dealing with bad moods

50 Asks
  1. What was your favorite 90s show?
  2. What is the last song you played?
  3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
  4. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?
  6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
  7. You can marry one fictional character. Who?
  8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?
  9. Coffee, tea, or water?
  10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.
  11. One thing that always creeps you out?
  12. What is your Starbucks order?
  13. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
  14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom?
  15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?
  16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?
  17. What is your favorite rainy day album?
  18. Do you tan easily?
  19. Do/did you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?
  21. What is your feel good movie?
  22. If you had to dye your hair, what color would you choose?
  23. What is something you are proud of?
  24. Tell me a story about you.
  25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character.
  26. Any recurring dreams?
  27. If you could take a long roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?
  28. What was the first concert/show you attended?
  29. Best sing-along-dance-alone-in-your-room songs?
  30. Weirdest phase you went through as a kid
  31. Pro- or anti-sleeping with socks?
  32. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  33. The moment when you realized you loved _____ (music, sports, etc)
  34. Jelly or jam?
  35. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet?
  36. Tell the story of your first love
  37. A book you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  38. A movie you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  39. Are you good at keeping plants alive?
  40. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  41. Something you’ll admit to the internet but not people irl
  42. You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
  43. What are you like when you are really really tired?
  44. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or online
  45. Are you a leg jiggler?
  46. What makes a song /good/ in your opinion?
  47. How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
  48. Are you an old soul or young soul?
  49. Frosted cupcakes or unfrosted cupcakes?
  50. What do you think your mid-life crisis will be about?
Denial (Steve Rogers x Reader)

does this angst reflect back on me cos i think it does


Song; Heavy by Linkin Park

Request; Ok, so this isn’t on your lyric prompt list, and I hope this is ok with you? Heavy feat kiiara by linkin park. I feel like this is a Steve song? Idk, thoughts on it?

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; lotta angst, bit of swearing

Word count; 1331

Originally posted by wordstocrave

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Let Me Save You ~Winchester Brothers~

Summary: About Sam’s death the first time around (End of Season 2). The Winchester’s sister decided to make the deal with the crossroad demon before Dean can. 

Warnings: None really.

Pairings: Sister!reader x Dean and Sam

You stared in horror at your eldest brother. The Dean you grew up with would’ve never laid a finger on you purposely. The shattered glass beneath your boots crunched as you flinched slightly. You knew he never meant to hit you, with the beer bottle, but it did. 

You winced in pain picking at the broken bits of glass in your upper arm. Your eyes flashed upwards. Bobby was staring in just as much bewilderment as you were. He had defensively stepped in front of you, shoving Dean back. 

Horror filled in Dean’s eyes just as much as did in yours, tears immediately filled his eyes and your heart broke. 

“I’m sorry” he whispered, standing back. Bobby turned slightly to check if you were okay and when you gave a brisk nod, Dean broke the silence again. 

“Bobby please just go.” he whispered and Bobby turned staring at Dean in confusion and worry, the closest person he has to a son. You swallowed heavily. Bobby was too good for you Winchesters and you knew that. 

“Call me if you need anything kids.” he declared, stalking out of the room, giving your shoulder a brief squeeze before leaving the room. 

“Thank you Bobby” you said as you heard the door clattered shut. Dean stepped towards you and out of instinct you took a step back. He was staring at you with tears in his eyes. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N” he whispered again. You shook your head, angry that he thought he was the only one hurting. 

“No, you listen to me!” you exclaimed as you stepped dangerously close to him. His eyes fixated on you. 

“I’ll be your punching bag. God knows I’ve been just that for the past 18 years of my life. Whenever your pissed, angry, upset or sad about something I cop the bad moods, and I have to deal with you thinking your the only one suffering because Sam and I are such a damn burden!” you blurted as his eyes filled with hurt. 

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Imagine: Helping Victor After He’s Injured

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Requested by Anon: Victor Zsasz x Reader: ”Can you write one shot, where reader is saving Zsasz from the cops when they found and injured him? Dealing with his injuries and bad mood, slowly making him fall for you with your gentleness he never experienced from people before?“ 

Victor Zsasz x Reader: Angst/Fluffy Fluff

Warnings: Profanity.

