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Have you seen this zubat?

He was last seen Friday between 3 and 4pm in the dealers hall at Anime Boston while I was acting as a seeing eye human for a fellow cosplayer.

He was lost in the dealers hall, so I have no delusions about my chances since he coul.d very easily be mistaken for merch knocked off a table, but I have had him 19 years, so I need to try.

If you see my zubat, please take him to lost and found. I have left my information with them and have been checking back regularly.

Thank you to those who have been spreading the word yesterday.

I’ll be at Anime Boston in the dealers hall table 604! From FRIDAY- SATURDAY

I’m pretty ill so I’m sorry for my sluggishness💦💦

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How do you even become cosplay guests with no skill?

LOL I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or honest seriousness but, here’s what I got! 

First and foremost, being a convention guest is not just an honor and a priviledge, it is a job. 

A job that has responsibilities and expectations, and should be treated as such. When Sylar and I go to a convention as a guest, we are 100% working. 

We have a work resume for conventions, a contract, a portfolio of programming, and more. Because that what you are really, programming. Even if all they want you to do is sit at a table and sign things, thats still programming. Its your job to   represent the convention, and give con goers more content for the tickets they bought. You owe it to them to make sure your 100% postive, there, working, and providing something they can’t get anywhere else. 

And all con guests are asked to attend for different reasons. Some cosplay guests are asked to come because they are widely known for their technical skill and they will provide programming related to that. Or they simply have a huge fanbase, and are keeping their fanbase happy at your location, therefore spreading that market around. 

Sylar and I work hard on our panels. We’re also trained speakers. Both he and I have taken classes, in college, about public speaking. We implement that and our presentation experience into all our panels. As well as our meet and greets at the table, interviews for the con’s media (there is a ton of backstage media going on that most con goers don’t know about. A lot of con time for guests is spent locked up in some empty room giving an interview,) and any floor time we have. 

We also have 7 yrs experience working conventions. We have run cafes, hosted events, planned gatherings, organized raffles, done mutiple panels and workshops. We’ve also worked as Guest Liasions ourselves, written out program guides, sat at registration tables, and MCed masquerades as well as judged them. All things that involve systems, filling out paperwork, knowing how to handle negative situations, and doing menial tasks. Heck, we’ve even done set-up and break down for dealers halls. We know cons. 

And this is something valued because honestly, its not a job for everyone. 

Lots of cosplayers out there with amazing technicality skills just don’t like catering to crowds. They aren’t good speakers. Or they don’t have it in them to sit at a table for 6 hours just listening to strangers speak and ask them questions. Or they might hate having to write out workshop forms. And thats okay! But thats the difference between who gets asked to guest and who doesnt. 

Guests have to be okay with not getting time to shop, not getting time to hang out with their friends, and devoting all their energy to the convention goers. Devoting their whole day to smiling and talking and making sure everyone who meets them goes away happy. 

If you are interested in coming a guest, awesome! My biggest tips are; 
Figure out what service you can provide to the convention experience. What are you good at that you think a con needs? How can you expand that? How can you turn it into programming? Are you a health nut – maybe do a panel on dieting and working out, anime style!  Awesome at writing and editing? Fanfiction panel! A cosplayer who loves acting but hates sewing? Think about being a commentator for Cosplay Chess or the AMV contest! 

Start volunteering now. All cons need volunteers and this is the best way to gain experience in the feild, just like any other job. I have friends that started volunteering as security for a con and now they run a convention of their own. No joke. It’s also helpful to know and understand the inner working of how a convention is run if you plan on guesting at one. It helps you help them by knowing what types of panels work best, what programming would work for that con specifically, or even just give you ideas on what their budget for you might be. 

Write. A. Resume. Seriously. Just like you have a resume for job searching, write up a resume for cosplaying. How long have you been cosplaying? How many costumes? What skills do you have? Armor making? Public speaking? What experiences? Any awards? What topics are you an expert at that can be turned into an hour of programming? Put it alllllll dowwnnn in youurr resummmee. 

Also, protip, you can always write to a a convention’s program director yourself and ASK to be a guest. It’s a job. Submit your application.

Hope this helps! 

And funnily enough – this is all information that we talk about in our panel, Cosplay and Convention careers. Where not only do we cover working for cons, but we cover translating cosplay and con work into LIFE CAREERS and how to translate being in a maid cafe to a resume for a 5 star resturant hostess. Lol. My entire Graphic Design resume is pulled from cosplaying. And now I am a full time graphic designer for a state university.

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Hi I love your blog and headcannons so much! IDK if you're taking requests, but if you are can you write one where the RFA (plus V and Saeran) and MC are cosplaying at a convention? Thanks so much and please never stop writing!

