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Okay so weird thought that just came to me: Kylo feels a misguided compassion for Snoke.

Snoke blames his deformity on The New Republic according to Andy Serkis. We also know that Ben dealt with a neglect that he partially blamed on the cause of the Rebellion.

So this predator figure whose unfathombly strong with the force reaches out and befriends a neglected and confused kid. What story does he use to begin gaining sympathy ? Well, the story of an immensely powerful force user who is condemned and tormented by the New Republic makes perfect sense to use against a child who can probably see himself in that story.

I imagine that Snoke could weave a biased tale to Kylo. He would prey upon Kylo’s compassion for those who are similar to him. We see Kylo latch onto Rey against his better judgment simply because he sees vague hints of an uncommonality in her abilities.

That’s why Snoke has to surround Kylo with people who are not like him. He puts foils like Hux and the whole First Order next to Kylo so that he finds no commanlity and always turns back to Snoke. I think this is also a potential reason the Knights of Ren are nowhere to be found.

liam james payne had to be revived the day he was born, spent the first seven years of his life in and out of hospital due to a lack of knowledge as to what was wrong, had a disfunctional kidney until he was 18, dealt with bullying all throughout schooling, got rejected on the x factor and was subjected to even more bullying for being that “x factor reject”, became the poster child of abuse from fans when he was in one direction, who he carried on his back for seven years mind you, dealt with fat shaming, an eating disorder, alcoholism and depression, opened up about said issues THREE times in the last three years and had each and every single time get brushed off in favor of pitying the others, had a fanbase abandon him when his solo material wasn’t “up to their standard for him” because he was “wasting his talent” and still managed to come out on top, able to find his own happiness, conquer his demons, and still have a successful solo debut despite the constant negativity that’s always surrounded him. he’s kept a smile on his face no matter what he’s dealt with, works constantly with charities without looking for press to talk about it and give him some praise, continuously interacts with fans and makes them feel special and? i’m just so, so proud of him and i hope he knows that despite all of the shit he continues to be a constant source of happiness for so many people.

I get worried for Jeongin a lot.

His confidence has been tanking episode after episode, he most likely still has to deal with school and family life alongside the show, and on top of that he’s at the age where he’s still developing everything, whether it be emotional, mental, or physical.

I’m five months younger than him and I can barely take it sometimes. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard he has it right now.

He has all of his hyungs there for him, but judging by the way he dealt with aegyo I think he’s probably the type of guy to not want to open up about his emotions or his problems.

I hope he gets his confidence back, or that maybe the OT9 all has a giant group hug and bakes him a thousand cakes.

He derserves the world <3

hey guess WHAT if you see someone posting about an eating disorder you should....

Not be a piece of shit and go behind their back and try to get them blacklisted by people. Nor should you tell them you’re GIVING PEOPLE EATING DISORDERS.


Get over yourself and mind your own fucking business,e sp if they tag it. Unfollow them if it bothers you!!!!! BUT TELLING A VICTIM OF A VERY REAL DISORDER THAT THEY’RE MAKING PEOPLE DEVELOP EATING DISORDERS, ESP AS A MINOR STRUGGLING WITH THEIR OWN, YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING ASHAMED.

If anyone should be blacklisted? It’s fucking you. Go fuck yourself.

Esp if you’re a minor dragging another minor to hell, go. fuck. yourself.

my friend who has dealt with a lot of abusive, shitty guys is finally dating someone who is treating her well, and she’s like in shock that he stopped by her house last night to give her gifts just cuz - she’s legit overcome with amazement and joy and disbelief

it’s like men, impressing ur gf is not hard - the bar is set so low, you make even a little effort to do something nice and women are shook

The Moon and the Silver Eyes

I’ve been thinking more about the concept of Summer Rose and the moon of Remnant (original post here), and I think I figured something more out that can reinforce the idea. 

And that is that the moon is the key behind the powers of the silver-eyed warriors.  (Think of it like how waterbenders in Avatar draw power from the moon and are at their strongest at night and on a full moon; this point will come up later)

Going off the theory that Summer Rose became the moon through Ozpin, the fact that silver-eyed warriors powers came from the moon makes things make sense and interesting. 