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Request: Hi! I have an idea for an imagine and I though I should share with my fav writer on Tumblr: you since you are taking and making amazing Alex’s requests. Well since everyone since to already hate this new girl Alicia I thought that maybe you could write about Alex x reader knowing each other from working during s4 and kinda dating (not officially) and then this new girl comes in for s5 and starts flirting shamelessly with Alex so reader is really jalous but he calms her down, yes? PLEASE!
Note: I hope I did this one right? Don’t know why but I’m not so confident about it, I just don’t want to dissapoint you. So let me know, all of you, release the pressure resting on my heart. ;-) But Enjoy, I certainly did.

Words: 2577 

Two weeks of beach and sunshine got you all reloaded for the filming of season five of Vikings that started tomorrow. In the past two weeks you didn’t do anything more than laying at the beach, reading and even did some sight seeing. But how good those hot tempatures maybe were and how proud you was on the little tan you got, you where glad to be home again. You pulled you baggage from the transporter before you walked out of the maze that always seemed to confuse you. When you came at the arrivalgate you saw a figure you probarbly didn’t suspect to see. ‘Are you here for me?’ You asked Alex completly confused. Yes, you texted past two weeks and to be honest, you missed him more than the cat waiting for you home but you really didn’t suspect him to be here waiting for you.
'No, I’m waiting on the old lady over there.’ He pointed. You turned around to an older woman, hugging her husband before you realized that he was joking. 'I’m here for you, yes.’ He corrected himself. You tilted your head, a smile spreading over you face before you wrapped an arm underneath his shoulder to hug him. Yes you missed him, that tight hug said it all. Through the whole filming of season four you kind of grew tighter with Alex. You dated him, on a occasion of two but it was a little unclear of there was friendship of more. But as long as he was around you were glad. 'Next time you run of to the sunset you don’t forget me.’ He placed a greeting kiss on your cheek before pulling your baggage out of your hands. 'What are you doing tonight?’ He asked with that kind of a promesing smile on his lips.
'I’m just back. I’m gonna go home, unpack and take a deep breath before we have our first setday tommorow.’ That last one on a little more excited than you expected it to be.
'Somebody looks forward.’
'Offcourse, missed all of you.’
'Me, the boys and Ida are coming together tonight, you should to.’ He suggested. He didn’t lead you right to a cab but to his own car.
'I’m exhausted.’
'Come on Y/n, I missed you.’ He putted on his puppy face on and you shook you head, looking to him from the other side of the car.
'Fine.’ You smiled, knowing he would harass you until you gave in anyway. He brought you home and picked you right up later that day. Your eyes traveled up to the grey sky remembering how much sunlight you had on your vacation.
'Missing the sun already?’ He joked. You stepped out of the car and looked up to the sky again.
'I’m half freezing to dead being back here.’ You reacted. He wrapped his arm over your shoulder and walked with you inside. Marco jumped the both of you from behind.
'Y/n, next time you go on vacation you tell uss so we can join.’
'You see.’ Alex agreed with his friend.
'I didn’t miss the both of you together.’ You pointed to them. Alex and Marco always were trouble if they hang around with each other. He walked between the two of you and wrapped his arms around you and Alex.
'Back together, you ready?’ Marco asked you. He held you so tight you hardly could move your neck. You putted your thumb up and he released you, giving you a kiss on your cheek before leading you to the others. Ida jumped right from her seat and embraced you tight.
'Glad to have you back. I’m so excited.’
'You’re not alone.’ You said with a promesing look before greeting Jordan to. If you talked about squadgoals, the five of you were. Alex ordered some shots and gave if to each one of you.
'My boys and girls, to season five.’ Alex said with a promessing glare over each one of you. He putted his little glass up and you all ticked it before drinking. To season five.

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salted wounds

summary: Maybe looking after him isn’t exactly the best idea with how he’s acting, but he’s all worth it, anyway.

pairing: Damian Wayne/Reader

rating: General.

warnings: None.

