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The Tree That Outsmarted Me and Punched Me in the Face

Ok so this one isn’t so much wild as it is ‘Rekina what the heck do you think you’re doing sit down this instant’ kinda deal.

Our story begins back when I worked retail.

Alrighty so quick update. The part of Saskatchewan where I live is flat. I don’t mean mildly ho hum flat I mean flat ok like the nearest slight incline(besides the dump) is nearly a fifteen minute drive. ok flat as a ruler

And because of this intense flatness we get some equally intense wind. The last few days we’ve had winds upwards of 90km (55mph) and that’s a pretty normal seen it all before kind of wind storm. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then sometimes we get even worse winds called plough winds. Now, these are sometimes hurricane force winds ok windy as all get out

These winds make a straight path across the prairies, ripping roofs off, uprooting trees, and causing general havoc ok

there’s a reason they are called plough winds they plough over everything in sight like a bull in a china shop it has zero regard for your average home or retail employee like myself

Plough winds only show their ugly faces during the summer. and in summers I worked in the garden center. 

Now, normal people would stay indoors during winds like this. Common, sesnible people would hunker down and batten down the hatches and wait for the whole thing to blow over. Not me. Not only was I at work

I was outside

That’s right folks yours truly still had to go out and water the plants in winds fast enough to shut down most cities

So there I am in my oversized rain jacket that I was practically swimming in. This thing trailed along the ground it was so big on me. I have my garden hose on and am doing my thing

First of all, do you have any idea how hard it is to water plants when the water comes out of the hose and just kinda shoots off into the distance

It’s an acquired skill to say the least k I was standing like two feet to the side of the plant I actually wanted to water

Now if that wasn’t annoying enough i also have to deal with these jerks of trees

At the back of the center is our tree selection. I’d tied them down with the full stregnth of my scout knot tying knowledge and most of them stayed secure. But there was three little jerks on the very end that would tip over, making me go and pick them up again

This happened every ten seconds.

I would go, water a plant, and then drop everyhting to pick up these stupid trees

I did this for five hours straight

Then one time while I’m picking up a fallen ash, this little apple tree gets cheeky and topples down right on top of my head.

It didn’t hurt, but those leaves are like little whips in the wind my whole face was stinging by the time I got the jerk set up right again

This tree was about to become a very big problem

See when the other trees tipped over they would politely lay in place until i could reach them, still tethered loosely to the pole. But not this apple tree oh no

Little did i know i was dealing with Houdini Incarnated into a tree.

So I’m minding my buisness watering a plant from a distance and I happen to see Houdini take the fall. Except this time something was different. This time it not only fell, but it started to roll

It had somehow jumped the little enclosure and slipped the bonds

Im still pretty chill at this point. The whole center is surrounded by a fence where could it possibily go I’ll just go get it when it hits the fence right?


Because I was dealing with an escape artist ok what happens next had nothing to do with me

See off in one corner we had this pile of manure right near the fence. 

This tree my little Houdini was chugging towards it at full speed, those little leaves were like sails it was just a’cruisin down aisles of bricks. It’s fine tho it’ll hit the manue and–

It hit the manure alright

It rolled up the manure pile 

and over the fence

So now The Little Tree That Could was barreling around on the highway like a phsychotic leafy bat out of hell

My first thought is if that hits someone im so fired

I scream and drop the hose and begin my pursuit because I am not getting fired over an apple tree ok no sire im going down with my dignity

So i do the only logial thing in my head

Most people would run through the open get four feet behind them and calmly make their way to the highway. Not me

I sprinted across the compound, scrambled up the manue pile, and vaulted the fence

For one glorious moment I thought I could fly.

And then I plunged downwards with a very undignified squeal.

Still I splash down into the ditch and prepare to make my heroic capture

Problem: I had just landed chest deep in slough.

For those of you lucky souls who don’t know what a slough is let me explain

A slough is what happens when stagnat water, cow crap, cow piss, and crop fertilizer mix and heat up in the sun. Doesn’t smell good.

And I just landed chest deep in the stuff. Gross doesn’t even begin to cover it

But being the trooper I am i decide I’m going to end this day on a high note and salvage my dignity

I heave myself out of the slough and take off after the tree which is dancing around the thankfully empty highway

Just one issue: Plough Winds tend to change direction

So there I am chasing this freaking apple tree around in circles and it’s winning ok every time I get close to grabbing the trunk of branch the wind throws it in another direction leaving me stumbling like a drunk moose as I try to adjust course 

This goes on for a solid twenty minutes

I’m back and forth across this highway cursing enough to make a sailor blush

And then victory is in sight my fingers graze the trunk and–

the wind stops

The base of the tree is so heavy with water that It sits straight up and whacks me across the face harder than Dwayne Johnson ever could

My momentum throws me forward, my foot catches the pot

and I sail head first into the next slough

I am now covered in disgusting, thick, sticky water and that tree is just taunting me on the road

Eventually I manage to snag the little jerk and I start dragging it back towards the compound like oh yeah who the boss? i’m the boss i caught the tree 

Just as I see  two more trees making a break for it over the fence

It was a long end of shift to say the least

I had a black eye from that tree for a week and a lovely bleeding cut on my forehead. But i caught it and I am still proud of that to this day

REQUESTED - Not Enough

Request:  Heeeey, I saw you had your requests open, and I also read your Familiarity fic AND GURL KILLED IT! Well, I’m shy and this is a weird request so… Yeah. Well, I was wondering, could you do a Peter Parker X Reader with angst? Like. ANGST. STUFF THAT FIC WITH PURE TEENAGE ANGST OR SOMETHING AND THEN IT ENDS WITH SOME FLUFF? Thank you! - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Plus size!Reader

Word Count: 3,440

Warning: Cursing, Self- deprication(The one thing I’m good at), some angst, Peter being a cairing, sugary FLUFF boyfriend

(A/N): Ok, this have been on my request list from before Valentine’s day, I AM SO SORRY, PERSON THAT REQUESTED THIS. I JUST HAVE THIS HUGE BLOCK WRITER AND IT’S PISSING ME OFF AAAAAAA. *inhales* Well,I’ve been wanting to write a plus size!Reader for some time, by now an I do intend on doing one, but with Bucky, so… Yeah. Hope you enjoy this and sorry for any grammar mistakes!


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“And I know that it wasn’t your fault that you had to cancel our last date, so I was thinking, would you like to pass at my place today?” When you didn’t get an answer, you mumbled, noticing that he wasn’t listening to you “Peter?”

Your heart seemed to sink in your chest when you followed his gaze and saw that he was staring at Lis. Ned frowned his brows when you stopped talking, since he was actually listening to what you were saying.

The sigh came out of you as you turned on your heels, hugging yourself when you saw he continue to walk, too focused on her to miss your heat.

