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~The Bureau of Balance~

In the Group Pic Left to Right it’s:

Garfield the Deals Warlock, Lucas Miller, Angus McDonald, The Director, Davenport, Johann the Bard, Avi, Killian, Carrie Fangbattle, Leon the Artificer, Robbie aka “Pringles”, and Brad Bradson

apologies to Noelle fans I didn’t have it in me to design a Big Ole Robot

the signs as taz npcs
  • aries: Barry Bluejeans
  • taurus: Angus McDonald
  • gemini: Johann
  • cancer: Leon the Artificier
  • leo: Garfield the Deals Warlock
  • virgo: Killian
  • libra: Carey Fangbattle
  • scorpio: Sloane
  • sagittarius: Garyl
  • capricorn: Pringles
  • aquarius: Lucas Miller
  • pisces: the Voidfish

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I didn’t know you snored until a half hour ago but i’m staring at the ceiling fighting the urge to kick you

I’m finally getting back to these bed-sharing prompts! And because writing the last Friends to Lovers with no pining was so fun, here’s another one. ;) (3000 ish words - Rated M, obviously) AO3

“You sure you’re okay with this, Swan?”

“Yeah, no big deal.” Quickly walking past Killian and their one full size bed on her way to the bathroom, she hopes the nonchalance in her voice sounded believable.

It had been a great day. A seriously great day. In what had been an uncharacteristically impulsive decision, Emma had taken Killian up on his offer to come out here with him during Spring Break. She had been just as curious to see the Grand Canyon as to see what it would be like to hang out with her fellow professor outside of the stuffy confines of their day to day life. They’d started out a bit like oil and water when they had first met, his bad boy reputation and constant flirting the exact opposite of her favorite thing. But man, was he persistent. After a few months of sharing an office he’d somehow weaseled his way past a few of her defenses, giving him a well-earned spot on her friend list, a list with very few names. There were other times though, like earlier tonight, with the two of them lying close together beneath a breathtaking blanket of stars, that she wondered if his name was getting closer to finding its way to another list, one she thought she had closed off for new members long ago.

So yeah, she’s perfectly fine sharing a too small bed with Killian Jones, because that isn’t going to be complicated or uncomfortable…not at all. Curse these tiny cabins. As she brushes her teeth she stares at herself in the mirror, taking in the bit of pink on her cheeks from their hours spent hiking in the sun, remembering how they had ached from smiling and laughing at the man on the other side of the bathroom door. God, it really has been a great day. She hopes she doesn’t somehow ruin it by acting weird now. It’s been years since she’s shared a bed with a man for anything other than sex - and sleeping together after that, nope, not on the table. So the idea of just the sleeping is a bit terrifying, even if there isn’t going to be any sex.

There isn’t right?

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I swear sometimes I think I’m the only person who likes recurring storylines.

I get it, I do, sometimes it can be repetitive, but other times… it makes it real to me? You don’t just fix a personality flaw in an instant, it takes a lot of work, a lot of trying. But each time it crops up again you deal with it a little differently, or it becomes more of a frustration to those around you, and to yourself.

A bone of contention, something to work towards.

It shows growth, and weakness, and human nature. And I kind of love it.

i just got this terrible idea for an aquarium au (its 4am dont expect anything great) based on that one part w/ ango and the voidfish and i want to document it before i forget (more under the cut lol)

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Bittersweet CS Moment

I had so many hopes (I know I shouldn’t have had any expectations, the better to deal with reality, right?) for Killian to have an honestly clean slate and actually surprise Emma. But Emma Swan, being Emma Swan, dashed that as I thought she might. At least she still let Killian actually ask her without her going into her own proposal. 

Was it everything I hoped for? - No, after tonight’s episode, like so many in this fandom I’m sure I have a lot of feelings to sort through.

However this right here…

⬆This is something I’ve wanted to see since season 2: Emma Swan’s happy ending (or rather happy beginning) with a devilishly handsome pirate…

It is a beautiful moment if you take the proposal out of context of the episode.

She is just so happy right now. 

And this is probably the happiest Killian Jones has been in over 200 years of living.

