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Badass- Imagine Pt. 2

Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warning: sexual assault, swearing, fluff

Word Count: 1744

Summary: Billy threatens the reader and Steve finds out and wants to protect them. (Part 2)

Part 1

You wake up the next morning cuddled up next to Steve, with his arm draped over you protectively. You roll over and see he is already awake, stroking your arm comfortingly. He looks down when he notices you’re awake and smiles down at you, kissing your cheek.

“I have to go home and shower and I’ll be back here in a while to pick you up for school.” he said softly. You nod and he starts to pull himself out of bed. You whine and reach out your hand. He raises his eyebrows and leans back down to you. You run a hand through his messy bed head and knot your fingers in his hair. “Hey, babe you know I have to go.” he whispers.

“Uh huh,” you reply and pull his lips down to yours. He groans against your mouth as he forces himself to pull away and climb back out your window. You lay in bed for a few moments longer and then pull yourself out of bed and into the shower.


“Oh shit, I think I left my Chemistry textbook in my locker.” Steve mutters as the two of you walk to his car.

“Go ahead and go get it, babe, I’ll wait here.” You look down at your hands intertwined between your two bodies. Steve had not left your side all day and there had been no problems so what were five minutes alone?

“No, it’s okay, I’ll just do the homework tomorrow at lunch.” he says quickly.

“Go and get it, Steve, I’ll be fine for the few minutes it’ll take you to go run and get it.” You laugh nervously. He scans the scene around his car, deems it safe and lets go of your hand. He declares that he will be back before you know it and runs back the way you two had come. You set your bag down and lean against his car and fiddle with your fingers nervously. You hoped it wasn’t obvious how scared you were.

Your fear comes to life as you see that familiar mop of dangerous ringlets start to approach you, a halo of cigarette smoke wafting around them. Steve’s words replay in your head, “Oh my god, I am dating a badass,” and you stand a little taller, feeling more confident. However, this feeling is immediately squashed when Billy stands over you, at least a head taller.

“You missed our date, sweetheart, I thought we had a deal. You give me what I want and I spare your boyfriend his dignity.” He sneers, blowing smoke in your face, causing you to gag.

You wave it away and glare at him, “Fuck off, Billy. I’m dating Steve and I want nothing to do with you, so please save yourself the dignity and get the hell out of here.”

Billy leans in closer to you and moves your hair as he did yesterday. You are frozen in fear and unable to push his hand off. “Such a pretty little mark, soon I will leave more and people will know that you have been marked as mine.” You suck in a breath as he leans closer, the feeling of his warmth breath on your neck causing goosebumps to rise. Then it was gone, Steve stood in front of you, the anger in his face all too obvious. Steve cups your cheek in a sweet gesture and then turns back to face Billy who was regaining his balance.

“Get away from her, Billy. You sick son of a bitch, what kind of man goes after another guy’s girl?” Steve snarls at him. Billy steps closer and starts smiling.

“Is this the King Steve I’ve been waiting so long for? Is this him? Well, it’s about damn time, don’t you think?” And with that he grabs Steve’s jacket in his large fists and throws him to the side, his path to you clear once again. You squeal as he quickly pins you to the side of Steve’s car and snatches your wrist in his hand and rolls up your sleeve. Steve is on his feet once more and hovers over the both of you, unsure of what to do that would not put you in harm’s way.

“Look at these pretty marks I gave her,” he cackles his delight, shoving your arm towards Steve.

“Get off of her, man. You wanna fight me that’s fine but leave her out of this.” Steve almost pleads, his eyes huge with concern, trying to catch yours which are squeezed shut.

“Oh, but I haven’t showed you my favorite,” Billy grips your chin between his strong fingers and tilts your neck so Steve can see the ugly mark there. “I can’t believe how soft her skin is, what about you Harrington? She must still be innocent. Is that it?” he asks turning back to you. “Can Harrington not give it to you? I could, you know, I could give you what you want.” You open your eyes and spit in Billy’s face. This enrages him and with your chin still captured in his hand, he raises his second hand but you never feel the strike. In fact, Billy’s whole body weight is removed from you. You open your eyes again and see a terrible sight in front of you.

Steve and Billy are rolling around on the ground together, landing blows wherever they can reach. You shriek and tell them to stop. “Stop! Stop! Please!” Both boys’ faces are bloody and fists are flying everywhere. Suddenly, Billy lands a blow to Steve’s throat and he chokes, causing him to hesitate his next punch. Billy takes the upper hand and start hitting as hard and as quickly as he can and you are screaming. “Billy, get the fuck off of him, you’re gonna kill him!”

You panic and look around frantically and spot Steve’s abandoned textbook on the ground. You snatch it up quickly and with all your strength, bring the thick book down on top of Billy’s head. He drops quickly and Steve rolls on top of him and brings a couple more final punches to his face, making sure he won’t retaliate, threatening as he does so, “If you ever talk to her, or come close to her, or so much as breathe the same air as her, I swear to God that I will end your life, Billy Hargrove. You’re a disgrace, you sick bastard!”

He stumbles off of him and tries to put his feet under him. He wobbles and you immediately reach out and wrap an arm around his waist, encouraging him to lean on you. “C’mon, let’s get you in the car.” you whisper and bring him around to the passenger side, despite his protests. You pull open the door and he practically falls into the seat. Once you are positive he is settled you jog around the the driver side and see Billy start to sit up. You can’t help yourself and kick him straight in the groin and then jump into Steve’s car, speeding away quickly.


You pulled up in front of your house and quickly open the passenger side door and see Steve passed out in the seat. You start to panic and lean down next to him, attempting to shake him awake. “Steve, baby, please, please wake up!” You stroke his hair, coating your fingers in blood, but you hardly care. Getting desperate, tears start making their way down your cheeks and you are shaking him roughly. “Please, wake up you stupid idiot. You can’t do this right now, I owe you so much, please! Wake UP!” you scream and he groans pitifully as he is pulled back into consciousness.