“Dude!” Snapping his eyes back to an angry Ned, he looked around, finally noticing that you weren’t there anymore.

“Where is Y/N?” His best friend’s bitter chuckle made Peter frown his brows in confusion.

“She left after saying that it wasn’t your fault that you missed your last date. Oh, sorry, I mean: She left after she caught you staring that Lis and ignoring her being the best and most supportive girlfriend you’ll ever have.”

“Damn it.” Peter humbled, massaging the bridge of his nose when he got his focus back to you, hearing you sigh, and he knew that sigh. You would make it every time you were in front of the mirror, looking at your body after trying a new dress, shirt, pants, whatever clothing.

If I was skinnier.” He knew you had a problem accepting your body shape and believing that he loved it and loved you, especially after him having a “thing” with Lis, the “Hot, Amazing, Skinny, Model”, as you would refer her as.

“Seriously, Peter. You really think she doesn’t notice you twisting your neck to look at your ex? You really think that she won’t start to imagine that you’re turning her down because you’re having a thing with Lis? Do you even imagine how she must feel?”

“I don’t have a ‘thing’ with Lis! Not anymore!” Ned huffed at his answer, denying with his head and walking to his class

“Is not to me you should say that to.”

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Jess, do you think Harry and Louis (this applies to both of them) sometimes get naked or walk around the house only in a tiny underwear, or some panties, when the other is doing ordinary stuff? Like, Harry's sitting on their couch reading a book, then suddenly Louis comes and walks around (doing nothing really just trying to catch Harry's attention) in some black-lacy-pants and then when Harry sees it, he moans like "Loouis!!!! I'm trying to read!" I think about this a lot..

Okay first of all this is the best ask anyone’s ever sent me.  Second of all, do you understand what you’ve just asked me for????

You want to know if these two fools like to tease one another???

Does this guy:

tease this guy??

And does this guy

tease this guy?

I can tell you that the answer is YES but I’m gonna put my scientific research under the cut.

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Peggy Carter

So my favourite female character in the Marvel cinematic universe is Peggy Carter.

Where do I begin? She is an amazing character. In my opinion, she is the most developed MCU lady. She is a complex, well rounded character. She had great qualities, and some epic flaws too!

She is funny and witty and smart and resourceful and independent and feminine and confident and stubborn and bold and sometimes reckless and jealous. She can be mean and hurt people.

She does what she thinks is right, and will stop at nothing to achieve what she truly believes in.

She’s Captain America’s hero, and his compass.

She founded SHIELD.

Despite working in a male dominated field, she cultivates healthy relationship with other great women: Angie Martinelli, Rose Roberts, Ana Jarvis… Plus her indescribable relationship with Dottie Underwood.

She has love and lost (Michael, Steve), and she grieved, and she managed to love again. (seriously, it’s not often a character is actually allowed to grieve on screen time, and it was done beautifully)

She takes shit from no one, be it a private, a superior officer, a colleague, a man she actually likes, or another woman. See below my favourite exhibit:

(gif by capntony)

She is a very good spy and a great warrior. She comes up with great plans, tactics and strategies, but if need be (or if someone she cares about is in danger), she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and rush into danger.

She uprooted herself and came to live in the USA.

(She went for the grenade, too)

She was never a damsel in distress.

She is a woman who likes lipstick, shoes, accessories and other typically feminine things. And she’s a badass. She genuinely can fight and shoot. She proves that all those things are not mutually exclusive.

The way she deals with bullies and sexist jerks is awe-inspiring. She had to stomach so much sh*t and always came up on top! Her strength and perseverance in the hostile environment that’s her workplace is amazing.

I don’t identify with her so much as I aspire to be her. She is seriously one of the greatest role models ever. And she is played to perfection by the sensational Hayley Atwell.

Some of her amazing quotes:

“I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter”

“I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me. Because unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I am invisible.”

“as has always been the case, I don’t require your help”

“He would say: ‘Do as Peggy says’!”

“What’s your name, darling? - Agent.”

“The alphabet? I can teach you. Let’s start with words beginning by the letter ‘A'”

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!!! i love your minghao flowershop!au ㅠㅜㅠㅜ can you do one with jihoon, please? thank you! and keep up the good work ♡

