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~The Bureau of Balance~

In the Group Pic Left to Right it’s:

Garfield the Deals Warlock, Lucas Miller, Angus McDonald, The Director, Davenport, Johann the Bard, Avi, Killian, Carrie Fangbattle, Leon the Artificer, Robbie aka “Pringles”, and Brad Bradson

apologies to Noelle fans I didn’t have it in me to design a Big Ole Robot

the signs as taz npcs
  • aries: Barry Bluejeans
  • taurus: Angus McDonald
  • gemini: Johann
  • cancer: Leon the Artificier
  • leo: Garfield the Deals Warlock
  • virgo: Killian
  • libra: Carey Fangbattle
  • scorpio: Sloane
  • sagittarius: Garyl
  • capricorn: Pringles
  • aquarius: Lucas Miller
  • pisces: the Voidfish

“Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine” 

Side-by-Side comparison of the rehearsal and the final scene. 

*Interestingly the talking bits didn’t match up (even though the end did) so I had to edit it a bit to get the bridge and the last verse to sync. 


In honor of the podcast that has completely and utterly stolen my heart, here’s a super quick (and super silly) little music video!!! Hope you enjoy! Please do yourself a massive, massive favour and listen to the Adventure Zone

We’ve Come So Far, My Dear

I’m not sure if this is the result of me trying to cope with yesterday’s news or taking advantage of the fact that I’m done with school for now and actually have time to write…either way, have some excessively cheesy CS morning fluff. Unedited, so please don’t hate me for mistakes.

Rated T | Word count: 816

She wakes up to the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of some sea shanty that’s vaguely familiar coming from the kitchen downstairs. Their bedroom door is closed, but he’s singing loud enough that he might as well be in the room with her. It’s a regular habit of his in the morning that she often wakes up early because of, but she loves him too much to complain about it.

Sitting up in bed, she stretches her arms out over her head and glances at the clock on the nightstand. It’s just after seven; she’s surprised that Killian just now seems to be up and getting ready for the day. Despite it being Saturday, he was a true sailor, and this morning routine of his should have started at least an hour ago.

As tempting as it is to lie back down and pull the sheets up over her head, she gets up and pulls on a thin black robe over the T-shirt she’d slept in. (Both Killian’s; he’d made the joke once that he didn’t realize getting married would also equal giving her free reign of his wardrobe.)

Married. The word lingers in her mind as she leaves the room and heads downstairs to see just what he’s up to. Their wedding was just over a month ago, and Emma still has trouble some days believing that this is her life now, that she has a home, a family, a husband that she falls a bit more in love with every day.

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Deal With It (Let’s make this interesting) 1/2

Rival Poker Players AU.  Guys, you know what inspired this. Modern AU, but with a kind of Captain Wench flavor. Rivals to Lovers. Heavily influenced by the 1994 movie Maverick, but you don’t need to know anything about the movie or really very much about poker to hang with this. 

Rating: T for this chapter (mostly due to language), but M for the next part and I’m not chickening out this time

Summary: Emma Swan, poker hustler with more than just card tricks up her sleeve, meets Killian Jones, a fellow gambler, at a shady little casino down south. After a memorable first encounter, they seem to keep finding each other, but are they really ready to gamble with their hearts? Emma just doesn’t know if she can deal with it. 


Emma hates this place. Over her years of hustling poker, she’s become accustomed to the bleeps, dings and 8-bit digital “music” (sarcastic quotation marks very much intended) that make up the constant, mind-numbing background noise in a casino. She can handle the smell of stale cigarette smoke and human bodies that could use a break from gambling to, you know, actually shower or something. Even the watered down cocktails don’t bother her. Hell, those are probably a blessing in disguise - keeps her mind sharp without her having to order something non-alcoholic which might tip off her marks.

