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‘Satan’s Daughter’ - The Lillelid Family Murders

Natasha Cornett (18) of Pikeville, Kentucky, could of been the poster child for the disaffected youth of the 90’s - morbid, self-destructive, and heavily into alternative Goth culture, Natasha dealt with the hurt of a difficult childhood by drinking and taking drugs. She was diagnosed with anorexia and bipolar disorder in her mid-teens. Although she was outcast at school, Cornett had a core group of five friends - ranging in age from 14 to 20 - that she wanted to run away with.

On April 6, 1997, six teenagers - including Natasha Cornett - stole a car on a whim and decided to run away from home. Natasha Cornett, alongside Joseph Risner (20), Edward Mullins (19) Crystal Sturgill (18), Jason Bryant (14) and Karen Howell (17) decided to drive to New Orleans and join a vampire coven. However, the car they had was far too small to accommodate six teenagers for a long trip, so the youths decided to steal a van from someone at gunpoint. Two of the group’s members had pistols, and Natasha Cornett carried a knife.

In Tennessee the black-clothed teenagers decided to stake out a rest area frequented by travelling families. After a while, they noticed a blue minivan parked at the rest area - the Lillelid family had been attending a Jehovahs Witness meetup, and their car was perfect for what the gang needed. Natasha Cornett distracted the two Lillelid children - Tabitha (6) and Peter (3) - while the others approached Vidar and Delfina pretending to be interested in their faith. The Lillelids were delighted to share their religion with the teenagers, but their delight soon turned to horror when one of the teenagers pulled a gun and demanded the family get into the van. The terrified children were forced to sit at gunpoint while their parents pled for mercy. Natasha Cornett assured the Lillelid’s that they would be released further down the road, but she knew they could not be allowed to live to identify them.

Stopping in a deserted patch of forest just by the road, the six youngsters got into an argument about whether to kill the children or not. Natasha later claimed she tried to talk her friends out of killing the family, and even stepped in front of the children to protect them. Whatever her stance, it didn’t matter - all four members of the Lillelid family were shot repeatedly in the head at close range. Mr and Mrs Lillelid were killed instantly, but Peter and Tabitha were still alive when the teens piled into the van and fled the scene. As they left, they ran over the bodies of the dead parents, leaving distinct tire imprints that would prove to be a valuable clue.

The bullet-ridden bodies of the Lillelids were discovered just hours later. Miraculously, Peter and Tabitha were still clinging to life when they were found, but sadly Tabitha died of her injuries while en-route to the hospital. Peter Lillelid would eventually pull through and live; he is now blind in one eye and moderately disabled.

The six murderers did not plan their grisly crime very well, and very soon a description of the stolen van was circulating all the Southern states. Desperate, the gang hatched a plan to escape to Mexico, but this became unraveled when a routine license check revealed their vehicle to be wanted immediately in connection to a murder case. All six youths were arrested and charged with theft, kidnapping, and three counts of murder.

Natasha Cornett proclaimed herself to be 'Satan’s Daughter’ during the trial, and claimed the murder was part of a bizarre ritual that she believed would turn her into a vampire. The friends quickly turned on each other to avoid responsibility - five of them accused Jason Bryant of being the one who pulled the trigger, but he alternately named Natasha and Joseph as the shooters. Since it never became clear who actually fired bullets at the Lillelid’s, all six teenagers were found guilty of three counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Natasha Cornett has since claimed she was psychotic during the time the murders were committed, and has filed an appeal.

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Customer shit on one of our motorized carts. And left it. An assistant manager had to literally put bags on it and ride it to the back to be dealt with.

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I just wanted to say that I love this blog! Headcanons have always been one of my favorite parts of fandom, but this one really made me love Undertale more than I already did! As far as my request, I'm pretty sure you've done asks about an s/o who is a Purple Soul, but what about one that suffers from/has dealt with depression for most of their life? Say uh, UT, UF and US Paps? Their reaction? Again, thank you so much for this blog! <3


Mostly his reaction is “Oh same” because contrary to popular belief, Papyrus knows exactly what being depressed is like. There’s a reason he smiles just as much as his brother. But!! He is very proud of you, nonetheless. Your SOUL trait shows just how strong you really are–you’ve managed to make it this far, after all!!! You’re someone with Perseverance in their veins, so keep doing him proud, & keep on pushing through!! He’ll be there to support you every step of the way!!!