- you’re broke and need a job asap
- you quit your last job to focus more on school but now it’s summer break and here you are….. jobless and somewhat regretful
- so now you’re walking around handing out resumes, just begging for someone to hire you
- and that’s when you come across a little flower shop
- a sign that reads “HIRING” is stuck on the window and you’re like !!! this is my chance !!!
- but you stop because…… you don’t know anything about flowers…… but you’re like oh well they’ll train me anyway and i really need the money
- you enter the shop and this boy by the counter greets you while fixing a bouquet of flowers for the customer he’s serving
- there are about three more people in line and you patiently wait for him to finish ringing them up before going to the counter
- when they all leave, you go up to him and say “hello, i saw the sign you put up and i was wondering if i could apply?” and the boy says “do you have your resume?”
- you nod and clumsily hand it to him, and while he’s reading it you shift nervously
- when he’s done he says “well, it seems you have enough experience. when can you start?” and you’re like……. wait what AM I HIRED??? THIS FAST???
- you stutter “u-uh i can start t-tomorrow” and he just nods his head and says “good. i could use the extra help. it’s nice to meet you, (name). i’m jihoon.” and he holds out a hand
- you say “o-oh! nice to meet you too!” and you shake his hand
- he firmly says “you start tomorrow. we open at 9am. don’t be late.”
- you nod your head and walk out the door like…. did that just happen???
- you show up to work the next day and jihoon hands you the uniform which is pretty much just an apron with the shop’s logo on it
- there aren’t too many customers in the morning, so he just shows you where all the cleaning tools are, how to water the plants, where the bags of soil are and just the basics
- the shop starts getting a little crowded by noon and that’s when jihoon is really starting to need your help
- so you go up to a customer and ask “hello, may i help you?” and they ask “hi! a good friend of mine just got promoted and i thought i’d get them flowers for their hard work. do you think you can make me a small bouquet that means congratulations?”
- you freeze after hearing their question
- you nervously say “um…. one second i’ll be right back” and run over to jihoon who’s ringing up customers at the counter
- you ask him “hey jihoon? there’s this customer that needs a bouquet that means congratulations”
- he tells you “okay? go make them one. the flowers are all in front of you, just go ahead and pick some” but you say “no that’s not the problem, it’s that…… i….. have no idea about the meaning of flowers”
- jihoon stops what he’s doing and slowly turns to you and says “are. you. serious.”
- and you quietly say “….yeah.”
- more people start entering the shop and the line just grows as more and more people ask for custom bouquets to be made
- jihoon has dealt with this before so he takes care of it all on his own while you just shamefully watch on the side
- when all the customers are gone, jihoon walks up to you and asks “okay. let me get this straight; you know nothing about flowers but you applied at a FLOWER SHOP??”
- you argue “i thought you’d train me!! how could you expect me to know right away??”
- he argues “do you not understand?? you have to STUDY about flowers and their meaning. red roses and orange lilies may look pretty together but you can’t just ASSUME they can be paired up. you actually have to KNOW what they mean to avoid confusion or contradiction.”
- you end up just cleaning and watering the plants for the rest of the day and when it’s closing time, jihoon calls you over
- you walk up to him and you’re like ok it’s over i’m fired
- but he says “i’ll see you again tomorrow. oh and make sure not to make any plans because i still need you after closing.” you’re kind of confused but you say “oh, okay then.”
- the next day, you show up on time and jihoon tells you that you’re in charge of cleaning, watering and stock again while he takes care of the counter
- so the day goes on and you’re getting so bored because there’s only so much you can do but eventually it’s closing time and you’re excited to go home
- when you remember jihoon needs you after closing and you’re like fml
- he calls you over and says “ok look. i’m not going to fire you because i do need the help, but if you’re going to work here, you’re going to have to study.”
- he then takes a book out of his bag and it’s a book on flowers and their meaning
- he says “every other day after work, we’re going to study this. i’ll pay you for the overtime. i just need help because it gets stressful around here, and i can’t do it alone.”
- you nod your head and say “okay…. i’ll try my best”
- at first you’re like “omg wtf why do i have to study for this” but then you tell yourself “it’s either this or jobless for the summer” so you just go along with it
- your first lesson is on roses and you manage to memorize them well in one sitting, it’s only one category after all so it’s no big deal
- the next day, you’re watering the flowers when a customer comes up to you and asks “hi, sorry, do you think you could help me?”
- you’re about to tell them they could ask jihoon but you notice he’s busy with someone else
- so you look back at the customer and say “uh….. i could try??” and they ask “do you know a flower that means thank you?? i just need one.”
- your eyes light up and you say “oh i know!! pink roses mean thank you!!” and you hand the customer the healthiest pink rose you can find
- they thank you and walk up to the counter to ring it up and you’ve never felt so proud of yourself
- when your shift is over, you tell jihoon “i helped someone today!! and i gave them the right flower!!” and he just says “good. let’s see if it stays this way when you learn the others.”
- you’re like…… wow…… how nice of you.
- so every other day, it’s the same thing; work, then study with jihoon
- you thought it was pretty simple at first but then it started getting so confusing because of all the flowers
- “wrong. it’s white lilies.”
- “close. red tulips, not pink.”
- “for the last time, it’s orange gardenias.”
- you start getting a little frustrated but no, you won’t give up
- and every time you help out a customer, you get really excited and unknown to you, a little smile appears on jihoon’s face whenever you do
- when you have a good idea of the meaning of flowers, jihoon decides to teach you how to rearrange a bouquet and while he’s talking, you’re watching his face rather than the flowers
- he may look cold and all but when he smiles while talking about flowers….. he really is handsome…… and his voice is so soothing too…….
- “—did you get that?”
- you snap out of your thoughts and say “….huh?” and you’re expecting to get scolded at but instead
- jihoon laughs
- and you get flustered as he says “i’ll say it one more time. you better listen this time.”
- you listen carefully this time but while you are, you could feel your heart beating a little faster
- the next day, a few minutes before closing, one last customer walks into the shop and jihoon says “take them.”
- and your eyes widen like no no i don’t think i can?? but he tells you to take them again and you nod your head and hope you can do it
- you walk up to the customer and ask “hi, how may i help you?”
- they say “yes, my friend is sick at the hospital, so i was thinking of getting her a get well soon bouquet.”
- you take a quick glance over at jihoon who nods his head and gestures for you to go on, and you feel so confident seeing how much he believes in you
- you turn back to the customer and say “i’ll make you a bouquet in no time. so, tell me about this friend. what are they like?”
- after giving you a brief description of them, you arrange this beautiful bouquet that means get well soon while also incorporating the person’s personality, making it all the more special, as if the bouquet was designed for them and them only
- jihoon rings up the customer and you both say goodbye as she walks out the door
- he then walks over to you and says with a rare smile “good job. i knew you could do it.”
- you blush and say “thanks jihoon…. it’s all because of your help.”
- you say good night to him, but before you could leave the shop, jihoon says “wait.”
- you turn around and say “huh? is there something i didn’t do?” and jihoon is silent for a while before saying “wait right there. i’ll be back.”
- he walks to the back and returns a few mins later with the most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen, it looks as though it’s been delicately put together for days
- you ask “oh, whose bouquet is that for?” and jihoon stays quiet as he walks over to you
- and then he holds it out for you and says “you.”
- your eyes widen at what he said, and you carefully take the bouquet out of his hands and ask “…for me?”
- he shyly looks away and says “well now that you know the meanings of flowers….. you should know what i’m trying to say…..”
- you look down at the bouquet and start reading into the meanings of each flower
- and then it clicks
- jihoon likes you
- you must have been silent for a long time because he nervously says “so….. what do you—”
- you cut him off by leaning in and kissing him right on the lips
- and when you pull away, you smile at him and say “i like you too, jihoon”
- after this, you and jihoon start dating!!
- jihoon gets embarrassed every time you bring up his confession because it’s like a scene right out of a movie
- he surprises you with bouquets so much your apartment is filled with them but you water them every day and take really good care of them
- cute dates after each shift
- interrupts any customer who flirts with you by saying “(name), why don’t you go ring up those customers, and I’ll deal with this jerk—i mean customer.”
- slips an orange lily (which means i hate you) into their bouquets
- not very vocal about his feelings so he tells you he loves you through flowers and you respond with flowers too while laughing
- florist jihoon’s honestly the softest and he loves you so much
- all those red roses he gave you is enough proof that he really, really does

thank you for your request!! ^^

I sometimes think about how much easier it would’ve been in The Last Mabelcorn if they just brought Pacifica along.

Like imagine C Beth turning away Mabel but Paz walks up to her, pulls out some sugar cubes from her pocket, and bribes the fuck out of a unicorn. Then she notices everyone staring at her wide-eyed as she casually pulls a bit of mane from C Beth’s neck and is all “Look, I’m always prepared for horse-related emergencies I own like twelve…”

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 

Christmas Headcanons Megapost

So these are entirely SFW, but I do have something special planned for the next batch. Thanks so much to Admin Panini from @sportsanimehell-scenarios for writing about half of these and helping with the other half. 
~Admin Emma


  • Christmas morning is one of the only days where he skips his morning jog. He prefers to spend it cuddling with you until you both feel like getting out of bed to open presents. In fact, it’s one of the only days where he lets himself be lazy for once.
  • When Ushijima has kids, one of their big Christmas traditions is to go see The Nutcracker every year. It used to be a romantic thing for him and his s/o but now they take the kids along and it’s a cute little family outing.


