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I just can't get over it. I mean, the Bible is a diverse book. There are MANY books/verses that apply to their general life situation right now. But there is only *one* that deals explicitly with romantic and sexual love. And they had Jack open right to it. And it definitely wasn't a "just show Jack randomly flipping through it* type situation, because they focused on the title of the book he opened to. And again, it was SO specific. Song of Solomon of all things:P

Yep. It could’ve been Genesis. That would be the logical place to start reading the bible, especially after Jack just figured out that God is technically his grandfather… They could’ve had him open to practically any other book, but nope.

DEAN threw him the book, exiled him to the sofa, and ordered him to read. Then we get the shot of the page Jack opened to.

Kinda like they were trying to show Dean giving Jack A Clue. This is what Dean believes Jack took from him, after all. He blames Cas’s death on Jack. So…


Title: Squish

Fandom: Sander Sides

Pairing(s): Logicality

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Word Count: 2564

Warning(s): Weight Mention

Tag List: @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch

Finally finished @lamp-calm-sanders fic, so sorry it took so long (I say knowing full well this is sadly the shortest amount of time it has ever taken me to write a fic, I am so sorry) (also spent like and hour trying to fix this because tumblr hates the copy paste option)  


Logan hadn’t always felt bad about his body. Logan hadn’t always looked at his chub with disdain or fantasized what it would be like to be skinny, he hadn’t always wondered what it would be like to not be fat. God, he hated that word, he hated it’s definition, the connotations it brought when he said it, he even hated the ugly way it seemed to roll off his tongue. But he hated that he hated his body even more. He knew he wasn’t unhealthy (He encouraged Thomas to eat healthily often and Logan was not much of a hypocrite) it was just how his body metabolized food and he understood that. He knew the other three loved him and his body but he still couldn’t stop the negativity he felt when he thought about it.

Like he said though, he hadn’t always hated his size, for most of his life the thoughts never dared cross his mind. He wasn’t really sure when they had started, when Thomas was younger he hadn’t minded his size, if anything he liked his body. And he knew the other sides had no problem. Roman didn’t really care, he could playfully quip with Logan no matter how skinny or fat he was. Virgil liked to act like it didn’t bother him but he secretly loved the comfort that came with Logan’s hugs that wouldn’t have felt the same if Logan were any skinnier (he had always taken pride in being the only one besides Patton who could calm the anxious trait down.) And Patton, of course, loved Logan’s size, when they were younger Patton would always gush about how adorable Logan was, calling Logan his favorite “squish.”

Squish (adj)- a way of describing someone who is smol (see card 37), loveable, and sometimes even physically squishy.

Logan pretended he thought it was annoying but he secretly loved the endearing nickname. A warm fuzzy feeling would erupt in his chest whenever Patton said it, his heart would swell and his cheeks would turn bright red (when he was older and could understand emotions better he defined this feeling as happiness.)

Happiness (n)- the state of feeling happy (showing or feeling pleasure/contentment)

But that all changed during Thomas’s teenage years. It had started off small, Thomas would watch a movie with his friends, the coined “fat kid” was always the butt of the jokes. Logan had brushed it off at the time, high school children were often harsh for the sake of it, there was nothing wrong with him, the cruelties of high school were to blame. Then Thomas’s chubbier friends would get picked on at school, Logan once again would brush it off as useless teenage bullying but now there was an inkling of doubt (what if they were right? What if he was the wrong one here, what if they were right) Then social media began to take off and everywhere Logan would people just like him endlessly picked on for no other reason than how big they were. They were accused of being lazy, fat, disgusting, unhygienic, unmotivated, wrong, bad, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

After careful data analysis and consideration Logan finally concluded that being fat was bad. If so many people hated it (hated him) then statistically it must be true. Fat was wrong, he was wrong.

If Logan was younger he would have talked to Patton or Virgil about it. He would have crawled in their beds and cried his feelings away until he felt better. He could’ve sobbed into Patton’s chest and laid his insecurities out as they cuddled in his bed. He could have leaned on Virgil’s shoulder as they watched rain trickle down the their windows, just enjoying the quiet content of it all. 

