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It sounds like a good idea, that way all (or most) of the asks can get dealt with in one fell swoop!

we currently have upwards of 2000 asks in the inbox right now so that’s probably not gonna happen. also, not all of them are questions, some of them are just like “aaaa you’re the best, marry me” or “have my babies!” or “fuck you for making jokes about my favourite character” or whatevs

Thoughts on 4x07
  • I feel that the discussion that Bellamy and Clarke center each other was really relevant in this episode. They need each other for mental wellbeing.
  • Emori is pretty badass but I feel like Clarke would never have sacrificed her and everything could have been resolved with a simple conversation
  • Octavia is suffering from depression / mental illness. I needed to bold that since I feel it’s super important to address. One of the things that bothers me is that everyone is super quick to jump on the Octavia-hate train because of Bellamy, but the point of her arc right now is not to be likable; she’s portraying another side to depression that should definitely be addressed. Depression isn’t just self-loathing, it can be abusive and toxic, too. 
  • Octavia’s sex scene made sense. It’s how she dealt with things in season 1, too.
  • I actually felt bad for Ilian talking about his family this episode. The acting and script really made me feel for him.
  • Clarke looking at Memori in the kitchen was cute and I felt so bad for her - she looked so lonely
  • Holy symbolism with Clarke showering/hand on the bed
  • Bellamy needs a hug; I was so ready for Kane to at least shake his hand or half embrace him when he got back
  • It’s going to be nice to see Abby have to take a life. She’s the only one who is trying to maintain a sense of innocence and it’ll be interesting to see her be knocked a few pegs down. It will also be interesting to see her character grow.
  • I like Ilian. I’m not sure how much I ship him with Octavia, but I do like him.

Thoughts? @niylah @rosymamacita @abazethe100 @heda-reyes @foghthatsme @ginalou16

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Anyways there was piss on the men's floor restroom today and guess who had to clean it up? Me. I've also dealt with piss on a wall and literal shit because someone ignored the 'out of order' sign on the door and one of my coworkers didn't lock the door throughout the day. I just. Hate. Retail.

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Companions react to Hawke taking a spell/arrow/hit for them

Varric: The mage who threw the spell doesn’t live long enough to relish the hit. Bianca takes care of that in just a moment, and the rouge is immiediately at his friends side. If Anders is in the party the healer is forcibly moved to the Champions side. If not than the dwarf forces a healing potion down Hawke’s throat and stays with them the rest of the battle, constantly reminding them that he now owes them a drink for the trouble and they have to live to collect.

Merill: The Bandits who are responsible for the arrow sticking out of Hawke’s shoulder certainly weren’t expecting to face the wrath of a blood mage. The whole group is dealt with in short order and then Merrill is at Hawke’s side with hands already glowing with healing magic.

“Ma serranas, Lethallin!” She says, throwing her arms around them. “But be more careful in the future.”

Isabela: They are once again going up against whatever smugglers have made themselves at home on Kirkwall’s docks, and the pirate captain was just turning to face the running warrior trying to flank her when Hawke stepped between them. Champion and smuggler both go down, but a flash of the rouge’s knives ensures only one gets up. Dusting off the slightly groggy champion Isabela forces them to drink a potion and then drags them back to the Hanged Man for drinks.

“If you’re already punch drunk you might as well go for the real deal!” She says cheerfully, and then puts a hand on their shoulder. “And thanks.”

Anders: The wanna-be Templar who was brave enough -or stupid enough- to go after the mage in the clinich at night might have been prepared or a sleepy mage– but a charging champion wasn’t on his agenda. He gets one wild swing with a blade that is more at home gutting fish before Hawke slams him into the ground. Justice takes over from there, but when the Threat is dealt with Anders is quick to pour healing magic into the champion.

“Thank you, Hawke,” he murmurs gratefully, making sure they are steady on their feet. “We Fereldens have to stick together, and I’m glad to have a true friend here. Too many mages are denied that in the circle.

