dealing with cops

dealing with cops (at protests)

I keep seeing these posts about dealing with police pop up and I’d like to sum them up to the most important thing:


Police are allowed to lie in order to get a statement from you.

If they say “it’ll be easier if you cooperate”? It won’t. There are no disadvantages to not making a statement.

If they ask “do you know why I stopped you?” do not answer. They’re trying to make you admit something they have no proof for or they don’t even know themselves.

If they say “just give us a quick statement and you can go” do not say anything. don’t try to justify yourself. it’ll just fall back on other people.


No matter what they tell you
Don’t talk to police.

Bad Apple

Pairing: ReaderXReid

Prompt: You get more than you bargained for when you have to deal with a sexist cop only to have Spencer defend you.

Warnings: sexist comments, like realllllllyyyyy sexist comments, swearing, angry Spencer Reid

A/N: the things the police officer says does not represent my personal opinions at all

“You have to be kidding me.” you heard an unfamiliar voice speak from behind you as you worked to empty the file boxes of all their papers. 

You had just gotten to the small city that had recently been hit by a string of murders and you and Reid had been ordered to go to the police department and begin setting everything up while the rest of the team hit up the most recent crime scene. Spencer had just left to get coffee for the two of you so you were well aware the voice didn’t belong to him. You turned in your spot and looked to see a policeman standing in the doorway, a look of utter annoyance on his face.

“Oh I’m sorry, is this your desk? I can move.” you apologized, glancing down at the now paper covered desk.

“No, it’s fine.” the man responded, rubbing his forehead before entering the room completely. “I just didn’t expect that when they said I would be dealing with the BAU they meant someone like.” he sighed.

“What is someone like me?” you asked, unsure wither or not to be offended yet. Perhaps this was some pathetic pick-up line that you had heard millions of times before, or maybe it was him commenting on your age seeing as how you were fairly young to be in the FBI let alone the BAU.

“A woman.” the man muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose as if your presence was giving him a headache. You just looked at him, your mouth open and your brow furrowed, wondering if you had misheard the words that had just come out of his mouth. 

“Excuse me?” you questioned again, looking for him to say a different word from what you thought he had said.

“A woman.” he repeated, looking up at you. “Do I need to say it slower or something?” he asked. You let out a small scoff, half expecting him to start laughing and saying that you had been punked. However he continued to look at you with genuine concern on his face as if he was worried you still didn’t understand.

“And what’s the issue with me being a woman?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I mean there’s no issue with you being a woman, just women don’t belong in the FBI.” he stated as if his opinion were fact. “I really don’t even understand how a woman gets into the FBI.” he continued, now crossing his own arms over his chest.

“We go through ROTC training and graduate from the academy just like everyone else.” you stated back. You were all for everyone having their own opinions but this was beginning to get on your nerves. 

“Who do you have to blow to graduate from the academy?” the man snorted, causing your jaw to clench and your fist to ball up, anger flooding your body with each chuckle that came from his lips.

“Does your wife know you think this about women?” you asked, attempting to calm yourself and attack him with words rather than with actual fists.

“I’m not married.” he responded.

“Well jee I wonder why.” you snapped back only to have the man raise his arms up in the air, shrugging his shoulders and stepping back slightly.

“Damn, if I had known it was that time of the month I wouldn’t have even walked in here.” he chuckled. 

“Excuse me but what did you just say to her?” the all too familiar voice of Spencer spoke before you were able to snap back at the man. You turned to see Spencer standing in the doorway, a cup of coffee in both his hands.

“I just said that if I had known she was on the rag I wouldn’t have walked in here.” the man restated while Spencer walked into the room and put the coffee down on an empty desk before stepping forward so he was feet away from the man. “Listen, I don’t want any trouble.” the man laughed as if Spencer was an old friend of his. “I was just asking her how the hell a woman made it into the FBI and then she just went off on me.”

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“She got into the FBI because she is not only an extremely intelligent person but also an extremely capable person physically.” Spencer answered, his voice laced with annoyance. “The other woman on our team are the same way, I would even go as far to say they outsmart the men on our team.”

“Oh, I get it now.” the man spoke, raising his finger as if he had just made some big discovery. “You’re the one she fucked to get a spot on the BAU.”

You felt your finger nails dig into your palms as you tried to restrain yourself from punching the man in the face. 

“(Y/N) didn’t fuck anyone to get to where she is today. She graduated from an elite college unlike you and took ROTC courses whilst getting her graduates degree in college. She completed the academy top of her class and then applied to become part of the BAU. Her application was accepted right away because of how amazing everything about her was. That’s how she got here, not by fucking anyone.” Spencer snapped out. You watched as his face turned a light red from the anger rushing through his body. “And if you really want to spend so much of your energy attacking her for being ten times more successful and likable than you than by all means go for it but realize that by opening your mouth and insulting her and what she’s accomplished you also insult me and the rest of the team and although she’s restraining herself from breaking your nose right now I can’t say that the rest of the team will.”

The man stood in silence watching as Spencer caught his breath, his body finally cooling down off of the intense anger it had felt only moments before.

“Now get out of my sight.” he spoke once he had his breath back, the man blinking before dropping his head slightly and walking out of the door, leaving just you and Spencer in silence in the room. You looked at him for a moment before a small smile came to your face.

“Thank you.” you said in a small whisper, not wanting the man to even hear your voice anymore. 

“I know you don’t need me to defend you but I just can’t listen to ignorance like that insulting the person I lo-” he cut himself off almost immediately.

However you didn’t catch his slight slip up as you just smiled again and walked past him, grabbing the two coffee’s from the desk and returning back to Spencer’s side, handing him one of the cups before taking a sip out of your own.

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Can we please have UT/UF/US/SF skelebros realizing that they're in love (before or after they're in a relationship)

Sans:  What?  No, he doesn’t love you.  Not like that anyway.  He just thinks you’re great, and smell nice, and your smile makes him smile.   Not that fake smile either, the real one that’s so beautiful it hurts.   And he wants you to be happy more than he wants his soul to beat, and every time he thinks about you he gets this warm feeling in his creaky old bones, and he wants to kiss your mouth. But, I mean, he doesn’t love you.  And even if he did - not that he does - there’s no way you could feel the same way about him.  So it’s a non-issue really.