“Oh my god.” you whisper as you kiss his lips to which he groans louder due to pain. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

He opens those beautiful eyes and tries to smile, though it comes out more as a grimace. “I’m awake, baby, I’m here.”

“Can you stand?” you inquire, grabbing fistfuls of his jacket and start to haul him to his feet. He nods and tries to take a step and he leans on you so heavily, you almost fall over. You grit your teeth and gather all your anger and use it as power to drag him across your lawn and all the way up the stairs. Thankfully, neither of your parents were home, that would have take a lot of explaining that you did not have time for at the moment.

You sit him down on the toilet and demand he stay put until you come back with the first aid kit. You quickly locate it in your parent’s bathroom and step back into your own bathroom. When you step in, you see Steve has stripped off his bloodstained shirt. You suck in a breath and try to avoid staring at him for too long.

After ten minutes the majority of the blood coated on his body is gone and the cuts show through. He is the first to speak. “(Y/N), I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I shouldn’t have left you.” He says, closing his eyes. “I just didn’t want to be too protective and I thought you would be okay and god, if I hadn’t gotten there when I did-” he was cut off by you gently placing your finger to his lips.

“Steve, don’t apologize, there was no way you could have been able to predict that was going to happen. Thank you for everything, I love you.” you whisper. He smiles and pulls you closer, resting his head on your chest. After a while, he raises his head and asks, “All done, Doctor (Y/N)?”

“I think so,” you say looking at his bandaged face.

“Wait, you need to kiss them all better,” he pouts, “especially this one!” He pointed out his split lip, to which you rolled your eyes and kissed his outstretched lips. Once you pull away, he speaks again, “Hey, babe, I don’t know if I was hallucinating when I was in the car, but did you kick him in the balls?”

“Hell yeah I did, for you babe.”

“What did I tell you? A badass.” You laugh and look lovingly at Steve and place another kiss on a bandage on his cheek.

“C’mon you, let’s get that fabulous hair washed and then we can go lay down in my room.”

“Anything for you.”

Hope you guys like the second part! Let me know if you want more with King Steve!



requested: not really but u all voted for it in a poll!!

warnings: none unless u don’t like video games

pairings: harry holland x reader

summary: by a stroke of pure luck, you and harry knew each other from an online gaming site! 

a/n: ahhhhh!!! this is my first harry hc, fic, whatever you’d like to call it. i hope i did the pretty boy justice. he needs more recognition and i tried my hardest to give it to him.

p.s., free realms was a game i used to play as a child, so it’s real, but it’s no longer in service. i cry every day because of that fact.