Fenris: Slaves are an almost constant threat in Kirkwall, and there has been more than one occasion when Fenris had chosen to take out his eternal frustration son that particular group of low lives. He prefers to go alone but more often than not Hawke insists on tagging alone– which proves useful when the elf gets cornered by five of them on Sundermount and the Champion barrels through them shrieking like a banshee. It’s over fairly quickly after that- the Lyrium Ghost dislikes his friends being hurt- and then he turns to check on the champion.

“That was brave, but be more careful.” His voice is low as he helps them to swallow a potion. “There are few other good people in Kirkwall.”

Aveline: It wasn’t the first time that Hawke had volunteered to help a beleaguered guard patrol, and the captain was always grateful for the assistance. When she gets word tof an ambush in Lowtown the Champion is the first person she turns to, but Aveline never intended for her friend to interpret ‘help us clear out miscreants’ as ‘leap in front of the guard captian’. Once the tower shield wielding lunatic is dealt with the red head is quick to look over the champion and assess their injuries.

“Be more careful, Hawke,” she insists, once she makes them swallow a potion and arranges an escort to get them home. “We’ve gone through too much together to lose you know.”

Sebastian: The assassin hiding in the shadows of the Chantry might have had more luck if the Prince of Starkhaven had been less determined that Hawke join him. As it was the man got maybe halfway to the alter before the champion turneds and braces themselves in front of Sebastian. A well placed arrow takes care of the threat, but the man refuses to rest unti lthe champion is taken care of.

“I will pray to the Maker for your safe recovery, Hawke.” He means the words as he rests a hand on their shoulder. “Your friendship is a true blessing.”

– Fereldone

Last month, I sent a handful of letters to various hospitals and police departments in the area and elsewhere about their accommodations. Out of around 13 or so letters total, I’ve only received one reply from a police department.

I’m posting this so I can show what people have to say and to keep track of who cares enough to let us know how things operate. I’m aware that establishments can say things and not really follow through, so make of that what you will, but I still wanted to post this anyway.

The letter reads (and I’m using this as an image description for blind viewers as well):

Dear Miss Poynter:

Thank you for your letter and concern. In my 23 year career I have dealt with numerous individuals that have special medical needs, to include deaf people. I do try to understand and can empathize.

In response to your comment of individuals being beaten and tased by officers that knew they were deaf, I would find this difficult to comprehend. Lack of communication is another roadblock in our job, but it does not give an officer the ability or right to use unnecessary force. I can’t respond to individual situations without knowing the reference. I know that officers, being human, are capable of making mistakes and should constantly strive to improve our understanding and capabilities. The vast majority of the roughly three-quarters of a million law enforcement officers in this nation consistently do the right thing, always.

Officers do receive training in dealing with special needs individuals. This will occur in basic law enforcement training and may occur also in regular in-service training classes within an agency. The Statement Department of Health and Human Services has provided picture booklets for officers specifically for dealing with deaf people. I can speak for this department and say that physical force is not used for lack of compliance due to communication problems. Force is used to counter a physical threat. This department does utilize written rights forms. We further do use interpreters if a deaf person is arrested. This department tries to meet community needs in unique ways, and we have created a special needs registry. This is done to aid officers in immediate identification of locations, vehicles, or persons that have some physical or mental impairment.

This department, just like the profession, strives to improve relationships with everyone in the community. A hearing impairment only means that a common ground must be found between the police and the community. Your letter is appreciated.


Lt. S.D. HIldebrand

Post 4x17 Linstead

This took me WAY too long to write and I’m not even that happy with it


It was when she heard the rattle of his keys against the bullet casing on his keychain and the soft click of the front door, that she knew he was gone. She didn’t let the tears fall until she knew he wouldn’t be back. That he was already in his car, driving towards Will’s. At first, all she felt was utter shock. Sure, she was disappointed in him, but she knew how he wasn’t forthcoming about his life. But then again, he left, like all good things in her life did. Erin Lindsay was definitely used to this feeling.

