Dean was reaching for the second flowered bandaid on his face when he heard footsteps to his right and looked to see you headed his way.

“Y/N,” he said, relief evident just in saying your name. “Maybe you can help me fill in the gaps here. What happened to the djinn? Could’ve sworn I had the son of a bitch and then it must’ve knocked me out.”

“The djinn? Were you guys playing doctor for monsters?”

“Playing doctor…? I’m sorry, what?” Dean asked. You stopped in front of him, reached out and ran your finger gently over the bandaid on his forehead with a smile. His skin felt electric where you’d touched it and he watched you with rapt attention.

“Seems like our firstborn is a natural caregiver, generous on the bandaids,” you said. 

“Our firstborn?” Dean asked, eyebrows raised. You laughed softly, face drawn a bit in concern.

“About yea high,” you said, holding your hand to your hip. “Has your eyes. Looks at you like you’re her personal superhero. I believe you’ve met. Are you ok?”

Dean ran a hand over his still-flower-bandaged face, nodding absently.

“The djinn,” he said quietly. 


He snapped his eyes back to you and noticed now that you had your hand on his forearm. His heart sped some at the small contact and he nodded at you. Not the real you, to be sure, but a version the djinn had created. And a version of you who was looking at Dean with an expression born from so much adoration and, at the moment, worry, that Dean forgot for a moment that he couldn’t stay with this version of you forever.

“I’m ok,” he said, fixing his eyes on yours. You slid your hand down to twine with his.

“You sure?” you asked. He nodded again and gave your hand a squeeze.

“I’m sure.”


Imagine a Djinn Creating a World In Dean’s Mind In Which He’s Married To You With Kids

More gif imagines!

More djinn dream!Dean here!

Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 25 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden

Word count: 6,086

Warnings: Angst, implied smut

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

You arrive at the Wicnhesters’ house and finally meet Sam’s family. All your nerves fade away in an instant and you think you will have a peaceful week. Leave it to Dean to once again prove you wrong and make this as hard as possible.

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9 Part 10 l Part 11 l Part 12 l Part 13 l Part 14 l Part 15 l Part 16 l Part 17 Part 18 l Part 19 l Part 20 l Part 21 l Part 22 l Part 23 l Part 24

You fidgeted with your hands all the way to Sam’s parents’ house. It wasn’t the worry you had over meeting them that had you on edge anymore. It was the fact that Dean had refused to come with you, but later on his own. You were not going to believe that he just had things to take care of with the garage. It was a lame excuse and you knew it. Sam did as well, and wouldn’t buy any of it. What Sam didn’t know about though was what had happened- or at least almost happened between you and Dean the previous day. You couldn’t help but think that it had to do with that though. Hell you were scared he would do something reckless, push you away or maybe something worse.

“He was totally lying.” Sam said through pursed lips and for the first time during this long ride you looked at him.

“You think?” you asked in a low voice and he nodded his head a little.

“I mean-” he ran a hand through his hair “-he tried to seem believable but it was all so fake. Like what the heck does he have to do with the garage at this time? And he had plenty of time yesterday too.” he clenched his jaw, shaking his head.

“Sam” you whispered, taking hold of his hand. You could see how this was worrying him more than it should. In a way that showed how he knew or felt something. That deep down he knew it had something to do with… you.

It made panic rise up inside you and you gave his hand a squeeze. You didn’t want Sam to doubt about you, in no way.

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Deserving You: Part 5

Previous Parts

Pairing(s): Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Prompt: Sam has to stay late for work on the day Dean comes to town. He invites Y/N to dinner and gives her interesting news.

Tags: fluff, fluuuuuffffff, seriously this is just angst and fluff

Words: 1791

Note: Please let me know what you think :)

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Imagine falling asleep on Castiel in the impala:

(Reader is 4-5 years old) 

Your head fell, your eyes drooping. It was a long night and you and your older brothers Sam and Dean were bringing you home from the diner. It was nine, way past your bedtime and every few seconds you would yawn. 