But it was too late for that, they had grown distant as Thomas had gotten older. Virgil was much more controlling during high school, he knew all the horrible things kids in school could do and he just wanted to protect Thomas from it all. But the other sides never thought that was the right way approach to high school and soon it became a constant war of Virgil vs. everyone else. So it hadn’t really surprised Logan when the other’s bickering had grown so tiresome for the anxious side that he had decided he was done with it all and retired to his room. Patton had been upset at first but Virgil could still do his job and he came out eat when he needed to so eventually Patton relented. By the time Thomas started making vines Logan had only seen Virgil a handful of times.

And Logan, too, had become more distant, Patton and Roman were too emotional most of the time (this was when he missed his left brain bro… the name was Virgil’s suggestion) and he did not have the time or energy to deal with them. He and Roman started disagreeing more often, Roman’s outlandish ideas sometimes overpowering any logical thought. Patton, of course, tried to bond with him every once in awhile but each time Logan would brush it off, so yeah, Logan was not in any position to ask any of them for help.

So he dealt on his own, and he was good at it. He learned to bottle his emotions up into this tiny spot in his chest and never touch them again. Using that method he could cope with all his issues without any negative connotations for Thomas. He was fine.

Until he wasn’t.


“This one’s for you Patton!” Thomas exclaimed, phone in hand. It was a late Tuesday night and they had yet again been subjected to Sides Q&A. “What’s your favorite cartoon?”

“Ooh! It’s so hard to choose,” Patton gushed. “But if I have to choose I’d saaaaaay, Steven Universe but Legend of Korra is always a close second.” Patton said with a grin. It’d been a bad day for Logan, nothing particular had happened it was just one of those really bad days where the mirrors seemed to distort his image until he felt like he was looking at an ugly monster. It was one of those day where he didn’t want anyone to see him, it made him feel open and vulnerable and he couldn’t deal with that right now.  It was just one of those days where he just wanted to lay in his bed and hide under the covers until the sun went away. But life was never exactly kind to Logan when exactly kind when he wanted it to be.

“Virgil, in your opinion, who gives the best hugs?” Thomas queried, breaking Logan from his train of thought.

“I don’t really have many options considering Patton’s the only one who hugs me but I guess I’d say Patton,” Virgil said, bitterness from his years of exclusion leaking through. Pain pierced through Logan’s heart, he used to be Virgil’s favorite hugger.

Longing (n)- a yearning desire for what once was or what could be

“I will make an effort in the future to engage in more comforting physical contact.” Logan managed to squeeze out of his chest, stoic as ever, determined to hide the swell of emotions threatening to break the surface.

“As will I!” Roman declared. “I shall become the best hugger you have ever seen Virgil dear.” Virgil rolled his eyes but everyone could see the light blush that dusted his cheeks.

“Ah! Here’s another one for Logan,” Thomas interrupted. “What’s your favorite vocabulary card?” The interests of the other three perked up. It seemed like Logan had hundreds of cards and they’d only seen a handful.

”There are many that I’ve grown fond of but at this time my favorite is Extra.” Logan replied, flipping the card out from his back pocket.

Extra (adj)- Someone who is over the top, flamboyant or dramatic when it is not necessary

“It was not only one of the easier ones to learn but it is also an adequate insult for Roman.” He said with a mischievous smirk. Roman feigned an affronted gasp.

“I’ll let you know,” He cried, hand over his heart “I take that as a compliment.” He said dramatically and sniffled.

“See, case in point. You are extra.” Logan said, pointing at him, earning a chuckle from Virgil and another gasp from Roman. Thomas chuckled but pulled up another ask.

“This one’s for all of you,” He said. “Who do you all think is the hottest?” Immediately, they all jumped in, putting in their thoughts.

“Noooo, I can’t choose we’re all beautiful.” Patton said in distress eyes bouncing to all of them wildly.

“Oh it’s me of course,” Roman said gallantly, striking a pose.