But this piddly-dink river casino hotel on the outskirts of Nowheresville, Louisiana? Really bringing her down. Maybe it’s the general air of despair and decay. Maybe it’s the humidity. She’s already regretting not putting her hair up. It’s starting to do that weird wavy thing it does sometimes, a few tendrils sticking to her neck. Not to mention her skinny jeans - great for attracting a mark, but not exactly comfort wear - are clinging unpleasantly to her legs, making her want to squirm.  Or maybe she’s just still pissed that she nearly broke the heel off of her favorite pair of fuck-me pumps on a ripped spot in the tacky patterned carpet. It’s all just so irritating and depressing.

She could’ve gone someplace nicer, true. Then she’d be spending too much of the money she’s trying to win off these poor bastards to pay for her lodgings. Or she could sleep in her car. Again. On this wet, drizzling mess of a night. Yeah, no. Fuck that.

Oh. Hey, look. She won again.

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5x01: The Dark Swan

100 times captain swan made me cry: #22

swallowedsong  asked:

I didn’t know you snored until a half hour ago but i’m staring at the ceiling fighting the urge to kick you

I’m finally getting back to these bed-sharing prompts! And because writing the last Friends to Lovers with no pining was so fun, here’s another one. ;) (3000 ish words - Rated M, obviously) AO3

“You sure you’re okay with this, Swan?”

“Yeah, no big deal.” Quickly walking past Killian and their one full size bed on her way to the bathroom, she hopes the nonchalance in her voice sounded believable.

It had been a great day. A seriously great day. In what had been an uncharacteristically impulsive decision, Emma had taken Killian up on his offer to come out here with him during Spring Break. She had been just as curious to see the Grand Canyon as to see what it would be like to hang out with her fellow professor outside of the stuffy confines of their day to day life. They’d started out a bit like oil and water when they had first met, his bad boy reputation and constant flirting the exact opposite of her favorite thing. But man, was he persistent. After a few months of sharing an office he’d somehow weaseled his way past a few of her defenses, giving him a well-earned spot on her friend list, a list with very few names. There were other times though, like earlier tonight, with the two of them lying close together beneath a breathtaking blanket of stars, that she wondered if his name was getting closer to finding its way to another list, one she thought she had closed off for new members long ago.

So yeah, she’s perfectly fine sharing a too small bed with Killian Jones, because that isn’t going to be complicated or uncomfortable…not at all. Curse these tiny cabins. As she brushes her teeth she stares at herself in the mirror, taking in the bit of pink on her cheeks from their hours spent hiking in the sun, remembering how they had ached from smiling and laughing at the man on the other side of the bathroom door. God, it really has been a great day. She hopes she doesn’t somehow ruin it by acting weird now. It’s been years since she’s shared a bed with a man for anything other than sex - and sleeping together after that, nope, not on the table. So the idea of just the sleeping is a bit terrifying, even if there isn’t going to be any sex.

There isn’t right?

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One man tents aren’t meant for sharing

I wanted to write bed sharing. So I did. 

Smut ahoy.

3k words-ish

One man tents aren’t meant for sharing. Neither are sleeping bags. Too bad they don’t have any choice…

On FF.NET and AO3

Killian Jones’ rather bony elbow dug into Emma’s back. Wincing, she scowled then retaliated by shoving her icy cold right foot backwards until it was wedged between his bare legs, causing him to mutter profanities under his breath.

Today was such a fucking mess. She was cold, tired and mentally drained from an afternoon of drudging through the forest with… him .

“Swan…” he groaned, the low timbre of his voice cutting right through her body making her gut clench.

“Keep your arms to yourself, buddy,” she snapped, her frown growing deeper.

“Gladly,” he quipped, flopping dramatically onto his stomach. The extra-large sleeping bag that housed the pair lurched in his direction, spinning her onto her back and somehow wedging her arm beneath him.

“Urgh!” she cried, tugging herself free, thanking God and all the stars that the man was at least wearing an undershirt.