Until, of course, you get together.  And he doesn’t know what the Hell you’re thinking but he has embraced whatever brand of madness made you decide this was a good idea.  It is a soft realization, a dawning acceptance, as he finally acknowledges what has been in his soul for a while now.  He loves the shit out of you.

Papyrus:  He is a person who falls in love easily, and isn’t afraid to show it.  He probably told you that he loves you even before you two got together.  And it’s true!!  He loves his friends and datemates alike!

But he knows you’re special one day when you leave.  Wow, he misses you already.  Why don’t we live together yet?  And then it just… clicks.   His vision of the future has you in it; it has for a while, he realizes.  He loves you.  He loves you!!!  He calls you immediately to gush about how important you are to him, how precious and loved you are, and how happy you make him.  If he can hold back from proposing there and then he is doing so soon enough.  And whatever happens he’s going to start acting as if you already live with him.  He might start relocating your things without asking.

Red:  I do not think any of us anticipate this going well. Sitting behind bars, Red realized this is true love.

No crosswalk in sight, but no cars either.  You quickly grab Red’s hand and step out onto the blacktop, head still on a pivot just in case.  So it’s really a surprise you didn’t see the cop until he was right there, arms crossed and frowning thunderously. Red’s knowledge of street laws is pretty rudimentary: don’t run somebody over, no matter how slowly they’re walking.  That he learned with Boss the hard way.  But he really doesn’t get what the problem is, and this Cop is stressing his babe out.  He doesn’t like seeing you nervous.  He puts a hand on your elbow, glaring at the cop.  “are you fucking serious?  c’mon buddy there aren’t even any cars around, what’s the big deal?” The cop does not like his tone, and probably the fact that he’s a monster.  Red does not like the cop not liking him, and how agitated his S/O probably is by this point.  One thing leads to another, and he’s in handcuffs for obstruction of justice.

God fucking dammit.  His S/O has got to be so upset right now.  That is the opposite of what he wants, ever.  In fact, during that whole thing with the police officer he was more pissed that he was being a dick to you than a dick in general, or even to him.  The cops are like the guards Underground and he knew damn well that other than- ok, sort of including Papyrus, they were all assholes.  And…. do not treat people the best.  When he saw that cop bearing down on you he wanted to throw his arm over you, growl and bare his teeth, crush you to him, because you’re HIS and he’ll be damned if some- FUCK!!!  He’s…. he’s got it bad doesn’t he?  He really loves them… shit, if they ever talk to him again.  He kind of ruined your night.

Edge:  He doesn’t fall in love quite as easily as Papyrus, but it’s close.  Though he’s also much less likely to show it than Papyrus, or admit it even to himself.  So chances are he won’t really know for a while.

Edge can tell you’ve had a bad day; the way you move your bones must be lead in your flesh, and he can almost see the bags under your eyes weighing your face down.  He is immediately rushing to lay you in bed, getting you a blanket, some lasagna, whatever drink you like, fussing over you like only a Papyrus can.  “IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU NEED?!  GOOD!  PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE!!”

The whole time Sans is watching, laughing at the big strong monster coddling you like a mother hen.  “SANS?!  WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!”  “it’s nothing Boss, jus’ cute how much you care.”   “SANS!!  YOU KNOW PERFECTLY WELL I AM NEVER CUTE!  WE’VE TALKED ABOUT THIS!’  “yeah yeah, whatever you say.”

Papyrus storms off, huffing and puffing, until he slams the door to his room shut.  But then he gently swings it back open in case you call for his aid; he cannot allow you to wait for even a minute, or strain your voice yelling very loud. ……….. fuck.  He does care.  Until you are gone, health fully restored and a container of lasagna under your arm, he has a slight persistent blush every time he allows his eyes to linger on you.  He loves you……. he has to go into the forest to scream for a few hours.

Blue:   He’s always known.  The moment he got the first flicker of warmth in his soul upon looking at you he recognized and accepted it, embraced it even.  He has always wanted to be in love!  

It happens in a quiet moment, cooking a sweet treat that the King recommended.  There was an… accident with the confectioner’s sugar and it is absolutely everywhere, you are both on the floor, and you are giving him your best ‘I told you so’ look.  “HEHE… MWEHEHEHE!!!!  Y-Y-YOU LOOK LIKE HAPSTA’S COUSIN!!”  So does he!  You both look like ghosts, bathed in white, but soon there are tracks in the sugar going down Blue’s cheeks as he shakes with laughter.  You’re laughing now too, doubled over.  God you’re beautiful like this.  “HUMAN…. YOU ARE AS SWEET AS THIS SUGAR!!”  

Honey:  You two are just chilling on the couch when he realizes.  You’re laying on him, on his chest as he is wont to put you.  Tenderly he brushes your hair back, careful not to get the strands caught between his joints.  If he focuses he can feel the thump of your heart against his sternum, his soul aching to settle into the same rhythm.  He wants you to be like this forever.  Here, with him.  With a smile he leans down to press a kiss to your forehead, pulling you closer.  “hey honey bunches… you’re special to me, ya know that?”

Black:  He realizes that he loves you when he starts showering you in gifts.  He’s a pretty material person, and emotionally constipated to the extreme.  When he wants to show how important you are to him he just shoves something sparkly and expensive in your hands and calls it a day.  It’s like an itch; if you two are out and he sees something neat he Needs to give it to you immediately.  He’s like a little kid with a neat rock; he likes it so he gives it to you.  If he tries to suppress the urge he vibrates with the pent up impulse until he gives in.  

IF THERE’S A PRIZE FOR ROTTEN JUDGEMENT I GUESS I’VE ALREADY WON THAT.  NO S/O IS WORTH THE AGGRAVATION.  THAT’S ANCIENT HISTORY, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  Who dy’you think you’re kidding?  They’re the earth and heaven to you.  Try to keep it hidden, Black we see right through you!  Boy you can’t conceal it, we know how you’re feeling.  Who you thinking of?  NO CHANCE, NO WAY, I WON’T SAY IT, NO, NO!!!

Puppy:  He hasn’t gotten out of bed in…. a while.  It’s all started to blend together, honestly.  His bones feel cemented in place, too heavy to lift even an inch.  Nevertheless, when his phone gives a little ping he groans and reaches for it, motions slow as molasses.  ‘Hey, are you free?’ 