Don’t take him for a fool, he knows what you’re going through. Both as a bystander & as an example. His love is a bit more bitter at the edges, mostly an overblown version of “Suck it up & deal with it” because that’s all he’s been doing. He doesn’t know what else to do. Besides, if you’ve made it this far in life, then what do you have to worry about? You’re strong, rely on that strength that’s helped you so far. He’ll support you, so prove him right.


Don’t worry about it. That’s it, that’s his advice. It’s all he’s been doing. Just letting things pass on, not focusing on the bad at all, even if it’s all he can think about. It’s definitely not a healthy coping mechanism, but he’s not sure what else to tell you. He cares about you, & you can always count on him to be there to support you when you need it. Don’t leave him on the backburner when it comes to things like this, babe, it’s the last thing he wants. You’re strong, you’re Perseverance incarnate, & you can trust him. Because he trusts you just as much.

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How are you so good? You manage to introduce plot points and give them conclusion, so smooth... Like, in last three pages you dealt with the aftermath of a big scene and you managed to have politics, and cute character moments, big pic of a visual representation of a feeling and to have a few concepts introduced, and even some rhymes and jokes. And you still had space with a panel with Bastion flying in AND half a page to set up the next scene. Tell me your secrets Ash.

Anon, you’re so kind!

It’s all about balance (conversation and action, humor and drama, success and failure, long shots and close-ups, kindness and cruelty) and writing with a strict plan in mind. Decide what you want out of a scene, outline it, and then write and draw it according to your map. You can’t get lost if you have a map!

im breaking my hiatus to wish mark a happy birthday. 

ive honestly felt like ive been changed for the better ever since i started watching this guy since he was 24.

ive dealt and am still dealing w/ harsh things on my life but honestly they’ve become so, so much more bearable with him in my life.

so anyways, happy birthday mark fischbach. You may be 28 now but you’ll still always be a 6 year old idiot with a computer.

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Have you ever drawn Galathan without an arm? How would he react when Solas took his arm off? And Dorian? I would love to read your thoughts

Yep! I drew him without an arm or with an prosthetic arm quite a few times - it’s all tagged under “trespasser” or “post au” if you want to check it out.

My interpretation on how Solas took Gala’s arm off was disintegration after he magically karate chopped it. I think that was the most horrific thing Galathan have to dealt with, screaming from the burning pain in your arm while watching it slow crumble into a stump.

The pain left him lying on the ground for a long time till the point his friends came through the mirror to get him. Dorian was shocked about Galathan’s arm but he knew it would come to this eventually. It took several months for the two of them to get use to the new change - Galathan especially. 

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Writing prompt ask! Could I please have 39. “How long have you been standing there?” for MShenko? :)

TITLE: Speaking Without A Sound

PAIRING: John Shepard X Kaidan Alenko (MShenko)

RATING: Mature

WORDS: 2837


Or you can read the rest of it under the cut. Lemmie know what y’all think!

Of all the things John had expected to be difficult following the end of the war, getting used to regular old civilian life once again after all those years of devoted service was certainly not one of them.

It’s not that he missed the war (He didn’t, not one bit), it was just that with everything all done and dealt with and their lives now returning back to what the rest of the universe thought of as ‘normal’, John wasn’t sure if he himself understood the meaning of the word any more. Being resurrected was a hell of a way to kill one’s own idea of ‘normal’, that was for sure.

While John wouldn’t dare to describe his new life as 'boring’, he would happily describe it as uneventful to say the very least. Being able to sleep in for as long as he pleased was certainly one welcome change, but that alone didn’t counter-balance the daunting concept that was finding his life suddenly without order after years of strict schedules and grueling routines. This sudden lack of purpose was something that was slowly but surely beginning to chip away at the old Soldiers once thought impenetrable morale and, try as he may, he just could not seem to shake it.

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I don't know if you've answered this already, I've just started following you recently, but how did your beautiful Inquisitor dealt with losing his arm?

Which beautiful inquisitor? lmao I have two that are dear to me, and i’ll answer for them both.

Yvad (left) took it very hard, at first, turning to alcoholism and just squandering his days away..  but then his optimism for life won over eventually, also he realised that silverite prosthetics that was made for him was rather beautiful in place of the lost arm, and being a mage he could learn to control it rather well, almost as good as the real thing. He eventually goes after Dorian to Tevinter, and becomes a bit of a vigilante, as well as a secret lover to the said magister. 

