smile had managed to tip the former angel off, much to Dean’s relief.

Which left Dean with only one thing to do; confessing to Cas why exactly they were here tonight, together. He nervously shifted in his seat, glancing around the room as Castiel continued to study the menu. Valentine’s day decorations were everywhere; red and pink hearts, cupids, arrows, red roses, candles, the whole shebang. Dean took another large sip of his wine, hoping that some alcohol would help him to man up.

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Winning Over Dean Winchester (500 follower drabble)

Prompt: “kiss the hell out of me, please”

Dean x Reader

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Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

“Surprise!” you yelled at Dean as he walked into his room. You had decided to make the bold move to tell him about your feelings.

You had gotten bacon cheeseburgers from his favorite place in town, a homemade apple pie from a diner, and his favorite beer.

“What the-” he said as he set down his laundry basket.

“I wanted to surprise you-” you walked towards him as you motioned to all of the food spread out on his bed- “I um, I-I wanted to tell you something.”

“I sure hope you’re gonna tell me you’re in love with me.” he had a huge grin on his face as he stepped towards you. You heart was pounding, who knew you could really win Dean over with his favorite foods and beer?

“I- uh, well yeah actually, I kinda was.” you felt your cheeks start to burn as you looked up at Dean, waiting for a response.

“Good. Cause I’ve been waiting to hear you say it.” he leaned down to rest his forehead on yours, and brought a hand up to cup your face. You let out a nervous laugh, slightly in shock that it was all happening this way.

“And you?” you asked him.

“Oh, well yeah. I’m in love with you too.” he told you

“Then will you just kiss the hell out of me, please?” you said, he responded quickly by crashing his lips into yours.

500 follower celebration

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For Everyone To See

Written for @spectaculacular-sammy Birthday Challenge!

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3542

Warnings: public sex, rough sex, dirty talk, oral (Sam on Reader), brief fingering, no condom (reader is on the pill)

It’s 8:04 on a Saturday, and so far, all you’ve done is lie in bed and read The Monstrumologist for the third time that month. Dean’s abandoned you in search of food and someone to curb his sexual appetite.

You don’t really care about where Sam is at this point. The soulless beast – yes, you call him a beast – is nowhere to be found, and you don’t really feel like texting or calling his cell. He doesn’t answer anyway, or if he does, his tone is tense and angry.

There’s already enough negativity in your life, you don’t need the man you love being rough with you like that.

You need him being rough in another way.

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