Is he really doing this?  It’s a bright sunny day, and just the thought of how light out it is has him hissing a bit.  But your smile is brighter… if he gets out of bed he will get to see you smile.

With a creak of bones and a low groan he pries himself off of his sheets, shuffling into the bathroom.  There’s no way he’s getting in the shower right now, the way things are he would never leave it again.  A whore’s bath will do, he thinks, as he runs water over a rag.  Ugh, there is a light dusting of chalky powder over his bones, that is how long it’s been since he bathed.  It’s even a little tacky in places.  He needs to get his life together.  Remember, you’re doing this for them.

Despite all of this… when he drags himself out of the house and sees you for the first time that day…. he feels a flutter of happiness in his chest.  It was worth it. 

Ride With Me (Part 7)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS:  light swearing and a bit of angst

*(Y/N) and Bucky arrive at the hospital to hear Pietro’s fate and discuss their future. 

PART 7 IS HERE PEOPLE!!!! As always the feed back to this AU has been phenomenal I’m so overwhelmed, you guys are the best! Feed back is greatly appreciated! 

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You burst through the hospital doors like a woman possessed, Bucky was hot on your tail as you both stormed down the hallway to the waiting room. You were sure you had startled a few nurses as the two of you flew down the corridor. You tried to ignore the burning smell of disinfectant, rounding the corner you were met with your friends all gathered around. You’re eyes sort out Steve and Sam first, they didn’t look too bad. Steve was sporting an impressive scrape on his cheekbone and had his left arm in a sling. Sam was sat on a plastic chair his right pant leg was stained with blood and he had a deep gash that had been stitched on his forehead. Sharon was sat next to him holding an icepack to his head, a brunette woman stood next to Steve her hand running up and down his arm. So that must be Peggy you mentally added the face to the name. The two of them were conversing with a dark haired man you didn’t recognise, they all looked up at you both but your attention was on the two women sat in the corner. Natasha’s gave you a sad smile shaking her head slightly as she rubbed the younger girls back in comfort.

“Wanda” you breathed, the brunette looked up to you, her eyes red and irritated. Letting out a pained sob wiping her cheek Wanda stood and stumbled to you. You instantly wrapped your arms around her as she buried her face in the crook of you neck sobbing softly.

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Today, I fucked up by brake-tapping a cop.

So this happened about 45 minutes ago while i was driving home from work. Im going down a rural road at about 85km/h (speed limit is 80). When this guy in a blue ford focus comes flying up behind me and instead of passing he rides my tail so close that if i stopped for any reason he would have smashed into me. So me being me, i give a polite brake tap (not actually slowing down, just a warning not to follow so close).

Turns out it’s an undercover cop with a dashboard light strip (which isn’t visible unless turned on) and he immediately pulls me over then screams at me for driving too slow and break tapping. I argue i was driving the speed limit and i didn’t actually slow down when i tapped my brakes.

256$ ticket for “careless driving” …so i guess i fucked up by dealing with a cop on his bad day.

Holy guacamole, i cant believe this went crazy over night…thanks everyone, i think ill try to fight this ticket!

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

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What's your ocs names? I'm new

i have a ton of ocs so ill only do a few

felix (acciai) ruggieri;; nicknames: feli
hes one of my main ocs;; hes the most important to me
hes got a lot of issues but refuses to acknowledge them and acts as if hes perfect;; hes narcissistic and wishes to be a king hes incredibly smart he likes to party and have a lot of sex to take his mind off things
hes got a smoking alcohol and sex addiction
hes very fake and will watch you closely so he can shape himself into someone youll like he just wants endless love and adoration,,
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub!

leonardo dioli;; nicknames: leo
hes another one of my main ocs;; hes 2nd most important to me
hes a long lost raremutant his family was thought to be dead but hes 1 of the 3 survivors;; however currently they only know of 2 (leonardo himself;; and his uncle alessio who faked his death and returned 30 years later)
hes a fashion designer he took after his fathers company;; hes also the head assassin/spy and the leader of gli occhi
he fights in a secret war against a group of nasty humans named i serpenti
he also leads a secret faction of pietros resistance
he tends to overwork himself;; he feels incredibly guilty 
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub

pietro falco;; nicknames: il falco
main oc;; hes 3rd most important to me
hes italys most wanted criminal;; he used to be a cop but his partner betrayed him and framed him completely ruining his name
he leads a massive resistance called i falchi
hes got paranoid personality disorder but has hope he can restore things and make things better for mutants
he does his best;; he also doesnt have fingerprints…he rubbed them off on impulse out of paranoia
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and charahub

the rest ill put under the cut!

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              feeling uneasy when it comes to emotional situations isn’t something new for maggie. however, she’s not really sure how to approach this particular situation. every moment she doesn’t tell alex how she feels, she feels like she’s lying to her, and it’s eating her up inside. this is too important for her to run from. she doesn’t want an adrenaline infused and somewhat dishonest ‘yes’ to alex’s question to be the only thing she hears. approaching alex from behind, she sighs softly — a sound she probably shouldn’t be making as a newly engaged woman — and places her hand on alex’s shoulder. ❝hey.❞ suddenly she feels nervous around her, which isn’t normal whatsoever. as a skilled agent, she’s sure alex can tell right away, so she doesn’t bother hiding it.  //  @biologicalengineer

Let the heart beat.

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader

Note: Hey guys I had that idea and I will make a second (and probably a third) part because it would be extremely extensive if I put it all here. Is my first time making a imagine with a sequence so please be nice and feed back are greatly accept. I know is not a Negan one but I decided to write that one and if you don’t watch Supernatural and think it’s better not read is fine, but I friendly invite you to read anyhow beacuse would be interesting and maybe open some horizons.

P.S1: When I am reading something I like to imagine the person mentioned and since I am terrible explaining people anatomy I will tell you that I thought about Sebastian Stan as James; But like Bucky Barnes because of the long hair, blue eyes and some loveable scruffy beard.But of course you can imagine someone else ✩.

P.S2: John do not appear in that one because I wanted to explain how the Reader felt about all that happens. John will surely appear in the next one.