Osiris (right) was a warrior mainly trained in two handed sword, so losing an arm meant he couldn’t do what he used to do. Prosthetics didn’t help much, and he fell into despair for some time. It was his love (and husband soon after) Edmond who pulled him through the dark times, just as loving and supportive (if not more) as before, gave Osiris all the encouragements he needed to pull through. Osiris then took his disability as a personal challenge, rather than a source of despair, carried on with his life quite happily alongside his husband. 

Thank you for asking about my OCs!! and also for following me even though i’m not as active these days. 

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18 for perc'ahlia? i am predictable

on what if?

If things had happened differently, Percy would be the one breaking down.

The body of Delilah Briarwood is in the mansion with him, under guard by Grog who seemed relieved that there was something helpful he could do. That would need to be dealt with.

But right now, he holds Vex close. She’s crying, still and again.

“Dearest….oh Vex’ahlia,” he says into her hair as she sobs into his chest. There isn’t anything else he can say. (Gods, he knows her pain, or at least a piece of it. He’d seen the bodies of his brothers discarded like they were nothing.)

There is a plan in place; get the diamonds, cast the spell, bring Vax back.

But that would take time, and travel, and more days of pain.

Percy rocks gently, doing his best to sooth. His mind, the treacherous thing it is, wanders to the “what if?” ideas that were dangerous for him to study too close. What if Keyleth couldn’t cast the spell? What if there weren’t enough diamonds in the world to focus the magic? What if the Raven Queen refused to let him return?

He swallows and nuzzles Vex’s hair. She is quieter now, her sobs muffled. He wouldn’t tell her his thoughts just then. Or ever.

Gods, if he could carry any of this pain for her, he would. 

Mental what?

It wasn’t a secret that you dealt with mental illness. It was actually the first thing that mark found out about you. The day you guys meet you two became very close. You never told anyone about the monster in your mind but Mark made you feel safe and you opened up about it to him. Ever since he made sure to take good care of you and to make sure you took care of yourself as well. He made sure not to act like a babysitter watching over you but to be there for when you were at your lowest to help you get through it and remind you that everything will be ok soon.

Mark was gone for a week one tour and you were used to him being gone for long periods of time so it wasn’t a very big deal. The big deal is when your illness came in harder then ever. You woke up the morning he was coming home and you couldn’t even move. You just sat in bed motionless while tears fell down your face. You have had some really bad days before but none of them compared to today. You couldn’t move, you were crying for no reason and you didn’t know why. Mark was coming back so what is there to be sad about? You kept asking yourself. That made you feel even worse because you knew there was nothing to be upset for but for some reason you were and that made you feel guilty.

It has been 3 hours since you woke up and you were now in the fetal position with the covers brought all the way to your head. You felt like there was 100,000 pounds on top of you because of how painful and hard it was to move. You fell asleep while in the middle of one of your crying sessions. You were awoken when someone yelled your name. “Y/n” Mark exclaimed as he walked into the bedroom and saw you in the fetal position with tears running down your face. He instantly ran over to you and woke you up. “Mark?” You asked in a scratchy voice from crying. “I’m here babe! I’m here” he said as he took you in his arms and you started to ball again. He didn’t ask any questions he just laid there with you in his arms and giving you a kiss on you forehead every now and then. You two just laid there in silence for half an hour until you broke the silence. “I’m sorry” you said as you wiped the tears from your face and wrapped your arms around him. “You have nothing to be sorry about y/n/n” he said as he kissed the top of your head. “But I’ve been a big burden on you. When you’re touring you have to worry about me and I don’t like putting that on you” you said as you stood up in bed. “Babe I will always worry about you no matter what. I worry about you because I love you not because I’m scared of what’s going to happen. I know you’re a grown woman and can make your own decisions but I’m here to hold your hand through the dark times. The times where you feel no return I will be right there to remind you that everything will be ok soon.” He said as he cuffed you face in his hands. You looked in his eyes and you couldn’t help but start crying. “Don’t cry babe” he said as he pulled you in for a warm and comforting hug. You embraced being in his arms again. There was no place you felt more at peace and safe than his arms.