  • Has a hand-knit Christmas stocking with his name on in. His aunt made it for him when he was really, really little and he treasures it
  • Really loves scarves because his cheeks get super wind-chapped in the winter. He always loses his or wears them out, so if you give him one (or better, make him one) he will be so weak? He feels so blessed


  • Get’s really embarrassed when he goes from the chilly outside to the warm inside and his glasses start fogging. He doesn’t know what to do–he’s tried everything, he can’t see shit without his glasses, and the air is too dry for contacts so basically the winter months=RIP Tsukki


  • Him and Saeko have a pact where if they’re both single on Christmas Eve, they’ll get together and get absolutely shitfaced. But not before she feeds her adorable baby brother with both of their favorite foods.
  • A Christmas Eve date with him is pretty rad–coffee, light shows, a bit of shopping, then ending the night with a movie or something. Low key, you spend most of the time in the back of the theater making out, so you don’t remember much of the movie, but it’s pretty rad either way.
  • Fuzzy sock king. So many fuzzy socks. He collects them, and he has dozens of them in different patterns. He also has dozens of beanies. And yes, he is willing to share with you. Low key it gets him so flustered to see you in his hats. 
  • Love Live trash (Eli is best wife, fight him, but he’s also weak for Kotori) and he is so weak for the Christmas costumes. Please don’t judge him, they’re just so cute!
  • Makes his own wrapping paper. He serious will handpaint wrapping paper and fold his own origami bows, and it looks fucking professional like, Damn Ryu! He’s super embarrassed by this fact, but if you show appreciation he will high key be so flustered but so happy.


  • He and you shared their first real kiss on a Christmas Eve date; it’s always going to be special, and low key, he’s the type who would propose on Christmas Eve. He takes the romance to a whole new level


  • Literally perfect at finding your size? Like, he bought you a pair of jeans and a sweater one year and they literally fit perfectly and to this day you have no idea how he did it. How do, Hayato?


  • Never buys gifts. He either makes them by hand, or he bakes something for you. He thinks it’s just more meaningful.


  • He and Makki throw a hell of a party every year. It’s fucking hopping from about 5pm on the 23rd and maybe (MAYBE) ends around 8 am on the 24th when everyone is too drunk to move anymore. No one remembers it but it’s always a good time.
  • He will legit buy you the nicest gift you’ve ever owned, and then he’ll nest it’s (probably small) box within progressively bigger boxes until it’s in a fucking refrigerator box filled with tissue paper and lies. Watching you get progressively more frustrated as you open is only slightly less fun than the look you get when you see what he got you.


  • Gets really into the Christmas spirit. Buys for everyone, bakes, calls all his friends. Everyone gets a gift. He’s grinning through the whole last few days before Christmas.


  • Hates holiday shopping with a fiery passion. He just hates dealing with all of the jerks that seem to crawl out of their holes this time of year. High key he’s had your gifts bought and wrapped since September because he really doesn’t want to deal with people.
  • The worst person for Secret Santa. He has accidentally given away who he’s buying for four out of the five times he’s done a Secret Santa but his gifts are always very thoughtful and chosen with care.
  • Refuses help when putting the star on the tree. He can do it. He is the man of the house. It is his job. No he doesn’t need a chair, what sort of man needs a chair!?!? (Please get him a chair)
  • His most precious Christmas memory is probably curling up in an armchair, watching the snow fall with you on Christmas Eve. You fell asleep like that, and woke finding his mom had tossed a blanket over you. He was high key flustered in the morning, but he’ll always treasure that moment.


  • Tries to find out what Iwaizumi is giving his s/o so she can try and top him and get you something even better. Spoilers: it never works, but it’s the thought that counts.


  • Tried to dye the front part of his hair like a candy cane once. It was supposed to be “festive” but in truth ended up Pepto-pink and totally fried. It was… a dark time.


  • Is at his most exhausted around Christmas. He will forget to take care of himself, including eating and drinking. You’re free to pick on him about it, but take care of him. He’s so tired, and all he wants is snugs.


  • Has a huge family with tons of kids, and always kicks it with his little cousins, nieces and nephews when he’s home for the holidays. He knows they look up to him, and he takes a genuine interest in what they do.


  • Working behind the scenes at the Fukurodani Christmas Party to make sure everything gets done and nothing gets set on fire. Everyone calls Akaashi the “mom” of his team, but everyone there knows better. Konoha is making sure Akaashi is hydrated and Bokuto isn’t getting too wild and that the presents are secured and the snacks are replenished and, if he has a minute, stops in to say hi to you.


  • Could care less about the present if it doesn’t come with a nice handwritten card. Since his parents are always gone, he’s used to receiving packages in the mail with short typed notes that say generic things on them. He really appreciates it when people take the time to write him notes. He keeps every single one in a box.
  • Likes the chaos and noise of the holiday season. It actually soothes him a bit, so he usually spends time with his team or your family.
  • Super weak for the classic Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. He’s a bit freaked out by the stop motion but he high-key cries at the end of Rudolph and he’s not sure why
  • Always decorates his own mini tree. He’s never really had a big tree before, but he’s always wanted one. He just can’t justify it, where he’s alone most of the time and he’s barely home as is.


  • Gets low key offended when people serve hot cocoa from a packet. He has a recipe that will literally knock your socks off, and if he can swing it, he’ll always add a shot of Bailey’s and a crushed mint leaf. You’re not sure what else he adds–the recipe is a closely guarded secret–but it’s a cup of hot, molten, chocolatey sin.
  • Your Christmas Card photos are always adorable. They always look like something out of a catalogue, and he always looks so beautiful. In 100% of the pictures you take, he’s always giving you the schmoopiest grin, and even if it embarrasses you, it’s so soft and affectionate you can’t stand to stay mad.


  • Has received an advent calendar from his parents every year since he was ten, but he can never control himself. He always cheats and eats more than one a day. You might have to buy a package of chocolates to put next to the calendar just to keep him in check.


  • Terushima has always wanted to go on a romantic Christmas Eve date with someone special, but he’s never been in a relationship stable or deep enough to get to that point. Usually they think he’s joking so he stops asking. Please ask him out for Christmas Eve, you will make his dreams come true ;u;
  • Trash for seasonal specialty drinks and desserts. If it has candy cane or gingerbread flavor he is 1000% there for it, even if it’s gross and overpriced. He wants it, and it’s a problem.