He turned his head. Though it was late, it was summer and the night sky still provided enough illumination to see his expression: a smug grin combined with raised eyebrows.

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anonymous asked:

Have your headcanons changed about when CS first had pancakes?


My headcanons:

  • Their first time was in the six weeks we didn’t see in the Season 4 winter hiatus and it was in Emma’s bed in the loft  … the two of them trying to be quiet while her parents slept unawares downstairs.
  • After that they mostly would stay in Killian’s room at Granny’s but they were always aware of her wolf hearing.
  • Remember how Killian got the Jolly Roger back in 4x15? And that was followed by angst angst angst and chasing the author and killing Cruella in 4x16 - 4x18? Well, that night Emma came over to the ship and worked out all her frustration in a marathon session on the ship … it was the first time they really had privacy and Killian was amazed at how loud Emma could be.
  • The Dark One curse left Emma with sleepless nights and there is a reason why Killian is missing during some of the daytime scenes … the pirate isn’t immortal after all and he needs to recover.
  • They totally fucked in the Middlemist meadow
  • They did NOT bang in Storybrooke when she was full on Dark One,
  • They stole quiet, private moments whenever they could in the Underworld and made love as slowly and gently as they could because neither one of them wanted to rush .. or admit that he might not be able to come back to Storybrooke with her.
  • When he did return to her they couldn’t even believe it and for some reason they were shy around each other … they didn’t even spend the night together because they had another crisis to deal with … but then Killian was almost lost to another realm AGAIN and when she got him back they managed a quiet quickie in the bathroom of Neal’s apartment before they rejoined the group.
  • When they first returned to Storybrooke and she said I love you we all saw how they couldn’t wait to be alone and have all day to enjoy each other but …
  • Emma was distant ever since they found the dirigible and Killian gave her the space she seemed to need … as long as she was talking to the cricket he knew that she would come around.
  • When she asked him to move Killian came over that night and followed Emma from room to room evaluating every surface. 
  • Maybe it was spending the day trapped in the mirror world or maybe it was seeing a glimpse of Captain Hook threatening the Evil Queen with that sneer but Emma was not in the mood for gentle lovemaking that night. There might have been a lot of Captain Wench roleplaying. Okay, there definitely was
  • When Emma got back from the wish realm however … that night she was all about her future with Killian Jones. They were up late talking about their plans and hopes and dreams with their bodies tangled together and always always always touching.
  • Emma was so caught up in the joy of being engaged that it didn’t even occur to her that they hadn’t celebrated it privately until the next day … when she found Killian burning those terrible memories.
  • So when they got engaged again and there were really no walls or secrets between them … and they broke her parents curse …
  • They returned to their house - surprisingly rejuvenated from their brief sleeping curse - and GOT IT ON. I mean, they barely slept and every time they would doze off, sated and satisfied, it wouldn’t be long before one of them would wake and gently coax the other out of their slumber … 

I think I need a quick and bracing shower now …

With Regards to the Shellphone Scene...

What gets me is the way Emma’s entire body sags with relief and understanding when she hears her pirate’s voice. The way she doesn’t truly believe it’s really him until he says that all-important sentence: “I would never leave you.”  Then and only then does she call out for him. (“Killian?”) And then when he says, “I love you,” with his strong, determined, honest voice, you can literally see her breath catch in her throat as the world finally starts to make sense again. The entire episode, people asked Emma how she felt, and she just kept saying that she didn’t even know how to feel, whether she wanted to cry or scream or run. And that’s because she was so confused. Because she knows Killian. She believed the promises he made her about never walking out, never abandoning her. And now suddenly, all signs point to him having left, and she also has 28 entire years of abandonment under her belt. So she knows the drill, she knows she should feel sad and hurt and close herself down and run away, but she hesitates on all of that this time. Because there’s that confusion nagging at her like… “But he wouldn’t do that. I know him, and he wouldn’t. And so that’s why the shellphone scene gets me. Because the minute Killian says the words, “I would never leave you,” everything falls back into place for Emma Swan. The minute he says, “I love you,” she feels steady on her feet again, ready to take on the world. Yes, this is a new problem. Yes, her True Love is stranded somewhere far away, and she’s got an angsty Teen to deal with, but nevertheless. Killian did not abandon her. Killian loves her. She loves him. He never stops fighting, and she will always find him. 