The sound of wings filled the impala and Castiel appeared in the back, next to you. He smiles your way and you return it with a tired one. “ Whats up Cas? “ Dean asks looking in the review mirror at him. “ I wanted to check in on you, make sure everything was going all right. “ Cas says glancing over at you, watching you yawn. We were only getting dinner, “ Sam says smiling. Right when Cas was about to reply he felt something fall in his lab. He looks down seeing your head on his lap, asleep. He tilts his head, “ Is this normal, “ Cas asks looking over to Sam and Dean. Sam laughs, “ Yeah Cas, its pretty normal, “ 

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Dean × Cas -Plead the Fifth (Dean’s lullaby) by Angle Dove on YouTube Seriously guys this person has amazing edits of Supernatural, yall should check her out.

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#DEANinMNL - Meet & Greet

There are two ways on how you can get a chance to win a Meet & Greet opportunity with DEAN:
a. On Show Day (August 6 from 10am until 5pm only)
Twelve (12) lucky winners from those who will purchase “130 Mood : TRBL” for Php 495.00 at SM SKYDOME (August 6) will be drawn on the day of the show by 6:30pm. You will get one (1) raffle stub when you purchase at the show venue. 

b. Spotify (50 Winners)
Here’s how 

*Strictly NO personal photos, NO selfies, NO signing of any items. There will be an Official Photographer during the M&G session. Photos will be done in groups of ten (10) and will be uploaded on MCA Music’s Official Facebook Page.

No one gets left behind ~Supernatural~

You are in an abusive relationship but one night things get out of hand. You are beaten to a pulp, made to feel weak, inferior, fat and ugly. You thought the Winchesters would think of you the same way. But they couldn’t and never would. 

Warnings: Self hate and mentions of the abusive relationship and what the boyfriend had done to her. 


You stumbled to your motel room. Your feet barely keeping your body up. Your sides hurt, your head was pounding and your cheek was already forming a massive purple-pink bruise. The two brother’s flashed in your head and you found yourself hoping and praying that the two Winchesters were sleeping. They can’t see you like this. You had finally persuaded Dean to visit your home town again but your boyfriend- he was different. He suddenly had no interest in respecting you as a person, your boundaries and your safety. It has been a week of this but tonight was the last. He had finally done the thing that made you fear him and made you run. 

He had beaten you. Upon you saying no to sex- he had beaten you and left you. Your eyes were stinging struggling to see without contact lenses and there was no way you were going back to get your glasses- not back to that hell. You finally saw the Impala and stumbled towards it. The light of the motel neon sign finally letting you see some damage that was done to you. 

You had picked up a few since you last left and your boyfriend didn’t like that. Deeming you as ugly and fat. You swallowed hard at the tears tugging at your eyes. It was silly really. It was just so demeaning and detrimental to how you felt about yourself especially after tonight. He had been the best thing that had ever happened to you- you never even did the deed before you left with the Winchesters but upon arriving it seemed like all he wanted to do was that. You weren’t ready, after tonight you’ll never be ready. 

You leaned on the Impala. You were almost there. That is when you realised no lights were on in the little motel room and you breathed a sigh of relief. You walked the extra few metres and slowly opened the door. The old door’s creaking impossibly loud in the dead silence of the night. Your weak eyes caught Dean’s sleeping figure on the couch as you silently closed the door. Sam was probably in one of the two rooms. You leaned against the old door. You were safe and you were home and home nowadays was wherever the hell the Winchester brothers were. You slowly but surely made your way to the bathroom. Upon entering you flicked on the light and closed the door. 

You were afraid to stand in front of the mirror. You didn’t want to face what he had done to you. But you forced yourself to and it was so much worse than you expected it to be. Clenching onto your side you took in your broken facial features. Your lip was swollen and had traces of blood on the right side. Your left eye was bruised and the skin was broken open at the top of your left eye blood leaking down your temple. You silently burst out into tears- sobbing. You lifted your loose camisole and your ribs were a range of blue and purples. You cried even more dropping your shirt. 

