The Backbone of 12x19

There were a lot of things to love about this episode—first and foremost: Castiel coming back, while also finding out that he wasn’t actually getting played by heaven again was awesome. Also seeing how Kelly found faith, and how Dean and Sam found ways around killing was a refreshing twist that I didn’t expect.

My favorite thing of all though was finding out just how deep Dean and Castiel’s relationship really is. Although, it was frustrating at times—how Castiel and Dean bickered and tried to go around one another’s wishes … their tactics in doing so proved the completeness in which they know each other. From how Castiel apparently “played” Dean into giving up the colt, to the ways Dean went about talking Castiel into going with him and Sam—it showed so much trust, and so much history that it just made every moment they spent across from each other, electric.

Also, to find that Dean made Castiel a tape to play in his truck—tape that Castiel obviously listened to? That moment was never shown to us when it first happened, but now that we know about it, we can deduce that there are many moments between Dean and Cas that never graced our screens—moments that prove that Dean wants to share more than just “missions” with the angel. He wants to share the music that he loves, he wants to have long talks, he wants to know where his angel is and that he’s safe—he doesn’t want Cas to ever “go dark” on him. He wants him around.

Then, when Dean thought that Castiel was on the brink of death, he reached out to him and screamed “no!” His pain and hopelessness in that moment was apparent in his voice, because at that moment, someone who he cares about very deeply was about to be lost to him. Yes, he cried out for the loss of the colt too, but that was a cry of anger while he watched the thing melt to pieces. He cried out in pain before Castiel was about to be taken away. One was gone and that was upsetting—but just the idea of his angel being taken away was going to wreck Dean, and he couldn’t bear to see it.

Dean and Castiel’s relationship was the absolute backbone that kept this episode upright. Their worries, their cares, their compassion was all highlighted through one another, and that was just the most beautiful thing I could have ever hoped to see.

I love it equally when:

–Cas is a nervous virgin, and shivers when Dean pushes his trenchcoat down off his arms.  Trembles when Dean opens the buttons of his white shirt.  And Dean is so gentle, so tender, so sweet, constantly asking, “Is this ok?” and “Are you all right,” and looking up into big, blue eyes that are so wide with adoration and love and trust.  

But also when:

–Castiel is a BAMF who has seen humans have sex millions of times over the centuries, and knows every detail of Dean’s biology from having put him back together after he died.  He has no mercy, no mercy at all, and slams Dean up against the wall with his grace like a vengeful spirit, fucks at Dean’s prostate with more grace so he can use one hand to pin Dean’s wrists above his head and another to milk Dean’s cock while he bites Dean’s lips so hard they bleed, and if Dean can bear to open his eyes, just for a second, and look into Castiel’s, they are flashing like a lightning storm.  

Shorties & Dorks

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Request: Hey, love your writing! I was wondering if a could request a fic where Dean and the reader are that dorky but adorable couple. Like they sing (not very well) in the car together, tell bad jokes, watch movies in sweatpants see who can make a better Mohawk with their hair when in the shower lmao idk, you get the idea. And then at the end he proposes to her? I’m getting bored of fics with stereotypical characters and relationships :P Thanks so much!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever written…

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Stay out of it, Sam.

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count : 1,239
Author : Mel

Part 3 of Say my Name.

Sighing, Dean opened the motel room door. He looked up from his phone and froze. “Y/N…”

You were unlocking the door right next to his. You closed your eyes for a minute. “Hi Dean.”

“H-How are you?”

Licking your lips, you opened your eyes and nodded. “I’m okay.”

He took in the sight of you, drinking in as much as he could. “You’re hurt.” He said softly and motioned to your arm.

You looked down at it. “It’s nothing, really. I’m okay, Dean. I promise.”

“You shouldn’t be hunting alone. Y-”

“I’m fine, Dean.” You turned your eyes on him.

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Sam W. & Plaid

This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 197

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

When you first started dating Sam, you would jokingly take his plaid flannels.  After a day or so you’d give them back and the two of you would laugh about it.  Then as the months went by, you stopped giving them back right away.  You would wear them to bed, on hunts, and even around the bunker as if they were your own.

You sat down on Sam’s lap, letting him wrap his arms around you.  Dean still wasn’t used to the idea of you and Sam dating.  He rolled his eyes at you, shutting his book.

“Doesn’t it bother you that [Y/N] steals your shirts,” Dean wondered.  “I mean what do you wear of she takes them all?”

“I don’t take them Dean, I borrow them,” you corrected the elder Winchester.