She didn’t sleep much that night, not feeling the warmth of another body radiating onto her. So at 4 am, she called the one person she knew would never leave her. He had dealt with her stubborn teen years and then again being her boss. She knew she could confide in him, no matter how bad things got.


He walked into the bullpen late that morning after a night of restless sleep. His eyes automatically drifted to her desk, which he found vacant. Consequently, his eyes scanned over to the break room, hoping he would find her making coffee. When he didn’t find her there, Voight’s office was his next option. He turned towards the locker room, stowing away his gym bag, but he too, found the room empty. Walking back into the bullpen, Voight ushered him into his office, clearly annoyed.

“What’s up Sarge?”

“Where’s Erin?” He knew where she was, he just wanted to hear Jay say it, especially since he turned a blind eye to him dating his daughter.

“I-I don’t know. I thought she’d be here by now.” He stuttered over his words and his voice sounded weak but gruff.


“I’m sorry but did I do something to upset you?”

“I don’t know Halstead, did you do something that would piss me off?”

He breathed out a sigh of annoyance, he didn’t need to play games with his boss.

“So I’m guessing she called you.”

“At 4 am.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t break up with her if that’s what you think. I just need some time to figure myself out.”

“And you did that by leaving?”

“I didn’t want to hurt her more than I already have.”

“Did you at least talk about it with her?”

Jay was silent. He was aware that Hank knew about everything that went down between him, Erin and his ‘wife’. 

“Where’s Erin?” He finally said after a few moments of silence.

“Took a personal day… Don’t ask me for one, I’m already short one detective I don’t need another one gone. Whatever you need to fix can be done on your own time. Now get outta here.”


Work was absolute torture. He sat in the car in silence, not having anyone else there with him. When he sat at his desk in the bullpen, he would occasionally look up to look at her, only to see a chair. When he would go to the break room to get coffee, he would grab her mug from the rack, realizing too late that she wasn’t there, forcing him to dump the coffee. 

He had texted her a couple of times, asking if she was okay, but she never replied. She must have her phone off, because that’s what she always did when she didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Or she was just straight up ignoring him.


After work, he only had one place he where he needed to go. To her. After likely breaking every traffic law in the City of Chicago, he parked outside of their apartment. Was this really the right move?

After going up the stairs to the third floor, he stood outside the door, waiting, listening. The TV wasn’t on and there didn’t seem to be anyone home. The hallway light was on, he could see it coming from underneath the door. He couldn’t decide whether or not he should knock, or unlock the door with his key. After careful consideration, he chose the latter. 

It looked the same way he left it. There was no evidence that anything had changed or if even the night before had happened. The living room and kitchen were empty, but there were new dishes in the sink. At least she was eating.

As he walked towards their bedroom, where he had asked her for some space and watched her whole world break apart, his footsteps faltered. He could hear the sniffling coming from their room, and it automatically brought tears into his eyes.

She wasn’t aware of his presence, so she continued to sob into her pillow. It was when the bed dipped down at the side, that she knew she wasn’t alone. She didn’t know how to react, nor did she pick up her face from the pillow. When his warm hand found it’s way to her leg, she knew that this moment was real.


“Erin please look at me.” It took everything out of her to pick up the broken pieces, just like she has done countless of times, but she did and looked him dead in the eyes.

His heart broke when he saw her face. Her eyes and cheeks were pink and puffy, signalling that she had been crying for a while, probably since last night. His hands seemed to have a mind of it’s own, as they came up to her face and dried her cheeks. 

“Why’d you come back?” She didn’t want to sound as if she didn’t want him here, but regardless, her voice came out cold.

“Missed you at work today.”

She scoffed.

“Yeah, just needed a personal day.”

He held her hand as they stayed in each other’s presence in silence. Neither wanting to speak, just to be with each other. 

“You left me.” When she finally did speak, her voice was nothing but broken.