(based on this prompt: can i request a fic where damian was hurt and or sick and his s/o has to deal with his bad mood (because this is damian we are talking about) and there’s cuddling and all around softness?? if that makes sense tysm)

The moment you hear the knock on your front door, you immediately know that something’s wrong. You slowly turn your head to the side, giving a quick glance to the clock at your bedside table, and upon seeing that it’s nearly three in the morning, your suspicions only seem to grow. There usually isn’t a reason for someone to knock on your front door in this early hour of the morning unless it’s extremely important.

Slowly, you push yourself up from your bed, rubbing your eyes tiredly as you do so, attempting to rid yourself of the exhaustion that has managed to settle deep within your system. You slowly stand up from the bed, hands raising up to quickly cover your mouth as a tired yawn escapes your lips.

You begin to walk toward your door, slowly moving to open it and walking out. The knocking has grown louder now, faster, quicker, almost as though the person on the other side of the door is in a hurry. You quicken your steps, walking through the hallways with quick, hurried steps, stopping only once when you’re finally standing in front of the door, slowly moving to open it.

Standing before you is your partner, Damian Wayne, looking absolutely like a mess. His hair is sticking up in every which way, and his face is bloody. He’s clutching his stomach with his hands, almost as though in pain. Quickly, you open your mouth and call his name, still surprised at seeing him standing right in front of you.

“Damian!” you say, loud enough that your voice echoes in the silence of your apartment. Damian only narrows his eyes into a glare as he looks at you, looking not at all too pleased by you calling his name.

“Shh,” he says, still glaring at you almost as if to shut you up. He slowly moves to enter the room, and you quickly move aside to let him in, moving to stand beside the door and watching as he struggles to walk inside your apartment.

He walks toward the nearest couch, seating himself on one of the empty spaces, and you quickly walk up toward him, seating yourself on the empty space beside him. “Damian,” you say, your voice soft as a whisper, hands reaching out to touch his face. “Damian, what happened to you?”

Damian merely moves away from your touch, a hiss escaping his lips. You watch as he presses his hand harder on his stomach, applying more pressure to the area, and your eyes widen in alarm as the realization suddenly hits you.

“Damian!” you exclaim, and Damian only glares at you in response, silently telling you to be quiet. You don’t seem to mind him, though, finding yourself occupied with the thoughts running around in your head. “You’re injured, aren’t you?” you ask him after a moment, your voice dropping into a whisper.

Damian doesn’t respond, and quickly, you move toward him, hands reaching out to grab the hand resting on his stomach. “Let me see the wound,” you say, voice still soft as a whisper. Damian doesn’t move his hand from the spot, and so you’re forced to grab his hand, holding it against yours momentarily before allowing it to drop back down on his side.

Damian winces at the action, though he makes no move to stop you. You bite your lip in worry as you see the blood on his clothes, though you quickly shake your head, dismissing the worried thoughts out of your head as you do so.

There’s no time to think about that now, you remind yourself, slowly moving to push his shirt up, attempting to look at the wound on his stomach. Luckily, the wound isn’t that serious; it’s merely a small graze on his abdomen, one that doesn’t seem too deep to require stitches or serious attention.

“I’ll be right back,” you say after a moment, and Damian nods his head at you in response. You quickly walk from one room to another, gathering supplies in your hands before walking back toward him, immediately dropping the gathered supplies onto the floor beside you.

You kneel before him, hands moving to grab the roll of bandages beside you. You quickly move to wrap it around his wound, making sure to apply proper pressure as to stop it from bleeding once more. A moment later, you’re finished, and you slowly lean back and admire your handiwork, ignoring the glare that your partner sends you.

TT,” Damian huffs, his eyes still narrowed into a glare as he continues to stare at you. He opens his mouth to speak not a moment later, his lips tugged down into a frown as words spill out of his mouth. “You know I could have handled myself well.”

“Damian,” you begin, an exasperated sigh spilling out of your lips. “You’re injured,” you continue, uttering the words as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Damian only glares at you in response, jutting his bottom lip into a pout as he opens his mouth to give you a reply. “It doesn’t matter.”