“It doesn’t bother me either Dean,” Sam said in a calm voice.  “I kind of like it.”  Sam shrugged, smiling at you.

“They go from smelling like Sam, to smelling like me,” you noted with a smile.  “You know Dean if you’re feeling left out, I can wear your flannels too?”

“Thanks, but I’ll pass,” Dean muttered, grabbing his bear and leaving the library.

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Teddy bear

Pairing: dean x little sister! Reader Sam x little sister! Reader

A/N: I don’t know how this story came but I like it personally. I hope you guys like it to. O and I’m getting better. I get more ideas for some fics and there are going to be imagine. So I keep you guys updated.

“De-?” You asked your 12 year old brother. “I can’t find my teddy bear” you said with tears in your eyes.

You put you teddy bear somewhere but you don’t remember where. Your teddy bear was your everything you can’t sleep without it. John bought it for you when you turned 2. You was so happy with it that you bring it everywhere with you.

“Where did you last see it?” Dean asked and kneeled down to your height. You just lift up your shoulders. Tears where building up in your eyes and right away you was in deans arms. “Shhh, we are going to find it alright. We going to get Sam and then we are going to look for your teddy.” You nodded.

Sam was lying on the bed with a book in his hand from school. He looked away from his book and saw that you looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Y/N what wrong?” He asked.

“I can’t find teddy. Do you want to help to find him? De is going to look for it to.” You said. Your brother nodded and right away the three of you where busy looking in the motel room.

You looked everywhere but you couldn’t find it. It’s was almost bed time for you but you can’t sleep with out it. Tears where building up again. Dean hugged you tight. “We are going to find it alright. But you need to go to bed now.” You shook your head. You didn’t want to sleep with out teddy. “Come let lay down and maybe you see him tomorrow next to you. Maybe he thought I’m going on a adventure with dad. Come go to sleep and then he is back again alright.” You nodded and let sleep take over.

Later that night john came in the room. Dean didn’t sleep until john came back. He rushed to the impala to look for your teddy bear. And their he is on the backseat of the impala. He came back in the room and put it next to you. John looked confused but he was to tired to ask it and goes to sleep. Dean did the same next to you.

The next morning you felt a soft thing next to you. You opened your eyes and found your teddy next to you. You jumped up and waked up dean. “De! De! He is back!” Dean opened his eyes and saw a big smile on your face again.

“Just like I was saying he come back tomorrow.” The smile on your face was never going to get away. He stepped out bed and looked at you happy body playing with your teddy.

“How did you know that it was in dad car?” Sam asked.

“I remember that Y/N fell in sleep in the car and forgot her teddy bear bring with her inside.” Dean said. “And I just the best big brother in the world.” He said proud. Sam shook his head and walked away from him. Dean looked to you with a proud face. “I hope that it can be this all the time.”

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Under Your Spell

[Part 1: “Bewitched”]

content: “It’s not easy to live with a witch.”

word count: 5,881

author’s note: After participating in @destieldrabblesdaily‘s fanfiction contest last year, a lot of people asked me to continue this series and I’m honestly happy to oblige <33 And since I recently gained 2,000 followers I thought this would be a good way to celebrate!!


It’s not easy to live with a witch.

At least some people told Dean beforehand that it would be crazy to move in with his uniquely magical boyfriend who tends to turn things that usually are very much quiet and motionless into something alive and chatty.

That he’d lose the last bit of privacy and sanity along the way and probably end up in a special ward at the hospital, talking to himself.

And yeah, sure, their concerns weren’t exactly unfounded, Dean’s able to admit that. It may seem strange from an outsider’s point of view to actually crave to live in a place that’s more or less the pure definition of madness and Dean’s honestly still not really used to the coffeemaker talking his ear off first thing in the morning or the candlesticks performing their weird and somewhat disturbing dance everytime they hear even the faint sound of a pop song.

It’s insane. It’s wild. Sometimes it’s even freaking terrifying.

But Dean doesn’t want it any other way.

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Jell-O and Bears

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 1,062
Warnings: None
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @milady-tevinter. Prompt: Stuffed Animal / Quote: “How long have you been standing there?”

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Second Chance

Hey everyone!! BLAH!!! Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, I’ve been a little down in the dumps and struggling with motivation. But here’s a one shot I wrote for a couple challenges, hope you like it!!

For @not-moose-one-shots Bethtastic 6K Writing Challenge my quote was “Gee, Mom, I guess you’ll have to send me to a military school to straighten me out.”

And for @highonpastries Pastries 250 Celebration my quote was “Why it is always you three in charge whenever the world goes to shit.”