“Why are you forcing us to choose who is what society expects to be ‘hot?’”Virgil asked, shaking his head. 

“I hate to say it, but I do agree with Roman,” Logan spoke up and everyone paused to stare at him, even Thomas, Logan rarely agreed with Roman, much less on frivolous things such as this. “While you all are beautiful in your own way, Roman is the only one who fits the societal version of a hot version and actively tries to maintain this image.” No one spoke for a moment, the air tense and uncomfortable. Everyone was staring at Logan like he’d just grown two more heads, he looked away, not used to so much attention on him at once. Finally, Patton broke the silence.

“You mean, we are all beautiful, you forgot yourself.” He whispered and Logan tensed, Patton was the type of person who just sort of knew when someone wasn’t feeling like themselves and Logan didn’t want Patton to know right now.

Intuition (n)- the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

“Yes, yes, of course, merely a slip of the tongue,” Logan lied, his fingers tapping on his wrist to the beat of his nervous heart rate. “However, this question was shallow and I’d prefer not to take part in ones like these again, therefore I shall be going. Goodbye everyone.” He sunk out as quick as he could, he could hear the others saying their goodbyes and following behind him as he willed all his strength into not sprinting into his room and collapsing into his bed.

“Hey, Logan,” Virgil mumbled from behind, managing to catch him in the commons. “Umm.. sleep well.” He said, smiling softly, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. It may not have seemed like much but Logan knew it was so much more, when he was ready he would go to Virgil and finally talk about what was bothering him but he wasn’t ready yet and Virgil understood that.

With that comforting thought, he finally made it into his room and collapsed on the bed, the metaphorical damn breaking as his chest seemed to cleave in two, silent tears leaking out as he curled in on himself, bringing his knees to his chest. But he surprisingly didn’t feel particularly bad, there wasn’t any of the usual uncomfortable ball of sadness weighing on his chest, instead there was nothing. But he didn’t feel good either. It wasn’t like the weight had been lifted, it seemed more like a pleasant numbing. If he was being honest, he didn’t really feel anything at all.

He could deal with that, not feeling was fine, Logan was perfectly okay with not feeling. It probably wasn’t healthy but it was something different from the aches that usually plagued him everyday and Logan could use every break he could get. Patton, on the other hand, was not fine with that and chose a very poor time to barge into Logan’s room.

“Hey, kiddo, I noticed you were feeling down earlier and wanted to know if-” Patton paused, noticing the strange emptiness of the room. “Logan?” Logan didn’t move, laying still in his void of nothingness, he wanted Patton to go away and take all his feelings with him, Logan did not need them right now, he couldn’t breathe when they were there and needed them to leave.

“Oh honey,” Patton cooed and hurried over to the bed to sit next to Logan, his hand resting soothingly on Logan’s knee. “Is this about the Q&A question earlier?” Logan hesitantly nodded numbly, staring right past Patton. It was useless lying to Patton, he’d pester Logan until he confessed if he didn’t.

“I-I was not feeling my best.” He managed to mumble, the salty sensation of his tears shocking him closer to reality.

“Why?” Patton asked softly.

“It.. reminded me that I-I do not have a.. d-desirable body type.” He said slowly and Patton frowned.

“Is it because you’re chubbier than us?” Patton asked and Logan nodded again, more tears flowing as a silent sob wracked through him. Patton frowned and turned to face the crying boy. “You know that your size has nothing to do with your beauty right?” Logan paused.

“B-But it does,” Logan said earnestly. “I have looked over so much data, and the data shows that fat people are ugly. So I must be ugly… It’s only logical thinking.” He trailed off at the end, looking away from Patton and focusing on a tiny speck of dust in his covers.

“Can you sit up kiddo? I want to prove you wrong.” Patton said after a moment, an unidentifiable look in his eyes. Logan frowned but relented, sitting cross legged across from Patton, who smiled and poked his arm.

“See these arms? You may only see flab, but I see that these arms are the same arms that give the best hugs in the mindscape, even Virgil will agree with me on this one.” Patton lightly squeezed his arm and Logan rolled his eyes.