“You know I can’t just leave you alone when you’re wounded,” you say, still sounding exasperated. For a moment, there’s only silence between the two of you, neither of you choosing to speak and break it.

It isn’t long before Damian opens his mouth to speak, finally breaking the silence. “I’m sorry,” he says after a moment, the words spilling softly out of his mouth.

“It’s okay,” you say, murmuring the words just as softly as he does. A soft sigh escapes your lips, one that seems akin to relief. “I’m just glad you’re alright,” you continue, voice still sounding just as soft as before. You slowly stand up from your place on the ground, moving to seat yourself beside him, maintaining a small amount of distance between the two of you.

“Why don’t you come closer?” Damian asks, eyes alight with something akin to mischief. He pauses for a moment, short and brief, almost as if to allow his words to sink in. “Or is it because you’re afraid of me?”

“I would never be afraid of you, Damian,” you say, scoffing in response, finding his words just a little too ridiculous for your liking.

“Oh, really?” he says, and you watch as the corners of his lips curl up into a small smirk. “Prove it,” he finishes after a moment, the smirk still present on his lips even as he speaks.

A small smirk slowly makes its way toward the corners of your lips, and then the next thing you know, you’re moving toward him, placing a hand on the back of his head as you pull him in for a deep kiss.


Originally posted by jeonghney

i watched the devil wears prada again and i’m like oooo but what about having jeonghan as miranda and i’m like YES I LOVE IT. YES. I NEED THIS. fam, you bet i’m feeling this au. 

  • ok so jeonghan is probs the scariest person in this fashion magazine, LiKE miranda, he probs make people look the other way, walk the other way, and like gets elevators for him. bc jeonghan is a bad bitch who you don’t want to anger.
  • he WANTS perfection. anyone who gets in his way will probably hear it from one of his assistants. he’ll give them the dirty work of firing anyone. 
  • but that’s only because he wants to be on top of all the other magazines. 
  • excuse you, he has a legacy to uphold. a legacy of 20+ years and he will not let anyone get in the way. 
  • which is why you’re probs his favorite assistant. he’ll open his mouth, and you already have it for him. and he’ll just give you a little smile before going back to work. 
  • and he isn’t vocal about liking you, but he’s just like, “huh ur not worthless”
  • and you know that his way of telling you he likes youtlike he fired all the other assistants in a span of three weeks, but for some reason you’ve been here for a year
  • and yeah, at first, he was on ur ass about anything
  • like you got a belt that was slightly off color (the black was not the same shade of black like the center, it was slightly greener)
  • and he used to give you disproving looks for the chanel shoes you wore
  • but you were the first assistant in the three years he’s been working to get his coffee order right so he kept you around.
  • he literally ony kept you because you could get coffee. his standards are that high.
  • he makes you go to all the previews, the shows, and all the fittings. 
  • like you might be on the phone with one of the designers, and he’ll hang up on them for you
  • and be like, “you can thank me later” 

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Dealing with grumpy Dan

Summary: Dan is in one of his moods, and Phil, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, finds a great way to help Dan relax.

smut with bottom Phil

words: 4493

read on ao3

Dan was pouting from the minute he woke up that morning. No apparent reason. At least not as far as Phil could tell.

When Phil woke up it was to the sounds of a grumpy Dan terrorizing their kitchen.

He was familiar with that noise, knew it all too well. He had no doubt what was waiting for him when he would eventually leave the comfort of their bedroom.

The angry sound of plates clacking made him sigh and burry himself deeper in his pillow, closing his eyes and willing himself to go back to sleep.

Dan in a bad mood was not something easy to deal with, and Phil had to be well rested to tackle the task.

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People have some kind of weird urge to try to get into my business today and I’m not having it.

If I don’t discuss parts of my life with you it’s probably because it doesn’t affect you and you don’t need to know.

Don’t send me anons trying to pry. It’s petty. You want to know something? Grow a pair and message me directly. Otherwise, fuck off.

OTP Prompt 46

Person A and Person B are just starting out and are learning how to communicate with each other effectively.
It’s taken some time, but they’re finally learning the others’ cues, and how to deal with specific moods.