“I-I’m-”“I guess I shouldn’t even be complaining though, everyone me leaves at some point in my life. I should’ve known that you were too good to be true…”

The words hurt, and as she kept talking about him leaving, he couldn’t hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. 

“… I knew dating Jay Halstead would just-” She couldn’t finish her sentence before she felt his lips on hers, shushing her. She kissed him back, and savoured it, just in case she wouldn’t be able to be in this moment again.

“If you think I left because of you, you’re wrong.” He was breathless.

“That’s what they always say. Do you know how many times Bunny has said that to me?”

“But I’m not Bunny. Babe, I left because I’ve hurt you, a lot, and I can’t hurt you more than I already have.”

“But you never had the intention of telling me about you being married. Would you have ever told me about her if I didn’t find out she was texting you or if she dropped by the district?”

“Erin it’s not about her. When I was married to her, I told you I was in a bad place. I can barely remember anything about those times. And when I do remember it was because I was so hungover I was thinking that I was going to die. Coming back… it wasn’t easy.” He got choked up as he finished his sentence, mentally reliving the person he was when he got back.

“Jay… you know you can come to me and talk about it at any time. Bottling up feelings isn’t really healthy. Over the past 2 years now, I’ve learned to let you in, to let you help me. There’s nothing wrong to ask for help.” He took a deep breath out as she finished speaking.

“It’s not that easy Erin…” His voice was barely above a whisper. She sat up and cupped his face in her hands and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

“I know… I know…” She moved her hands from his face towards his back as she pushed his head into her chest. She rubbed her hand up and down his back, hoping to bring him comfort, only to be heartbroken when she felt his tears wetting her shirt. She held him tight, making sure he didn’t fall apart, but maybe she had been too late. Maybe he waited too long to talk about it.

She lost track of time, not knowing how long they sat there, feeling each other’s breath of their skin, but she relaxed her grip a little when he stopped crying. She imitated his earlier moments and wiped his cheeks.

“Do you want to talk about it now?”

He smiled and nodded his head. She knew it took a lot out of him to become this vulnerable in front of her, letting himself breakdown and cry. But she would be there for him, no matter how high the walls he had built would be, because one day, those walls will be non-existent, and if need be, she’d pick up the pieces for him.  


Okay reading this again made me hate this piece even more… but whatever I took time out to write it so I’m posting it

Just that lucky?

I had been working at paint-your-pottery place at the mall near for 9 months. Except they don’t use a kiln, it’s acrylic paint and a spray glaze (like a spray paint). It’s great for little kids bc the wait time to pick up pieces is only about a half hour.

In that 9 months of working there I only had to deal with one bad customer. It wasn’t even that bad of an experience (guy bought something he thought was on sale but it wasn’t listed on the sign and got a little rude about it). Yet my other coworkers that hadn’t been there that long had. One story I remember ended with the customer throwing change at my co-worker and another had a customer threaten to get them fired. This was my first job but 9 months and I’ve only dealt with minor annoyances??? Seems very unlikely. 

I’ve dealt with plenty of upset people though. When I have I remember what someone who use to work there told me, “People aren’t inherently assholes” which is debatable but I don’t know what these people are dealing with in their lives rn. These people also had legit reasons to be upset, typically it was because another coworker fucked up.

There is usually only one person running the store at a time except for midday on weekends then it’s a whole whopping two. So I don’t really know how my co-workers treated customers. From what I did observe I really went the extra fucking mile for customers even when it was so busy and making people wait for things that are quick, I was constantly apologizing to people. Never had anyone get mad at me it seemed everyone could see and understand I was working alone (and they might have probably been having a better experience than usual anyway based on what some have told me).

I’m actually kind of upset they don’t have a customer survey. Not so I could see all the great things customers had to say about me, because it was clear they were having a great time. But so the manager and owner of the store could see how good I was at making their customers happy. So many asked for my name, like I don’t know what your going to do with that but sure. Are you going to call back and say what great experience you had with -myname-?

Maybe I wouldn’t have been fired. 