  • your time as a student has come to an end!!
    • kinda
  • you were nearing your time to graduate (like six months away but somethings better than nothing am i right), and you still needed your senior pictures taken
  • luckily for you, nikki holland, an extraordinary photographer, was holding a special last minute senior photo shoot!
    • as soon as you seen the post about her being in the us for a little while, you ran and asked your family if you could try and book a session
      • it was kinda iffy, because you had to pay for these photos, AND travel to her because lets be honest, how many people would be right next to nikki in this situation
      • but with a few emails back and forth, you arranged a meeting spot in the middle, and arranged a date to meet up with each other
      • fun fact: you wouldn’t go broke since it was only in the middle. u may had to take some moola out of the ole college fund jar, but you’d have to do that for any good photographers
      • so why not just pay for a good photographer who u know about thanks to her sons
      • plus you agreed to have this be your birthday present since you wanted this so badly
    • since this was a last minute type of thing, you had to book a flight asap
    • nikki said she would do the same, and would get back to you
      • when she did, she mentioned that you wouldn’t be alone!! there were several other students accompanying you on this trip (not on the actual ride there but the photo shoot sessions). with that in place, you had a little more flexibility when it came to the plane ticket departures (because she wouldn’t be able to photograph every student in one day lmao)
  • luckily, you were able to snag a rental car for four days after the interaction!!
    • of course a parent/guardian went with you, as they were a lil sketchy about this entire thing since they had never heard of nikki or any of the holland’s in general
    • but either way, you two started packing immediately after booking the flight
  • yeedoggies the time has come for you two to take off!!
    • take off as in driving
    • because who can afford tons of money 2 fly AND rent a hotel AND pay for a rental car (aka not me)
    • plus roadtrips are fun
    • especially when both you and the driver have no fuckin’ clue where you’re-a-goin’!
  • a lot of pit stops and gps troubles later, you and your guardian have finally reached your hotel!
    • you emailed nikki when you got into your hotel room, and informed her that you were in the vicinity
    • she emailed a little while later saying “Perfect!!! I can’t wait to get this show on the road. Could you come by tomorrow and decide the type of photo’s you might like, so we can get organized beforehand? And I hope you don’t mind, but since I have several students to work with, you may be paired with my son, Harry! He takes excellent photos, and he was taught by yours truly.”
    • you were excited now, because you might have a slight chance of befriending a holland brother!!
    • you wrote back saying everything was alright with you, and that you would be there a little after noon, which was fine by nikki!
  • the entire night was spent in your ‘holland hubbies’ groupchat talking about how you might get to meet and even work with harry holland
    • you finally went to sleep a little after 2 AM
    • you were kept up by everyone sending you things like “WHAT IF YOU AND HARRY HIT IT OFF” and “INVITE US TO THE WEDDING”
  • rolling around to the next day, you got up at around ten thirty (thankful that you took a shower the night before because you couldn’t manage it that early in the morning after traveling all day the day before)
  • after eating breakfast, you got ready and decided to head out early to make a good impression. after you asked nikki for the correct directions to where she was located, of course
  • the ride there was filled with nervous fiddling with your fingers, and a couple of buzzes from the groupchat wishing you luck
  • about thirty-five minutes had passed, and you and your family member pulled up to this parking lot that was right in front of a park.
  • in the distance, you could see a table and several people stand around and near it
    • you emailed nikki while watching the group, and sure enough, the woman you assumed was her pulled out her phone right after you sent it
    • hoping this wasn’t just some coincidence, you and your family member got out of the car and started to walk towards the group
  • as you approached the table, nikki noticed you and came over to greet you
    • hi! are you y/n?”
    • “i am, yes! are you nikki?”
    • “i sure am, love! it’s nice to meet you!”
    • she would be guiding you back to the table while talking you through the process of picking out your poses, and props if you wanted any, and location and all, “as i said before, you might be working with my son harry, which is probably going to happen. is that still okay?”
    • “yeah, absolutely! i don’t mind who takes the photo’s.”
    • “perfect!” she would then call harry over, and ask him to help you if you needed anything.
  • you and harry introduced yourselves, and he said hello to your guardian before beginning the process
    • “do you have any idea for what you’d like to do?”
    • “uhh, i seen this one…”
    • “that seems sick! we could do that. might take a little extra time, but i could try to help.” he would then put his hand to the side of his mouth and speak through the side facing you, “plus some of these parents don’t want me to take their kids pictures because they ‘came here for the real deal’.”
    • you’d act dramatically offended, and say “how dare they! you are obviously the real deal. don’t tell your mom i said that.”
    • he’d chuckle, and say “no worries, thanks for telling the truth.”
  • jokes aside, you, harry, and your guardian brainstormed about what was going to go down tomorrow, when you actually took the photos.
  • you decided on a couple of badass focal points, and organized the plan.
    • outfits were discussed, props were in place, and everything was running smoothly
  • after going over the plan briefly once more, you were free to go back to your hotel!!
  • heading back to the hotel, your family member spoke out to you
    • “y’know, that boy seemed to take a liking towards you.”
    • “what do you mean?”
    • “the boy was practically drooling over you.”
    • “nah, i don’t think so. he was like that with everyone else that he spoke to-”
    • “oh now you’re just going into denial. it’s okay if he likes you. it would be nice to go home and be able to say you got a boyfriend while we were gone.”
    • “…we’re only here for three and a half days, nothing will happen that fast…”
    • “okaaayy, but don’t say i didn’t tell you.”
  • in your mind, you were hoping harry was trying to flirt, but you didn’t want to get your hopes up. but your groupchat obviously thought otherwise because as SOON as you told them how he acted and what he said, they all went crazy
  • skipping to the day of the actual photo shoot!
    • since you decided on a late evening/sunset background, you were able to get well rested, and take a shower even, with a few hours to spare!
    • those few hours were spent picking out different outfits and seeing if harry would pay attention to them if they’d accent the picture well!
    • you also may or may not have been rehearsing your words
  • when it was around 4:30 PM, you and your family member started to gather your things for the photo shoot, and out the door you went
  • once again, the groupchat spammed you with nice little messages of encouragement while you were riding to the park you met at the day before
  • the ride there was filled with various nerves being manipulate, so you tried to take some tension and nervousness off of yourself by playing a little game you recently downloaded onto your phone. it worked for the most part, until you pulled up to the park
  • arriving at the park, you see the table that was still up, but it was sat in a spot closer to the parking lot. the number of people had also decreased, which made you think you might not be working with harry after all, and all ur fantasies would be ruined :/
  • but, lo-and-behold, you made your way to the table once more and greeted harry with your bag of clothing items
    • “why hello there. you seem prepared.”
    • “tried my hardest. you guys do have a little tent thing so i can change clothes in, right?”
    • “uhhh” a couple of glances around “we can get a makeshift one?”
    • “as long as it doesn’t fall down and i’d flash my bright pink hello kitty underwear, we’ll be fine.”
    • that would make harry do his little squealy giggle before he spoke, “we’ll try not to let that happen.”
  • after he said that, nikki came over and asked how you and your guardian were, and everything like that. she talked about how since you and harry already discussed plans for the photos, he may as well be your photographer in order to save everyone’s time
  • you were over the moon about it, but you kept your cool to the best of your abilities
  • so with the plan in place, nikki made sure everything was ready to go before she set you and harry free
    • the first set went by pretty smoothly
    • while you were busy posing, though, your guardian and someone else tried to assemble a makeshift changing booth
      • it was kinda successful, other than the wind blowing open the backdrop that they used as a makeshift curtain LOL
    • halfway through the second set, your family member said that as long as you would be okay, they would go out and grab some dinner and some things for the trip home, which would be used the following day
      • you were alright with that, and so was harry, so your family member informed nikki where they were going and went off on their way!
  • while finishing up the second set, harry started to get a little more talkative, and flirty
    • “you’re doing really good. are you sure you don’t model full time?”
    • “do a little twirl for me… PERFECT”
    • “wanna act like you’re buried under these leaves here? no?? why not it would look really lovely with your outfit… i mean like people would see your face, only your legs would be buried. c’mon it’ll be cute”
  • now it’s time for the third set, and the sun is bringing out a new color in the sky
    • you save your last outfit for this time JUST for this occasion
      • hoping the sunset would actually be pretty
        • and of course you didn’t check a sunset forecast to see if it may work
    • this outfit was very stunning to say the least, and harry took notice in that too
      • harry was sat at the table, playing some type of game on his phone, just like you were earlier. he looked up after he heard you set your bag down for the last time, “whoa, special occasion huh?”
      • “ehh, not really,” you’d say while walking up to him, ”just trying to look nice.”
      • “well, you achieved it.”
  • soon after you started, your family member arrived once more, and before you knew it, the shoot was over, and it was getting kind of dark.
    • your guardian spoke out and said they would help carry your things to the car, and they’d be waiting for you, leaving you and harry alone.
    • harry spoke out after they were out of hearing range, “so, your, uh-”
    • “(title of your family member).”
    • “yeah, your (title) mentioned you were leaving tomorrow?”
    • “yeah, actually. we drove here from (your state), so we don’t really have any time to fool around.”
    • “ah, that’s too bad.”
    • “why?”
    • “i was going to ask if you wanted to catch a movie, or something.”
    • “oh, you were gonna ask, me?”
    • “is there anyone else around that i would be talking to”
    • “…this was supposed to be a romantic setting and you ruined it”
    • “how about i make up for it, then?”
    • “hmm, i don’t know. what do you suggest?”
    • “what if i gave you my number?”
    • “that’s my prize for the day”
    • “……………” deep sigh “yes, that’s your ‘prize’. would you like it, or do i just have to go do detective work and try to find you on instagram just to talk to you-”
    • “that’d be a lot of work. and you aaare kinda cute, so i guess i’ll spare you.”
    • you handed him your phone, and let him type in his number instead of you giving him yours
      • and he honestly didn’t smile because of a groupchat message saying “did you kiss harry yet y/n”
    • “actually text me, okay?”
    • “is that what you’re supposed to do?”
    • “…this was a mistake”
  • on the ride back, your relative kept asking what you and harry were talking about, and they eventually said their i told you so’s
  • later on, you texted harry, and asked him if it was the last outfit that made him interested. keep in mind, you said this as a joke. but he took it seriously, and it was evident in his reply
    • “Honestly, no. You treated me like a professional, unlike most of those students. You always took my ideas into consideration, and idk. I just felt a connection as cliche as that sounds. The outfit was brilliant, but you yourself brought me to your attention.”