Dean x female hunter, reader insert

Word Count: about 1750

Warnings: none really… canon-typical violence, sassy reader & Dean back and forth, kissing, brief reference to nookie, but no actual SMUT

Quotes are bolded in the text

Here’s my masterlist for more stories! The next chapter of The Hunt That Changed Everything will be out soon too, I’m almost finished with it, so be sure to get caught up! XO


Great. Freaking fantastic. Leaned up against your car, you grumpily kicked at a rock, sick of waiting. You only came to help with this stupid hunt because Garth begged you to… but you weren’t going to be happy about it. The last time you’d worked with the Winchesters you found yourself being used as vamp bait.

That part hadn’t been so bad, but the fact that the Dean had practically failed at noticing you were a woman when the time came to blow off some steam pissed you off bad enough to bail promptly afterwards. He shamelessly flirted with you the entire hunt and you even shared a brief but passionate frencher at the bar afterwards. But then the bastard had disappeared from the bar after only one drink while you were in the bathroom. It’s not like you’d expected a relationship or anything, but you heard through the grapevine that he was up for a good time and you were rather disappointed you didn’t get to discover exactly how good for yourself.

Well, there would be none of that on your part this time. He had a chance and had blown it and you weren’t really one for fresh starts. As the black impala came roaring up the dirt road, you moved around to dig in your backseat, trying to ignore your body’s involuntary reaction at seeing and hearing that damn sexy car approaching, knowing who was behind the wheel. You rolled your shoulders and cracked your neck side to side getting yourself into work mode as the muscle car pulled up next to your cherry red, beefed up ‘74 Ford Bronco.

“'Bout time,” you commented loudly as Sam and Dean exited the car, a dark haired man in a trench coat folding out of the backseat behind them. “Was starting to wonder if that POS had you stranded on the side of the road somewhere, but it must’ve just been​ Dean’s grandma driving,” you snarked as Sam walked up to you, grinning ear to ear at the insults you were already slinging his brother’s direction. 

He knew that something had happened between the two of you on the last hunt… something that has resulted in your prompt departure the morning after you finished up. Dean, of course, had given him nothing more than a pissy, “Shut up, Sammy,” when he’d asked about it.

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I Forgot (Dean Winchester X Reader)

Dean wasn’t the best when it came to remembering things. It was normal for him to forget some things when he would run to the store for you or Sam to get things you needed, he’s forgotten both yours and Sam’s birthday, but he’s never ever forgotten your anniversary. And this very year, was the first year he did.

You woke up that morning, having a very relaxing and laid back day planned for both you and him, having a big surprise for him as well, but he just pushed it off, acting like it was a normal day. Your feelings were crushed, and you felt heartsick. That day, you barely left your room, leg alone bed, telling Dean that you just simply didn’t feel well. Dean shrugged, brushing it off of his shoulders and going to greet Sam for the morning, before walking out of your shared room, and seeing everything was completely dark.

Dean raised an eyebrow, before hearing the mellow flutter of wings from behind him. He turned around to see Castiel, holding a bag filled with all of your favorite things. “Cas, is everything okay?” Dean asked, before Castiel shook his head. “No,” his gruff voice growled “(Y/N) prayed to me, and she seemed very upset” Castiel reached into the bag, and rustled through a few items before pulling out a stuffed pink unicorn with big plastic eyes.

“I got her this strange animal to try and improve her from her current state of melancholy” he turned the stuffed animal towards him, then to Dean before your gentle footsteps emerged from the dimly lit corridor. You grabbed Castiel’s arm, before tugging him towards your bedroom, and slamming the door. Dean was utterly confused at your cold state towards him, not even flashing a cute smile like you always would, but instead, giving him a cold shoulder.

Dean quickly rushed to Sam’s room, loudly pounding his fist against the door, before a dazed Sam opened the door and groaned. “Dean? Shouldn’t you be with (Y/N)?” Sam rubbed his eyes gently, before Dean let out a groan. “She’s upset with me. I don’t understand why, I just woke up like 20 minutes ago, what could I have possibly done?!” He exclaimed, before Sam’s droopy eyes became ecstatic with pained realization. “Dean, you do know what today is, right?” Sam asked, before Dean scoffed.

“Yeah. It’s Tuesday”

Sam groaned before running his fingers through his nappy hair, and sighing. “It’s your anniversary with (Y/N), Dean!”. Dean’s blood quickly ran cold, as his whole body went numb.

