dean ambr0sed


I’m an inncent man! I’ve never done anything to anybody. I’m harmless. So why is everybody out to get me, huh? Why am I the one they didn’t want in school? Why am I the one who get expelled? Why didn’t that kid get expelled for making fun of me for my Halloween costume? Why was it such a bad thing that I shoved the stick from my candy apple down his throat because of it? What was I supposed to do? Why am i the one who’s dangerous? Dangerous? Me? Why am I the one who needs help? Help! I don’t need help from anybody, I never have and I never will.  


Y'know as things start getting a little hairy y'know they start slowing down, they start second-guessing themselves and questioning decisions that they’re making and they’re asking themselves do I really wanna be here? Right now? And we wanna be there, we wanna be in the nastiest, ugliest fight in the freaking world and we were and we got what we wanted and we that’s why we won.