dean and children

“He wanted to hit you, Dean?” the creature asked, looking at the thief with cold, motionless eyes.  It’s hand looked so human, but the rest… It was a monster, darkness that crawled out of Hell.
Still mostly hiden in the shadows it leaned down a little, to hear better what the boy have to say.

The thief’s fate was sealed.

morning doodle which I probably will never finish .3.
part of my AU .3.


Sometimes it kinda feels like people are in denial about the fact that other Afterdeath ship children can exist besides Goth.


I’ve actually been intending to create an Afterdeath ship child named Dean for a few months now, and I finally got around to designing him.

Why Dean?

… don’t ask.

Anyway, he’s like a huge freakin edgelord teenager, but he really cares about the people close to him and he’s actually a lot smarter than he looks.

Also, there’s supposed to be a Gaster Blaster design on the back of his coat.

I got a drawing pad today, I really had to try it and practice a little, and this is basically the best example for what happens when I start doodling for practice xD

I need to improve though doodling with this thing is kinda hard

current state of the runaways (so far)

nico minoru: in a-force, which unfortunately got cancelled
alex wilder: in power man and iron fist as an antagonist attempting to rebuild the pride
victor mancha: dead as of the vision
gert yorkes: still dead.
karolina dean: majesdanian aliens appeared in mighty captain marvel, but still no sign of karolina herself.
chase, molly, klara, xavin, old lace: ????