  • Prefers peppermint mochas to hot chocolate; not enough caffeine in the hot cocoa and he needs it to get through this year
  • Tries not to fall off the wagon as far as his training and diet are concerned, but Suga makes it so hard. Plus, if you can bake, he’s gone. He gets really self conscious if he gains a bit of weight over the Holidays, though.
  • Another member of the “is an actual goddamn space heater” club. He runs really warm and is actually a big fan of walks in the snow. Sadly, he tends to forget that not everyone can survive in blizzard conditions in a goddamn hoodie, Daichi.
  • Team “Couldn’t wrap a present to save his life, but he tries anyway.”
  • Really likes mulled wine? He’s not sure why–regular red wine makes him a bit sick–but he can literally drink mulled wine all night.


  • If he doesn’t have someone to spend Christmas with, he usually spends it with his team. He doesn’t like being by himself, so he’ll usually curl up next to a friend and watch movies, lamenting another Christmas as a single stud.


  • Hates being cold, and he runs so cold? He’s basically a blanket burrito wearing 18 sweaters from November to May.
  • Claims to hate Christmas Carols, but is always the first to pull up to the piano and start playing the classics. He’s played since he was a little kid, and it’s something he still enjoys doing.


  • Everyone assumes that he wants new games for Christmas but he actually wants cozy things like hats and scarves (and maybe baked goods). Bonus points if they’re handmade. He will high key wear them all winter long.
Camp Camp: Adoption Prompt

(Max considers asking David about adoption, while a formally troubled teen gives him something to think about.)

“It’s not a big deal.”

Max jerked his head up in surprise, having not been expecting Ered’s smooth voice. The pink streaked girl wasn’t looking directly at him, but rather she was looking down at the papers in his hands.

He had gotten them in town from the library. Something he was inspired to do after the camp had a movie night showing of ‘Matilda’ a few nights ago. He had planned on presenting them to Gwen and David, it was just the when and how part that he wasn’t sure of yet.

“W-what?” He stuttered.

“Kid, I’m the daughter of two, gay dads. I know an adoption paper when I see one.” She shrugged, casually sliding into the seat next to Max.

This IS a pretty big deal…“ Max huffed, pulling the paper closer to his chest. "You wouldn’t understand.”

“Then fill me in, dork.” It was a challenge, not a request, and Max was never one to back down from a challenge.

“I’m 10 years old.” He started, hating the sound of his own voice. “These next eight years are going to be the most important ones of my life and I don’t want to see how I’ll end up if I have to put up with my bullshit parents during it!”

“But?” A droopy eyelid was raised. “What’s your plan? I don’t think you can just sign the papers without your parents or some official allowing it- I don’t know. I didn’t have real parents when my dads adopted me.”

“I- don’t know, actually.” Max realized out loud, the papers now feeling like heavy bricks in his arms.

He hadn’t thought about any of this. He just went off of knowing that kids who were adopted were usually put into homes with people who would care about them- though he was starting to figure that those kids had to have been in WORSE situations than his own in order to qualify for adoption first.

Being a kid whose parents didn’t pay attention to him wasn’t a horrible situation to be in, just an irritating one. It wasn’t like Ered who didn’t have anyone, and It wasn’t like his own parents abused him or didn’t feed him. He did always have clean clothes and there was usually something to eat in the kitchen when he was hungry. All in all, what he really craved was some attention and interest in what he was into.

“Someone else needs these papers more than I do, I guess.” The dark haired boy sighed, placing them down onto the table.

“Why?” Ered asked.

“My life isn’t too bad… Just irritating sometimes.” He replied, pulling himself up from his seat. “I’ll be fine.”

He gave the papers one last, scornful look, before he turned to head back to his tent. He felt- embarrassed for some reason. Angry, embarrassed, stupid-

“Max?” Ered called out.

He stopped.


The papers he had left were suddenly shoved down the back of his hoodie, causing him to cry out in surprise.

“Hang on to them. You never know when you’ll need a backup plan.” She said with a wink before suddenly running off towards the mess hall.

Disgruntled, Max removed his hoodie and wiggled the papers out of them. Frowning, he bent to gather them up, and found something new scribbled amongst the blocks of official looking text.

'Ered: #1-208-4922

David: #1-207-3677

-Got David’s number too! Call us whenever you’re lonely, loser!’

A Rainy Night (Part 3)

Title: A Rainy Night

 Summary: It’s a rainy night.  You think everything is going wrong…but then suddenly, everything is going right as a friendly mechanic named Dean comes to your rescue. Mechanic!Dean AU.

 Warnings: Mild Language

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

 A Rainy Night Master Post

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Part 3

 Last night was perfect, there was no other way of thinking about it.  Your first date with Dean truly could not have gone better. It had been so long since you had just clicked with someone, as corny as it sounds.  Every time you thought about it, you couldn’t help the smile on your face at thinking of some joke or pun he made, the way he held your hand while you talked, it was the little things that made your night so fantastic.  

You let out an exhausted yawn as you stretched.  You didn’t want to get out of bed.  Instead, you wanted to just curl around your pillow and remember the night before. But you had adulating to do and bills to pay so you finally pulled yourself up and got ready for the day.  

Your phone had some text messages waiting from your friend Meg.  After the date, you had texted her and she was trying to convince you to call Dean and set up a second date, immediately.  But you didn’t want to see too excited, that was a bad thing right? Wow, it has been so long since you had dated that it was hard to remember the rules.  

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Love That Dad! - Foreverwholockedme - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

So I recently did Damien’s route in Dream Daddy and guys, I gotta say, he’s my favorite dad. I saw this super adorable drawing with Damien and his son Lucien and I wanted to write something for it!

Lucien does love his dad, and it always sucks when Damien, who’s the nicest guy going has to deal with jerks who make fun of him. At the end of the day, it’s always just the two of them.

High School Band AU: Chapter 6

Hope you like this! ^^

“Hey, bro, come here! MC was about to tell me about her first kiss!”

“What… what?”

“What the hell?” Saeran asks, joining you and Saeyoung at the cafeteria table.

“He’s not… he’s not talking serious right now…” you say, trying to avoid both twin’s gaze.

“So you’ve kissed before?” Saeran asks, and it doesn’t look like he’s teasing.

“What? I… this doesn’t have anything to do what I was trying to tell your brother! I was trying to talk about something really weird that happened at Yoosung’s place that night after fisrt rehearsal.”

“Something weird?”

“Yeah, I… no, forget it.”

“What? Noooo, don’t be shy just because Saeran is here, he can make part of our little pact too…”

“What the hell are you talking about, Saeyoung?” you notice as Saeran widens his eyes and gets flustered, just like you did when he came up with this “pact” thing.

“Oh, haven’t you heard, bro? My relationship with MC has evolved enough for us to do a ‘No questions asked’ pact.”

“Relationship?” you ask

“Friendship, whatever. The only thing important here is that something happened at Yoosung’s place, MC needed someone to talk to and came to me, but… she doesn’t want me to ask much, though. So she agreed on a ‘no questions asked’ deal.”

“Of course you did, since you’re stupid enough to do whatever this fool wants!”