After about another hour of just laying in bed wrapped in Mark’s arms and your head on his chest he had a idea that he knew would cheer you up. “Hey how about we go get ice cream at your favorite place a couple blocks down?” He said with a warm smile on his face. Your face immediately lit up once you heard his suggestion. Which made his face light up even more. You got up, gave him a kiss and went to the bathroom to get ready. “So I take that as a yes?” He said sarcastically. After 10 minutes of brushing your hair, getting dressed, brushing your teeth and washing your face you came out of the bathroom dressed in one of his “Defend Indy wrestling” shirts, dark jeans and a pair of black vans. “That’s my girl” he said with a smile as he lightly pushed you closer to him, to where your bodies were touching one another, you both gazed in each other’s eyes for a moment and had smiles on your faces. He gave you a kiss and still holding onto you said “Ready to go love?” He asked. “I don’t know I kinda like it here” you said with a laugh as he playfully rolled his eyes and gave you another kiss. You two made you way out of the flack you two shared and he kept holding you hand the entire time. He would occasionally look at you and just smile.

“What’s that for?” You said with a questioning face. He gave out a little laugh and said “it’s just,” he said then stopped in his tracks, as did you, “ I want you to know you are the strongest person I know! I’m so proud of everything you have overcome and have yet to overcome” he said as he moved his hands you you face and held it. You put your hands on his that we’re holding your face and gave the biggest smile he had ever seen. He gave you a kiss and then you two kept walking to the place. You were glad to have someone like Mark in your life, someone who would always be there for you and could make anything better just by being by your side. You knew this was the man you wanted to have in your life forever. As that thought crossed your mind you laid you head on his shoulder as you both still walked hand in hand to the ice cream place.

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The Dai Li survived the Hundred Year War and they were still active in the age of Korra. What do you think about the decision of the writers of LoK regarding the survival of the Dai Li? Did the comics mention some sort of prosecution against them for high treason? What did the writers tell us about how the Earth King and Aang dealt with impunity?, since the King and the Avatar had the authority to dissolve the Dai Li, prosecute and condemn them, but apparently nothing of this happened.

It isn’t surprising to me at all that the Dai Li survived—they are very keen on self-preservation, as we know from the last half of Book 2 and their coup over the Earth King (and later, the Earth Kingdom itself). The Dai Li seek power and control, but they don’t like being in the spotlight, and they tend to gravitate to whoever is the strongest player on the board—hence their allegiance to Azula.

I don’t remember anything in the comics about the Dai Li at all, but then, I am sure large swaths of the comics have been purged from my memory.

Aang never tried to kill Zuko in the Avatar State.

Katara never became arm candy.

Sokka never reverted to a comic buffoon.

The Earth King shouldn’t have been put back on the throne of Ba Sing Se. He was a weak incompetent who never really had to govern. Heck, he happily traveled the world with Bosco at the beginning of Book 3! Realistically, I think what would have happened after Sozin’s Comet is that, if Bumi did not immediately take charge of Ba Sing Se, there would have been a military coup, with the generals who were on the side of the Earth King grabbing power, only for the newly banished Dai Li to return from the Fire Nation in secret and start taking their city back street by street. 

King Kuei does not have the know-how or the willpower to be an absolute ruler. Or any kind of ruler, really. His assassination is even more likely than Zuko’s. As for the Dai Li being prosecuted and all locked away, that simply isn’t practical. Controlling as they were, the Dai Li ran Ba Sing Se. The city would continue to function under Azula’s nominal rule—after all, she is known for keeping order among her subordinates—but without a strong head of state in the aftermath of the war, Ba Sing Se would need not only new leadership, but an entirely new government infrastructure. And none of the other three nations are in a good position to implement anything like that, especially since it would be considered a hostile invasion. No, the Dai Li at the end of Book 3 were in a good position to take and keep power for a long time to come.

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I've always wondered how a profession like law that generally has a conservative image feels about gender non-conforming presentation, ie butch lesbians. I know butch women in all sorts of professions who've had to dress up more "girly" in order to fit in, be taken seriously, have a better chance of being promoted, etc. I'm still in school and haven't really dealt with this before in the jobs I've had but do you have any experience with these kind of issues?

i wish i could say it’s fine and no one cares. corporate attire is what it is. within relatively narrow confines you can get away with some things, but the second you go too far, it’s very much commented on. for example: i wear suits monday-thursday. casual fridays i wear jeans and timbs and, last week, a gay as hell flannel. i almost never wear makeup to work.

that sounds pretty butch, but they’re fairly femme suits from h&m, i still wear heels, my hair is long and i wear it out most of the time.

if my clothes are pushing into at least the masc side of things, it’s pretty much neutralised by everything else. i wouldn’t claim to be pushing any actual boundaries with this at all.

meanwhile, we had this awesome queer lady in HR for about a year who rocked some awesome suits with some very scene-ish hair and shoes and was generally rad as hell. and she stood out like crazy and everyone commented.

but she still had her job. and i think that’s the real rub. i said this earlier about queer legal culture in general: if you’re willing to put up with people being Super Good Allies at you, the liberal places will be fine.

for our black tie christmas party i wore this:

(excuse my drunk face)

the CEO of my firm was Very Notably Supportive. it was tiresome, but like, it’s better than people being assholes or me being unemployed.