Salem and her faction know about silver-eyed warriors and what they’re capable of, and that they’ve dealt with them before. At one point there must have been many more silver-eyed warriors. With a lot, they would no doubt pose a severe threat to Salem. So she slowly wiped them out over time, until Salem turned to another method to make sure they couldn’t pose a threat to her anymore, or possibly one warrior in particular

Summer Rose

Yang described Summer as “Supermom”; baker or cookies and slayer of giant monsters. Ozpin had his eye on Summer and the rest of STRQ their entire time at Beacon, and more than likely had his guidance, especially Summer whether she discovered her powers or Ozpin revealed them to her. Now assuming that Ruby is just like her mom in personality, Summer probably was eager to train her powers; another way for her to help people and be a hero. 

Summer ends up being one of the strongest silver-eyed warriors ever seen. She stays aligned with Ozpin in the fight against Salem. She wants to protect her family. She knows her mission and role is a dangerous one, one where she has to continually reassure Tai and her daughters that she’ll be okay and come home. She’s so powerfully strong, so she would have to be okay.

But Salem, by knowledge she already has or discovers, goes after the source of power for the silver-eyed warriors to make them easier to destroy: the moon. Ozpin discovers this and immediately goes with Summer, Qrow, and possibly even Raven to stop it. During the battle (of after), Salem begins to succeed in blacking out/destroying the moon. It begins to break apart and shatter. Summer tries to use her powers to stop it, but it isn’t enough, and with it breaking she’s losing power.  Knowing about Ozpin’s giving Qrow and Raven the ability to transform, Summer makes a choice and lets Ozpin combine his power with hers to transform into the moon and save it. Summer sacrifices herself to prevent the moon from being destroyed. 

She’s broken about making her choice though. She broke her promise that she’d always come home and is leaving her family and friends behind. She’s shattered by her own sacrifice, but feels she doesn’t have a choice and it’s what she has to do. As the transformation ends, the moon now has a shattered appearance and phases.

Now with the moon being the key behind the silver-eyes, I want to point out again how Ruby is placed in front of a full moon in her trailer and in the early openings before the silver-eye powers were revealed

We have all these shots with Ruby and a full moon, but we haven’t really seen a full moon in the show yet, except for during the fight against Roman’s Paladin in V2. 

And it seemed a strange to me how specific Adam’s time of the attack on Haven Academy is: the night of the last full moon before the fall semester. Now many people have questioned why Ruby’s powers haven’t been touched on since their revealment, but V5 could be shaping up to the reason why, especially if this theory stands true. We are learning more about Ozpin and that he has many more secrets than what we have already learned. 

Many of RWBY’s songs involve something about the moon (shattering, sadly watch the roses dies, etc). One I will specifically point out is an early version of Die from before the full V2 soundtrack was released where the lyrics are slightly different from the final version. 

With the specific date of an attack on Haven during a full moon, and 14 episodes promising big things to happen in the volume, I think that if/when the attack happens, Ruby will be able to channel her powers again and not wholly by overwhelming emotions because the moon being at its fullest and making her powers stronger. 

Sentence Prompt

“I’m scared,” 

“I know,” 

“He’s there, in my head. Get him out.” 

“You have to get him out yourself, Rey. I know you can do it.” 

“How long have you dealt with this?” 

“Since birth,” 

“I didn’t know,” 

“It’s fine.” 

“No it’s not… if I had known I wouldn’t have called you a monster.” 

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Why do think black people love dragon ball z so much?

Why single out Black people?

Anyhow, I think Dragon Ball Z resonates with a lot of people, especially men of color. I think a lot of us, especially Black men have some anger in their life but DBZ doesn’t teach the idea that anger is bad.

When the Z-fighters get angry, they power up to levels beyond their normal capacity and are able to defeat their enemies. Sure, each of the characters deal with anger in different ways but anger is an untapped power that can be used in constructive ways.

Everyone loves Goku but personally, I really like Gohan (especially when he goes Ultimate/Mystic) and Future Trunks. Gohan dealt with anger his whole life and in the DBZ series, I believe he is the strongest unfused character. But it’s watching him grow throughout the series that makes me relate to him. As for Future Trunks, he has a really sad backstory and it just resonates.