“Okay,” she’s thinking to herself, “Now THIS is more like it.” 

Love your fave no matter what? Feeling overprotective of them? That’s perfectly fine with me; I’m all the same when it comes to my faves.

But trying to make your faves look better at the expense of other characters when they’re definitely not, that’s the highest level of hypocrisy.

Taking Down the Crocodile.

Request from @modified-wonderlandHey! I’m not sure if you’ll like this idea, but how about a situation where the reader is trying to steal from Killian’s ship. He catches her only to find out the item she was trying to steal was to locate/kill someone who hurt her: Killian’s sworn enemy, Rumplestiltskin.

Note: Hope you enjoy! <3

Killian Jones x Reader x Rumpelstiltskin

Words: 2,172

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It was here somewhere, it had to be, there was no way you were going to risk your life raiding a pirate ship only to find nothing. You knew that the whole crew of this ship were currently drowning themselves in ale in a tavern close-by so they weren’t going to be back anytime soon which meant you could search every single crook and cranny that could possibly hide the item you were looking for.

“What you seek is a gem. Its beauty will draw you in but a warning to you my dear…it is dangerous. The magic held within it is enough to bring the Dark One himself down so use it carefully.”

You had gone to see the ‘village crazy’ because you had just about reached rock bottom and the old woman seemed to be the only option you had left. Although she was unable to see physical things around her due to the injury she sustained after being caught up in one of the fires the Evil Queen had started in the village she was able to see a whole lot more than the average person.

She had a strong connection with the spiritual world and there had also been rumours that she could see into the future too. So you would take each and every word she said to you seriously….if it meant you could finally get your revenge.

“You will find it hidden in the heart of a ship that holds a skull and crossbones and bears the name ‘Jolly Roger’….lay your eyes upon that ship and you will find what you desire.”

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A Valentine’s Proposal ... After the Fact

Happy Valentine’s Day @sailorkillian!!! I’m your somewhat absent CS Secret Valentine! When you told me about your favorite CS moments I picked up that you are a big fan of the fluffy ones so here is a little Valentine’s proposal fic that doesn’t take place on Valentine’s Day and isn’t really a proposal .. read on to find out what that means!

Emma turned the key in the ignition and the yellow bug’s engine went silent. Killian’s eyes were closed as his head rested back on the seat. It had been another long adventure..

“So, I guess we can cross Narnia off the lists of realms to visit for our next vacation, huh?”

“Next vacation?” Killian replied, not opening his eyes. “We’d have to have one first, love.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” she agreed.

Killian finally opened his eyes and took her hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. “Shall we go inside and try to get some rest before your son decides to explore another wardrobe?”

“Yes, please,” Emma said. After slamming her door shut she looked back at Killian over the roof of the car. “And I saw Leroy walking out of Granny’s so we should probably double check the locks on the front door.”

“And barricade the windows.”

“I can’t tell if you’re joking about that,” Emma laughed as she fell into step with him. He slipped an arm around her waist and they slowly walked up the stairs to their front door.

“Keeping everyone out for a few days of solitude with you is no joking matter,” he said, turning her in his arms and pulling her into a kiss.

When they pulled apart Emma’s eyes stayed closed as the smile spread across her face. “We made it home.”

“Aye, love.” He kissed her forehead and put the key into the lock.

He turned the key and pushed open their front door. Emma took a step inside and heard a crunch beneath her feet as though she had stepped onto fallen leaves.

“Killian …  what is all this?”

“Bloody hell, I had forgotten.”

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