(and, it should also be noted that the better you are at your job the less people wear. there’s real power in being brilliant at your actual job when it comes to nonconformance. a lot of barristers are batshit fucking bonkers but no one cares when they’re very very good. but people will always comment, there’s just no getting away from that.)

eta: i think maybe i’m not giving myself, or those around me, quite enough credit. because literally no one around me dresses close to how i do, but i get away with it just fine. perhaps on the real world scale it’s not much, but stepping outside of the corporate bounds really only takes a toe shuffle?

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Addressing the topic of abortion on tv, I remember being completely shocked when a while back the show Jane The Virgin touched on it for a bit. One of the main characters had an abortion. She had some trouble with her mother for a little while after, but other than that it was shown as just a normal thing. No typical "I'm gonna have an abortion/I changed my mind I love it" flip flopping or "punishment" towards the woman like I've seen on a lot of shows I've seen. (It's always a comedy show fyi)

Yeah, I saw that, and was pretty impressed with how the show dealt with it. The character that got it didn’t regret it at all, which was great


TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Gluten does bad things to people

I’ve worked as a wage slave cashier at a mediocre pizza buffet for several years now, and I’ve encountered more than my fair share of irrational customers, but the one I dealt with today really takes the cake. Here goes:

A lady strolled into my store around 5 o'clock with two other customers. I rang them up and entered a coupon that the lady handed me. I also activated a rewards card for the lady and ran through the basic layout of the buffet with her, since this was her first time eating at my store. Completely normal exchange that I have multiple times a shift.

Then, almost immediately after I finished ringing her up, the lady returned to my register to tell me that she needed a gluten-free pizza prepared for her. I informed her that, unfortunately, gluten-free pizzas have to be purchased in full off the menu for about the price of an adult buffet. I then said that I would be happy to have my manager void our first transaction and ring up a gluten-free pizza for her, pointing out that she might end up saving a dollar or so in the process. She sneered something along the lines of “it’s a little late for that, don’t you think?” in my direction and walked away. I felt terrible for approximately 4 seconds before I realized that I couldn’t care less about this customer or her problems, so I continued on with my shitty day.

About fifteen minutes later, the lady strutted back up to me and flicked her recently-activated rewards card onto the front desk, saying “I won’t be needing this anymore” in the most passive-aggressive tone I’ve ever heard before returning to her table. I instantly recognized this as her attempt to make me feel bad by implying that she’ll never return to my store, which was funny to me, because I would’ve left this store for good months ago if I weren’t so desperate for money.

Anyways, a little while later, I began to notice that the lady was dishing up a decent amount of pizza from the buffet, which surprised me considering her apparently debilitating gluten allergy.

The lady eventually returned to the front desk once again while I was halfway through a phone order. She stood there with her arms folded, waiting for me to hang up. Once I did, she told me she wanted to speak to my manager without even looking in my direction.

I retrieved my manager from the kitchen and introduced her to the lady, who instantly started tearing into me and my apparently lackluster service. First, she accused me of incorrectly applying her coupon to the original ticket; fortunately, my manager stood up for me and told her that she just didn’t read the coupon correctly.

Then, she had the audacity to say that I rang her up for a normal buffet knowing that she was allergic to gluten and refused to correct my mistake, while the exact opposite was true. She even said that all she’d eaten was salad and soup even though I’d watched her dish up pizza with my own eyes. My manager apologized and refunded her entire meal, which really pissed me off. The lady started to walk away, but not before muttering something unflattering about me under her breath.

At this point, I arrived at a critical crossroads in my pizza career. I asked myself if I could justify freaking out at this lady if it would mean losing my job. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), my rational side took control and I kept my mouth shut as this witch of a human being slinked out of my store with the most aggravating smile on her face. I’ve never been closer to just giving up and quitting on the spot.

TLDR: Evil woman harrassed me for doing my job correctly.

PS: I know this story is far from the most interesting thing to be posted on this subreddit, but I felt like anyone who’s ever worked in the food industry could relate to my experience of dealing with an irrational customer. Hope you enjoyed.

By: Go_To_Bethel_And_Sin