“I forgot? But I never forget!” He exclaimed, before Sam frowned. “Well, seems like you forgot” he muttered, obviously annoyed at his brother for both upsetting you and waking him up. Dean sighed, before leaning against the frame of Sam’s door. “What do I do? She won’t even talk to me, let alone look at me” Dean uttered sadly, before Sam released a small breath before groaning. “Tell her how much she means to you, or maybe get her some things that will make her happy!” Sam suggested before Dean’s eyes widened, his mind filling with an idea he knew would be perfect. His delicate frown was replaced with a confident smile as he quickly hugged his younger brother, before quickly darting away from him, leaving Sam utterly confused.

“I just don’t understand, Castiel! I’ve been dating him for 5 years, and I was really looking forward to a good day today!” You weeped into one of your pillows, the salty tears staining the satin covers. Castiel sat upon the edge of your bed, holding a box of tissues that was almost empty due to your excessive use of the soft paper. “I’ve done everything with him! And then he forgets? What an-!”


“Assbutt!” You shouted after Castiel, staring at your celestial best friend. Castiel cleared his throat, before gently shifting his body towards you, resting his warm hand upon yours.

“(Y/N), I don’t think Dean’s oblivion to remember your commemoration of meeting was intentional, I believe he actually failed to remember. Dean is very captivated by you, and it’s been very obvious with your affiliation with him” Castiel flaunted a quick smile before you let out a small giggle.

“Thank you, Castiel” you sat up from your mattress and hugged him, feeling him tense up as he always did when hugged, but quickly let himself relax, knowing how emotionally distressed you were, and how much you needed a hug. Your eyes rested upon the beaming television, not paying attention to the show playing, before releasing a mellow sigh.

Before you knew it, the door to your bedroom suddenly opened, revealing Dean whom was holding three plastic bags and lots of balloons. “Give us a minute, Cas?” The angel nodded, standing up and walking out of your bedroom, shutting the door. Dean smiled at you, slowly walking over to you before you scoffed and hopped out of your bed, trying to walk away from him.

“Come on, (Y/N)! I’m sorry!” He pled, throwing the objects onto your bed. You looked at his beautiful green eyes that were filled with dote, and were alluring you to look at him. “Dean, I’m not mad” you breathed, his slight frown turning into a big smile. “I’m just upset” you added. He frowned once more, before taking your small hands into his large calloused ones.

He looked into your eyes that were filled to the brim with tears, as he gently dragged his thumb over your smooth porcelain skin. “I know, I’m an ass for forgetting our anniversary,” he began “I know how much it means to you, and I really hope this makes up for it”.

Dean pulled a teddy bear from one of the bags, revealing a tiny card tapped to the bears little hand. He handed it to you, before you pushed the glittery flaps of the card open, revealing Dean’s sloppy handwriting, and a stick figure drawing of you and him, watching a sunset. You took a minute to read the card, before your eyes quickly darted at him.

You’re my beary best friend” you read aloud, before he smiled. “Do you like it?” He asked, his smile still plastered onto his porcelain face. “You put the wrong ‘you’re’ Dean. You used 'your’ instead of- it doesn’t matter” you shook off his incorrect grammar, before placing a small kiss onto his cheek.

He tried to reach over, and grab the candy-filled contents of the other bags, before you abruptly stopped him by placing your hand on his chest. “What are you doing? I got you 50 dollars worth of chocolate and gummy bears?” He asked before you chuckled. “Dean, I didn’t need a teddy bear, or a grammatically incorrect card, all I wanted was you” you said, causing his cheeks to be gently dusted with a soft red blush.

Dean pulled you into his arms, squeezing your body into his as you inhaled his cologne. You placed a kiss onto his lips, before he lifted you up into his arms, and pushed you against the wall. He began to kiss your neck, before you gasped, realizing you had forgotten about his gift. You hopped out of his arms, and began to rummage around your room, worried that you wouldn’t find it.

“Oh crap! Come on!” You groaned, slumping to the floor, frustrated that you couldn’t find his gift. He looked down at you, slumped against the bed before he sat next to you, and held your hand. “It’s okay, (Y/N). I don’t need anything. I got the best girl I could ever ask for, and that’s all I need” Dean said before you shifted your body to look at him. “Besides, what did you get me?” The curiosity of knowing consumed Dean, as you laughed and crossed your arms.

“A vintage Led Zeppelin vinyl, signed by all of the members” you trailed off into mumbles, before Dean shot up from being seated next to you, and pulled you up with him. “We are looking for that vinyl, even if we have to start a search party to find it!” He exclaimed, pulling the sheets off of your bed, and searching underneath all of the pillows.