Note: I’m not anon and that’s alright. The worst this place could do is ask me to delete I say and fire me but they’ve already done that bit with out me saying anything. (They have asked me to tell my sister to take down her review of the store bc it was negative but that is another story)

TLDR; I feel like the luckiest person bc I never dealt with a shitty customer and I don’t know if it’s bc I’m good with people or just damn lucky

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Darko I know this is a weird ask but..I look up to you in a way so I wanted to ask..have you dealt with depression/anxiety before? What would you say to someone who's going trough it at the moment? I know this is quite odd of an ask so if you wouldn't want to reply it's okay..I'm the "cuddle me anon" btw but that's a weird thing to be known as..Can I be A? -A

Awhh don’t worry hon it’s not weird and of course I will answer since yes I actually experienced both. One of them was worse than the other and it made a huge impact on one part of my life and that was anxiety. I had a pretty bad case of it, I experienced many panic attacks and in some I was completely losing control over my body. Once I would get triggered my heart would start pounding and I would just start shaking severely out of control and that was one of the worst feelings I ever felt. My problem was that instead of dealing with it I just pushed it on the side and tried to forget it was there, I never talked about it with anyone, I avoided any situations that would trigger it and at that time I felt that by doing so I was controlling it and the reality was I let it control me and my life. At one point I just decided that I had enough of it and instead of avoiding the situations that would make me anxious I started exposing my self to them and that is literally all it took for me to get over it. Learning how to to breathe properly in order to make your self calm also helped. As far as depression goes for me it usually comes and goes really fast, I try my best to stay positive all the time and in case I ever feel down I always try to ask my self what is causing it and is this thing worth me feeling bad and the answer is always nopeee
I really hope this will help at least a little bit and if you or anyone ever needs someone to talk to I’m always here to listen <3 (No anon needed A :)

After the job

The company had just finished up a job on a run down farm in Duskwood, having dealt with a group of Honor Guards and a few feral Worgen as well. They made their way to the Twilight Grove to tend to their wounded and recuperate. They came to stop at a small fountain that resided not too far from the large portal to the Emerald Dream nearby.

Eli stepped down onto his good leg, hopped to the structure and slumped down, laying his shotgun across his lap and removing his outer trenchcoat to check for any deep wounds. His light cloth shirt underneath was sogged down with sweat and moisture from the air, clinging to his bulky gnomish physique. A few chest hairs poked out from the low neck of the shirt.

Aera, still asking over the mental messaging, kneels. She goes quiet, staff in hand, at least seeming to pray.
Give me a moment to find myself here. Does anyone need any serious healing? Still can’t hear?

Eli replied, “I think I’m all right, just a little scratched up.

Don shook his head as he sat Gal down. “Still ringin’, it’s not quite as loud but a real pain the ass.” He arched his brow curiously as he looked Aera over. “Gal’s a bit banged up, I’ll be fine.

Dan also quickly chimed in, “Gal, Cell and Cass are the worst of us.

Aera stood. She wasn’t gonna be long. Her eyes fell over the group. Her hearing was already back. A bit dim. Still pained. But completely manageable. She motions to the fountain.

Cellara doesn’t hear a damned thing beyond ringing, she’d just been following Danirel thus far. Periodically making a strange noise, none of the others could hear. “Malp… Maup… Mawp…

Don hooked his arm under Gal’s and around her back for support as he helped her over to the fountain.  "Uh… How’s this thing work?

Eli pulled out a rag from his pocket, grunting. He started cleaning his shotgun- clearly priority number one, before getting his leg back in working order. He didn’t bother doing a field strip of the weapon but instead just started cleaning soot, grime and dirt from the outside that it gathered from the explosion. He did the same with his pistol.

Dan blinked and strewn Cass out over the small fountain before him.

As if on cue, Xierra burst forth from the brush, seemingly materializing from thin air through the night. She sinks to one knee before the group. ”I received summons for this mission, but was delayed. Apologies. How can I be of service?