“And this tum?” Patton lightly pinched a bit of fat around his stomach. “This is the cutest tum I have ever seen. Even if you don’t think so.” He gave Logan a quick tickle as Logan giggled slightly and squirmed away.

“And you said your body isn’t hot? Well we must be talking about different people because Logan baby those hips do not lie.” Patton whistled, gaining a small chuckle from Logan. “You are perfect just the way you are Logan, your size is beautiful and just the right size for you. Your size is a part of who you are, you wouldn’t be my favorite squish without it.” The childhood nickname sent Logan over the edge as he launched himself into Patton’s arms, sobbing as Patton cupped Logan’s head against his shoulder. He let years of anguish and self loathing overflow as he clung to Patton like a frightened child. Patton calmingly shushed him and whispers words of kindness into his ears as they fell back against Logan’s bed, content in each other’s arms.

Logan knew he’d always have bad days. He knew there would be times where he couldn’t stand to look in a mirror. There would be days he’d want to hide away and never let anyone in but he knew Patton and the other sides would always be there for him and in that moment, for Logan, that was enough.

Also, Logan lied, extra was not his favorite vocabulary word.

Squish (adj)- a way of describing someone who is smol (see card 37), loveable, and sometimes even physically squishy. (i.e Logan)

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alright i guess i gotta now…

  • so you’d be getting bigger by the day but with that your hormones were going crazy and Bucky was looking fine literally everyday so how could you not get turned on right 
  • so you’d like put it off like it was no big deal but then one night it was really bad and you were avoiding Bucky (as much as you could) and Bucky noticed that so he would just find you in the spare room with his favourite book but you weren’t reading you were just staring out the window 
    • “w-what’s wr-wrong?” you’d hear from the corner as he walked over to you, sitting you in his lap and you’d just sigh, dropping your head in the crook of his neck as his hand went to rub your belly 
  • you were almost embarrassed, not being able to look at him 
    • “I just, I guess it’s the hormones,” you’d say and Bucky would be confused because obviously your hormones were raging and he understood that so you just sigh before mumbling, “I’m just really horny lately,” into his chest 
  • a huge grin would spread on Bucky’s face as he tilts your face towards before pressing his lips onto yours and carrying you into the bedroom
  • you’d be hesitant, trying to cover your bump with your cardigan, just being abnormally shy around him 
  • and he’d just kneel between your legs, looking straight into your eyes
    • “i love you, a-and you’re the mo-most beautiful w-women in the w-world,” before kissing you so passionately 
  • he would just love and worship your body, not even mentioning your swollen belly 
  • it would just be slow, loving sex as your hands grip his, eyes not leaving each others, only closing in ecstasy or when his lips are on yours 
  • he would treat you so goddamn well, I cannot stress this enough. 
  • you are his world and he plans to treat you like you’re the only thing that matters to him!!!

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Honestly License arc was bad and disappointing for me and I had pretty high hopes on current one(and it was overwhelming for some time), but it looks like it is going to pull out this crap with healing Sir/restoring Mirio's quirk/saving Eri/healing Deku's arms so that he can fight using them again(well i can accept this one), and it is will be like the biggest downfall of the series. Do you think Horikoshi starts "losing his magic"?

Hello anon!!

Nah I don’t think so

I believe in Horikoshi! He has the story already planned out so I believe whatever is happening here right now, has really been planned since day 1. Well, with some alterations because editors amirite

Also like I keep saying, in this arc alone, they made it a HUGE DEAL on how hard it is to master your Quirk. Kirishima’s flashback, Amajiki’s flashback, Toogata’s flashback — a common theme to their flashbacks is the fact that you cannot possibly use your Quirk at its fullest potential unless you continuously train them.

Eri, who is a little kid, cannot possibly control her Quirk at this time, as evidenced by the latest chapter and the spoiler image where she’s using her Quirk at maximum. Healing Nighteye, returning Mirio’s Quirk, healing Deku, etc. are potentially possible, if Eri can do rewinds at a specific point in time, which doesn’t seem the case from what we’ve seen so far. And by the time she has absolute control of her Quirk, she’s already a teenager/adult, Nighteye has been long dead (if he was really dead), Mirio has been Quirkless for several years, etc.