  • fast forward to about a year later!
  • thankfully, you and harry had gotten MAJORLY close
    • and yes you two had been on several dates, but no one has made it official yet
    • and yes most of the fans enjoy you both together
    • also yes he did come to your graduation with a bouquet of flowers and boasted about his ‘pain in the ass’ graduating. that was his caption on instagram
  • for the second time, harry is coming down to your home while tom is filming!!
    • he visited once before, but he was only able to stay for a day or two
    • but THIS time, he was staying for a whole week!! HOW FUN
  • the day he arrived, you were busy with some college exams, and couldn’t be with him until later on in the day
    • but he did get to spend time with your family!
      • which was a blessing and a curse because your family told him about how you talked about him
      • aka how cute you thought he was, and how you were thankful for the photo shoot opportunity. and such
    • he had the best time to say the least
  • when you finally came home, you two held each other for what seemed like an eternity
    • it was soon interrupted by someone inside yelling “DINNER’S READY”
  • the night was filled with you and harry enjoying each others company
    • literally, you two stayed up until about four, just talking to each other
    • and cuddling
    • and you might have kissed but i won’t spoil that ;)
  • the day after was pretty nice as well. it was a saturday, so you didn’t have anything that you needed to immediately stress over.
    • you two went out for breakfast too, which he of course documented on his instastory
      • p.s. he put the text as “Back with my pain in the ass 😘”
    • the evening was laid back as well. family dinner once again, a little football, which harry would always get tickled over because soccer was his football
    • nonetheless, you two cuddled the entire night away, and eventually had a movie night once everyone went to sleep
  • sunday was a calm day, and you and harry picked up on the movie you didn’t finish the night before
  • neither of you were highly interested, so you both started to resort to your own means of entertainment
    • you know how couples or friends share things like playlists, and book recommendations and stuff like that? well, you and harry shared games. it was a fun, little competitive thing that you two had going on. who could beat who on this new game, and stuff like that.
    • you noticed harry was playing a recent game you suggested, so you leaned over right when he lost, “well, i was gonna ask how you were doing, but i think my answer is clear.”
    • he would scoff and slap his phone down onto the comforter of your bed before answering, “i HATE this game.”
    • “you hate it because you can’t do as good as i can”
    • “i will demolish you y/n”
    • “harry you just lost-”
    • “please let me live one day”
    • “no” with a subtle kiss to his cheek, making him smile and pout at the same time
  • a couple more minutes went by as you watched him try so hard to beat your high sore, but nothing happened
    • an ad popped up for ‘world of war’, which he had seen countless times before, “can they not get any other ad, i’ve seen this one five times already.”
    • you would laugh under your breath before bringing up a little past tidbit, “hey, don’t knock rpg games. i used to play the shit out of them”
    • “did you?”
    • “yup. waaaay back in middle school.”
    • “so did i!” by now, he had sat his phone own to let the ad play on, and turned his attention towards you, “what did you play?”
    • “uhh, i think it was called free realms?”
    • “jumbofly1480″
    • “it was an automated suggestion okay”
    • “okay jumbofly1480″
    • “yours was probably worse”
    • “i can’t even remember mine”
  • harry ultimately pestered you into logging into your childhood email in order to try and retrieve your username. mainly because if you found it, you two could log in and see if you knew each other.
    • after you typed ‘free realms’ into the search bar, you actually obtained an email from the game, which had your username in bold letters at the top.
    • harry glaced over, and went wide-eyed, “y/n call me crazy but i think you were on my friends list.”
    • “harry, HOW can you remember being my friend-”
    • “i just KNOW. i’m going to get my laptop and we’re logging in and i’m going to show you.”
  • harry hopped out of your bed, and headed over to his book bag to grab his laptop. he grabbed yours too on the way back and plopped back down next to you. 
    • while you were both waiting, he started describing his character from what he could remember, and so did you. 
    • you still couldn’t recall much, since it had been years since you even thought about it, but you went with it.
  • a few minutes after both of your laptops were finished starting up, you two typed in the free realms website, and tried to log in
    • ole harry got in within three tries, because the boy only uses about four different passwords
  • while his screen was loading, you were still having trouble logging in, so you had to send a password reset through an email
    • soon after, you were at the same loading screen he was once at, but he was now exploring
    • “oh my god, i feel so nostalgic. i hope we were friends on here, that would be such a story to tell - OH, this might spark your memory. one of my friends and i - i think it was the fairy friend - would always meet at this snowy place right here. remember anything like that?”
    • you were now able to roam and explore as well, as your loading screen had finished, “uh, kinda? i remember standing there with a group of friends for awhile.”
    • while harry was busy making his up to the snowy place he was talking about, you noticed you had one friend online, “harry. check and see if you have a friend online.”
    • he stopped roaming, and checked up in the corner. sure enough, he did, “Y/N I TOLD YOU WE WERE FRIENDS, OH MY GOD”
    • “harry you didn’t even check to see who it is-”
    • “y/n what kind of coincidence is THIS,” he said while clicking to see none other than your username.
    • he was ecstatic, and so were you!!
    • baby boy literally wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his lap, giving you thousands of little peppered kisses along your face; all while you giggled and scrunched up your nose.
    • he would pull away just to look at his character and yours, before saying, “teleport to the snow thing. i wanna take a picture of this.”
    • you started to get out of his lap, but he just kept you in place and made you navigate that way.
  • the loading screen popped up for both of you, and remained that way for about five minutes.
    • those five minutes were passed by him saying how this was a soulmate thing, and that you two were meant to be together
  • when your loading screen finally appeared to be finished, you began walking to the place where harry said him and you would meet. he did the same, and you two were now standing face to face in this rpg game that doubled for a match maker.
  • harry reached over and grabbed his camera from the side table, and took a picture after it turned on.
  • the rest of the day, and week he stayed, was wonderful
    • he uploaded the picture of your characters to instagram with the caption as “Thanks Free Realms for introducing me to the person I would call my lover later on down the road. #matchmadeinfreerealms”
      • everyone would freak out in the comments because you could see both of your reflections, and you could tell that you were in harry’s lap WOW
      • also because he finally called you his lover
    • you would get the notification, and immediately be like “lover? are we dating now?”
    • he would tilt his head towards you in a dissatisfied manner before saying, “after finding out we knew each other long ago and were destined to be together, there’s no way i’m letting you call me your ‘best friend’ anymore.”
    • you tilted your head down to hide a wide smile, and a harsh blush.
    • harry would tilt your chin up, and whisper to you while looking back and forth between your eyes, “that sound good? will you go out with me? spoiler alert i’ll cry if you say no.”
    • you’d just shake your head as another breathy giggle passed your lips, “why would i ever say no to jumbofly1480.”
    • and with that, you two pressed your lips together, and melted into each other for the first time, but definitely not the last.