We came here for solace in hopes the energies here may aid in replenishing their wounds with help.“ Aera makes to gently take Cell by the shoulders, leading her closer between the pillars of the structure… However she was told by Danriel not to harm company members.

Cellara rears back as the spell chucker starts moving her, tempted to punch her in the throat as she was lured to the sparkly lights.

Aera makes a face, pointing to the structure. Go.

Don  blinked a few times, he had never prayed. He cleared his throat before speaking aloud, much louder than needed because of his ringing ears. ”Uh… Elune, could ya please heal my wife? You ain’t gotta worry ‘bout me, just please patch 'er up. That’d be real great of ya.

Xierra blinked aback, pale eyes flared wide as they’d flit between the injured members of the group. ”I… suppose I could appeal to her.“ She removed her gloves carefully, then her boots - discarding both behind her in a heap - and approached the most seemingly injured first, Cass.

Aera almost looked proud. SEE. NO SHOES. AND THE ELF ISN’T RIDICULED. Her bare toes wriggle.

Cellara looks from face to face before looking at the fountain and shouting through the ringing, ”Do I drink that!?

Aera blinked. ”NO.

Cellara can’t hear anyone through ringing, but no one shook their head so she starts slowly inching forward, a dead stare at Danirel as she made her way to sip…

Aera puts her arms in the way.

Cellara blinks and stares off at Aeraleth, spell chucker don’t you get in my way. She don’t take orders from you. Her head then, once again starts to inch aside.

Xierra stands alongside Cass, first - then glances to Don. ”Hold her still. If anything is broken, this will be… uncomfortable at the very best. If she moves, it will heal badly.

Aera in the meantime just stares at Cell. Maybe a no-blink contest will distract?
She squints.

Don looked over to Cell, and sighed as he shook his head. He looked from Cell, over to the fountain, and then back, shaking his head at her… His attention then turned to Xierra on his right, and eying her over. "Wha? Ears are still ringin’.

Aera squints harder, perking a brow. Like, 'missy, don’t you dare’.

Cellara stares back, then rears her head back and slams her forehead forward to the mage’s nose.

WHAM! Damn, everyone even heard a crack.
FUCKING NOVICE-BLOODY-DAMN-WHORESON!” The mage grabbed her bleeding nose, turning to drop to her knees. Ow.

Dan yelled out over the stones. “Cell! I don’t care how Lortharious did stuff, we ain’t a damn gladiator ring! now apologize!

Don quickly chimed in over the stones as well. “I’m gonna fuckin’ drown you in that damn fountain if ya don’t chill yer shit!

Aera too joined in the shouting. “SHE BROKE MY NOSE. I will drop you over the Dalaran Crater for that!

Dan then spoke softer over the stones. “Uh, sorry about her - she’s not technically an employee, technically a slave…. She’s used to being thrown into a bit with animals forced to fight against their will and getting whipped as punishment, so.

Aera replied with a groan. “…My patience is unfortunately great and vast.

Dan replied. “Hers is not.

Eli finishes cleaning his pistol, tucking it into an underarm holster and moving back to his shotgun. He worked the tiniest flecks of dirt from the engraving on the barrels, a beautiful depiction of a swooping eagle in the direction that the shot leaves the weapon. He took out a bit of polish, starting to go after the mahogany handle now, only to be startled by the mage being cranially assaulted by the angry woman. He blinked.

Aera withdraws a hankie, over her nose as she grips the upper bridge. It still hurts. Aera stumbles up.

The druid heaved a deep sigh, and rolled her shoulders. She could easily hold this slight woman down, either way. She instead leaned over Cass, freakishly long arms braced over her from, and effectively… well, squashed her into the waters. She murmured low, winding elven under the breath, and the audible sound of healing occurring at an unusually accelerated rate. Upon finishing, she’d lean off, and direct her gaze immediately towards Don. “You’re next?

