13.01 coda

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Anyway, this scene definitely should have been in the ep.

“Can he teleport?”


“The kid!” Dean snaps. “Does he have wings?”

Sam stutters out that he doesn’t know, and, right. How would he? Dean wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and it comes away bloody - his lip stings where he’s touched it.

He closes his eyes and takes a slow breath in through his nose. He’s trying his absolute hardest to keep it together, but his hands shake regardless.

“We can check along the main roads,” Sam placates, mistaking his silence for frustration. “We’ll be faster in the car than he is on foot, assuming he doesn’t fly, and he can’t have gotten far.”

Dean opens his eyes, but he doesn’t reply. He keeps his back to his brother.

“It’s going to be ok, Dean,” Sam says, only a few feet behind him now, and damn it if that just doesn’t break Dean’s heart all over again.

Soon enough he hears the dirt start to crunch under Sam’s shoes. He has to swerve around Dean to get to the passenger side, his usual post in times of crisis, but Dean lets out a sigh just as he gets his hand on the door.


Sam turns back to look at him, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Dean swallows. “I need you to help me with something first.”

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Child’s Play - Request

Requested by anon: The reader is taking care of her friends kids while they are on a hunt and they fall asleep on her stomach and dean walks in and admires her. 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1.100

Warnings: None.

A/N: Bit of Dean fluff to finish the night. ;)


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“So how again did we end up as baby sitters?” (Y/N) asked as she and Dean took a glimpse inside the kitchen, where three kids were chasing each other.

“Sam’s old hunter friend and his wife are on a hunt…” Dean started.

“The hunt Sam is also in, right?”

“Yes, he volunteered as a third hand to finish quicker.” Dean nodded, “But they needed baby sitters and I said we’d do it.”


“Because those kids are cool and I don’t want to go after disgusting witches.” Dean stated as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“OK…” She took in a deep breath – she wanted so much to rest that day – and smiled at him. “We can do this.”

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Imagine...Dean Making Lunch

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 9 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … nope

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

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“Mommy! Daddy!” the four-year-old squealed when she saw you, running towards the two of you the moment she jumped out of the unmoving car.

“Justice? What-” you blinked, pulling away from Dean as she hugged your waist but your eyes widened even more when you saw the other person exit the car and give you a friendly smile before moving to the backseat “Gen?”

“Auntie Gen brought me here, mama.” your daughter said and you looked down to see her smiling. You leaned down and picked her up in your arms.

“I see that baby.” you whispered and she gave you a small frown instead.

“Why are you crying mommy?” she asked and that was when you realized it. Sniffling your wiped away your tears, glancing at Dean who just looked too frozen in his place, staring with wide red eyes at the little girl in your arms.

“Daddy just- he told me a really good joke. And I laughed to tears, that’s all.” you gave her a smile, trying your best to look convincing for her.

“Uhm, princess-” you cleared your throat, hoping Dean would somehow react and snap out of this. Although you knew it was just too much for him to take this as well, she looked so much like him and you knew he was already having a hard time with a perfect house so being reminded of having a kid and an actual family would probably crash him or… put all of the pieces together.

“Do you want daddy to hold you?” you looked down at her and she beamed at you at the mention of her father.

“Yes, yes daddy!” she squealed, turning to look at Dean who looked mortified for a moment. He looked at you with pleading wide eyes as if telling you that he couldn’t do this but you gave him an encouraging smile.

“Come on.” you whispered “You’re not gonna break her.” you encouraged as she looked at him with her arms slightly outstretched.

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anonymous asked:


Featuring frottage and humiliation!

I’m honestly so blessed. Also I’m really sorry for the delay! I hope this makes up for it.

They’ve been at the carnival for hours. When they’d first arrived, Cas pulled over in a far corner the parking lot behind rows of empty cars, and opened him up. The plug still  feels so big inside him now, long and wide, and it’s rendered him unable to focus most of the day. Cas first took him on the ferris wheel, and then the bumper cars, where he took great pleasure ramming into Dean from behind - typical Cas.

He’s forced Dean to go on the carousel twice, having to give him a leg up so he didn’t hurt himself climbing onto his horse. The up and down had been pleasant, and Cas was on the horse behind him - he’d put on a little show, rolling his hips in time with the rise and fall, using exaggerated cowboy movements to mask that he was fucking the plug deeper inside him each time he sat back down.

They’ve been playing games for the last half hour and Cas won him a big fluffy bear wearing a cardigan.

“Where do you want to go next, Dean?” Cas asks him, hugging the bear to his chest.