You clenched onto the sink and heard someone’s alarm clock go off. Shit you thought. It was Dean. Was it really already 5 in the bloody morning? He was going to see you. He was going to see you like this. He’s probably going to leave you here. For being weak. Fat. Ugly even. Then you heard him moving on the couch. Your head screamed things at you but your feet were stuck to the ground as you stared at the door. He was going to leave you. He and Sam was going to leave you here in this shit hole. Sam is going to shake his head in disappointment and hide things he truly wanted to say to you. The footsteps started. You clenched your eyes closed the tears not seizing. 

“Sam wake up!” Dean’s groggy voice thundered. You heard him flicking on lights. You knew it was the bathroom next. He didn’t knock seeing as you weren’t home in the last two days. He opened the door the creak sending a shiver up your spine. Then he swung the door open. You briefly seeing Sam pouring water in the kitchen setup the motel room had, then Dean’s eyes landed on you. 

His mouth fell open and his eyes widened like it never did. Those green orbs taking in you- all of you. 

“Y/N what in the bloody hell happened?” he thundered, running over to you. He gently started touching your chin, scanning the injuries on your face. 

“Sam get the emergency kit now” he thundered and that is when you saw Sam staring at you in horror and quickly scattering away to find the kit. 

“Dean I’m so sorry. I’m so weak and I couldn’t protect myself” you sobbed as Dean’s brows shot up in confusion. “I’m not strong- I’m fat ugly and worthless and I wouldn’t blame you if you leave me in this shitty town alright?” You said, pushing his hands off you. Anger crossed his face and then complete carelessness. 

“Sit your ass down here, now” he ordered as Sam came running in with the kit. You slowly sunk onto the closed toilet as Dean expertly opened the kit. Sam scanning your face. Your hand was still pressed on your side and he noticed but he wore a odd facial expression. 

“I’m so sorry” you repeated again and that is when Dean’s facial expression softened again. Sam being the one for words took this time to speak, 

“Hey don’t you dare apologise. We’re going to clean you up. Your going to take us to whoever did this to you and we are going to sort him out- with your boyfriend there to see what they did to you” Sam stated, handing Dean gauge as he was dabbing off dried blood. Your face dropped then and not even Dean tried lifting it. 

“Y/N who did this to you?” Dean asked this time. Your eyes shifted and you looked at the boys in front of you. 

“Your going to think I’m weak, and stupid and I already feel shit about myself alright I don’t need you both looking at me like I’m weak and can’t take care of myself” You stated your lip getting in the way of you properly forming some words. 

“Y/N just stop!” Dean exclaimed. “Me and Sam are not going to leave you behind, we are not going to think your weak, or ugly or fat or whatever you are feeling about yourself right now alright? We care and love you so much Y/N.” Dean explained his eyes soft but his expression hard and informative. 

Sam nodded, “Tell us who did this Y/N” 

Your eyes filled up with tears. “It…it…was….Brad” you finally blurted your boyfriend’s name. Dean’s facial expression went lethal and Sam stormed out of the bathroom. 

“I swear I’m going to fucking kill him when I get my hands on him” Dean cussed as he gently cleaned the wounds. Sam had come back a handgun comfortable in his jean. 

“What else did he do Y/N?” Dean slowly came as Sam gave him some instructions on what to put on the cut above your eye. You swallowed. 

“Tell us Y/N c’mon it is just us” Sam reassured, bending down next to Dean. Your bruised hands were shaking and you didn’t want to tell them, but you knew that they were going to get it out of you one way or another. 

“He told me I was fat and ugly” you pathetically admitted. “I know it’s not bad but-” Dean had cut you off. 

“He can’t talk to you that way Y/N- no matter what he is going through because he is just fucking telling lies” 

Sam extended his hand to rest on my knee. 

“What happened when he started hitting you?” 

You swallowed harshly again. 

“Okay so we never slept together and when we got back here it was all he wanted to do and I just kept telling him I wasn’t ready and that I wasn’t ready-” the tears started falling again but Dean was gently wiping them away as he cleaned your face. “Until last night when he lost it” 

Deans face tensed up and he looked at Sam. Sam closed his eyes inhaling deeply. 