The leywalker took her waterskin, turning to not cause a scene. Holding the bridge, and her breath, she flooded her nostrils with the water before rapidly holding her head out to let it leak, keeping a firm hold to flush out the blood and keep the flesh in place.

Don looked over to Xierra, briefly shaking his head before nudging his wife forward. “Get her mended up first, probably some cracked ribs 'n a gash on 'er head…. I’m just a lil’ banged up, I’ll manage.

Xierra nodded, the motion causing a flurry of pollen to shudder from her hair. “Alright.

Aera, now that her nose wasn’t GUSHING BLOOD anymore, made to sit nearby to channel her energies.

Eli had spent his time coiling the weak branches of a nearby bush into a makeshift tie-splint for his brace, standing slowly and hobbling over on the shaky leg. His shotgun rested on his shoulder, glinting in the strange light that seemed to encompass the area underneath the structure.

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Hey! I do hope you feel better soon- I've dealt with chronic pain for a few years now, and the past couple days haven't been worse than most. Just know that you will get past your illness eventually, that's what helps me at the end of the day! You aren't alone, and never have been. Many people just on here worry about you ❤ Keep your head up!

Thank you so much. 💙

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For the Nonnie that mentioned that we never got to hear Barry call Iris his gf. AJK admitted that the Flash, we see now, is in The begins stage. In the comics Iris is introduced as Barry's fiancé. A bad ass reporter, that loves her man fiercely. In fact, she's his fiancé for 10-yrs, before they get married. Ofc, they won't take that long on the tv show. However, they're pacing. I think that S4 we will start to go further into the future. S1, 2+3A dealt with the past. Good stuff is coming!

That is a long ass time to be engaged, but I do think they’ll wait until close to the end of S4 for the wedding, they can have a long engagement, I don’t think that’s a huge deal. 

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iron flop au where danny is a 6th generation chinese american (first of all asia isn't a country?), spent years in k'un l'un not knowing shit about his own damn culture, went back to new york to yet again feel so out of place somewhere he thought he "belongs" to,, and he actually listens to our lord and savior claire temple bc she knows what she's talking about having dealt with our King Luke Cage 👑

this is the iron fist that we deserve and that i would spend my time watching honestly

Aurin and Conflict

So, there was a huge blow up on WSRP in-game over whether the Aurin had conflict between tribes before the Exiles arrived or not. Some people adamantly believe that there were absolutely no conflicts whatsoever among the Aurin prior to their meeting of the Exiles. 

I say that’s a load of crap and here’s why:

1. “The personalities of Aurin males and females are drastically different. Males are more high-strung and hot-tempered while females are spirited and positive. Aurin are generally welcoming to visitors within their lands, but expect those visitors to respect them. Those individuals who dare to exploit or harm the forest homes of the Aurin are dealt with swiftly and violently.” - from the Aurin article on WS’s Loremageddon page. 

This proves that Aurin are capable of violence, and have no problems dealing with trouble mercilessly. This also outright states that male Aurin in particular are more prone to anger and aggression. The idea that Aurin, males especially, have been able to live for centuries without somebody getting into some kind of scrap or argument is unrealistic.

2. The existence of the Thorns of Arboria- This proves that the Aurin are capable of disagreements, going against the wills of the Queen, and even attacking their own fellow Aurin. That they exist after the events of the Ravaging doesn’t matter; if the Aurin were incapable of conflicts with one-another, the Thorns would have never been able to exist to begin with. The arrival of the Exiles and the Dominion didn’t just magically flip a switch within some Aurin that made them go, “You know what? I suddenly feel like rebelling against the Queen and warring with Aurin who decide to stick with the Exiles!”

3. Arwick is specifically described in his in-game article as a “consummate fighter” who is “reknown for his fighting prowess and is considered one of the military leaders of the Aurin.” He is also described as “looking every inch the Aurin warrior” with a “young, handsome face graced rather than marred by old battle scars”. Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Attack of the Planet Reapers mentioned the Aurin using catapults to battle the Dominion.