As you watched him frantically searching the room, you got hit with realization of how lucky you were to be with him. Sure, he’s saved you countless times, but he loves you no matter what. You two have each other’s backs, and love each other dearly. You make memories everyday, and cheer one another up, and you were always displayed with how much you two need and love each other, and you were glad for the many more anniversaries to come.

Imagine Sam realizing you aren’t his mini-me anymore.

A/N: This takes place S1E2 “Wendigo” at the Ranger’s office. Sam is looking around while Dean is impressed with a bear picture.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-14

Top gif from google search

Bottom gif from

“So, Black Water Ridge is pretty remote. It’s cut off by these canyons, here. The rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and gold mines all over the place.” Sam said aloud, “Y/N, this is where Dad should be right?” He asked while pointing to the map.

“Dude, check out the size of this friggin’ bear.” Says Dean.

“That thing is huge! No way I’m going out there with bears that big wandering around. It’s the size of 10 of me!!” You reply to Dean, walking up next to him to look at the picture. Dean throws his arm over your shoulder chuckling.

“Babygirl, I promise to not let any of the big bad bears get you.”

“There’s about dozen or more grizzlies in the area. It’s no nature hike, that’s for sure. Don’t worry Y/N, Dean and I won’t let anything happen to you. Come look at this map with me; you love maps, it’s something you’d find interesting.” Sam says with a smile, remembering just how much fun he had teaching his little sister how to read maps and ever since you loved looking at them.

You look at Sam with a confused face, “I stopped being into maps 3 years ago Sam. There are more important things to do than nerd out over a map.”

“Yeah Sammy, you lost your mini-me, she’s into classic rock and pie now, right babygirl?” Dean quips, trying to relieve the tension he feels between his younger siblings.

“Right De.” You reply, throwing Dean a high five.

“You kids aren’t planning to go out near Black Water Ridge by any chance?” The conversation is interrupted by a ranger coming out of the back room. Sam gives Dean a sad look before turning to the ranger.

“Oh, no sir. We’re Environmental Study Majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper.” Sam says, dropping the subject with his siblings. His ailing relationship with his little sister is a problem he’ll have to deal with after they leave the ranger station, but Sam is realizing just how much damage his leaving for Standford caused with one of the most important relationships in his life.


Imagine Dean Taking You to a Carnival for Valentine’s Day

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“So you’re saying all I have to do is hit that target and I get to choose whatever prize I want?” Dean asked, dumbfounded at how incredibly easy this carnival game was.

The carnival employee nodded, and a wicked smirk appeared on Dean’s face. He lifted the fake gun, sending you a wink before pulling the trigger and hitting it right in the middle.

The carnival employee’s eyebrows shot straight up in surprise. “Jesus,” he muttered. “Alright, son, any of the stuffed animals on display are yours.”

Dean immediately pointed to the huge white teddy bear that was holding a heart. “That one.”

As soon as the employee handed him the bear, Dean turned to you, a proud grin on his face as he held out the bear. “Here you go, sweetheart.”

You laughed, a wide grin on your face as you accepted his gift. “Thank you, babe. You’re so sweet.”

He sighed happily, a hand on his heart. “I know.” 

“Shutup,” you laughed, leaning up on your toes and kissing him deeply. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.”

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Stuffie Names with Destiel
  • Dean: Cas, what are you doing?
  • Castiel: Naming my emotions.
  • Dean: With the stuffies I bought you?
  • Castiel: Yes.
  • Dean: What did you name them? (squats beside Castiel)
  • Castiel: Dean, Sam and Crowley (points at each of the stuffies)
  • Dean: Oh that's sweet, baby. Can't wait to tell them.
  • Castiel: Dean is for when I'm facing problems with you so bring him often. (holds up the blue teddy bear to Dean's face)
  • Dean: Hold on-
  • Castiel: Sam is for when someone ask me stupid questions and Crowley is for when I feel like punching someone. (holds up each individual stuffie)
  • Dean: So you named your stuffies after the stages of anger you have? (sips on his coffee)
  • Castiel: Yes. Oh and Bobby!
  • Dean: What's that stage?
  • Castiel: So I can hold it up and it can call you all idjts when I'm too speechless by everyone's stupidity.
  • Dean: (chokes on coffee)
Momma Bear

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Characters - Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count - 1130

Summary - Part 5 of the Baby Winchester Series. The Reader gets a surprise from Dean and Sam.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Watching Dean rock your baby back to sleep as you crossed your arms leaning against the doorframe. A smile crept across your face as you watched him.

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