Dean is flushed, not paying attention. Cas just laughs, dragging him over to the roller coaster.

“Really?” Dean asks, apprehensive.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” Cas says.

They deposit their things in the personal items bins. Dean gets seated and strapped in, and Cas has to double back, having forgotten to take off his sunglasses. Dean’s waiting for him, absent-mindedly thinking about when they’ll go home, when he feels the plug inside him buzz to life.

Cas jogs back to his seat and slides in next to Dean.

“You said you left the remote at home!” Dean hisses at him, clenching down as he’s stimulated.

“Oh yeah, I lied about that,” Cas says, smiling triumphantly.

“Asshole,” Dean muttered, but he couldn’t blame Cas. He probably would have done the same.

The ride starts and they shoot off, twisting and turning, and the plug is jolting inside him like crazy. They pass a loop the loop and the roll of it is perfect - he’s going to have to get Cas to practice doing that to him later.

Once they’ve disembarked and Cas has turned off the vibrations, Dean needs to take a breather. They find a tree to sit under on a secluded edge of the grounds.

“That was one hell of a ride,” He tells Cas.

“Was it too much?” Cas asks, looking at him with concern.

“No, it was good,” Dean says, pulling Cas in for a kiss.

They make out for a little, there in the grass. Cas is getting a little frisky, so he’s not surprised when Cas pulls away from him, panting slightly, and suggests they should leave.

Dean squirms the whole way home, Cas playing with the remote from the passenger seat.

“Strip,” Cas commands him, the second they walk in the door, switching the plug to the highest level yet.

Dean leaves his clothes in a pile by the shoe rack and follows Cas into the living room where he’s standing by the couch where he dropped the stuffed bear.

“I want you on the floor, ass in the air.” Cas says, and Dean moves hastily to obey. Cas kneels down behind him, pressing the line of his hard cock against Dean’s cheek. He leans over Dean, grabbing his hair and using it to keep his face pressed into the carpet. Dean can hear the slick sound of Cas jacking himself, and focuses on breathing through the intense vibrations, the angle of his hips putting pressure against his prostate. He hears Cas grunt, feels come striping hot and wet across his ass, his taint and balls. Cas turns off the plug.

Dean’s achingly hard, has been since they got in the car to leave.

“I want you to stay there until it dries, do you understand?” Cas instructs in a low voice, leaving Dean spread out on the floor and covered in come while he leaves the room - Cas hears him talking on the phone a few minutes later. That asshole is on the phone.

Dean doesn’t know how long he kneels there, knees splayed open with his ass tilted up. They didn’t even bother to shut the curtains first - if anyone walked up to the house right now, they’d see Dean kneeling face down with his ass plugged and messy with jizz. His dick is leaking profusely, beads of it drooling onto the carpet.

Cas comes back into the room at some point, still talking.

“Dean’s doing good,” He says, “He’d say hi but he’s busy at the moment.”

Eventually Cas hangs up, only to sit down on the couch and turn on the tv, paying Dean no attention at all. Dean’s itching in his skin, arousal coursing through him and lighting his every nerve ending on fire. And Cas is watching TV like his naked, aching, come slathered boyfriend isn’t on the floor.

After what feels like forever, Dean hears his name.

“Dean,” Cas says a second time, “You can get up now.”

Dean moves slowly, his joints stiff, and sits back on his haunches. He feels the dried come pulling at his skin.

Cas has his eyes on the TV, but his arm is stretched out in Dean’s direction, offering him the stuffed bear. Dean takes it, tentative, not sure what to do. A few seconds pass, and Cas looks over at him, eyebrow raised.

“Well?” He says, clearly unimpressed, and then, “I got you a present and you’re not even going to play with it?”

Dean swallows, thick in his throat. Does Cas expect him to…? Eyes are boring into him, so he shifts gently, spreading his knees to fit the bear between them, pressing it’s soft fur to his leaking, aching cock.

Cas has already turned back to the TV.

Dean shivers, his dick twitching. He starts moving his hips, using both hands to cradle the soft fabric to his dick as he grinds into it, plug still shifting in his ass. He picks up the pace, rutting against the bear’s back, precome spreading across the cheap polyester, making it damp and ragged, catching on his dick.

He’s getting into it, eyes closed and panting as he moves, so he doesn’t notice Cas stand up. All of a sudden the bear is ripped from his hands, and Cas is dropping down in front of him, pulling Dean towards him until Dean’s straddling one of his thick thighs, half covered with boxer briefs.