(thank you all for reading!!!!! if you would like to only be tagged for tom things, or for sam things, let me know!! if you want to be added, also let me know!)

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Companion Reactions To: The Butterfly Sword Enchantment

So Mod Katalyna and Mod Sarah were talking about the Butterfly Sword from DA:O and thought, “What if Iron Bull was given the Butterfly Sword?” and it snowballed from there, so here’s our nutty Skype conversation, edited for you all to enjoy. It has spawned a new tag, as well, in the event that this sort of thing happens again (which it probably will, let’s be honest. #mods are cray, after all!).

Dagna: She gets to work immediately on figuring out the enchantment. She wants it so bad. Once she figures it out, she will happily enchant any and everything the Herald wants enchanted with it. But the first thing she does with it (to make sure it works, of course) is enchant Harritt’s favorite hammer. He gets so very mad that she finally agrees to remove the enchantment.

Cassandra: She scoffs in disgust at the enchantment and rolls her eyes when Bull wants to take the Butterfly Sword along. “It’s an eyesore,” she comments, but it doesn’t stop him. If Romanced: the Inquisitor presents to her a rose with the enchantment, and she scoffs, but secretly likes it and keeps it in her room.

Blackwall: He’s kind of put off by it. He thinks it’s not particularly manly. If Romanced: the Inquisitor enchants all of his Grey Warden armor and stuff with the Butterfly enchantment after finding out the truth. He remarks that it’s one way to keep him from using it again, and she snarks that maybe he won’t lie to her again.

Iron Bull: This is the happiest damn qunari in the world; he thinks it’s beautiful. He revels in killing dragons with it. If Romanced: the Inquisitor has Dagna enchant armor made from a dragon they killed for him. He almost starts crying when he sees the Inquisitor’s present to him. “You’re the best, Kadan!” he weeps.

Sera: Sera gets all rights to the enchantment taken away from her because she tries to enchant the ENTIRETY OF SKYHOLD with it. And nearly blows the whole thing up in the process. If Romanced: a romanced Inquisitor enchants their roof on the tavern with it for her, instead. They proceed to bang on it. Multiple times.

Cole: He would like the enchantment because it makes some people really happy. He gives butterfly enchanted things to people when they’re feeling down. Sometimes they’re completely random items, like a bar of soap or part of a broken earring. And sometimes they’re meaningful things to the person, and then the enchantment because an actual, substantial way to help. If Cole is made more human and dates Maryden, he gives her a silk butterfly with the enchantment. She wears it in her hair when she performs.

Varric: He says he’s worried that it’ll attract LITERALLY EVERYTHING hostile to come attack them because it’s so bright. Grumbles every time something with the rainbow butterfly enchantment is used as a result. If he didn’t fear for his life, he’d consider having the backs of Cassandra’s copies of Swords and Shields enchanted with it to troll her. Or maybe just the last page, but he finds a way to hide that the last page is enchanted until she actually turns to the page.

Dorian: He eyes it in disdain and wrinkles his nose at it. If In A Romance With Iron Bull: “It’s so you, Amatus.” he says as dryly as possible. Bull grins and pulls him in for a tight hug. “Thanks, Kadan!” he replies cheerfully. If In A Romance With The Inquisitor: The Inquisitor enchants something naughty with it (like a dildo) and gives it to Dorian as a gift. Or better yet, he enchants a small likeness of Dorian with it! Because this enchantment literally IS Dorian.

Vivienne: She just rolls her eyes. She thinks it’s gaudy. She does her best to avoid it and generally just doesn’t let herself get sucked into all this shit. She’s too Orlesian for this.

Solas: He rolls his eyes because he thinks it’s a dumb enchantment that serves no real purpose other than to be ugly. He stays out of the shenanigans, mostly. Low Approval: the enchantment is mysteriously removed from all of Skyhold periodically. No one is quite sure why or how. It doesn’t stay gone long, of course. If Romanced: The Inquisitor has all of his underwear enchanted with the butterfly enchantment after he breaks up with her. It shines through his pants. If he tries to go commando to avoid the sparkles, everyone knows he’s going commando. Any attempts he makes to get rid of the enchanted underwear and replace it results in the new underwear also receiving the enchantment. He can’t escape it. POST-TRESPASSER: an Inquisitor who romanced Solas and enchants his underwear when he breaks up with her, and says “Var lath vir suledin,” to him in Trespasser returns to her room at some point to find something of hers that had personal meaning between the two of them (like one of his paint brushes or something) has mysteriously been given the butterfly enchantment. And she laughs through her tears because it means he’s watching out for her and he still loves her. (Mod Katalyna says: “Let me rip out your heart, Fenris style!”)

