Mattie walked through the forest with her bag slung over her shoulder. She had been in a mission for a week now, with no success in catching her target. She had gotten close…but hadn’t managed to catch him yet. She was almost to to the edge of the forest where she would then cross into a village. However, a sound of a branch snapping nearby caught her attention and she quickly pulled out her knife.

deamhan said: sorry if this sounds dumb but do they keep in a good state in that glass bottle? like dont wear down or w.e cos i kinda wanna do the same too.

Its not dumb at all!
I’ve never really tried putting them in a glass bottle before (as opposed to pinning them for display. this is my first in a bottle) so I’m not 100% sure on this, so this is going to be kind of an educated guess based on insect pinning.
Sometimes insects can have an infestation of some sort that eat down on their bodies, so if youre not sure you can put them in the freezer for a few days (I wouldnt do over a week cause they can dehydrate) and itll kill anything on it.
For bug pinning people just pin the bugs down and they dry like that and are fine. Im sure the bee or any other bug in a glass jar would be perfectly fine as well