Other people have different opinions and ideas about the DBZ series but this is just my personal take on it.

Angry Asian Guy

I’m thinking that once again the wizard fic is an allegory for the real aventures in the story. Let’s see:

  • Beatrix is the only sane woman who prefers the simpler adventures to the current personal drama, so that’s Roxy.
  • Russet prefers simply shooting any obstacle that gets in his way, so that’s Jake.
  • If anybody is going to be a sleeper agent like Grant, it’s got to be Jane, given her connection to the Condesce
  • And I guess that leaves Herbert as the quiet man of action like Dirk.

Also, “When you’re dealt a shit sandwich, why go to war over who baked the bread,” is just a great line.


Hannibal 2x05 AU 

With Hannibal and Will accusing each other, Crawford needs someone else who could help with the investigations, someone who had already dealt with not common minds. Already on her tracks, he contacts Bedelia. She’s hesitant but she knows she has to come back sooner or later and probably can’t refuse an official convocation. Together they visit the hospital, after a chat with Gideon and Chilton about what he may or may not overheard about his patients, her timing is just perfect to rescue Hannibal from a bad fate. 

In the scuffle with Matthew, Hannibal has lost a lot of blood and hit his head, reason why he’s hospitalized for a few days. She stands by his side, making sure he’s okay. In the haze of medication, the world around him is blurred while he comes in and out of sleep, nevertheless, he can feel her presence. She’s not there when he fully wakes up but he never forgets an act of loyalty.

When he knocks at her door, Bedelia doesn’t know what to expect. However this time there are no weapons or sharp metaphors in his arms, just a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

For @electric-couple prompt

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Related Azula question! How do you see the depiction of Azula's mental break being depicted as evil madness as opposed to a more complex and realistic mental illness? It seemed pretty sympathetic to me, in that she experienced a time of increasing stress and rejected her mother (symbolizing love, specifically her love for her brother) in favor of power and fear, which is the pattern Ozai has taught her. So, I guess I'm asking, how could her mental illness have been dealt with better?

I think the show made it really realistic, the comics are what failed her. First of all, Zuko had Azula locked up and never visited her. Iroh never visited. Her friends never visited. It was clear on the show that she had a mental break due to Ozai’s conditioning and abuse; she was inherently evil, yet those surrounding her, treated her like she was. Allowing Azula visits from the people close to her would have been a great place to start in her mental healing. 

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I don’t like it because it means drama amd someone could get hurt (also the season could end on a cliffhanger) but on the other hand I absolutely love it because finally this bitch gets dealt with and Mac looks so awesome and badass here I dunno😂😂

Either way I’m really excited😂

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So now that the show directly tacked Kara's trauma, do you think we'll finally get to see more of Alex's? I feel like they just let us see little sneak peeks of that, like her drinking which Kara openly acknowledged in this weeks episode. Or like Alex failing Calc, then we're offered that tiny little could-be explanation by Kenny "she just misses her dad". Also Eliza acknowledging that she would pretend to be okay.

I think we might get some bits and pieces, but at the end of the day the focus of this show is still on how Alex is a part of Kara’s journey, and not the other way around.

That said, I actually found the way they depicted Alex dealing with her own emotional issues perfectly consistent with how she’s dealt with them since the very beginning of Season 1.

Alex is an introvert, and – as we’ve been shown numerous times now – she likes her space when something’s bothering her. She’ll spend time wallowing in her own thoughts, but she also fiddles with them like they’re puzzle pieces coming together, and once she figures them out she’s more or less fine and she moves on.

Eliza gets that. Kara … Kara’s impulse is to want to fix, especially because that’s how she’s been avoiding dealing with her own pain. And that’s partly why Alex got mad at her. She wasn’t anywhere near drunk, mean or otherwise, in that scene in their room – she was just saying things Kara didn’t want to hear, and that Alex had been holding off saying for months.