YEAAAAAA CON HEADCANONS!!! and thank you so much!! ^^


  • him and MC can only afford to go to local cons but when they do, THEY FUCK IT UP!
  • everyone is so jealous of their cute ass couples cosplays
  • they would probably be the type to dress up as a heavily shipped pairing thats not canon, then come up with a bunch of really romantic kissy poses
  • Yoosung gets his hard with con crunch
  • the week of the con he’s up till like 4 am every night
  • thinks that hell is just sewing, he really hates sewing so MUCH
  • but when it all comes together and his cosplays get attention, its so worth it
  • loves props


  • well known cosplayer, probably hosting a few panels and has a meetup planned
  • mostly video game cosplays with MC!!!
  • he loves to do crazy armor and shit, shit favorite part is painting foam to make it look like real metal
  • MC braids his hair so it can fit in a wig !!
  • they have the COOLEST fuckin poses
  • Zen doing cute con vlogs!!!!
  • *filming MC* “say hello to my adorable partner as they order starbucks in a full suit of armor!”
  •  starts prepping for cons MONTHS in advance
  • takes road trips to all the major ones and rooms with MC~~
  • they get stopped for pictures so often they can barley do ANYTHING
  • has tons of other famous cosplayer friends


  • cause like TBH she got that hot anime girl body sorry i cannot tell a lie
  • but she’s always super embarrassed about it and gets really flustered when people ask for pics
  • but also lowkey feeling herself
  • MC always cosplays from the same anime/game, usually someone that people ship Jaehee’s character with
  • Jaehee hates wig styling so much
  • she wishes she could set all of her wigs on fire
  • every boy wishes she was straight
  • gets lowkey really shy when she recognizes her favorite cosplayers at cons
  • kpop pannels


  • him and MC do like, dynamic duo type pairs instead of really shippy romantic cosplays
  • likes to do different takes on really popular characters, like i feel like he’d be the type to cosplay steven rogers before he was captain america, things like that
  • does a lot of comic book cosplays probably
  • gets super protective during cons and thinks that everyone who wants to take a pic of MC is filthy and just in love with them
  • hand on the small of their back at all times !!!!
  • buys them anything they want in the dealers hall
  • always able to book a nice ass hotel


  • literally does EXCLUSIVELY au cosplays
  • when him and MC do couple cosplays they’ll do high school au a lot or barista/costomer or BOTH wear maid outfits
  • P R O P S
  • loves to carry around a silver platter of snacks or like a big magical girl staff
  • he loves cosplay makeup! !!!!! he’s usually the one to do MC’s makeup
  • likes do to male!cosplays of girl characters
  • also likes to straight up cosplay girls
  • surprisingly a sewing genius


  • didnt cosplay until MC asked him to
  • at first he was like mmmMMMMm i dont really know it seems kind weird
  • but then MC put together something for him and HE HAD A BLAST AT THE CON
  • he loves that moment when someone is like “omg, can i take a picture of you two???” and he like FUCK yea strike a pose!!
  • when he started making his own cosplay it was a little rocky
  • but he loves that its something him and MC can do together and enjoy as a couple
  • he even loves the process, he loves learning to sew from MC and letting them teach him all the tricks of the trade
  • he just really loves MC a lot


  • he thinks couple cosplays are a little lame but he also literally loves MC so much 
  • and he lowkey loves getting to be cutesy all day with them
  • it blows his mind that people want pics of him and his s/o but when they look this good how can you not
  • other than couples cosplays he likes gore makeup
  • something him and MC do a lot: zombie/zombie hunter versions of a couple
  • zombie viktor and zombie hunter yuuri LOL
  • hosts panels on realistic gore makeup
  • makes a youtube tutorial here and there
  • smol girls LOVE HIM


Voltron as things I've said at cons

Allura: I’m gonna put my hair up in a bun- no you’re not you drunk bitch

Shiro: listen I love and value you all but I’m going to politely ask you to shut the fuck up as it is 4am and I haven’t slept since Thursday.

Hunk: you’re going to get us arrested and I have to pee dude. I can’t pee in a holding cell man. There are no doors and you know I’m a shy pee'r

Keith: all I’m saying is that if I get cut in line one more time the line won’t be the only thing getting cut.

Pidge: “did you actually pay for the hotel wifi?” hell no. The password was the fucking hotel name with a 1 at the end.

Lance: dude don’t look at me if you’re going to be attractive ok I don’t need to be reminded of how not straight I am every 3 seconds.

Coran: _____ won’t let me go back to the dealers hall because I’ll “buy everything” but I’m pretty sure that’s the dang doodlin point so????

roselynde  asked:

The boys reacting when their s/o is at their first con and someone deliberately ruins their first cosplay that they worked ridiculously hard on

OH NO! If someone did this to you, I shall bring the rain of all the cosplay gods down on them! Cosplay is already super expensive! I’d personally be pissed, than realize that I can always make it again, but I’d be pissed the entire time I was doing it. ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭


You heard it, you heard it and already knew exactly what it was.

“Sorry,” That voice snickered behind you.