(Perhaps the best way to help A through bad days is to simply sit near them silently;
perhaps B cries easily, but especially when they’re stressed, and A has found that the best way to stop tears so they can talk is to just hold B for a while;
maybe when A gets fired up, B has to gauge if it’s best to put a hand on A’s shoulder to calm them or to take them to an empty room for them to let off steam;
maybe when Person B is holding the dog on their lap, A knows it’s the kind of day where they should just go out for ice cream and make paper cranes instead of working;

anonymous asked:

I feel bad that dealing with annoying customers has sometimes taken my mood down to the point where I wasn't even very friendly with the good customers. I had a period when everything bothered me so much that I just had a bad attitude, and I feel bad for the customers who didn't deserve that. I've been working hard to improve and I think I've done a lot better lately. But now I'm training for the department with the neediest & meanest customers in the store and I hope I don't lose that progress.

graysonslittlebird  asked:

I just found your blog and I am like a puppy in a field of daisies OMGG. What are your head canons for when Damian is in a bad mood? How does he/the family deal with it?

Thank you so much!
-He gets very skulky when he did something wrong and is called out on it, leading him to be very snappy and aggressive (well, more so than usual)

-if someone else did something, he’s very vengeful and even more dangerous because it isn’t HIS fault they messed up so why shouldn’t he be pissed off?

-it’s best to steer clear of Damian when he gets like this because once Tim lost the straw grab on who should try to calm Damian and Tim ended up with a knife to the arm

-Often Damian will run off on his own if there’s a mission or something he can’t go on, so Bruce or one of the other kids (whoever is available at the time) makes sure to track him without being discovered

-Damian can also be incredibly petty (Jason is so proud. At least until Damian is petty towards him), so people will get aggressively passive payback that Damian will pretend to be clueless about and just play the “look I’m cute you can’t punch me” card so he can get away with it without punishment (even if he hates acting cutesy)

-The rest of the family will warn each other when Damian gets SUPER pissed because anyone that’s near him when he gets really mad WILL get hurt (Damian always feels a little bad after because he doesn’t usually want to hurt his family too badly, they just got in his way)

Feelings [Peter Parker]

Originally posted by dolangram

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Warnings: None? I legit don’t even know this thing is so shitty to me tbh.

Some days, she just felt empty. Some days she just wanted to lock herself in her room and blast music until her ears bled. It just happened, this empty feeling. It came and went as it so fucking pleased and she was never really sure why. She wasn’t sad or mad she just- she wasn’t anything. She felt nothing- but then sometimes she’d feel everything. Sometimes she’d be screaming and crying- and she couldn’t grasp why. Why? Why was she feeling this and then feeling nothing? Why could days go so wonderfully but still leave her feeling so empty?

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Let Daddy Apologize

For the Unnie who has been waiting what seems like forever!! Sorry for the wait, I hope you like it :)

Pairing: Rap Monster x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: “Can I request a Namjoon smut where he is a teacher and his student is his gf and one day his gf sees him talking to one of the students and thinks his flirting so his gf is ignoring him and Namjoon is confuse and leans to smut. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

From: @cookiemini4

You entered the school building walking a moderate distance away from Mr.Kim Namjoon also known as Namjoonie your boyfriend. You two had been seeing each other for a while, in secret of course.  You weren’t usually the jealous type but you had an argument this morning and felt extremely anxious about his actions. “Good Morning Miss (Y/S/N)” He said as he held the door opened for you, entering the school with his status instantly changing from boyfriend to teacher.  “Good morning sir” you said bowing at him politely as there where other teachers in the front lounge, you bowed at a few of them before continuing to your locker. The day dragged in, your first period was so boring that you fell asleep for around 40 minutes of it and had to be awoken by your best friend. 

“Geez! (y/n) are you okay?” She asked you concerned, “Yeah, I had an argument with my parents this morning…” You said, not being allowed to tell anyone about your relationship with Namjoon. “Awh again? that sucks…” She said, it seemed like a regular thing to tell her now, between actually fighting with your parents and being annoyed at Namjoon. The bell soon rang and you made your way to the second period class, you knew that Namjoon didn’t have a class at this time however you weren’t focusing on that when the teacher told you to go to the toilet and freshen up, as you weren’t feeling too good. 