Until he realizes that he fucked up…

He didn’t tell Emma the truth and just when she thinks they have no secrets…

There is a secret hanging over them that he thought would make her not want to marry him and the happiness of this moment is ruined. This last picture is what makes this proposal bittersweet for me. I was so happy that they were engaged but so disappointed that Killian Jones couldn’t be completely and deliriously happy Emma Swan was so excited for this moment and without hesitation agreed to MARRY HIM and be HIS WIFE! I know that this mess will work out positively for them but this is the one damn moment that didn’t need any fucking angst to make it dramatic. A proposal tends to lend itself to it’s own sort of drama - happy, life changing moments for characters we love as they embrace hope and happy endings (or as I said earlier, happy beginnings).

Hey, y’all think that Killian was a reclaimer ever? She was pretty damn cool around the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet and the Philosopher’s Stone. Like, she didn’t flinch or grab at the Gauntlet once. And the thrall was established then (I haven’t listened to Crystal Kingdom recently so idrk about the Philosopher’s Stone). 


Caryl / Captain Swan parallels. 

4x22 - “Deleted” Captain Swan scene: "If I had known this was going to happen...”

(available on ff and AO3)

(inspired by prompt from CS Writing Challenge)

“If had known this was going to happen…” - 4x22 Deleted Scene

For reference, we begin the scene here:

“Of course, love. It’s all in a day’s work for a hero.”

Emma allowed her eyes to say what her lips could not, stroking her thumb along his cheek, bringing her forehead to his. 

His eyes fluttered closed and his tongue swiped his lip as it so often did when something was on his mind.

It hit Emma that this was the first time Killian had been in her room and, as the heat gradually built between them where her legs straddled his thighs, her underwear growing damp, she remembered why.

They didn’t talk about the unstated rules of their relationship—he’s perceptive and reads her and somehow knows. How her fears held her back from truly being his—he made it clear he has been hers for a long time. How their kisses couldn’t cross a line. How they could crush and hold each other in their arms as long as their hips remained apart.

They learned that lesson the night she had returned his heart and only the untimely—timely?—interruption of Leroy had brought them to their senses.

Their bodies called to one another—his muscles tighten with her touch, the hunger beneath apparent with every shudder that ripples through him—much like the pieces of their hearts, but having him, giving into the pull and letting him slide inside of her to finally complete their bond, it would make it real.

It would change things.

Much like the words she needed to say that remained stuck in her throat.

I love you.

Their current position broke every unspoken rule between them, but Emma had to touch him, to show him what she couldn’t say. To reassure herself they were—he was—real and very much alive.

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Me talking to my future daughter
  • Daughter: Why did you decide to name me Emma
  • Me: *Pulls out large box of DVDs, pictures, posters, and shirts* I would explain it to you, but that would take to long and you have a date
  • Daughter: But Mom I've never even met this just set me up with him
  • Me: Emma Leia (Insert last name here)! Do you know how hard it was for me to find a boy named Killian? Now finish your hot chocolate with cinnamon and go get ready
  • Daughter: But I don't even like that pink dress
  • Me: EMMA SWAN!
  • Daughter: Who?
  • Me: Nothing...

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“It’s midnight, where the hell were you?!” (modern verse)

RP starters: Concern | status: accepting

“Out,” he grumbled, pulling the hood of his sweatshirt lower in an attempt to cover the black eye he was currently sporting. He knew one of them would get on his ass about coming back so late, but he really couldn’t find it in himself to care at the moment. He was tired, his face hurt, and he was angry; there wasn’t any energy left to deal with Killian. “Don’t worry, I’m not planning on going anywhere all weekend so no need to ground me for missing curfew.”

Can I talk about how much I loved that scene of Milah and Killian’s first meeting?! For years, we’ve had to listen to Hook haters say that he stole her from Rumple, that he forced her to come with him.
When in fact, as soon Milah said she was married, what did Killian do?! He backed the fuck up…he kissed her hand like a gentleman and said, okay…message received, but if that changes, you know where I am. So, enough with your bullshit….even as a pirate, he was a man of honor. Which is more than I can say for a certain cowardly Dark One. Just sayin.