John Cena and Dean Ambrose sing John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads at the conclusion of WWE Wheeling (video by NailersTimekeeper)

My phone died, so I am posting this late

But dark segment (I assume it was) was KO and Jericho beating down on Enzo after the match. Cass was on the floor outside the ring. Sami’s music hit. HUGE POP. Sami ran in and made the save for Enzo, then Cass got involved and they all cleared house. Helluva kicks for everyone (heels that is) and then they celebrated in the ring like huge goobers.

Pops of the night: Enzo and Cass, Sami, Jericho

Roman had a sort of mixed reaction, but he got a mostly good one. They still seem to be playing his theme a lot louder than everyone else’s. Perhaps because they want to drown out boos? That’s kinda an Oof thing to say, I know, but was noticeable…

Owens got a HUGE boo when he talked smack about Dean