i hope you know

errrrr HAHA HI!!  *(after picking up a lot of courage to post this)* this is my first time writing so if you guys have any feedback, feel free to do so!!

Dean Ambrose x OFC                                                                  

OFCs writes down her emotions and thoughts after her breakup (i wrote this in a letter format )

Dear dean,

It has been 365 days.

i hope you know that it is 4 in the morning,

i’m laying in my bed with my face covered in tears just thinking about you 

while surrounded with bottles of whiskey, to try stop the emotions of what we 

could’ve been and what went wrong.           

My love ,

what happened to our happy ever after we promised each other?

what happened to our promise to be honest with each other?

I hope you know,

I’ve been missing you more than usual ever,

even though you were the culprit that

broke my heart

You’ve been on my mind

all day and night,

i fucking miss you and it sucks that 

i can’t do anything 

but to just crave for your presence,

your warmth,

your touch

your kiss,


I hope you know,

it’s not easy to just forget about what we’ve

been through,

the memories we had forged together and 

what we once were, 

Even though we had our busy schedules,

You, fervently putting your all in your dream career,wrestling 

while i pursued my dream career of working in the medical field.

We thought we could last,

but oh god, 

we were wrong

so very wrong

i hope you know 

i fucking hate that i remembered how your warm lips felt on mine 

how it’s like to see the entire galaxy in just a pair 

of blue eyes,

how your tight warm hugs always make me feel like home,

how your smile always brighten my day no matter how good or bad it was 

how your infectious laughter never fails to make me laugh 

how your little teases never fail to bring the pink to my cheeks

how i still remember about you 

even though the new girl in our bed 

shows how much u don’t deserve it 

Oh how i fucking hate this feeling.

365 days has passed 

We are working in our dream jobs.

You are still wrestling,but now under your dream company,WWE;

While i manage to enter the medical field as a sport therapist under the same company.

It is good that i don’t see you around in the rehab center

because that means you aren’t severally injured 

Well, that’s good;because that means you are healthy and happy while living your dreams.

i hope you know,

that i hope your heart breaks every time 

when someone mentions my name or 

tears will run down your handsome face  

when you stumble across a picture of us 

or maybe you don’t

since that day,

when i witness your body hovering over her ,

your hands were dancing along every curves of her body 

and your lips were on her lips.

i hope you know, my heart broke into a million pieces 

when i saw my loved one your bed with another girl that wasn’t me 

I hope you know,

I do tune in to monday raw to see how you are doing 

and i want you to know that i still miss you a lot 

and i hope you miss me too.

Yours sincerely,

Someone that still loves you