Wherever you are in the world, you’ll be aware that 2012 is fast approaching (especially if you live in Samoa or Tokelau), and so with this in mind, I’d like to thank you all for supporting John Mayer Confessions since its beginning in August of this year. The support and love for John Mayer has been overwhelming and humbling to witness. Thank you all so much. I cannot wait to continue the blog throughout 2012 (with the release of Born and Raised and the following tour) and beyond.

After an amazing 2011, I’d like to share with you some amazing blogs dedicated to John Mayer. It’s not quite a Follow Friday, more so blogs that are must-follows for 2012.

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And, of course, the man himself: jhnmyr
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I wish you all the best for your remaining hours of 2011 and the safest transition into 2012… PARTY ON!!

I swear John Mayer fans are just one big melting pot! There are so many fans from different cultures that follow us. Take a couple minutes of your time to read why dealwiththesituation is a JM fan.. He doesn’t have it as easy as most of us do. You’re an inspiration! Remember you can always come here for some JM appreciation <3

Well, then… Why am I a John Mayer fan?

First I’ll tell you a story; it’s something unusual and foreign to the life you live, so I think you will like to read this.

I live in… Peru. Can you imagine it? Here John Mayer is nobody. Hey, do you know who John Mayer is? Ummm, no. People are always listening to this popular genre in Latin America called Latin Pop, and if not, the electro music and electro pop. The thing is that, I’m the only person I know who is a real John Mayer Fan. If I know somebody who knows about him or likes his music a bit, it’s because of me. But the majority of the people think I’m gay because I listen to it, and they don’t even know about it.

The thing about that is that I don’t care what others think/say about me. So, I’ll start with the first song I heard, and the story. I used to be a great fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then, when the guitarist, John Frusciante left the group, the band got another guitarist, this is Josh Klinghoffer, I knew nothing about him, and so I searched on Wikipedia. I found no music samples of him so I watched related artists. John Frusciante, X, John Mayer.

I clicked that John Mayer and found a big Wikipedia article about John Mayer (I’m talking about August 2010). Then I heard Belief. That left me quite an impression, I loved it. After it, I wanted to hear some more songs from him, because everybody knows, there are many artists who have only one hit. Then I listened to Gravity, I thought I got the message of the song and I also liked it. Then, I heard “No Such Thing”. I was crying, really felt identified with that song. I was like: Are you sure I haven’t written this song? (Because I used to write songs, I had a Rock Band, oh and btw, they hated John Mayer).

I had utorrent in those times, to get music albums. Again, John Mayer is nobody here, so you’re really lucky if you find any CD of his. I downloaded Continuum, heard it 5 times, then Heavier Things and Room for Squares. A long time after, I downloaded Battle Studies because I didn’t even know about the existence of that album.

Now, I bought my CDs in a trip to the US. I have also where the light is. I didn’t found any given Thursday or Room for Squares at Dimple’s (Sacramento, CA). So I don’t own them. I consider myself the biggest John Mayer fan in Peru, because I lend my CDs to others, just for them to experience. I receive comments like “Gay, Boring or I just don’t like it”. I hope one day, John Mayer is known here, so he can come.