P.S3: Feel free to send me a ask or a message ♡.

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Hunter life was a full time job, you’re one of the best’s. Actually you are famous in the hunting world by killings packs and nests in a fast time; Y/N Y/L/N is the name. And because of this a lot of times when you’re in cases searching for information with other hunters you use a fake name. Is hard be a good one when everyone expect more and more of you. And you honestly don’t want any pression in your life. Pression that come with relationships too…

You fall in love once and end up that your prince charming was a prick, you two dated for almost 1 year and then he cheat on you with his neighbour. After that you had one-night stand and only this. You put high walls in your heart and dedicated 95% of your life for your job, and 5% for relax. You was always hard to let yourself feel, and let someone in? That was basically impossible.

You were drinking a hot coffee in a comfortable cafeteria after a werewolf case reading the newspapers. While reading it you saw what would be a new case, people were being missed! Women and men going missing in middle of night and have anything that make the locals polices think is a serial killer; No bodies being found, no new people arriving or lefting the town. Nothing. You think for a minute looking at your news scars on your left arm after the case, took a deep breath and get up paying the coffee and going to the motel to get your car and go to the small town named Ames, Iowa.


Getting there, you fell in love with the place, you always look at the places you go work in. Look for the people living they normal lifes, and in mean time hunters go and save them for what creeps in the night. After getting set in a creepy motel, and going make some question. You go for a drive, since it always seems to help.

You pass for some dark places, and get off of the car, put your gun on your lower back, a knife on your belt and other one inside your right boot. After some more walking you see a old abandoned balcony. It seems like it was a mechanic’s workshop, but with the dark of the night there is no sure. Getting your gun, you go carefully on it just in the outside for see inside before. When you get closer you see three people being hold by ropes and they blood being drained by intravenous access in the jugular.“Vampires?” You murmured to yourself.

And then you see a bald tattooed man with blue eyes, was definitely a djin. You had dealt with djin’s before and you know a simple gun and normal knife will not do the job. Quietly you get out of there, get in your car and get back to motel. Getting there you start looking for the ram’s blood and a silver knife.

You were very tired so thought about getting some sleep,but seeing them being holding there bleeding, you can’t stand they suffering anymore. You get your silver knife and go look for a farm or somewhere where you can find a lamb. The most fresh blood, is the best to do the job.

You found the animal, a female one. You don’t want to kill the poor animal. So you put a small anesthesia on her and get a bit of her blood, you didn’t want to cause any pain, gladly you manage to do it in silence and quickly get out of there. 

You drive close to the abandoned balcony, getting there you plunge your beautiful pure silver knife in the blood. You put the guns on your body and get to the job. When you enter there you see a girl probably on her 16 years old, a old man and a young one, probably around your age. You start cutting the ropes and waking them up, first you went for the older man since he look a little awake.“Hey hey, it’s okay. I’ll get you out of here” You say looking into his eyes to try show some mercy.

“Jenna, Jenna, Where’s Jenna?” He asked and you imagine is someone that he had been hallucinating with.

“Shh shh, let’s get out of here. But I need you to be quiet.” You get the man and walked helping him into your car. He’s bleeding a lot and since you don’t have time to make a bandage you just get a old shirt you had in your car, put on his neck and told him to put pression on it.

You get back into the place, getting the young girl and doing the same thing leading to your car. When you get back to get the last victim the Djin arrive. Damn, that one is ugly as hell. You thought. “Y/N Y/L/N” He say your name while getting closer. “You are the hunter that killed my family.” He say with anger in his shining blue eyes.

“Family? What? You freakes walk in family now?!” He get pissed and started to fight. You try to get your knife but was hard with the idiot trying to put a blue magic on your head, and if you’re going to die isn’t because of illusion.

You manage to punch his neck and he fell in the floor, you get your knife that was in a protective knife belt that now is socked with blood of the fluffy animal and dig right into his heart. 

You get a minute to make sure he is dead and recompense yourself after the fighting. You look around and jogge into the man cutting his ropes and he look into your eyes, his eyes blue and tired. He look and start murmuring something, you think is your name but you don’t have sure. You look at the pretty man and remembered has more 2 persons suffering in your car. You quickly help the guy to your car and drive them to the hospital. 

Getting there you say you found them in a cativere on a old road. Letting them there you get out for not having to deal with cops, cops that talked with you earlier.

You get back to the place where the dead genius stand and put fire in the place burning the blood and the body. Without leaving any crime track.

You get back to the motel, took a long shower and try to sleep. You didn’t had lucky, so when the sun rises you put some clothes and a old cap and go the local hospital to see if the victims survived. Getting there you see the older man holding a little girl while she is lying on his bed with him. She is probably the Jenna he was talking about. You smile at the vision.

Walking a bit more you see the girl with a boy exactly like her, they are probably twins. And when you get to the pretty man room you see him lying there taking serum to hydrated. You see a nurse walking through and ask her why he still asleep. She explain that he had lost to much blood and he had a blood transfusion but sadly the hospital don’t have enough blood for he get strong enough, you ask if it didn’t had any hospital where they can ask for a bag, and after she say no you get pissed with yourself for burning his blood yesterday with all the old place.

Something hit on you and you ask what is his blood typing; For your surprise is the same as yours. “It’s my type, can I donate something for put on his system?” You ask hopefully.

“Sure, but it have some papers you have to put some informations on and I need to know if you have any health problem or tattoo.” She ask nicely, you’re glad that she is a good person. Sadly is rare find polite people.

“No and no, all clean and healthy.” You say moving your hands to make more emphasis.

“Okay, I will lead you to the blood donate room and there you will take a questionnaire and answer some questions.” You nod and you two walk to the room. Arriving there for the donation, you answered several questions like for example if you are pregnant, or in breast feeding. Your weight (since it have to be more than 50 kg for donate), if you didn’t had any alcohol in you system recently, if you had ate something greasy recently and some others more.

After answering all the questions, the polite nurse collected your blood, and you asked her to do that anonymously, she agreed with your decision and left. The blood went to do a final examination and went to do the transfusion.