“Yeah, for the first time I guess you’re right, this was stupid. It’s just… I didn’t know who to talk to, and this thing has been bothering me a lot, so… desperation got the best of me.”

“Oh, why didn’t you talk to your precious Zenny about it?” Saeran scoffs, and you roll your eyes.

“Because… of something you told me about Rika, Zen and Jumin.”

“I don’t remember doing that.”

“What do you mean? That day in Yoosung’s house when you helped me getting out of that dress.” Saeyoung widens his eyes and looks at his brother.

“Oh my… so many revelations today, what is that about, by the way?”

“No-nothing! I just helped her unzipping that hideous dress you put her on, idiot!” you notice a pale shade of crimson across Saeran’s cheeks. “And you! You… realize you’re not making any sense right now, don’t you?” you groan in annoyance and glare at him.

“Okay, let me make myself clear so this slow brain of yours can follow. You told me Zen and Jumin fighting has something to do with Rika, which was why I thought it wasn’t a good idea talking about it with Zen.”

“Because…?” Saeyoung aks.

“Because… I met Rika at Yoosung’s house and… she was… kinda… weird.”

“Why?” both twins ask at the same time.

“I…” you look at Saeran, embarrassed. Talking with Saeyoung felt right because, despite him being odd, he seems like someone who would listen and try to give you an unbiased opinion, unlike his twin, who had picked on you from the moment you showed up.

“I told you before I’ll always be honest with you because unlike these softies, I won’t spare your stupid little feelings, didn’t I?” Wow, great way to make someone feel comfortable… “So spit it out! You know if the bitch did something to harm you, you have to let us know, right?”

“Oh my god… did she hurt you?” Saeyoung asks with widen eyes.

“No! No, she didn’t… she was… really nice… too nice, actually.”

Time for what? A flashback!

You excuse yourself to try calling your father. As much as Yoosung’s family is adorable and welcoming, just like him, you really need to go home. It’s getting late and you have class tomorrow! How come your dad forgot about this? It’s not like you would like him to be all over you 24/7 like he was a little after your mom left him, but… right now, he’s just a hypocrite calling you out for being irresponsible, when he is the real irresponsible one here! And… your phone not getting any signal is not really making things easy right now!

“I always tell Yoosung this house is kinda like a giant elevator. There’s always no signal here!” she shows up in the hallway and comes towards you. “Let’s get upstairs and I’ll show you the tricks to get some bars there.”

She grabs your hand and drags you upstairs, her blonde waves brushing against your face lightly. Hum… she feels really different from what you remember of that day in the record store… and why is he here? Wasn’t she on tour with Taylor Swift or… Carrie Underwood? Or… ugh… how were those rumors again?

“Here, it always works best here! Try now!” right she was! The signal bars increase in the screen phone.

“Thanks, Rika.”

“You’re welcome, honey!” so so different…

Oh! So your father answered your texts! Last one was a few minutes ago, telling he was coming to get you. Hum… maybe he wasn’t that irresponsible… but he is still pretty hypocrite.

“Who is that? Your bf?”

“Uhm, no. My father.”

“Why isn’t your bf coming to pick you up?”

“Because I don’t have one?”

“Oh… no boyfriend? Hum… that’s too bad…” she pouts and giggles. Okay… “So you must be enjoying a lot this attention from all these guys in the band. Of course, you could enjoy that even having a boyfriend, but… being single you can do it with no guilty, right?”

“I… wouldn’t know. And I don’t get attention, I mean… probably not in the way you’re talking about.” Another giggle.

“You’re really adorable! No wonder V kept talking how perfect you were to be a good understudy for me!” Oh yeah… V…are they still dating even with him in college? Wait, why are you even thinking about this? “He was so impressed with your knowledge on music, your voice, your charisma… and Yoosung looks really impressed too, doesn’t he?”

“You… should ask him that. I wouldn’t know.” you two hear the noise of a horn downstairs. “Oh, it’s my father! I should get going. Bye, Rika.” You try to go, but she blocks your way with one of her arms.

“What would you know, then?” she asks, smirking, then playing with a lock of your hair in her fingers. “I think you know much more than you look. I’m sure there’s a really clever mind behind this cuteness, oh… and this is trouble, isn’t it? Smart, cute and talented, how can those poor guys resist? How can anyone resist?” what… what is happening? Why is she so close?

“MC?” you jump when you hear Yoosung’s voice. “Rika? What are you two doing?”

“Oh, we were just talking about hair. MC said she was thinking about dying her hair to blonde just like mine. What do you think, Yoosungie?” what the hell?

“It would look really great, MC! Rika’s hair color is really beautiful! You would look even cuter!

“Yes, that’s exactly what I told her. Even cuter…” she smirks and takes her arm out of your way. You say a quick goodbye to Yoosung and his family before your father decides to stop horning and starts yelling.

“Wait! What about the kiss?”

“Ugh… I told you there was no kiss, Saeyoung!”

“Ah yeah, usually there isn’t a kiss after the classic tsundere move of blocking the girl’s way with the arm and doing some flirty threats… but let’s have the tsundere himself share his thoughts. What do you think, bro?”

“What are you even talking about, you weirdo? Don’t encourage this crazyhead here with your anime bullshit!”

“Crazyhead?” you glare at him, your voice is louder than you would like.

“Paranoid, narcissistic, you name it. You just have this big complex on thinking everything is about you. There are always guys fighting for you, a girl wanting to kiss you…”

“Which girl wants to kiss you, MC?” the three of you spot Jaehee and Yoosung coming with their trays. You immediately freeze when you see Yoosung.

“There is no girl! She’s just imagining things like she did before when she thought Jumin and Zen were fighting for her.” Saeran scoffs “Like someone was going to be stupid enough to fight for you… or kiss you.”

“You know there’s a big difference between being honest and being an asshole, right?” you say and get off the table, your voice finally reaching the right tone to deal with this jerk.

“That was really mean and unnecessary, Saeran.” Jaehee says coldly.

“Yeah, bro! Too much tsuntsun and too little deredere…” he says, crossing his arms and shaking his head.

“Shut up, Saeyoung.” Jaehee and Saeran say at the same time.

“I’m gonna see if she’s okay, guys.” Yoosung goes after you.

He finds you angrily flipping through your books in your locker room. You look quickly at him and goes back to the books.

“Hey…” he says almost in a whisper. “MC?”

“Yes, Yoosung?” you look at him, he looks almost scared and… worried.

“MC, I… think you should not take things too personal when it comes to Saeran. He… doesn’t think much before talking, but… I don’t think he meant what he said.”

“That’s because you’re too nice and tend to see the best in everybody, Yoosung. With Saeran or…” you were going to say Rika, but why? You’re not even sure if she was flirting or threatening you, like Saeyoung said. “Saeran is a jerk, okay?”