Cas grabs Dean by the hair, yanking his head back to expose his neck. He places soft, wet kisses along the column of it, biting down hard unexpectedly, Dean moans out, his hands clasping at Cas’s shirt.

“I told you to play with your new toy, not fuck it. Did you enjoy it?”  Cas whispers into his ear, his tone harsh, “Such a dirty little bitch, you’ll rut against anything to get off.”

Dean swallows thickly, knowing better than to say anything. This is the game Cas likes to set up.

“You think you can just rub yourself against anything and come?” Cas asks, “You come when and if I say you do. I was going to fuck you, but seeing as you’re such a desperate slut, I’m not sure you deserve it.”

Dean groans, unbelievably turned on.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” Cas asks, letting go of Dean’s hair, stroking his neck with dangerous fingers, “Rutting against the first thing you lay your eyes on, like a filthy animal.”

He pulls Dean forward, sandwiching his cock between his own stomach and Cas’s thigh.

“Well now’s your chance. Get moving.”

Dean buries his face into Cas’s chest, into the fabric of the soft t-shirt he’s wearing, and starts moving his hips, rubbing his dick against Cas’s strong thigh.

Cas has him by the back of his neck, fingernails digging into the skin. He reached behind Dean and pulls out the plug, letting it drop to the carpet. He shoves two fingers into Dean’s hole, twisting them as Dean moves.

“You’d do whatever I told you to do,” Cas growls, “You’d fuck my mother if I ordered it. What’s it like being a mindless fuck toy, Dean, is it fun?”

Dean’s moving so fast now, moaning as he thrusts into the slick he’s trailed across Cas’s skin.

“I could leave you out on the street and let you service whoever felt like having you, would you like that?” Cas says, “Of course you would. You’d enjoy every second of it, because I told you to. Little slut.”

Dean can’t take much more, his hips stuttering. He comes, moaning, spilling across Cas’s thigh. Cas pulls his fingers out of Dean’s ass. He’s leaning against Cas’s chest, panting, when Cas shoves him off.

He looks up at Cas, kneeling over him. Cas scoops the come off his leg, smearing it across Dean’s face with his hand, over his lips and cheeks. He pulls Dean’s ass towards him, before pushing down his boxers and sinking into Dean in one movement.

Dean didn’t notice him get hard again, but Cas definitely is, fucking hard and fast into Dean’s loose ass.

“Look at you, dripping with your own come,” He says, “You love this.”

The sight of Dean seems to drive him crazy, and it doesn’t take him long to come, spilling deep and wet, with his hips pressed tight to Dean’s backside.

“There,” He says, “That should be enough come for you.”

He pulls out of Dean, trailing fresh wet come out of his hole.

And then he giggles, and Dean joins in, his face cracking into a smile under his own jizz.

“Jesus Christ, Cas,” He says.

“Was that okay?” Cas asks him, moving to sit next to Dean, running a soothing hand along his chest.

“That was amazing, baby,” Dean says, his eyes drifting shut.

“No, don’t go to sleep, we need to get you cleaned up,” Cas says, moving to help Dean off the floor.

“Okay, but then you’re sucking my dick,” Dean says, “You owe me a second orgasm.”

“Of course,” Cas laughs, “Would you like me to bring your bear?”

“Fuck off,” Dean mutters, pressing a kiss to Cas’s cheek.

Winchester!Sister Headcanon

*You’re Brother’s annoying the crap out of you 24/7

*Both of them being super-overprotective

*Never being able to date because boys are afraid to come within a 10 mile radius of you because of your brother’s

*Being called Shorty

*Even though you are you are younger than both of them, you act like their mother sometimes

*Them training you to become a badass hunter like themselves

*You managing to tackle both down at least once or twice during one on one practice fights

*Them insisting they “let you” win

*Knowing that you can count on them for anything

*Decking out in flannel to match your brothers

*Dean never letting you ride Baby because he knows how reckless you can be while driving

*Them taking turns carrying you to bed

*Them awwwing over you every single time

*Sam giving you big bear hugs 

*Dean always gives you a tight hug that pulls you against him

*Sharing a bed with either one of them when you go to different motels

*Them holding you and whispering sweet nothings into your ear when you get a nightmare

*Thanking Chuck everyday for giving you these two men to raise you. Not knowing what you would do without them

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I love it equally when:

–Cas is a nervous virgin, and shivers when Dean pushes his trenchcoat down off his arms.  Trembles when Dean opens the buttons of his white shirt.  And Dean is so gentle, so tender, so sweet, constantly asking, “Is this ok?” and “Are you all right,” and looking up into big, blue eyes that are so wide with adoration and love and trust.  

