Young monsterfalls has been on my brain lately. I might draw another stupid comic with these little dorks.


You shuddered as another groan of thunder shook the windows of the motel room, snuggling closer to Dean and burying your nose the crook of his neck. Dean chuckled lightly, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you as close as he could. Even with the weird smell that came off the room, you could still breathe in Dean’s cheap cologne mixed with the apple pie soap you’d bought him. 

“I can’t believe you’re scared of a little storm,” Dean whispered, kissing your forehead while he rubbed your hand. 

“I’m not scared of a little storm,” you replied quietly, gripping Dean’s shirt as a flash of lightning illuminated the room, soon followed by another roll of thunder. “I’m scared of a really big storm.”  

Dean chuckled again, this time bringing his other arm around you and hugging you close. You shut your eyes tightly, resting your ear against his chest so that you could hear his steady heartbeat. 

“Don’t worry,” Dean smiled, kissing your forehead one more time, “I’ll keep you safe.”



“Come here, sweetheart,” Dean snaked his arms around your waist and brought you tumbling down to the bed with him. You laughed, feeling the weight of the day’s problems lift off your shoulders. He kissed your cheek, before continuing his path to your ear.
“I love you, and I frankly don’t know how you managed to have me feel like this,” his fingers squeezed where they rested on your hips.
“I love you, too, baby,” you kissed his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders.
“I’d like to imagine we’d live that apple pie life,” his lips grazed the shell of your ear. “I’d drive a pickup truck and you’d move the kids around in a minivan.”
“I’d be those regular, soccer moms with the prissy voice,” you wrinkled your nose as Dean chuckled, breath fanning out across your cheek.
“It’d be perfect,” he tightened his hold on you. “You’d be the first person I see after coming home from work. And we’d hold BBQ’s in our backyard. God, it’d be fucking amazing.”
“I want all of that and more with you, Dean,” you turned your face until your lips met his.
“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, Y/N,” he kissed you deeply. “I love you.”

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The thing about sleeping is that when you’re awake from it you can never remember the exact moment that you fell into it, and more often than not compare it to love. In a way, when you meet someone and get to know them you can never pinpoint the exact time or place that you fell in love with them,it just happened and then you’re stuck with that overwhelming affection for them.

– (Destined by lolteenager on Wattpad)