“Well, he’s one of my closest friends and I don’t think he’s as mean as he tries to come across next to you, but… I… I do disagree on him, if you want to know… I-I… think there’s nothing crazy about wanting to fight you… or-or… k-kiss you…” both of you blush with his sudden boldness. “I mean… I think you’re great! And you should think the same about yourself! So don’t mind Saeran too much, okay?” you laugh softly at the way he rubs the back of his head, embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll try. But just because you’re asking and because you really killed with our little Vanessa Carlton duet. Why don’t you sing more often?”

“Oh, you know… it’s just… we have Zen to steal the spotlight, and I… feel comfortable in the background with the keyboards, the spotlight is for people like… Zen and you…” wow, you’re being compared to Zen now, it’s a really long way after being offended by Saeran in such a little time…

“Tsk, too bad. I think we work really great on a duet. Maybe we would be even better with a song from this decade, you know?” he laughs.

“Oh, we could sing Little Mix one day! That one with Jason Derulo, or… or… Oops with Charlie Puth!”

“Well, you would have to do the whistle part, since I don’t know how…” you look away.

“You don’t know how to whistle?” his bright eyes widen in amusement.

“I don’t!” you pout, and he laughs. “Hey, don’t laugh!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you! Just… just wet your lips and pucker them.”


“To whistle! You just have to wet your lips and blow some air, with your tongue relaxed, like this.” The sound comes from his mouth effortlessly, which doesn’t happen to you, making you both chuckle “That’s… that’s so cute, MC.”

“There’s nothing cute about being such a dork!” you say dramatically.

“Well, Rika says I’m a cute dork… what do you think?” Oh yeah… Rika… what would it happen if you told him what happened between you two? Would he call you crazy too? Well, considering how much he seems to idolize her, probably… Yoosung is probably the last person you would like to upset with your… craziness?

“I… I wouldn’t know…” you shrug, and he smiles softly, almost like he was waiting for this answer.

“Alright. See you in rehearsal later, MC.” Oh no… did you upset him?

The bell rings and the hallway gets crowded with students running to get to class in time. Well, maybe Saeran is right, you’re crazy. But nobody can convince you that Rika isn’t a little crazy too, not even Yoosung.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7 

anonymous asked:

Not to take anything away from the lovely Harry quote...but in 1D interviews, Louis and Zayn continually said similar things. There's a Louis quote that is almost exactly the same. I think all three - products of homes with strong women and sisters - have always been deeply and honestly respectful of their fanbase. Kudos to Harry for continuing to carry the torch into his first big solo interview. And for phrasing it so elegantly.

mm okay but “At one point, I say, “I’m sure your fans tell you stories. Have you learned anything from the girls who admire you about the challenges they face particular to women?” Not really, it turns out. From his vantage, the mechanics of fame are simple: “I was raised by a lot of women, so there’s nothing any fan girl could’ve ever taught me about any woman,” he says. “I fully understood every person who’d come and see the band, because I have crazy aunties and crazy sisters who would fan-girl over actors. If people can’t have something, they want it.” and also ““I enjoy an intellectual conversation as well, where someone can construct a sentence beyond what hair and makeup they’re wearing, and talk about something political or about the world. I like an opinion.”

I get that Zayn may have said nice stuff about the young girls who support him when he was in 1D, but as a solo artist, his track record is…. not so great. I think it will say a lot to see how all of the boys talk when they’re doing interviews on their own, because this is when we get to see as close to we’ll ever get to seeing their own voice and values and opinions. So seeing Harry make it a point to be this great in his first mainstream magazine cover (since AM was kinda different) means uniquely a lot to me. Of course he’s not the first to ever make the statements he made, but he also didn’t have to speak about it at length or so well–it’s quite clear not all of the boys so far have done that. 

A thought on the recent discourse

Recently we as a community have had discussions about whether or not women, LGBT+, and minorities are unwelcomed or treated as inferior at game stores and tournaments.

I think it’s safe to say that they are; to deny it is narrow-minded, yet many people have denied it. Their denial comes from willing ignorance and funnel vision, an idea that if they don’t see discrimination, it must not be happening.

What I think they fail to see is that discrimination is often invisible or hard to diagnose. It can be seen in a guy commenting on a woman’s appearance, and though others may see his comments as innocent, she may feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. It can be seen in the subtle ways that game store owners interact with minorities, and perhaps always siding with white men in game disputes. It can be seen in friends calling each other “f*gs” as joking insults, unaware of the hurt their words do to the people around them. It can be seen in the way men react to being paired with a woman in matches at FNM–exhasperation at being paired with a girl, or laughter while assuring friends that he’s guaranteed a win. Or perhaps petty behavior as the result of a loss. And there are so many other ways that I have never seen because I am only one person with limited experiences.

What matters in these interactions is never the intent of the speaker but the feelings and experiences of the person on the receiving end of it.

And that may be where some of this disagreement stems. Some argue that men have to deal with jerk players as much as women, but those people fail to acknowledge how it feels to be a woman surrounded by men who treat her poorly when she does something wrong–or worse, when she does something right.

I don’t know that I’ll ever convince someone to change their perspective and truly acknowledge the struggles that other people experience that can be so hard to define or explain. I hope that good comes from the discourse.

What I want to end tonight with is the reminder that kind and loving voices always outnumber unkind individuals. The discourse I saw today was fueled by a handful of narrow-minded individuals and dozens of people unwilling to let those individuals get away with their short-sighted rants.

Please remember that when you go to your LGS. You may be in the presence of people that seek to keep you out of the community, but there are far more people that want to open the community to everyone, and it’s the voices of the majority that are resonating with Wizards.

Our community needs work, there’s no denying that. But stay positive and always be vigilant. Look around for kind people; you will certainly find them. Remind them of what it means to you that they are there, and help them be even better at being inclusive. Speak out against the unwelcoming and stand firm in your convictions.

It’s changing, and will continue to do so.

rosypumpkinstudios  asked:

So I had a similar experience as you did the first time I played the game, I went to the zora's Domain first and met Sidon first. It was awesome. But then as I kept playing, I wondered, what if Link had met the Zora's last? He's faced all this adversity, primarily alone or with people who don't really want his help/want to help him. Queue Sidon, and link is like "holy shit??? Someone cares about me????? Someone actually respects what I do????????l

Poor Link, that man is just trying to save the world. Let him help and don’t be mean to him, he’s doing his best dangnabit.

That is also super sad, like wow. I mean, the Gorons were pretty chill, though they refused to believe he was who he said he was, which undoubtedly would be super frustrating. 

Oh man, what if he started to doubt who he was?? Like, “am I really the Hylian champion? What if that’s why I barely remember anything????”