Arriving in his room you look to make sure no one was near, you looked at the medical record and saw his name was James. You walk slowly and went to his his bed, you get closer to him to see his face, better than yesterday. He is a beautiful man! Some scruff, a medium dark brown hair and you remember his eyes. When you realize what you were doing, you start walking away when he opens his eyes and call your name. You look around and see him trying to get off the serum, probably thinking he was still held captive and having his blood drained. You rush to him and grab his hand.

“It’s okay, it’s okay James. You’re safe, you’re in Ames principal hospital, you were find with a huge blood loss, now you’re resting and getting better.’’ You said giving your most sincere smile, his eyes softening looking at you.

"Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N?” He say squeezing your hands. “For a moment I thought I was dreaming by a angel saving me.” He say with a small smile.

“Wait, what you remember?” You ask not really wanting to him to know about monsters.

“I remember you! I remember you killing the bald-tattooed man and getting me out of that hell.’’

“Hmm, don’t say my name here okay? They don’t know about what is out there and is better we keep that way.”

You say sitting in the bed still holding his hand, and with a heartbeat you start getting out.

“Please stay.” He ask trying to move.

“I can’t. You will get better okay?! You lost a lot of blood but you you will make a transfusion soon; You will recuperate your strength! I need to go.” You say, and it is so hard to leave him, his beautiful eyes looking at you look he was reading your soul. He is so pretty.

“Okay, but I can’t stay to much. You have anyone you want me to call?” You ask nicely.

“My friend Robert, we work in the mechanic workshop Bryce’s he don’t have phone so if you can go there and tell I’m here would be nice.“ He say and you nod your head, after talking a bit, he make questions to you and you feel like you could trust him and that scares you. So you start making him questions. And you discover that he have 26 years old, move to that city 3 years ago for start over. Don’t have family and live in a small house a few blocks from his work.

When the dusk came in, you say goodbye and went to look for Robert. When you found him, you explain that you found James bleeding in a abandoned place and the maniacal is not longer around.

Robert thanked you and you leave to the Motel to get your stuffs and get away from the town as fast as you can. When you was start to leaving you start thinking about James, about his blue orbs that you found comfort in. Suddenly you start your car, turn around and went for a few drinks. You put your fake "wedding ring” for keep the normal annoying men away to hit on you. Wasn’t 100% of efficacy, but some men still have some respect.

Getting there you sit in the bar and ask for two shots of whiskey and the colder beer as possible. You tried to get away of your thoughts about the man you saved. Of course you save men all the time and sometimes you feel attract to them, but that guy? He’s different. Something about his moves and expression, the way he say your name making you shiver and your heartbeat increase.

 You shake you thoughts and finish the second whiskey. When you pay the bill and give a great tip to the barista you go away. You start to walk and when you realised you were in front of the hospital, and then you see James getting out with a woman in his left side helping him, and Robert in the other. “That woman is his girlfriend?” You thought getting a little jealous.

You walk away and when you look behind one more time you see James getting in the passenger seat on whoever was the car, and he look up and found you in the dark night. You smile and start walking to get your car and drive away, gladly he’s fine.


In the middle of the road your car tire blow, and your last step was already being used. “Fuck” you cursed. You call for help, but didn’t want police around, they didn’t have to see your car trunk full of guns, knives, the rest of the lamb’s blood and other things they can consider as voodoo. You really don’t want to get interrogate. So you called the person you think it could help you.. Robert.

“Hey, Robert? Is Y/N, hmm.. we met yesterday..” cutting you he answer already.

“Sure, the pretty lady that save my buddy life. What can I do for you Wonder Woman?”

“Please don’t call me that. Hmm.. My tire blow in the middle of the road, and I don’t have a step and since I don’t know nothing or anyone here and you’re a mechanic, can you help me?” You ask hopefully.

“Whatever I can help you with Y/N. What is the mark and the year? Maybe I have a tire here already.” He say and you’re happy that you will not have to go back and see the pretty man again.

“Hm, is a BMW 325I, of that year.” You say hoping he have the tire.

“You’re lucky I have! Wait there.” When he say that you listen some familiar voice asking if it’s the ‘’Y/N he is thinking of.’’

After you hung up, and more 35 minutes you see a truck coming with Robert inside. “Hey, someone need help?” He say smiling, you smile back answering with a desperate nod.

After he avaliated your car. “Well, isn’t just the tire, apparently when the tire blows off some piece hit the shift. Hmm the shift has the task of distributing the weight of the car on the tread, thus avoiding the tire’s life to decrease as well as undesirable changes in the direction, for example, a positive change leaves the direction more loose, light, as if the car would dance because they are facing outward, which reduces wear and tear.” You nod making him continue. “So that means that I can’t just change the tire, you will have to take your car on the workshop for me fix everything.” You understand but you can’t go there knowing that James probably would appear.

“Maybe I can fix it in another closer town? I mean you change the tire and in my next stop I fix it?”

“Y/N have no way I’ll let you go out with a timebomb car, come on. Enter in the truck and we will take it back to the workshop and there I fix.” You nod knowing that has no way he will let you go, and honestly you’re to tired to travel to other city to found a other mechanic.

After some 40 minutes you got there, and you didn’t want to leave the car there thinking about the possibilities of him looking and finding your ammo. No that you think he is nosy, but you don’t know him that well, actually don’t know him at all. And people can look trustable but you can’t trust people. Demons, vampires, werewolves you get, but humans? Humans are crazy.

When you get out you see James there smiling. “Hey, my heroine. Why you go away without saying goodbye?”. He ask smiling.

“Hi James, you look better! I’m glad you’re walking by your own, your injuries seems better, even with just one day after.” You say with a grin.

“Yeah, thanks to your blood!”. How he know that? You didn’t told him, and you asked to be anonymous. You thought.

He came closer open his arms for a hug "May I?” You nod and he hug you. His hug is warm and cozy, is like finding home after years and years of being lost. “Thank you for saving me. If it wasn’t you I would probably had died of there.” He say with you getting out of his embrace and saying he don’t have to worry.

“Hmm, is late. Why you don’t come to my house and we eat something. Tomorrow Robert fix your car and you go.” You start hoping he isn’t some stupid man that will try to fuck you.

“I don’t know, I think I would be better in the motel.” You say looking at him while Robert put your car inside the shop and start looking for the piece to put on your car.

“No, no way. Listen I am not gonna try anything. I swear, and even if I did, I have sure you could kill me in seconds.” He say smiling, his beautiful smile.