“Y/N did he- you know- force himself onto you?” Sam questioned. 

“No, no. I stopped him but he just kept hitting me” 

Dean closed the kit and looked at you with sympathetic eyes. Both of them stood up and Dean noticed he missed something as you stood up slightly groaning clenching onto your side. As swift as Dean was you didn't expect him to lift your camisole as swiftly as he did. You flinched and Sam’s eyes widened gently placing a hand on your hip in a platonic way. 

“Holy shit” Dean breathed in horror. 

“How could he do this to you?” Sam whispered to no one on particular.

“I’m going to fuck this kid up so bad he won’t be able to see his injuries until weeks after” Dean growled lowly. 

“Just help me to bed, please” you whispered and Sam jogged away. Most likely clearing the junk off your bed. Dean had your arm around his shoulders in an instant and slowly you made progress until you were standing in your room. Sam a few painkillers in hand with a glass of water. When you finally drunk the painkillers after protest and Dean and Sam made sure you were comfortable the  sleep had overcame you. You were in and out as Sam and Dean was discussing something. 

“We both go- this bastard deserves what he is going to get” Dean had muttered and Sam said something along the lines of not wanting to leave you alone. Dean had finally agreed and a few seconds after the Impala roared to life in the distance. The painkillers were really taking their toll but Sam- Sam was still moving around the little motel room. You were scared for Brad because you had never seen so angry before. But before anything else came to your mind- you fell asleep. Not with Brad pressuring you. But the Winchesters cherishing, nursing, loving and caring for you now matter what happens. 

Don’t get me wrong on this one as I love both, but I feel like Jooyoung fans all went to Dean. It’s strange but that’s how I see it, maybe because I miss Jooyoung so much. Moreover he’s doing some active duties if I get it right (as he’s posting on IG again and was at Mad Clown’s wedding he’s not in the army anymore). Anyway I just wish them the best, I’m proud of Dean and I can’t wait to hear Jooyoung’s voice again.

Roommates Part 11 - Cheerleader Tryouts.

The reader trys out for the squad!

And this is only just beginning and we´re already at part 11, where is this supposed to go? :O

Read the other Parts here: Part 1,Part 2, Part 3,Part 4,Part 5, Part 6,Part 7,Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

I have to warn you though, this is going to be full of clichés, weird coincidences and all in all the flufflyest fluff in the world of fluff, paired with the occasional smut.

If that´s your thing, than have fun reading Room D103

When you arrive at college, everything is supposed to change. You want to become a new person, leave behind the things that happened to you in your hometown and try to make some new friends and fit in.
But what happens if you end up with a roommate, who is not only a guy, but also a handsome football player/most annoying jerk on the whole planet?

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mean girls

Length: 998 Words

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“(Y/N) Jason”, you heard one of the cheerleaders call and you got up from the grass you had been sitting on to walk over and shake the brown haired girls hand.
She was smiling in a weird way, not exactly mean, but definitely strange, and you immediately knew that you had to be careful around her, but you had known people like her before and you figured you would manage.
“Hi, I´m Meg, I´m the leader of the squad and I´ll make the decisions here, just so you know”, she said now and you nodded, a not surprised by her tough statement.
“I´m (Y/N), but you already knew that. I used to be a cheerleader back in high school”, you stated, just because you felt like it was your place to say something.
The girl beside Megan giggled lightly and Meg herself raised her eyebrows: “Well, good for you, but I´m only interested what you do today, not what you did when you wore braces and pretended to date your fake boyfriend in Florida, so go on.”
You had almost blushed, but just almost and instead of running off, which you should have probably done, you just shrugged and took a few steps back before inhaling deeply and beginning the short routine you had planned out in your head the past couple of days.
You tried not to look at the cheerleaders who stared at you with raised, perfectly plucked, eyebrows and instead warily focused on the footballers who were practicing on the other side of the field.
Dean had to be among them but you couldn´t make him out and you had to smile when you thought about the fact that the mood between the two of you had increased a lot since he had seen you dancing.
You were back to talking and he even sat with you in class again yesterday.
You liked the peace that it had brought, even though you still felt hella awkward about what had happened, but if he wasn´t going to mention it, neither were you.
Then you couldn´t think about this anymore because you had to do a backflip now and you hadn´t done that in almost a year but luckily you still managed and finished in your end position, split on the ground, and smiled up at the others before bouncing back to your feet, heavily breathing but feeling like you had done good.
A look at the others confirmed your thoughts: Meg was still raising one eyebrow, but in an appreciating way and the other girls where either silently staring at you or whispering something.
“Backflip. Impressive. Looks like you actually learned something back in highschool. Listen, there are still a few people to got but I would like for you to wait for our final decision.”
You nodded without saying anything and then went to the only other girl that hadn´t been sent home immediately, a sophomore who had been one of the first to try out.
In an attempt to be friendly you gave her a smile but she only frowned at you and then pretended to have something important to do on your phone.
Bitch, you thought.

