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How to get over a heartbreak

1. Know that your heart is strong.

Breaking happens only after a lot of pressure and endurance. It wouldn’t have been able to take so much if it wasn’t strong.

2. Know that your heart will heal.
Have some faith in it. It had so much faith in you all this time even though you didn’t always make the right choices.

3. Time heals everything words cannot.
You can read this post and hundred others but what you need is time. It passes, it always does. Remember how the good times passed away?

4. You can’t get over it, you have to get through it.
It is a tunnel decorated with pictures of good times that aren’t accessible anymore. Some parts have glass shards and some have wilted flowers. You will hear echoes of laughter and loveable words but they fade away. There isn’t much light but there is light. Once you get through it, you will be able to look back and not bleed. You will be able to carry on and be happy.

5. Take your time with discarding their things. Pictures, letters, texts, gifts. It’s been a year and I still can’t do away with the letters. I don’t read them anymore but I can’t throw them out just yet. And that’s okay.

6. Don’t assume how happy they are or what kind of life it seems like they are living now. Because your Instagram may be filled with happy pictures but is your heart right now? Others are no different. Assuming will only cause you unnecessary pain and comparing will further empty your heart.

7. Your heart doesn’t need any more emptying. It needs to be filled. With your attention and care. Sign up for that yoga class. Go for that open mic. Say yes to sleeping in on Sundays and having full breakfasts.

8. Don’t talk in absolutes. Don’t say you will ‘never’ love again or will ‘never’ meet/trust someone again. Remember when you said your love was ‘forever’? Absolutes are redundant. Stop using them. Stop believing in them. Good and bad comes and goes. It’s a cycle like everything else natural.

9. Don’t bad mouth them or yourself. Don’t obsess over what you said and did and everything they didn’t. Dragging the past into your present is like tying your legs to a rock. How can you walk ahead?

10. Don’t be in a rush to forgive them. It’s okay if you aren’t ready. True forgiveness takes time. And it’s only true forgiveness that lets you genuinely move on and get out of the tunnel. Wanting to and actually being able to are two very different things.

11. Breathe.
Your lungs are functioning even though your heart may make it seem like nothing is. Run if you have to. Your legs are functioning too. Cry as much. Your cheeks and eyes won’t hate you.

i don't want my age on my blog but i don't have a choice anymore

okay. listen up. i don’t care who you are, please stop send me sexual pictures and conversations. just today, ive had two adults send me nudes and try to start a “sexy game” with me.

i’m 14 fucking years old.

i don’t want adults sending me nudes or sexual content, nor do i want minors sending me this. it makes me severely uncomfortable, and can very easily turn into a legal issue.

having my age on my blog makes me super nervous because i know i’m going to be taken less seriously. but after these messages today, and other messages i’ve received in the past, im going to have to.

this is the second post like this i’ve had to make. i can allow it to slide when an adult believes i am of age, and doesn’t know how young i am. but if you continue to send me sexual messages after i tell you to stop and that i’m a minor, i will not hesitate to block you.

if you are a minor and you send me explicitly nude photos, that is considered a crime. you have willingly taken part in the production and the distribution of child pornography. i will, again, not hesitate to block you, but also report you.

even if i wasn’t a minor, it would be the same. i don’t want your nudes, regardless of how old i am.


Some doodles! Blasts from the pasts! In the top pic is a young Betty, Cup and Jessica, and the next two pictures are of Cup and Jekia as kids uvu/ These will be explained more as the story goes on! (Of course you can always ask about it too and I can give ya a good amount of info without spoiling too much!)

Bonus below the cut:

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Straying Chocohoe: down side to getting braids and looking fabulous ---> a bitch can't find a comfortable position to lay her head for at least 24 hours minimum


It’s been over ten years since I’ve gotten braids, and I don’t miss it. Like, I loved the versatility I guess, and the fact that I didn’t have to do anything with it…

… but the 8 hours sitting in an African braiding shop…

… the bags and bags of braiding hair…

…the permanent surprised look I had on my face from getting all the baby hairs snatched up into oblivion…

…the pain of not being able to wash my scalp fully until the braids were out…

Like, my edges ain’t ever recover from the braids I did over and over for a full year I think, LOL! I DID GREEN ONCE 11 YEARS AGO IT WAS AWESOME MY MOM HATED IT

Chris Colfer and Queen Red at the Naperville (Chicago) stop of the Land of Stories: Worlds Collide Tour, hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop, July 18, 2017.

This was pretty cute. I enjoyed the whole raffle-to-go-backstage process, even though no one in my group won. He and his assistant of the evening, Queen Red of local origin, were good at making it entertaining.

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