Leliana: She gets a hood for Dagna to enchant and gives it to agents who fail missions. It comes to be called “the hood o’ shame.”

Josephine: She likes it and gets like a teacup enchanted to be sparkly and spawning imaginary butterflies. Or her inkwell. Or both. If Romanced: The Herald gives her a sparkly rainbow butterfly rose, and she giggles endlessly and keeps it on her desk where she greets dignitaries. When people ask about it, she blushes. And if the Inquisitor is there at the time, they just kiss her blushing cheek and neither of them explains a thing.

Cullen: He spends a long time trying to ignore all the butterfly shit. When his soldiers start getting their swords enchanted, he has to put his foot down. It is so unsubtle that he can’t allow it because it risks lives. But he has to relent and allow the practice blades to be enchanted with it because the soldiers grumble about it. Morale goes up. If Romanced: The Inquisitor enchants a tiny pebble with it and leaves it somewhere in his office, just to mess with him. And he throws it out his window. So she replaces it and makes it harder to get at. It gets thrown out the window, too. Eventually, there’s a small mountain of these fucking pebbles on the mountainside outside Cullen’s window. He starts to look out his window at this mini mountain of butterfly pebbles while she’s away and miss her, hoping she’s safe. She’d always leave one just before she left on a mission. He’d keep it on his desk (once he located the damn thing) until she got back, at which point he would make a show of throwing it from the battlements to land at her feet. All her companions would tease her about it as they approach the bridge into Skyhold. “Look out, Inquisitor, Cullen has it in for your feet!”

Krem: He sees the sword before Bull does and thinks “Oh NO, when the Chief sees this…” He tries to hide, but of course, when Bull sees it, he easily finds him in desire to show him. “KREM, COME CHECK OUT THIS BADASS SWORD OVER HERE!” And he’s stuck listening to Bull coo over a rainbow sword for the next three weeks straight. Krem knows Bull is gonna be sighing over (and probably sexually stroking) that sword for weeks, and he just doesn’t want to deal with it and tries to run away but can’t escape.


If you capture Florianne instead of killing her, part of her punishment (no matter what you decide to do with her) is to always be wearing something with this enchantment. Because it is so completely not fashionable, and for no other reason.

Corifypiss appears written in the butterfly enchantment on Venatori correspondence that makes its way to Corypheus (or his general) courtesy of Sera, Leliana, and Dagna.

anonymous asked:

who is Nakari Kelen?

I’m so glad you asked.


is Nakari Kelen.

She’s the female lead in Heir to the Jedi and Luke’s love interest in the book. It starts with Luke borrowing her ship for a mission, then afterwards they work together on another mission. Nakari is badass, warm and funny, and Luke is pretty over the moon about her.

What pissed me off is that she is killed at the end of the book. Only two of Luke’s previous love interests ever did that and they both were killed after appearing in several books and having had a long life.

But I did like the Heir to the Jedi a great deal and I loved the interactions between her and Luke. And the kiss.

(Wookiepedia article here for more.)

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how would ut sans and ut undyne react to their s/o dressing up as a skeleton/mermaid for halloween?


not bad. Guess that means you’re matching, huh? After all, he’s already got the costume. It’s just permanent. Don’t you worry about the puns, either, he’s got a skele-ton of them. You’ll never bone without.


You look great, babe!! But, uh…how you are going to get around with the tail-legs?? I mean, she could totally carry you. Like a badass fishy princess-knight!!! Before you’ve even made a decision she’s decided she’s carrying you around all night. Oh boy.


humerus. You know he’d adore it. There’s no bones about it. He can’t take his eye-sockets off you, you’re making him all ghoul-ghoul eyed over here. You look boo-tiful babe.


Strange, but flattering as well. Yes, he understands that skeletons are quite dashing, but aren’t humans supposed to keep those inside their bodies?? If you want to look like him so badly, then trade the bones for some spikes, & you’ve got a deal!


You look ridiculous. If you expect to walk around town with him, you have to look like a proper skeleton. He makes your costume painstakingly by hand, & it’s extremely detailed (& much more intimidating). Only the best for his partner, after all!


Wow, you look great. He doesn’t really get the appeal humans have with skeletons, but if you’re having fun, then it’s no skin off his back. Seems like humane fun, after all. A real flesh take on things. Yep, no skeleton puns here. Only human ones.

I Was Born First

Elijah Mikaelson X Reader!Male

Word Count: 688

Requested: Anon

Request: Can I get a TO/TVD imagine where the reader is Katherine’s older brother and while the originals are dealing with the the mystic falls gang + Katherine and Elijah takes interest but is cautious since its Katherine’s brother but turns quite the opposite of her but still badass.

Originally posted by swagmama

“What are you doing here little sister?” You asked as you looked over at Katherine.

“Earning my freedom big brother.” She answered finishing her drink. 

“You know if you hadn’t pissed off the hybrid in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” You informed her and she rolled her eyes.
“Why don’t you just say I told you so?” She asked and you looked at her.
“Because you already know I did.” You answered calling bartender over to pour you another drink.
“Well, I have work to do be a dear and pay for my drinks.” She smiled leaving before you could object. You continued drinking until someone that you recognised took a seat next to you. “What can I do for you Mr Mikaelson?” Elijah looked shocked for a second.
“How do you know my name?” He asked and you glanced at him.
“You knew mine once.” You answered finishing your drink and calling for your check.
“(Y/N) Petrova.” You informed him handing over the money and telling him to keep the change.