Lastly, here’s a little snippet from Horikoshi, taken from the Volume 1 of Hero Academia:

If Horikoshi is having fun making his manga, then I’m all for it, and I want to read more of it <3

*That One Thing happens to me*

me: obviously now i’m going to be scarred for life and this is going to become a big trigger for me *almost never thinks of it again and it almost becomes a joke*

*That Other Thing happens to me*

me: it wasn’t a big deal it’s fine *has several panic attacks and hallucinations because of it and it becomes a big trigger*

***IMPORTANT! All followers please read!***

I haven’t been able to be on much lately, nor will I be for the foreseeable future. My husband is dealing with some serious health issues right now, and is out of work. As such, when I‘m not working, I have to spend most of my time doing all our chores and errands as well as taking care of him. 

I have precious little time to do anything extra. I barely have time to take care of myself. So, don’t expect me to be very active, nor for me to post much in the way of my shit-tastic doodles or fics. 

Just wanted to make you all aware of why I’ve been so quiet, in case anyone noticed.

Leave Jack and Mark out of this.

What Felix did was not good. It was despicable and should be treated as such. As a white male, he had no right to use that slur at all.

But Jack and Mark have done nothing wrong. The reason they defended Felix during the nazi controversy was because he attempted to apologise, and it seemed like he was changing. But right now, I can almost garuentee that Mark and Jack are furious about what Felix did.

I’ve already seen people crying that Jack and Mark are guilty by association. They’re not. They haven’t done anything, and that’s final.

If one of them decides to defend Felix’s actions without bringing up VALID points, then maybe we can reconsider how we deal with them. But until then, they are seperate from Felix.

Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 

instant gratification 03 (m)

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➾ smut, angst, fluff

➾the final part of this series, please read the first three parts if you haven’t!

instant gratification 01 | 02 | 2.5

It’s like time has slowed to an ambling crawl, and all that ever exists has ceased to matter; except in this room with the three of you standing, facing each other like fighters in a ring. All you’re aware of is the way your breath has frozen over in your chest, and the way Jeongguk is clutching something so tightly in his hand, mirroring your own fisted palm.

“Jeongguk, no,” the sound of your voice pierces through the tense atmosphere, and is that really your voice? Why does it sound so unconvincing, so lacking in resolve, so broken? You clear your throat and attempt to try again, because your eyes are locked on Jeongguk’s own milky caramel ones, filled with a murky rage that threatens to break past the surface. “Jeongguk, this is not what it looks like, I swear-“

He only responds with an acerbic laugh that’s short and cutting, and it makes every breath you take feel razor sharp.

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Hi!!!! For your Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme, number 32 please!! Pretty please with Sterek??? PS: Love your writing!!!

32. Getting caught in the act.


“Now–” Stiles’ dad says, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “I can understand the first time. You were young, had been dating for a few weeks. Hell, sometimes I couldn’t resist your mother either.”

Stiles thumps his head against the kitchen table and groans.

“And the second time was my fault.” His dad continues. “I walked in without knocking, I’ve learned my lesson.” He still glares at Derek though, like it’s his fault Stiles ended up the way he is. “But for god’s sake, you have a daughter now.”

Said daughter is currently sitting on the floor, mouthing at Derek’s fingers and drooling all over herself. She can’t even sleep the entire night yet.

Dad,” Stiles cries out, “can’t you just –”

“It won’t happen again, sir.” Derek says, barely holding his laughter at Stiles’ horrified expression.

What?” Stiles yells, making Mia start laughing at the noise. He takes a moment to smile down at his daughter and then turns to his husband again. “But – I like having sex on the couch.”

“Stiles!” Both Derek and Stiles’ dad scream.

“What? I do!” He points at Derek. “And it’s not like you said no.”

Derek ducks his head down, the tip of his ears going red. Hah, he likes having sex on the couch too. Stiles grins.