You had a lump in your throat and a weight in your stomach in fear that your boyfriend might do something to get back at you for your argument, It seemed impossible but at this point you couldn’t tell. You finally reached the toilet, flipping your long blond hair back into place and powdering your t-zone, making sure you had no smudges or dark circles round your bright blue eyes. You walked back to your class room, having to pass Mr.Kim Namjoon’s class room. You could see him leaning against his door talking to (Insert school slut name here) with a smirk plastered on his face. 

Although you couldn’t hear them you where almost 100% sure that they where flirting and you weren’t happy about it, because of the argument you had earlier that morning you, being the emotional and hormonal teenage girl that you where, began crying. You tried to walk straight passed them however Namjoon seen you and quickly dismissed the girl, calling you into his room for a few minutes. “Hey, whats wrong?” He asked walking over to the door and locking it as you stood at his desk. You scoffed turning away from him, giving him the silent treatment. “Look (y/n), can’t you just tell me why you’re ignoring me?” He asked, grasping your hand, you threw him off in attempt to remain in a bad mood with him. “Look, Namjoon. I can’t deal with this, anytime we argue I go through the same thing. It’s always just before school and It makes me worry that you’re going with different girls. I hate seeing you flirt with that slut too, she doesn’t deserve to talk to you like that. I don’t care if we’re a secret or not DO NOT FLIRT WITH OTHER GIRLS!!!!” you said almost certainly screaming the last part. 

“I wasn’t flirting with her (y/n). She was telling me about the experiment my other class done whilst you and I where in Jeju actually.” He said folding his arms. You rolled your eyes, “Is that so. Why don’t you go to Jeju with her next time then?” you said turning away from him. “Hey, don’t get sassy with me when I’ve done nothing wrong” He said edging closer to you. “Yeah, whatever” you said running a hand through your blonde locks. “Look, I know what’ll make you feel better. I’ll even include a note to tell the teacher you where helping me out.” You turned round at his words, as he walked closer to you snaking his arms around your waist. “I hate you Namjoon.” 

You said as you placed your hands around his neck. “Yeah, try hating me. I dare you” he said leaning down to kiss you. His plump lips as light as feathers on yours. Your kiss instantly became heated, he trailed his tongue over your bottom lip, asking for entrance to your mouth which after a small fight you gave. His tongue entered your mouth, exploring every preregistered crevice. His kiss moved to your neck, pulling your tie off, and unbuttoning your shirt, exposing your collar bones, and the tops of your breasts. His kiss became harsh almost like bites as he kissed from your jawline to your collarbone to your breasts and back up. Your moans where quiet but very difficult hold them back. 

His hands trailed up your skirt, spreading your legs open a bit, rubbing you through your panties before removing them, he turned you round so you where facing away from him. “Tell me what you want me to do to you” he whispered in your ear, sending a chill down your spine. “I wan’t you to touch me, Daddy” You said quietly. “Where do you want Daddy to touch you?” He whispered again, “Take Daddy’s hand and show me” He said placing his large, soft yet rough hands in front of you. You took one of his hands and placed it over your mouth while you placed the other directly above your throbbing heat. “Here, Daddy” You finished. “Oh you mean here” He said, placing the hand over your mouth but taking your sensitive clit and pinching it with his nail, causing you to squeal, however the hand over your mouth managed to stop it being so loud. 

“That’s it, stay quiet while Daddy makes you feel better, princess” He said as he kneeled down, he positioned you to be leaning over the desk slightly, your thighs tickled as stray hairs on his head feathered around, when you felt a tongue up your thighs. You shivered as the wet organ explored your thighs and close to, yet never reaching your heat. Without warning he slammed two fingers into you, you gasped at the sudden pleasure as your legs began to wear out, he sped up with the more moans he earned, you wanted to scream for the roof tops when he curled his fingers, reaching your g-spot but you had to remain calm. 