You were on your way home when you were faced with two more familiar faces and one that was identical to your sister’s but you knew he well to fall for the doppelganger thing. “What do you want?” You asked.
“What is your sister doing?” Damon asked and you looked at him.
“I have no idea.” You mumbled, “it’s not like she needs my permission to do whatever the hell she wants she’s over 500 years old.”
“You don’t know what your sister is doing?” The doppelganger asked.
“Not a clue but if I had to guess it probably has something to do with you,” You smirked.
“Why would you say that?” She asked.
“Why wouldn’t I?” You asked and it seemed that Damon was getting impatient because he sped forward, you caught him around the neck though and lifted him off the ground. “Forever the impatient brother aren’t we?” You threw him back away from you, Damon got up glaring at you, he pulled out hat looked like a stake and you tilted your head slightly.
“You guys were never here for my little sister, you want to kill me to get to her…” You said softly nodding to yourself. “Sounds like something that she would do.” Damon gave out a soft growl as he headed towards you, their plan involved catching you and stabbing you a few times would do but what they didn’t know was that you were the one who taught Katherine how to fight. You grabbed Damon’s wrist twisting it until it snapped and catching the Stake as he dropped it, his eyes widened and you smirked.
“Careful little Petrova!” Elijah warned from where he had been watching. “As much as I would love to let you kill these pests I need them.”
“Why do I care about that?” You asked and he looked at you.
“Walk with me and I’ll tell you,” Elijah suggested and you glared at Damon before stabbing him in the neck.
“He’ll live and I’ll pass on the walk thanks.” You said before leaving, Elijah smirked as he watched you, you only made him want to know more.

Over the time that he spent in Mystic Falls, Elijah found that you were quite the opposite of your sister and even so you were just as strong as she was, you were able to win over his siblings despite the fact that you were Katerine’s older brother. One day, however, Elijah appeared at your house rather panicked. “Elijah what can I do for you?” You asked.
“Your sister has drawn my brother away and I must go after him before he causes more trouble,” Elijah said.
“Okay.” You nodded.
“I want you to come with me.” He informed you and you smiled.
“Where are we off to?” You asked.
“New Orleans,” Elijah answered.
“Let’s go.” You nodded and he smiled gratefully.
“It never ceases to amaze me that you are nothing like your sister.” Elijah sighed as you both left.
“Well, I was born first.” You reminded him to which he laughed.

*Part 2* 

Requests and general question!

Best Friend’s Duty (Hermione X Reader) *Platonic

Characters: Hermione x Reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Warnings: Minor Spoilers?

Request:Hi! Can you do an imagine where the reader is best friends with Hermione & instead of Harry comforting her after she sees Ron & Lavender kissing, the reader does? Thanks! :)

Originally posted by tkd-lyfe

You’d been best friends with Hermione since day one. You just got along like two peas in a pod, and while she was close to Harry, if she was ever asked who her best friend was, her mind would instantly think of you.

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How are you holding up with Cas' death?? I'm still so angry that they did this shit again... I've never hated writers like i do the spn writers.. they're fucking horrible

Hiiiii i hope you’re doing well 😘😍

As you can imagine I’m livid i don’t know how to rant anymore, this whole season has been pure bullshit from the begining to the end and ruinee cas so much i don’t recognize him anymore

Like seriously an angel who saw humans be created, who watched endless births who in 8x10 was better than any human doctor and knows medical jargon ect.. (i’m a premed student i found that really hot, made me love cas even more) now needs to fucking google it? I don’t even understand wtf he was doing he kept kelly safe went to au world saw bobby (at first i fangirled like crazy thinking it was meg even if i know better) came back did nothing then for some bs reason he went to the au world to fight lucy when it wasn’t necessary then just died with barely two lines and no fight scene

And to top it off they show how “badass” mary is by making her kick lucifer’s ass ? You want me to buy that sijiled knuckle thungys make a human better than a fucking angel who has a fucking eternity of fucking fighting experience ??? The 3rd time they brought down cas purely to overhype mary. Wanna make her badass? Just fucking make her badass no need to bring down anyone


Even when i was mentally prepared to be royally screwed over and disappointed they still managed to outdo my worst expectations that’s real talent here

S12 has been complete shit, everything was all over the place bmol were boring af even tvd didn’t reach this level of pathetic, everyone died but the winchesters ofc
I srill stand by my point mary coming back is meh, dean blaming her for the azazel deal without which he’d never be conceived at all

Seriously i’m well known for hating sera era to no end but now dabb era is even worse, he succeeded into making cas completely unrecognizable and a mess i don’t understand him anymore, he made sure to engrave that cas can’t fight and is a complete dumbass he can shove thzt bullshit up his ass

And destiellers ofc worshipped him because he destroyed cas to no ebd then baited them with a cheap halfassed scenes and they were happy about it ignoring cas again, who needs haters when your own fand don’t defend you or defend the shitty writing you’re subjected to tgrough bullshit metas insyead of stand up for you

Apparently it’s not a permanent death but idgaf i’m a masochist so i might be too curious to see how they can possibly do worse on s13 but i won’t even watch cas eps cause idgaf about spn just yt scenes when i’m too bored

It should’ve ended back on s9 with cas undoing metadouche spell through sacrificing himself then chuck brings him back as archangel, sam went through with the trials, kevin doesn’t die dean doesn’t take the mark but fights angels instead and hunts deals with sam’s loss (aybe resents cas for beinv part of the fall since if it didn’t happen then bringibg back sam would’ve been easy) then cas brings back sam the world is safer happy with kids bla bla they die cut to all the dead characterw reunitibg in heaven carry on my wayward son

Voila a lousy med student with no writing skills made a better ending than people paid to insult our intelligence

I’m judt completely done and running out of fucks to give i’ll just stick to fanon writing/ vidding cas in fix its cause even if i give up spn i’ll never give up cas

Live Through The Rain

On a bit of a WtNV kick lately, despite not being completely caught up yet. Add in dubious amounts of sleep and caffeine, a bout of Maria Stark feels, plus my knee-jerk reaction to stress, and I think you guys can tell where I’m going with this. 

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe [films], Welcome To Night Vale [podcast]

Warnings: for everything Night Vale related [Librarian-caliber gore, cosmic horror, dystopian themes, etc.] plus unreliable narrator [because of different priorities, skewed ideas as to what’s normal, etc] and large amounts of crack because reasons. Under the cut, also because reasons.