“I’m too old for this.” His dad complains, running a hand through his hair. “Give me my granddaughter.” He gestures for Mia and Derek passes her quickly. Stiles always found adorable how even after ten years Derek is still scared of Stiles’ dad.

Mia laughs as her grandfather tickles her and they all stare at her, amazed.

“Bring her back by six!” Stiles yells at his father’s retreating back, waving as Mia smiles at him.

“Seven!” He screams back. “So you learn not to have sex where your daughter can see!”

“She’s ten months, she doesn’t even know what a blow-” Derek clasps a hand over his mouth.

“Just stop talking, please.” He mutters, watches as Stiles’ dad drives off and then heads back inside. To do laundry probably, Stiles frowns, Derek loves being all domestic when they’re baby-free.

Such a wasted time.

“We need to start locking the door.” He says, following Derek into the kitchen.

“We need to stop having sex on the couch.”

Stiles throws his hands up. “Ah, come on. Not you too!”

“We do have a baby, Stiles.” Derek says, collecting the toys they had laid out for Mia to play while they were in the kitchen. “We have to be more careful.”

“But I like having sex on the couch.” Stiles says. “I like being able to touch you all the time.”

“But you do–”

“We spent a long time not being able to do that.” He still remembers the two years away, Derek in New York and Stiles calling him at night, pretending he just wanted to ask about a book or if Derek would buy him a Mets jersey. He remembers missing Derek like crazy, going to New York just to see him and then spending the entire weekend trying not to give away his feelings.

Mostly, he remembers Derek kissing him on his last night there, remembers the feeling of finally being able to be with him, to run a hand over his hair and drop a kiss on his shoulder just because. He remembers Derek promising they’d be together forever.

“Stiles,” Derek says, kissing the top of his head, “I love you. That’s never going to change. But I also love our daughter and I’d rather not answer to sex questions before she’s at least thirteen.”

Despite himself, Stiles snorts, slumping against Derek’s chest. “Fine. No sex on the couch or the kitchen table. Forever. This is so unfair.”

“Well, you know she’ll move out eventually, right?” Derek asks.

The thought of his adorable baby girl growing up and going to college or even getting married is not something Stiles is prepared to deal with now. “Hey! One problem at a time!” Derek snorts, pulling Stiles in for a kiss.

“Come on, we can still have sex in our bed.”

Stiles grins, forgetting about Mia and his dad and everything else as Derek begins to unbutton his shirt. “I like the way you think.”

In the end it doesn’t really matter if it’s on the couch or the bed, as long as Stiles has Derek, the location is only a detail.

Awards ; Tom Holland

grinding, oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, boxer!tom

summary: Tom longing for his prize after finally winning a huge fight in the ring

A/N: i hope u enjoy this! now im gonna go cry bc evan peters is so perfect i wanna ride his face

Everything was nerve-wracking —your heartbeat rapidly increasing, every muscle in your body was tensed, and the sensation of knots forming in your stomach ruffled you. The crowd lauded for their chosen wagers, manifesting their morale whilst flagging posters that had their favorite’s name jotted down, as you yourself cheered for your own boyfriend who stood rugged inside the 24-square-foot ring. And it was pretty obvious who had the upper hand.

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To Jungkook, there’s no such thing as love. pt.5 End

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word count: 2,090

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5End]

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Here he was, sat on my sofa with a glass of water in his hands. Why was he here? I don’t have a clue. Why did I open my door for him? I don’t know why I did either. Maybe it was the way he was looking at the door when I looked through the peephole, or maybe it was the way he was punching the door with his fists, demanding that I’d open the door for him. Or maybe even the way his voice wavered as he stuttered calling out to me. ‘Y/N ah! Please just please open the door, let me see you, let me talk to you.’ So I guess that’s how I ended up opening the door because my heart wouldn’t let me do otherwise. I was looking at him from the kitchen door, leaning against the frame of it, pondering to myself. 

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More things you shouldn’t say to your little!

Inspired by this post.

🐦 “I don’t have time to deal with this.” There is always a better way to put that.