Re: Alex failing Calculus – I actually found the brief “she misses her dad” a sufficient explanation, because we’ve already seen, multiple times, how Alex reacts to mentions of her father and the circumstances surrounding his death. Not only that, we saw clear emotional parallels between flashback!Alex and her current adult self – she’s in the same depressed space, and she’s reacting more or less the same way: by lashing out at the people who push her buttons.

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Also, another reason that Roger still sucks (and is the worst parent we've met of the main cast) is that it took him chopping off his thumb for him to tell Jake that he had siblings. The sibling thing is most likely a joke that won't be seriously dealt with, but in addition to Roger being a crappy dad to Jake he also took away the option for Jake to have a relationship with his siblings for all these years.


Watching the young boy, Aoba, for a while, Shinra said with a cool smile. 

“You‘re a lot like Orihara Izaya.”

“….Comparing me with that guy is quite unexpected.”
On hearing Orihara Izaya‘s name, Aoba‘s relaxed expression was gone, instead his face showed clear loathing.

Shinra found this reaction satisfying, and still wearing his cold smile he said.  “Yeah, I thought you would hate hearing Izaya‘s name so I especially said it. But not as I expected, you know of Izaya‘s business. Could it be, you’ve suffered from his actions before?”

“……Why would you think that?”

“Because the way you talk is exactly alike. It might be accidentally similar, I believe that you once dealt with him. Your essences are the same so consequently you‘re similar.”

“ ……This is a bit much. Not only the black rider, you also live with her and you know that guy?

Aoba didn‘t answer Shinra‘s earlier question, he simply kept asking his own questions with sharp eyes.

“Ah, because it‘s the same type of hate. You and Izaya are the same, the type that likes to play with the world. So if a guy exactly the same comes out, that‘d be no fun. For people like you guys, you absolutely wouldn’t share the world that you consider your own. For me, as long as my hand can hold onto Celty‘s, it‘s enough.“

“?…….” During the time in which Aoba was trying to figure out what Shinra meant and continue his questioning – 

He suddenly felt pain at his neck and finally understood Shinra‘s intention. He didn‘t know when he took it out, Shinra‘s hand held a sharp scalpel, and the peak of the scalpel pressed against Aoba‘s neck. 

If Shinra used a little more force, the scalpel would easily pierce through Aoba‘s neck and puncture an artery. 

“I‘ll give you a warning.”

Shinra‘s expression didn‘t change. Still wearing a disrespectful smile, like he wasn’t about to take someone‘s life. 

“I don‘t care whatever you and Izaya plan. But, if any of your actions destroy the content life that me and Celty have, then at that time we‘ll become irreconcilable enemies.”

Though his life always had occasions where he was in danger – Aoba has long ago not shown any fear, he simply gazed neutrally at Shinra‘s smiling face. However, it‘s wasn’t that he didn’t feel any fear; this could be seen as sweat coming from his forehead and hands. 

“I see, so the housemate and black rider have that kind of relationship.” In the middle of this tense atmosphere, a shadow appeared between the 2 people and forcefully separated them. 

“Stop, Shinra. It‘d be stupid to become a murderer over such a small matter.”

- Durarara!! Light Novel 8

Yesterday, I finally finished something that I’ve been working on for a while (because oil paint is a bitch and takes around 4 years to dry lol). My best friend Chloë is smart, cultured, loving, and my rock. So I felt like for her birthday, I owed her something from the heart. As she is a religious studies student and has dealt with many obstacles in her life, I decided to paint in Arabic, on canvas, the saying, ‘This too shall pass’. I hope she likes it! 🌻

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I've dealt w a dude who gave me weird vibes before and wouldn't leave me alone. Just be polite when you see him and live your life. Let him down gently and tell him that you appreciate his help, but you'd prefer working it out on your own. Ask him to not text you anymore. If he doesn't, get serious abt it. It's NOT your fault. Good luck!! Sending loads of confidence you way ❤️

Thank you so much :-) and thank you to everyone else who offered advice! You guys gave me the confidence to say something to him… which was uncomfortable for a number of reasons and I’m still not really comfortable with the situation because I got across that I was uncomfortable and he apologized but I couldn’t quite tell him to leave me alone so it ended up more of a “let’s start over”, which isn’t what I wanted but whatever, I feel a little better now although slightly more creeped out as well :-)