Here’s a fic idea/minific-I-might-expand-later-on from some premises I kinda want to play with, with bonus Maria Stark backstory because turns out she’s a pretty major influence and butterfly effect ftw:

In which Maria Stark’s hometown was Night Vale.

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I’m just so used to thinking of Cas as this blue eyed cutie baby that sometimes I forget what an actual badass mothafucka he really is

Like he literally caRVED HIS OWN CHEST WITH A RAZOR while simultaneously sassing dean like ohh it’s no big deal atleast I wouldn’t have to see you fail :))))))))

…like woah we got a badass over here

anonymous asked:

How about a hospital AU where Eren and Mikasa are patients together? The morbidity in me wants them to have a serious, incurable thing but it's your call.

I seem to always write New Year’s fics in hospitals lol but I really thought this would be cute as a holiday fic. I actually fell in love with this AU as I wrote it, like how precious would they be. I did have it be longer term illness but I tried not to specify too much since I don’t have too much medical knowledge and I didn’t wanna get anything incorrect. I really did enjoy this more than I thought I would so thank you for sending it!

The bottoms of Eren’s slippers scuffed at the pure white floor of the hospital. The lights were dim in the hallways since it was technically after hours but at least it was quiet tonight; no machines beeping aggressively, no nurses rushing around the halls, no one crying out. It was almost serene, well, if he knew he wasn’t walking through a hospital. In the least, maybe everyone in his ward would have a good New Year’s Eve. The nurses usually gave them sparkling cider so there was that too.

He poked his head around the corner and saw one nurse carrying fresh blankets into another room but that was it. Eren stepped out into the hallway, walking the familiar path to the next ward over. His robe swung by his legs but even though it was December he still didn’t find it that cold whereas other people would bundle up with their robe tight around them just to step out of their room. Well, when they were allowed to.

So technically, he wasn’t supposed to be out past lights out but it was New Year’s Eve. Who wanted to sit alone in a hospital room and watch the ball drop? Boring. He’d rather sleep if that was the case.

He couldn’t really remember a time he wasn’t at this hospital; though admittedly after his surgery as a baby he did pretty well up until a few years ago when he declined in health a bit but like any kid, you spent a lot of time at your parent’s work. Where other people would get caught in a second, he at least knew all the ins and the outs, as well as the nurse’s shifts which helped significantly. Being able to charm the nurses for information helped too.

“Going somewhere, Eren?”

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Happy Girl, Sad Soul (Bucky x Reader) Part 3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

Words: 1,372

Warnings: None

A/N: Originally, this was suppose to be the last part but I decided to extend it one more part. 

“Steve,” You tried to speak loud and clear but it came out in a low, raspy whisper. Steve kept busting around your room, tossing things in your bag that would last you several weeks. You stood by the door while watching him with wide eyes and didn’t bother helping him. Your mind still rang with past events that had only happened hours before. 

“Steve,” You tried again to push the words out of your throat. “Steve, what are you doing?” Although your voice was still raspy and low, you knew he heard you. 

He didn’t bother to stop what he was doing, “You have to leave.” 

“What-” You snapped out of your dazed phase and spoke up a little louder. “Steve why-”

“You have to leave,” He repeated, “It’s not safe here, Y/n. Not with…not with who you saw on the bridge and I saw…and-” He stumbled over his words, not knowing how to address the whole situation. That was a game changer, one that nobody even suspected. 

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No Exit - Part 1

Word Count: 2519

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Tagging: @letsgetoutalive​​ @aprofoundbondwithdean​​ @spnfanficpond​​ @pb-5minutefanfiction​​ @faith-in-dean​​ @blacktithe7​​ @supernotnatural2005​​ @paolathedragonichuntress​​ @nothingeverdies​​ @thegirlwiththeimpala​​ @queen-of-the-unbroken-hearts​​ @abaddonewithya​​ @deans-cherry-pie1​​ @lilyoflothlorien​​ @holywaterbucketchallenge​​ @nanie5​​ @fandommaniacx​​ @dreamer-lover-laughter​​ @a-girl-who-loves-disney​​ @jodyri​​ @novaevelenekim​​ @carrielc32​​ @starlingfalls​​ @deanslittleangel2y5​​ @jotink78@klizbeth@sharenaloveyoux@k20wn@winchesterwhisper@plaidandwhiskeydean@clariedelalune​​ @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​​ @highonackles@assbuttwritings​ ​ 

A/N: I dunno when the next 2 parts to this will be out. I have plans the next 2 days and I’m having some epic writer’s block right now so I hope to have them out tomorrow night, but I can’t make any promises. Sorry guys.

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Los Angeles, California.” Dean said to Sam as they walked toward the Roadhouse. They had run out for a bit to stock up on weapons and ammo. You opted to stay behind.

“What’s in L.A.?” Sam asked.

“Young girl’s been kidnapped by an evil cult.”  Dean said.

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Can i get 31, 32 and 36 with quicksilver pretty pleeease ;)

31. … well, this is awkward. | 32. I’m going to kiss you now. | 36. You put the ass in assassin. Prompt idea list here

“(Y/n)! I’m here to save you!” Peter said frantically as he entered the room. His whole body was tensed up. He was expecting some big dramatic fight, but you had it taken care of. His jaw dropped as he looked around and saw the bad guys, motionless, on the floor.

… well, this is awkward,” you said as you knocked the last guy unconscious.

Peter gaped at you. “You… you took out all these guys by yourself?”

You shrugged, like it was no big deal. “Yeah.”

“Wow.” He whistled as he walked over to you, thoroughly impressed. “I’m dating the most badass person ever! You even look good when you beat people up! You put the ass in assassin.

You laughed. “You came all this way to rescue me? That’s so sweet! I’m going to kiss you now.” You grabbed his face and pulled it towards you, surprising him. “Thanks for the effort, but I had it under control.”

He blushed. “I see that now, (y/n). But you know I’d do anything for you!”