You bet he’d be jaded as fuck by the time he got to the Zoras then, especially dealing with the Elders being jerks. Probably wouldn’t even like Sidon at first, you know? Think he was putting up that stupid royal mask and being polite just because he had to.

But Link kind of figures out he is actually being genuine? Like he is an actually nice guy??? 


PART 2: Jason Todd Soulmate AU

Word count: 1,369

Three years, it had been three years since you woke up to find countless scars and marks littering your body. Two years since you came to realize your soulmate was gone. One month since you finally accepted that you needed to move on.

Moving on was a difficult thing to do in a world designed for a lover’s union. Watching said lover’s unite was even worse. Those moments happened all the time, you got to see as two people destined for a forever bonded over the same scar on their knee, only to realize they were soulmates. You were bitter, in all honesty, because even if they were alive, you and your soulmate wouldn’t have a quirky bonding moment. You’d both be pulled together through the morbid marks, marks that told the tale of survival for one and carrying the weight along with them for the other.

That’s what you wished most, to just once show your soulmate that you were there to carry the same scars. To let them know they weren’t alone.

But now you’re alone. There was no one to reassure you that everything was going to be alright.

Which is why drinking your sorrows had become a regular activity.

“God, y/n, you can’t keep doing this to yourself.” That was the bartender, nagging you once more.

You never strayed far from the same hole-in-the wall bar around the corner from your apartment. Mostly because they were shady enough to not mind that you were completely covered in your oversized f/c hoodie, one that over shadowed enough to hide your face and the “J” imprinted on your cheek, with sleeves long enough to cover the burn scar on the back of your hand.

Though after a while, the bartenders started caring somewhat.

Didn’t mean you wanted to hear it.

“Because you actually want me to stop drinking here.” You couldn’t hold back the bite in your voice.

You heard him sigh, dropping the matter and moving down the bar. You scoffed loudly, of course the money you gave outweighed any moral concern he could have.

For a few more minutes you were content to keep drowning yourself with the bottom of your bottle. Sadly, it wasn’t bottomless.

“Hey! Can I get another?” You shouted, struggling to hold onto the counter as you leaned over it.

If your voice was too loud, you didn’t notice.

You hardly felt the hands pushing on your shoulders. “Alright sweetheart, you’re done for the night.”

Once the blast of cool air slammed into your face, the sounds of the streets blaring in your ears, you realized you’d been kicked out of your only way to cope. To cope with the loss, the pain, and the scars.

“Whatever,” you mumbled to yourself, kicking the curb and regretting it immediately. “I don’t need that bar anyway.”

However, you didn’t try going to another bar. Instead you roamed the street, trying to clear your foggy mind. It was sweltering, even with the street wind. Looking around the dark block to reassure yourself no one was around, you let your hood fall back.

Now, Gotham was a scary place during the day, but at night while slightly inebriated you weren’t as frightful or wary.

Well, until you made the mistake of entering an alleyway. A Gotham alleyway. You might have well just signed your own death certificate.

“Look pal, I really don’t wanna do this.”

The thug smiled widely, a predatory gleam in his eyes as he looked you up and down. “Damn, baby, why don’t you come over here.”

You could have laughed just then, if he knew what you really looked like underneath that hoodie. “Trust me, baby, you don’t want me to.”

With a harsh and clipped laugh, you spun around on your heels. Strutting out of the alley, you had hoped he wouldn’t follow. The thundering footsteps told otherwise.

“Hey! Wait up for me, babe!” You ignored him, walking a bit faster.

When he harshly pulled on your shoulder, you finally felt a spike of fear underneath you haze- pulling you into a sober state of mind.

What you didn’t expect was him to let go of you like you burned his dirty hand. “Whoa! What the f-“

The street lamp you were under helped you deduce where his outburst came from. Looking up, you saw the thugs horrified expression as he backed away from you.

“C’mon man, even for your standards that a dick move!” The third voice startled you, as it didn’t even sound human.

“Why is it that men like you think it’s okay to manhandle innocent people like them?” The man, you assumed from his bright red helmet and somewhat baggy clothes, sauntered casually, circling around the thug who was backing up.

“Now, Remy, imagine my surprise when I realized you weren’t present in our meeting.” It seemed your knight in red armor wasn’t as valiant as you thought.

“Well thanks a lot, Red.” You deadpanned, huffing and getting ready to leave. “So nice to see you defending me from potential assault.”

He spun around, raising a long arm. “Now hold on, I’m getting to that part…”

Your “hero” trailed off, making you scowl.

Remy was the first to speak. “I know man, look at her! You know I wasn’t about to touch that!

You glared, pulling your hood up haphazardly. “Screw you.”

“What? You think I don’t have stan- ah!”

“Shut up, Remy.” You heard a loud thud, akin to a body falling onto the concrete.

You didn’t care, as you stuffed your hands into your pockets and began to stride away.

This was why you spent so long hiding in the shadows. If lowlife thugs didn’t even want to touch you because of your scars, how could anyone want to interact with your form.

“Ugh, er, hey wait up!” From what you could tell underneath his concealed voice, he didn’t seem thrilled to chase you down.

“Go away, Red.” You weren’t in the mood to deal with one jerk, let alone two in one night.

But what he said next had you stopping in your tracks.

“Where’d you get that scar? Or that one?” For the first time in nearly five years, someone touched your face, almost caressed your scars.

You didn’t want to answer at first, adamantly stationing your gaze on the chin of the mask.

You nearly shivered when his gloved fingers ghosted over the “J”, not even noticing him lower your hood. He found the silver line on your chin, the thin scar gap of your eyebrows arch, and the slightly protruding mark on your throat.

“I’m so sorry.”

You stepped back, startled from the trance. “What?”

His hands left your face and reached for his own, releasing the helmet with a mechanical whirl of air and pressure releasing. Though he wore a domino mask underneath the red helmet, something you found funny, it hardly hid the “J” that snuck out from beneath the ridge of the material.

This time it was your turn to stare, ungracefully dropping your mouth in unconcealed shock. You didn’t even notice that your hands had ghosted over his face, just like he had done only moments before.

“This one’s new.” Your voice was watery, making you realize you had begun crying, as your finger ghosted over his cupids bow and on a still red and fresh line.

His finger found the same one on your face. “Yours is too.”

You dropped your finger from his face and grabbed your own. “I-I didn’t even notice.”

The tears couldn’t be held back, especially as you fell into his arms.

“I thought you had died!” You sob was muffled into the front of his jacket.

“Yeah, I did.” He was nonchalant, as if dying was actually a normal occurrence.

You only cried harder, his strong arms pulling you in closer. His warm face buried into your neck, resting against the scar there.

“I’m Jason.” He offered quietly, his lips brushing against the scar as he spoke.

“Y/n.” You let out between cries.

There were no other words exchanged, the both of your lost in thought. Lost in finding each other.

An: Maybe I’ll post a part 3.