Try: “Little one, daddy/mommy is really busy right now but I pinky promise later we can (play, color, watch ____, make _____)”

🐦 “You’re talking too much.” Don’t say this to anyone. Period. At all. But especially NOT your little. They are comfortable enough to open up so please listen. If they get a bit too much, try “honey, inside voices,” but don’t tell them not to talk.

🐦 “I can’t do everything for you.” We dont ask for everything. We just need help with some stuff. If you literally cannot take two seconds out of your day for something that may seem silly, like holding a stuffie while we try to dress it or maybe getting something from a high shelf; Find a better way to tell us. Try “Okay, sweetheart, give me a minute to finish _____ and I will do my best to help.”

🐦 “Could you just act like an adult for ten minutes?!” No. Uh, we can but not because you’re yelling at us to. We get upset too. We get stressed too. We cope differently which may cause us to regress in stressful situations but TRUST ME that is so much better than us not being able to regress for a long while because we failed to when we needed to. We get a lot worse than you think. Be patient. Be calm. Whatever is going on will pass but yelling at somebody who isn’t equipped to handle it isn’t going to help. Yelling at somebody who loves you dearly isn’t going to help.

🐦 “You’re a bad (girl/boy/little).” Unless in playful context, which should be made obvious, this phrase can be horribly damaging. Tears will happen. Esteem will drop. Blaming ourselves will be a big thing and the situation will overall get worse. If we act up or do something you don’t like, be patient; explain to us what we did, and if we repeat it again, act as necessary.


We aren’t flawless, but neither are you. Please be patient and understand that you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

peach blossoms (m)

❥ word count: 46k

❥ genre: fluff + smut + very minimal angst ; magic au + school au

❥ pairing: reader/jimin

❥ warning(s)/kink(s): tons of immature humor, teasing, dirty talk, riding, dom undertones, hickies, slightly rough sex, grinding, admissions of feelings, (honestly the sex is fairly vanilla, this is mostly fluff)

❥ summary: as your best friend tries to help you create a potion for a project, you end up making a mistake that changes jimin and you have to turn him back before anyone sees and fix things in time for your project presentation. the catch? feelings are stupid and annoying and they happen to mess with your head as you try and return jimin back to normal.

❥ a/n & music can be found here

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Alright wayhaught prompt coming at ya. Nicole has to go undercover on some case she's working on and she has to dress up all sexy and when waverly sees the outfit for the first time she gets like super turned on

She’s used to Nicole wearing her uniform, and she’s used to Nicole’s casual wear.

She’s used to her in dresses, and she’s used to her in… well, nothing.

So Waverly figures, if she can handle working alongside Nicole in those boots and that hat and that belt; if she can handle fighting alongside Nicole in that dress while punching homophobes and saving her sister and the town; then she can handle Nicole wearing… well, anything.

What she’s not prepared for is Nicole in a full-out suit.

She’s not prepared for Nicole in a femmey black suit that hugs her body just right, complete with a sleek black skinny tie. 

She’s definitely not prepared for that.

Even though they’d talked about it. 


“You know I don’t like the idea of using you for bait on this mission. Or any mission. But since Dolls and Wynonna seem to think it’ll be fine – “

“Because it will, Nicole – I can handle myself, you know that – “

“I do, baby, of course I do. I just don’t like dangling you in front of lesbian demons.”

Waverly grinned even as Nicole flinched.

“God, you homophobe,” Waverly joked, and Nicole shook her head.

“Yeah, that could have come out better, huh?”

She flinched again, and Waverly laughed. The laughter lit Nicole up, inside and out.

“So punny, Officer Haught,” Waverly leaned in for a kiss. Nicole returned it with a grin, but sobered pretty quickly.

“But I’m serious, Waves. You know I’ll be there undercover to protect you – not that you need it, I know, I’m just saying, a little backup never hurt anyone – but you need to act like you don’t know me. Really, Waverly. Everything hinges on that.”

Waverly saluted and Nicole melted.

“I’ll be the best bait you’ve ever had,” Waverly promised.

But that was before she saw… this outfit.

