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okay so pretty much all queer people are familiar with the whole idea of gaydar but did you know it was actually a product in japan?

“In the early 2000s, an electronic device based on the Japanese Lovegety wireless dating device was marketed as ‘Gaydar’, and reported on widely in the media.[29][30] This was a key-chain sized device which would send out a wireless signal, alerting the user via a vibration, beep or flash when a similar device was within 12 m (40 ft). This let the user know that a like-minded person was nearby.” (x)

imagine if there was a gaydar charm you could cast which would somehow alert you (like tingling fingers… or other bits) when you were within a distance of another witch, wizard or nonbinary magical person who had also cast the charm.

imagine dean and seamus both casting the gaydar charm without telling each other and then thinking they had done it wrong bc it wouldn’t stop signalling but really they were just never more than 40 ft apart (kinda like how ron thought his sneakoscope was broken but it was just detecting scabbers). imagine dean realising what might be happening and plucking up the courage to ask seamus. imagine them laughing about it after but never removing the charm because they love knowing that their boyfriend is always close by.

joharvellism -> dorkmccall

just thought i’d let y’all know! the facts are these:


why not tho

what does this mean for your involvement in the spn fandom?

nothing really. i’m still going to be reblogging a few spn posts and i still love jo. but it was really time for a change and spn is getting really problematic for me personally but… them’s the breaks sometimes.

r u a teen wolf blog now

not really? still multi-fandom. but count on as many or more teen wolf posts yeah yes i am trash total and utter trash

can i have joharvellism?


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Deamus soulmates au???

Dean knew there was something about the Irish boy two rows in front of him. In first year, when they met on the train, they talked like they were best friends. By fifth year they were inseparable. Even now, in their seventh year at Hogwarts, Dean felt something different when he saw Seamus. And when he kissed him on the cheek, they both knew it was meant to be.