The Aurin have fighters in their society, and some of their warriors are trained and skilled fighters. They also have an army and weapons of war, such as catapults. Why would a culture that is so lovey-dovey that any conflict between their communities is supposedly impossible have need of trained warriors, a military, and even weapons of war? I seriously doubt the Aurin used catapults for hunting. It would make no sense that the Exiles, who have access to far more advanced technology and weaponry, taught the Aurin how to build catapults.

4. Jumping Jimmy and His Amazing Mapjabbits, and Matria Slaughterbark are proof that cruel and evil Aurin exist and that the Aurin acknowledged the existence of evil before the Exiles and Dominion showed up. Jumping Jimmy and his band were executed for cruelty to animals. Matria Slaughterbark was accused of murder. Animal abuse and murder? The Aurin believing in capital punishment? Sounds like something the completely nonviolent and loving Aurin would never, ever do, yet here it is!

5. One Aurin in the game world mentioned the Aurin having a prank similar to egging a person’s house back on Arboria. (I forgot where this was mentioned; anyone who knows please let me know.) This shows that Aurin are capable of pranks and vandalism and were capable of such before the Exiles arrived. Do people really believe that most Aurin who become victims of pranks and vandalism would simply shrug it off and continue on with their lives?

6. Refusing quests from male Aurin can have them threaten to push you out of trees, or maul you with their claws. That doesn’t sound like something an eternally peaceful race who are always holding hands and singing Kumbaya would do!

It is generally agreed that no major wars happened between the Aurin communities while they were united under one queen, but the idea that all Aurin communities got along without any sort of conflict, or strife, or disagreement whatsoever is a very ridiculous one. If the Aurin are capable of anger and hate, if they are capable of aggression and murder, if they are capable of fighting, killing, and rebelling, then they are capable of internal strife.

markmcg9718  asked:

So did Linstead break up in 4x17 or are they just taking a break or what

…I don’t know. I don’t know what it means for their relationship. A few hours after the episode, I came to the realisation, that this is sort of like after Nadia died. Erin pushed Jay away when he wanted to support and help her through it, and now Jay is doing the same, he’s pushing Erin away. He hasn’t dealt with the trauma from Afghanistan, and I don’t think he knows how to deal with it, and in a sense, he doesn’t want to burden Erin with it. I hope they can come back from this. I really do. But it’ll take time and understanding on both halves.

Ultimately, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what road the writers take us on. If it means we’ll get more insight into Jay, I’m here for it. If not, then we take solace in their relationship and cherish how special it was to them and us.

I mean, jfc, the kids from IT went missing for 3 freaking days , Dojima-san had to do some serious detective work looking for them and left no stone unturned and subdued a crazy stalker

And he dealt with the events of P4 and the P4 Arena duology before this. He had enough of that crap

Dojima-san for dad of the decade

*Another Update*

We’re going to be starting a new *thing* soon that we’ll need you guys to help with. All this includes is writing down how you discovered your sexuality, how you came out, how you dealt with it, etc. Feel free to send on anon if you aren’t comfortable with attaching your blog title to your story or submit/message it to us at any time. We’ll be posting our own stories when we fully come back!

Stay alive.


Headcanons for Syo and Nagi as bros~
Woot there’s only two days left until your birthday! Yay(≧∇≦)/

-The one thing that they agree on is style, so they both go shopping together often.

- Nagi complains to Syo when Heavens steals his candy.

- Syo has dealt with a lot of torment from Nagi also, but I feel like the proof that Nagi cares about you is if you’ve been tormented

- They would fight over little things, but that’s how they’d bond.

- They also bond over their height

- Syo makes fun of Nagi’s little obsessions but then goes and obsesses over manliness and the like.

- At the end of the day, they watch out for each other and come to small agreements.

- still definitely frenemies

Ahh so I just want you to know shadowed, that I’m very thankful for you being my friend. People have come and gone in the last few months, but you’ve stayed. I know you’ll be able to make your dreams come true! Never give up, stay happy and smiling everyday!