It only took the other three girls twenty minutes to try out and when Meg had sent the last of them away, she looked over to where you and the other girl were sitting: “Common (Y/N), we´re doing the first practice right now.”
You tilted your head but before you could ask if she was really saying what you thought she was saying, the other girl jumped up: “What about me?”
The cheerleaders started to laugh and Meg just smirked mockingly: “Sorry who were you again?”
“Alex”, the girl said and you had seen enough of scenes like this to know that Alex was in for something humiliating.
“Well listen Alex, you are welcome to remain in the stands and watch (Y/N) doing it better than I doubt you ever could or you could do the smart thing and just go home to your dorm and burn your hideous extensions, what do you think?”
For a second Alex was just gaping at Meg, then she turned around to run away and you were sure that you had seen tears in her eyes.
You knew right there and then that this was the worst place for you to be, but you couldn´t help but feel some kind of strange satisfaction about winning this, about not being the one made fun of.
About belonging to something while other´s were outsiders.
You knew this feeling and you knew it was dangerous.
But when Meg called: “Are you coming or what?”, you threw every concern and most likely all your common sense over board, not realizing that you were about to become exactly what you had been running away from after all.

When you returned to D103 you were sweaty but happy.
Dancing again had been wonderful and the other girls had been surprisingly nice considering.
You entered your dorm, finding Dean standing in the middle of the room, just putting his bag down and looking just as sweaty as you did.
Right, he had been at practice too.
“Hi”, you said with a certain happiness in your voice you hadn´t felt in a while.
He turned around, took in your appearance and smiled: “Hi. You look like you had a hell lot of fun.”
You nodded: “I did. The tryouts were great. And the first official practice was too.”
His smile grew wider and he tilted his head: “Wait, you got in?”
“Yes!”, you shouted and impulsively jumped in to hug him.
Obviously surprised he stumbled back but still caught you.
“Thanks for making me do this”, you said and when he whispered: “Anytime”, you realized that you were still hugging him.
Quickly you pulled back and blushed lightly, but when you looked into his sparkling green eyes, you knew that things finally were a little bit more alright.

Dark Room Pt 2

Part 1

Dean x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there are any? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Word Count: 2,192

A/N: You don’t have to read the first part to be able to read this one, but, as always, it’s recommended.

Tagging: @raeganr99, @deanwinchester-af, @plaidandwhiskeydean, @ellen-reincarnated1967, @ruined-by-destiel, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @waywardlullabies, @winchesterprincessbride, @tiffanycaruso, @daydreamingintheimpala

Hunting with Sam and Dean had become your past time ever since the hospital. You knew the reason they wanted you around at first was because you were the only person who could talk to their family, but then after Mary and John went quiet, they still kept you around, this time because they loved you. And try as you may, you couldn’t not love them back. They let you help on hunts, spirits are very talkative when they’re needed so it made hunts marginally easier.

All of you were still on edge about the fact that Satan was returning and were clueless about when and where and why, but you forgot as time passed.  

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