“Okay, okay.”


When you enter in his house, you feel happy. The house is small and comfortable and pretty organized. “You live by yourself?” You asking, looking through some pictures of him younger with a old couple.

“Yes, I move out as I told you and yeah, living. But have Lucy she come sleep here sometimes too, and basically eat all my food.’’ He say smiling while looking the house searching for anything that he thinks will make you thought he’s a disorganized one.

You start to wonder about Lucy, She is probably the girl he was walking out of the hospital with. You thought.

"Your girlfriend? That one that was with you out in the hospital?” You ask trying to look cool about it.

“What? No! That was Samantha, she is Robert girlfriend. They’re like siblings to me.” He say smiling. “You want something to eat or drink? A beer?” You nod. After he get two beer’s and open it for you two.

“Ohh, so Lucy is?” You ask before taking a sip.

“A cat. I think she lives with a old lady named Mrs. Stevenson in the end of the street. She have 85 years so I can’t blame the cat for coming here a few times.” He say and your heart sort melt. You love animals. You always wanted to buy a few farms and create all of them. (And kill painfully anyone who hurt them.)

You two spend the night talking until the dawn, he told you that his parents died when he was 5. And the old couple in pictures was his grandparents that passed 3 years ago, and that’s why he came live here. He questioned your job and you explain everything to him. And after that day. You couldn’t leave the town. You couldn’t leave him. You two start dating and you miss hunting so sometimes, so you travel to take cases and come back to James. He always get worried and when you saw you two were hunting together. Y/N Y/L/N and James Wayne. And he is a pretty well fighter. After serving on Gulf War and telling you that when he was younger he made judo and boxe to do something with his sadness and anger. You understand why so many abilities.

You two keeping hunting and coming back to your house. Your life was like that now, hunting with your loved one, come home and have some dinner with Robert and Samantha. Was all you wanted, you never wanted a vanilla life. A marriage, kids, school meetings and etc. You always wanted to hunt, it makes who you are. But you had always wanted having someone truly loving you. And you did.

One day James went to work on a car he found and he promised you if he had time on it, it would became marvellous. But it had a case in a town in Wisconsin. Something probably about vampires. And you couldn’t control yourself but going there and ending the bastards.

While packing James came, hug you for behind kissing your neck softly.“What you doing babe?” He ask putting his head in your side looking at some clothes on a backpack.

“Going on a hunt darling. Vampires probably.” You said while putting some great knives and machetes on it.

“Why you didn’t told me, I would had packed already too. Now I have to fin…” Before he could finish you cut him “Nah ahn. You’re not going, you have your car to work on remember? And I will not lose the bet that even with you working your ass off, that garbage will not become pretty.” You say turning around pecking his lips.

“Y/N is too dangerous, you can’t go alone.” He say losing your grasp in a serious tone.

“Honey, you forgot that I hunted my whole life, and was me working alone that saved your beautiful head in that Djin case.”

“I know, and I know you’re more than capable but please don’t go.”

“Baby have nothing to worry about okay?! You forgot I’m the ‘Dracula Fear’. I will kill them, and come back to you. As I always do.” You say kissing all over his face.

“Okay, okay. But you will bring me some souvenir. Maybe some different lingerie.” He say hugging you so tight and save. You two start to kissing and then to make out and then to make love. Making love with the love of your life.

After the great night, you woke up, kiss his chest and say softly on his ear “I’m going baby, I’m back soon as I can.” When you sit in the bed and start to stretch you feel heavy arms pulling you down and then he was on top of you. You start to giggle and admire his face, all his details. His hair falling and tickling your face. You two kiss and hug for what seemed like hours.

 When you get ready and start to go. He run to your car and you stoped. He came and pull you up on his arms moving you two around. He kiss you deeply. “Come back for me love” he say looking into your y/e/c while you put your foreheads together.

“I swear I will love. I love you James Wayne, more than anyone or anything.”

“And I love you Y/N Y/L/N, you have no idea how I thank God everyday for the Djin had sequestered me.” When you start to say something as ‘don’t say that’ he hold your cheeks and say “It’s true. All my life I never thought I would be that happy. And Y/N with you I am. I love you so so so much Doll.” Your eyes tearing and you two kiss again.

“Okay, I have to gooo. Bye baby. Don’t eat all the chocolate cake right?!” You say smirking walking back to your car. He smiles and you drive to your next case.


After getting in Wisconsin and getting all informations needed you found a great place that would be a nest. Getting there ready to cut some heads. You don’t see vamps, no one. Instant you find what look like a bad made letter; It says.

Y/N Van Helsing, or I call you Y/N-Everything-Killer? Well honey, it seems like you had been prank doesn’t it. You killed my nest 6 years ago and I remember you letting me go saying that I was too weak and wouldn’t survive without a nest. Far play Y/N. The game changed, I hunted you, and it seems the tough hunter go soft by a human named James right? Well, you took my family, took my brother and my wife from me. Let see what you will feel when you found you loved one dead on your happy house.

You feel horrifying tears streaming your face and falling in the letter. You got in shock, you run through the old place to your car do drive fast as possible to your house in Iowa not giving a damn about your motel count.

After hours driving in a hissing fast. You get in your town, when you drive by the welcoming outdoor you see Robert giving a wave to you but you just drive faster and faster until get into your house.

Getting there you see some lights on, you are shaking of fear. You get your gun and your knife to torn any guts you have to. You enter your house carefully, then you see Lucy coming to great you, something you loved about the half-adopted cat. But when you look closer you see her leg and tail are with blood, fresh blood. You can feel your heart collapsing in pure pain. 

You walk through the house until you reach the bedroom and then you see the worst thing you could ever see. You see James laid there looking up with his throat open and blood everywhere. Your eyes wide open with tears and pain.“No, no, no, noo” you said getting to him, grabbing his hand. “Babe, babe stop playing, I know this is a prank. James I know you.” You say somehow trying to believe that is just a lie. “James, James, Jaaaaammmess.” You scream sobbing hardly, his eyes are open and already losing the spark, the spark that it always had.