Your moans where quiet and restricted, in his attempt to push you over the edge his mouth took to your clit, sucking harshly, instantly pleasuring you enough for you to release. He continued to use his lips all over your wet core, licking and sucking on your juices until it the pleasure shuddered over your whole body as you came for the second time. Your legs gave out as your moan strained your throat, you had fallen into Namjoons lap. “I’m not joking, I really do hate you” You said, cuddling closer to him. “You probably hate Namjoon, but you sure as hell love your Daddy” he said smirking, your face turning bright red.

“Hmm, how bout that note now please sir?” You said ignoring his statement. “Here you go” he said handing you a bright yellow post it note. “So i’ll see you tonight?” He asked smirking. “Yup, my house at 8pm, don’t be late” You said blowing him a kiss, finally fixed up as you made your way back to class. You hated what Namjoon could turn you into but you figured, who better els? exactly, no one.


Hell and Silence || Chapter Ten


Word Count: 5,001

Warnings: Swearing, Fighting, Heavy petting

A/N: CHAPTER 10! We’ve reached double digit chapters, guys! Unfortunately, that does mean I’ll be taking this party DOWN TO MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT!!! Fear not, loyal readers- I’ll still update this account letting you guys know if a new chapter of Hell and Silence has been posted there and link the chapter, maybe even update here with imagines but Hell and Silence is my primary focus pretty much. And as I post the chapters, even if you’ve read Hell and Silence before- you might want tor reread. I’ve changed up quite a few things that may seem little, but they have a big impact. OTHER THAN THAT, ENJOY CHAPTER 10. ENJOY MY BBYS VANESSA AND DEREK!!!!!

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The sun had started to come up, yet I haven’t slept a bit. I’d spent the whole night awake watching Vanessa drift in and out of consciousness, eyelashes fluttering and body twitching every so often. Sometimes she would even hum little melodies- and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.

I ran my fingers through her messy mane of wavy dark hair, watching as the sunlight hit it making it flash a deep reddish color, and making her necklace reflect shimmering bits of purple light into my wooden floors. My thumb had moved to start rubbing the outline of her cheekbone when she started to stir under me. Slowly, Vanessa’s eyelids fluttered open, revealing those gorgeous amber iris’.

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Jealous Bidders

a/n: Man, I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated in months. I’ve been in a slump, and with college around the corner, things have been super hectic  (◕︵◕) 

But anyway, I do hope you guys like this piece! Since I haven’t written in a while, I might be rusty, but thanks for sticking with me this long  (●´ω`●) ! You guys are great :D

Soryu’s headcanon was inspired by this piece by @otomeden. Please check out her stuff. They’re great!  ♥‿♥


          Eisuke was not amused.

          What started out as a simple outing to his private beach became a full-blown volleyball game, courtesy of Baba. His childish competitive streak got himself dragged into Baba’s stupid idea of a 3-on-3 match. The worst part about all this was that his team was losing, and Eisuke Ichinomiya never loses. He, Baba, and Ota have already lost two consecutive rounds.

          Still, what really got on Eisuke’s nerves was the fact that she and Soryu were an abnormally great team—no, scratch that—they were a deadly duo hell-bent on victory.

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I wonder if, within the first few moments of waking, Bucky ever mistakes the feeling he gets from his metal arm, as his arm simply being numb because he has been slept on funny. But then he realizes. 

Dealing with grumpy Dan

Summary:Dan is in one of his moods, and Phil, being the great boyfriend that he is, finds a great way to help Dan relax.

smut with bottom Phil

words: 4495

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Dan was pouting from the minute he woke up that morning. No apparent reason. At least not as far as Phil could tell.

When Phil woke up it was to the sounds of a grumpy Dan terrorizing their kitchen.

He was familiar with that noise, knew it all too well. He had no doubt what was waiting for him when he would eventually leave the comfort of their bedroom.

The angry sound of plates clacking made him sigh and burry himself deeper in his pillow, closing his eyes and willing himself to go back to sleep.

Dan in a bad mood was not something easy to deal with, and Phil had to be well rested to tackle the task.

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