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I'm an animation student, so hearing 8x08 was once titled 'Dean Amuck' actually made me squeal a little. I could talk all day long about how awesome 'Duck Amuck' is, especially in relation to SPN, but I'll refrain. If the writers use the main points of the cartoon short (which they totally should, it's built for a meta ep) then the thing sending Dean 'amuck' would be his arch nemesis. Daffy is sent on his trip by his cheif enemy Bugs Bunny. Who d'you think would fill this role for Deans version?

I wish you would talk (or write) all day long about what the potential consequences for a “Dean Amuck” episode would be, nonny! I’d be really interested to read it, especially from someone who has the background to offer an informed perspective on the subject.

I haven’t seen Duck Amuck since I was a kid – which I plan to rectify before the episode airs; maybe we should make that a Tumblr thing? – but as far as who Dean’s archnemesis would be, that’s a tough question. I mean, he’s his own worst enemy, right, but he can’t send himself on a magical mystery tour through the meta-verse, can he? So I guess it could be angels (it’s always angels, isn’t it?), or Crowley, or hell, even a capricious writer (if they want to go all French Mistake/Monster At the End of this Book).

What do you think, nonny?

Next episode: Hunteri Heroici or Dean Amuck

Duck Amuck is a cartoon featuring Daffy Duck constantly being redrawn into different scenarios, costumes, etc. and arguing with the narrator the whole time. At the end Daffy demands the narrator show himself, at which point the narrator draws a door and Bugs Bunny steps out, saying “Ain’t I a stinker?”

Isn’t this the perfect opportunity for Gabriel to return to the show?