“No no no baby, please baby, don’t let me. Pleaseeee.” You say sobbing falling on your knees still looking at him. You get up and sit in the bed and hold him on your arms and start cry holding him, his blood filling the bed sheets and your clothes. “Please baby, please please please please come back to me love. Come back to me.” You cry and cry putting your forehead on his.“Please baby, please don’t die. I can’t loose you my love. I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t” You sob desperately with your throat throbbing in pain.

You look away from his form to only see your reflex in the huge mirror on the other side of the room besides your bed. You see a paper there, you darted over where it’s. When you look at, you see the stupid vamp handwriting again.

Well well, how it feel? Isn’t exactly good is it? Now you feel what I felt. But you will live knowing that the big Y/N Y/L/N, the baddest hunter that especially is a vampire killer. Had her life taken out of a window because of one. Feel it sugar.

P.S: His blood was delicious.

You couldn’t believe it, he died, he died because of you. You get back in the bed to hug him once more crying and crying until you feel numb and his body become colder second by second somehow emanating to your body.

“I’m so sorry babe. I’m so so sorry James. I don’t know what to do, I can’t live without you.” You say while ran your hand gently on his cold face. Examining probably for the last time. You cry some more but now don’t have any tears, only pain and panic.

You heard a knock in the door. “Y/N? James? I’m entering, so if you two are doing some couple thing better stop.” Robert said playfully as always going to your bedroom. When he see you two he couldn’t believe. You look at him with your face plump and red after so much cry.“What what wh’ happened?” He said desperately but you just shake your head as a 'no’ gesture and look back at James again. You heard Robert start crying and get in his knee looking at James dead body and you still holding him covered in blood, dry and fresh tears.

“I… I saw you” he start trying stop his cry but he couldn’t. After more two minutes of silence.“I saw you passing by me and a very fast way and you didn’t waved back. I get worried, Sam told me you were just missing him.. I felt something was wrong. But who would do this Y/N. Who would hurt him?” He say crying harder now.

“I don’t know.” You lied saying it quietly. Your throat don’t have strength anymore. You remembered the letter behind him on the floor. “Rob, can you get me some water please?” He get up and went to the kitchen, you let you love out of your arms and he fall in the mattress you get the letter and shove it inside your bra.

When Robert came back with a filled up glass, you was again holding James body. 

You drank one sip and give it back to him. After 45 minutes with Robert crying in the floor and you still hugging James trying to somehow bring him back, trying to feel his skin against yours.

“We should call the police. They have to… to take the body and try figured out what happened.” He say getting on his feet.

“Not yet.” You say quietly, not ready to let him go.

“Honey you know he isn’t here anym” You cut him harshly. 

“I said not yet” You speak with the small strength you have looking at him with a angry still sad face. He nodded and start leaving the house.

When you realized you have no tears left and his body is starting to seems froze and colorless. You put him carefully in the sheets and start getting up. You start thinking about what would bring him back, when the idea popped in your head. A deal. You start looking around, gladly your house isn’t far of a the crossroad. You locked the door in case Robert come here. And you go walking thought it.

You know isn’t the good way of doing it, but you don’t give a damn, you made a devil’s trap cover it with some sand in case de deal don’t work. You put all together in the box and waited. 

A tall man appears “Y/N fucking Y/L/N. I can’t believe I’m seeing you again.” He say examining your form.

“And you are? Actually I don’t care. Let’s make the deal”. You say to the demon that you probably had exorcised before.

“What you want darling?”

“I want someone back to life. He died not long ago so the body still fresh.”

“Wow, that’s interesting. Really really interesting. Okay, listen up I will give you 2 years but with a condition.”

“2 years? How long you’re working here. Is 10 years.” You ask with a sassy face.

“You don’t tell me how to work you little ant, I tell you. So is 2 years and more one condition or nothing.” The black-eyed demon speak angrily.


“He will not remember you, and you will stop hunting. Hunting everything, even a deer of you’re hungry in the middle woods.”

“Are you serious?”

“More serious than ever. Deal?” He say ignorantly thinking you would do anything, and you would but that don’t seems right.

“No.” You say remaining on your spot.

“Excuse me?”

“We don’t have a deal. When you get back home try to learn how to work.”
You say before starting the exorcism.“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus” the demon start shaking but suddenly he smiled and try get out his vessel.

Realizing he couldn’t he look down at the floor and realizing you made a demon trap but cover with the local dark sand. After saying the others words, and damn that one need the whole exorcism to leave. “TUAM SECURO TIBI FACIAS LIBERTATE SERVIRE, TE ROGAMUS, AUDIO NOS.” And then he left and the body fell in the floor unconscious.

You take a deep breath erasing the trap, get the body and start moving it to somewhere more movemented. When you see a couple at they fourties you yell “Help, I found him. Maybe he had a panic attack after some drugs. Can you take him to the hospital?” After they nodding you left to back home. 

Lucy sleeping in the couch and you get back to the room. You open it and somehow you find more tears inside your drained body.

“I don’t know what to do love, I tried to bring you back but surely was some trap to end up killing me and you in the process honey” you pass your hand on his long locks. “I’m sorry I made this, I’m sorry.” You hug him again.

You get up and went to the bathroom to wash your face, damn you look exhausted. You come back to your room, and get your phone to call the police. You don’t want to let him go; But you couldn’t have his lifeless body in your arms, feeling it dusting. You kiss his forehead and get your phone, you get his instant and see the wallpaper. The picture are you two cocking at thanksgiving dinner you had months ago. You smile sadly, you tipped the digits and call and called Robert too.

When they arrive they made questions, and they ask if something was missing cause it should be a robbery; They ask about any enemies yours or his. And after seemed like hours answering the questions they got away and a ambulance come and take his body. You couldn’t ignore it, you fell in the floor and Samantha came to hug you crying as well.


After sent him to a cemetery in Kansas, where his family are buried. And staying there for a week going every day in the cemetery. You decided to go back to your… Well a house where your things are, cause isn’t home without James.

Robert and Samantha pick you up, the said that you wasn’t strong enough to drive for almost 5 hours alone. But you knew they felt like you would throw the car into a bridge. And you can’t blame them either.

You came home, and look at it. The sheets were removed and every crime scene. You sit in the bed and unconsciously start crying again. You get up and wipe your sleeve over your eyes. You went to your closet and start seeing his clothes. In middle of looking at it you let a jeans jacket fell “Fuck Y/N” You thought. And then you see a paper, you open it and see a letter with James handwriting. You feel a smile on your lips forming unconsciously.