This outfit that stops her heart and makes her mouth dry and makes her wish more than anything else in the world that they were back in her bed, or right on top of the pool table, or in this dingy bar bathroom… anywhere, really, but on an undercover mission where she has to pretend not to even know her.

“Dolls,” Waverly wires in, moving her lips as little as possible. “I’ve got a bit of a problem in here.”

“What is it, babygirl? Need me to come in and – “

“Wynonna, she was calling me, would you let me – “

“She’s my sister, Dolls, I – “

“Um, guys? If I were in actual danger, it’d probably be too late to save me now.”

“Right. What’s the problem, Waverly?”

“No one briefed me on… um… Nicole’s… outfit. How am I supposed to pretend to flirt with some lesbian demon when Nicole looks like… that?”

She hears Dolls groaning and Wynonna snickering.

“Keep it in your pants, Waves, and you can take hers off all you want when you get home safe and sound, okay?”

“Wynonna!” Waverly hisses, pretending to cough into her drink gently so no one would notice her lips moving. “Not helping.”

“Deal with it, Earp. Keep the comm line open for emergencies only, understood?” Dolls tells her.

“Have you seen Nicole in this outfit? It is an emergency,” Waverly mutters, but Dolls has already cut the comm.

She rolls her eyes, sips her drink, and tries to figure out the best way to be subtle about turning around to just… watch Nicole.

Because if she can’t have her right here and now, at least she can look.


But it turns out that what she sees is her girlfriend surrounded by women.

Very attractive women.

Her face falls.

She doesn’t know how Nicole sees her – if Nicole remembers she exists – because her attention seems so focused on entertaining the women around her. But she does see Nicole take out her phone, and a few moments later, her own buzzes.

She picks it up irritably.

I only have eyes for you, baby. This is only the mission. I can’t wait to take you home tonight. 

Waverly nearly melts off her bar stool, and she watches Nicole let herself catch her eye. She winks, soft, subtle. Perfect.

She gulps and she sits a little taller.

She’s the one who gets to take Nicole home tonight. 

The one Nicole wants to take home tonight.

She licks her lips and tries to wipe the goofy grin off her face.

She can hardly wait.

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"It's a good one this time, I swear!"

“Lena, I’ve got one.”

She doesn’t even look up from her tablet, catching her bottom lip between her teeth, the beginnings of a crease appearing between her brows.

“Do you?” she asks distractedly, turning to the notebook she has at her elbow, the furrow of her brow deepening. Kara watches her for a moment, waiting for Lena to remember that she’s still there, still waiting for her full attention.

(It takes nearly two full minutes, but then, Kara’s not counting.

Not carefully, anyway.)

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every time you say, “everyone has the right to own a gun,” you fucking spit on the people who’ve been fucking mowed down in public places, who lost their lives on a casual Tuesday in a place that’s supposed to be safe.

“Everyone has the right to own a gun,” you argue.

Everyone has the right to mass murder anyone they want, at any time of day?

What is this, the Purge? 

You sicken me. 

Sandy Hook wasn’t enough for you. Little children going to school and watching their classmates die, parents who have to live with the knowledge that a 20 year old who had fucking issues bought a gun one day and decided he wanted to pay back the world for all it ever gave him, and there was nothing that could stop him. 

Pulse, ah, but gay people, who cares about them? Certainly not you. 

If little kids getting their heads blown out didn’t bother you, why would adults?

Christina Grimmie? Yet another victim of male entitlement? 

Well she was just some girl, right, guns are still more important. 

Freedom, you know. 

Ariana’s concert, well, you never liked her music.

Her fans were shot, well, big deal.

And now another concert. 

Oh well. 

I guess that’s just another 50 down.

No big deal, right.

Who cares, the CONCEPT of gun ownership is so much more important that individual lives, right?

all those people who died didn’t die in vain!

they died so that Americans would KNOW

that every single one of them has the right to own a gun. 

I’m sure as they died on the fucking streets while their friends and family and fellow Jason Aldean fans screamed and hid under cars and ran for their lives, they were so proud to die for an American cause!