But also when:

–Castiel is a BAMF who has seen humans have sex millions of times over the centuries, and knows every detail of Dean’s biology from having put him back together after he died.  He has no mercy, no mercy at all, and slams Dean up against the wall with his grace like a vengeful spirit, fucks at Dean’s prostate with more grace so he can use one hand to pin Dean’s wrists above his head and another to milk Dean’s cock while he bites Dean’s lips so hard they bleed, and if Dean can bear to open his eyes, just for a second, and look into Castiel’s, they are flashing like a lightning storm.  

Shorties & Dorks

Originally posted by kissabledeanw

Request: Hey, love your writing! I was wondering if a could request a fic where Dean and the reader are that dorky but adorable couple. Like they sing (not very well) in the car together, tell bad jokes, watch movies in sweatpants see who can make a better Mohawk with their hair when in the shower lmao idk, you get the idea. And then at the end he proposes to her? I’m getting bored of fics with stereotypical characters and relationships :P Thanks so much!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever written…

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Ok, but imagine Chuck getting so sick of bringing Cas back that he upgrades him again. Only this time he dubs him a demi-god or an archangel of sorts that can create things from thin air like Gabriel.

But, instead of materializing junk food and women, Cas is always creating more and more creatures to fill the bunker with. Cats. Dogs. Guinea pigs. Panda bears. Dean isn’t sure what’s going on inside Cas’s room, but he’s pretty sure it’s something weird when he finally thinks he hears an elephant on the other side of the door.

House Arrest

Dean Winchester x Reader

2300 Words

Written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  and her rom-com fluff challenge. My prompt was from Ever After: “Are You Putting Me Under House Arrest?”

Story Summary: When a witch’s spell takes a little bit to take hold, you find yourself furiously attracted to Dean. 

Warnings: Almost smut, but not really. I truly have no idea about this, but it’s what wanted to be written.

 “Guys, I don’t think the witch actually hit me with the spell!” You argued as the three of you began cleaning out the Impala. Grabbing your trash along with your bag, you turned to see both Sam and Dean staring at you.

“Y/N, we literally saw her through the orange powder into your face.” Dean insisted. Sighing, you placed your hands on your hips.

“Who says it was a spell? For all we know it could have been Tang, or whatever that nasty old powdered drink was.” You muttered. “But whatever. I’m calling it a night. See you guys in the morning. And first one up has to cook bacon!”

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Coda to 12x11– Regarding Dean. Destiel.

Sam calls Cas as soon as they’re safely back at the bunker. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Cas growls at Sam, stalking across the kitchen to where Dean is nursing a beer. He asks Dean, “How are you feeling?” with some leftover animosity, but Dean recognizes it for what it is: concern. 

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The Backbone of 12x19

There were a lot of things to love about this episode—first and foremost: Castiel coming back, while also finding out that he wasn’t actually getting played by heaven again was awesome. Also seeing how Kelly found faith, and how Dean and Sam found ways around killing was a refreshing twist that I didn’t expect.

My favorite thing of all though was finding out just how deep Dean and Castiel’s relationship really is. Although, it was frustrating at times—how Castiel and Dean bickered and tried to go around one another’s wishes … their tactics in doing so proved the completeness in which they know each other. From how Castiel apparently “played” Dean into giving up the colt, to the ways Dean went about talking Castiel into going with him and Sam—it showed so much trust, and so much history that it just made every moment they spent across from each other, electric.

Also, to find that Dean made Castiel a tape to play in his truck—tape that Castiel obviously listened to? That moment was never shown to us when it first happened, but now that we know about it, we can deduce that there are many moments between Dean and Cas that never graced our screens—moments that prove that Dean wants to share more than just “missions” with the angel. He wants to share the music that he loves, he wants to have long talks, he wants to know where his angel is and that he’s safe—he doesn’t want Cas to ever “go dark” on him. He wants him around.

Then, when Dean thought that Castiel was on the brink of death, he reached out to him and screamed “no!” His pain and hopelessness in that moment was apparent in his voice, because at that moment, someone who he cares about very deeply was about to be lost to him. Yes, he cried out for the loss of the colt too, but that was a cry of anger while he watched the thing melt to pieces. He cried out in pain before Castiel was about to be taken away. One was gone and that was upsetting—but just the idea of his angel being taken away was going to wreck Dean, and he couldn’t bear to see it.

Dean and Castiel’s relationship was the absolute backbone that kept this episode upright. Their worries, their cares, their compassion was all highlighted through one another, and that was just the most beautiful thing I could have ever hoped to see.