Doll, Love of my life, My sun, My moon, My star. My everything… Y/N. If you found it and I’m good and you’re just sharply cleaning our closet is all good and stop reading it now. But, if you found this because I’m no longer with you, then well. Keep reading Doll. 

Y/N Y/L/N you’re the reason I stood alive and the reason I loved every day I had with you. Even you opening my eyes about all the monsters all there and I will be honest babe, it scare the shit out of me. And somehow I felt okay about all the world, and I even started hunting just to be every second I possible could with you, I stood loving you. Thank you for saving me that night, thank you for sharing your blood with a stranger, thank you for saved my live plenty of times you did in a lot of huntes we had. Every look I gave you, every time our body touch even slightly as a bump in the middle of rush or when our bodies are intertwined making love I LOVED YOU! And if I’m dead and you’re probably a lovely mess (I hope you’re because come on I think you would cry a little your tough Wonder Woman ;) ) please don’t drain your strength or get blind in rage. Whatever I died for, I wanted you to know you gave me a great life, I don’t know when you’re reading this so I don’t know how many years we are together if is 3, 10,20 years, but Y/N that doesn’t matter cause I could spend every single day with you admiring how wonderful, smart, strong, beautiful you are babe. If I’m no longer with you, keep alive, your heart still beating Doll, and find someone too (but please wait a little I need some respect right?! Haha) Ok ok you’re probably cursing me but I’m trying lit up the mood. I will do what we talked about always when we were in a Ghost hunt, I will move on and I will not haunt you (even it being really hard, cause I would look and touch you for the eternity). Okay that’s long already. Y/N Y/L/N I fucking love you. I always will. I don’t know if have a heaven but if it’s and I’m going there I have sure my heaven will be you wearing my long shirt, your beautiful looney tunes short shorts and dancing with me drinking beer’s exactly like that day in the dawn after a hunt of incubus and succubus (those fuckers were crazyyy). Keep alive baby, keep breathing and keep me inside your huge heart. I love you Doll, and I always will.

Clapping the letter in your heart you feel the prickling in your whole body; You sit in the floor and rested your head outside the closet thinking about what to do with you meaningless life now.

After some 15 minutes and remembering you have no idea what was the last time you ate something, you went to the kitchen to try something which would probably not work at all.  

You walk slowly seeing pictures of you two in the walls and on some shelves next to some books; You smile thinking about how happy you lived for 5 years and your smile faded thinking about how you will never be happy again. You get into the fridge and the first thing your eyes darted over was the chocolate cake, you smile at the desert and remember you and James making it looking at a recipe in a old book and making a huge mess on the kitchen in the process. You get the cake and try to eat, the taste isn’t good anymore because is already old but the only thing you can think of is that somehow your heart are as this cake now. Faded and qualityless. 

You sit in your couch and get the strongest drink you have and start drinking it and thinking what to do, you let all the rage flew to your head and you now what to do. You will search for revenge.


I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and you can find part 2 here and part.3 here

For all the war rhetoric to have come from politicians’ mouths over the previous twenty years of drug prohibition, Bennett’s somehow managed to reach new heights of bellicosity. Embedded in his morality approach to drug prohibition was a new effort at dehumanizing drug users. Bennett demanded that drug warriors in the administration stop talking about addicts as “sick” and stop referring to addiction as a health problem. Going forward, the federal government would simply view them as bad people. Fundamentally bad people aren’t cured or mended. The only real question is how to remove them from the good people…Bennett and some members of Congress briefly even considered declaring martial law in DC and bringing in the National Guard to enforce it. He did impost an 11:00 PM curfew, which was later overturned by a federal judge. In 1990 Bennett floated the idea of suspending habeas corpus for drug offenders. “It’s a funny war when the ‘enemy’ is entitled to due process of law and a fair trial,” he told Fortune…Later he told Larry King that he’d be up for beheading drug dealers. He conceded that doing so might be “legally difficult”, but said that, “morally, I have no problem with it.”
Bennett even urged children to turn in their friends who used drugs to the police. The country seemed to agree. One poll found that 83 percent of respondents would call the police on a drug-using relative. Urging families to turn one another into the government for victimless crimes was once an idea we associated with Iron Curtain regimes. But the drug war encouraged it…By the mid-1990s there were numerous reports of children who had turned in their parents for small amounts of drugs after attending DARE lectures…In most cases the children were commended by police and DARE for “doing the right thing” after watching their parents marched into squad cars and taken to jail for what were usually possession charges… 
FBI director William Sessions declared that the country would need to “strike a new balance between order and individual liberties”. Joint Cheifs of Staff chairman Adm. William Crowe went further, stating that with the new antidrug offensive, “you’re probably going to have to infringe on some human rights.” In testimony before Congress, Darryl Gates proclaimed that casual drug use was “treason”, then recommended that users be “taken out and shot”…On several occasions in the 1980s, the House and Senate also flirted with extending the death penalty to convicted drug dealers.

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko

Coupled with the fact that the drug war was started to shut down black liberation organizations, antiwar protesters, and counterculture hippies, it’s obvious that antidrug legislation is nothing but an excuse to engage in fascist rhetoric and policies.


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These two are super flippity-skippity so it figures that Mesi is a boomerang babe and Arthur gets a cut-throat razor no references to the Great Dictator here no move along. Also Jet is really light and is often sourced from the UK, while Tiger’s Eye is hella solid and often comes from South Africa, so that works out too!

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potatowalrus20  asked:

Heh I saw these SU dream asks and I wanted to share one I had. My dream was lapis and pearl were in a graveyard at night for some reason and they were fighting one of peridot's giant robonoids. After they win, the police showed up and told them they had to pay for the graveyard damages

I have to imagine that after that point, Lapis would’ve just flown away and left Pearl to deal with the cops, haha

              ❝what kind of game are you playing here?❞ crossing her arms over her chest, she’s still itching to pick up her gun again and point it straight at lillian. if they could do this without her help, maggie would’ve arrested her by now. ❝we’re all going to be watching you. closely.❞  //  @fcrmychildren  //  starter call.