All your hard work, those all nighters ruined in just two seconds, by that jerk! It was your first actual large convention that wasn’t just meet ups or small get togethers. Now everything was freakin ruined!


Noctis picked up on your distress almost immediately, “What’s wrong?”

You gave a frustrated groan, turning to show the damaged train to your skirts. It had taken you almost 3 weeks to get the tiers correct and you had wasted quite a bit of money on fabric again and again after messing up so many times. Yet now it was beyond fixable. “This is terrible.”

Noctis panicked as he saw the frustrated tears in your eyes, taking your hand as he quickly moved you across the convention center’s halls to a secluded corner, “It looks like it was only the bottom lacing, I think you still look awesome.”

You groaned, “You’re just saying that.”

Noctis shrugged, “Not really, it was like that back part so no one’s going to see it.”

You pouted softly, “I was suppose to get pictures in it, I should just cancel.”

Noctis nodded, “Yeah, if you don’t feel comfortable, we can fix it up, and then I’ll call Prompto, he’ll be better that whoever you hired anyway.”

You looked toward your boyfriend, a soft smile on your lips. You knew that other girl had purposely ripped your lacing, as she was also wearing the same cosplay, but you were the one getting stopped more frequently for hallway pictures since you had actually made yours rather than purchased it online.

“You sure I won’t be bothering him?” You asked, as Noctis grabbed the rip in your dress to avoid it splitting any further.

“Nah, he owes me for the Chocobo incident.”



You felt tears prick in your eyes, as you heard the snap of your string in the arm of your prop, as the girl walked by, a smirk on her lips, You knew, that she knew exactly what she was doing.

“What a jerk.” Prompto scoffed, as he moved over assisting you with your now broken prop staff with once floating crystal. “Can we fix it?”

You shook your head, it had taken you weeks to build the base and about another week to figure out how to get the hovering effect without costing yourself an arm and a leg. Only for this jerk to go and ruin it in about 10 seconds.

Prompto moved around you, “Hey, how about this, we just use the staff and I can edit this in post.”

You looked up to the blonde, “I don’t know what that means.”

That freckled face gave you a smile, “Me either! But we’ll figure it out. Did you still  want to enter it in the Masquerade?”

You sighed softly, “I wanted to.”

“Than I’ll stay up all night to help! Than when you win first place, we’ll get you ice cream, and if they judges are jerks, we’ll still get ice cream!”

You giggled softly, “Prompto you’re the best.”



“…bitch.” You groaned, as you pulled your hand back from the left side of your cosplay finding chocolate, smeared chocolate within your pastel pink wig and your shorts. Turning angry eyes to the jerk who caused this, you were immediately greeted by the large chest of your boyfriend holding all your Dealers hall bags. “Gladdy.”

“No.” Gladiolus stated firmly.

You gasped, he was telling you no, the guy who was going to fight a tree for smacking him with one of the branches. “She did this on purpose.”

“I know.” Gladiolus sighed, as he leaned down to assist the damage to you and your cosplay. Whatever the girl was holding was sticky and chocolate so there was no use of trying to pull it out. “We can go back into the Dealer’s Hall and see if we can get a new wig.”

You scoffed, motioning toward the stain on the left half of your stomach and shorts, luckily she missed your white shirt, but your shorts were still unfortunately a paler blue so the stain was rather noticeable. “Cant replace this.”

Gladiolus scoffed, before a smirk appeared, “Battle damage.”


“You’re a  fighter right, pretend it’s battle damage.”

You blinked, you had heard a lot of cosplay famous people refer to mishaps and mess ups a battle damage before. Besides you knew that after this, you wouldn’t really be wearing this shorts ever again so might as well go all out. “That’s not a bad idea, I knew I’d keep you around for more than that hot body, big guy.”



The hotel room barged open, as Ignis placed your bags down on the bed, before turning towards you. “Arms up, Dear.”

You immediately lifted your arms, allowing Ignis to slip off your veil and overcoat, that had gotten stepped on and ripped by that girl in the Hallway, you knew it was deliberate as almost everyone else within the hall had managed to avoid you.

“Iggy, it’s fine, I can switch out of this into the casual version.”

“Nonsense, I’ve watched you work on this for months, we won’t allow you to just toss it away after wearing for about 45 minutes.” He started, digging around in a small hand bag, providing a thread and needle.

It was true, Ignis often sent you videos, or even walked you through your entire cosplay, how to make it fit just right and not sag around the hips. How to attach the veil without it slipping, he even was the one to help you squeeze into this morning. So watching him now hand sewing the huge rip within the veil just kind of made it even more special.

“I’m going to head downstairs real quick and get something to drink, did you want an Ebony?”

“Sure, my wallet should be on the table.”

You giggled softly, “It’s my treat.”

Elite Con is not what you think

I’m sure a lot of the cosplay community heard of this:


Because Here’s the thing: Elite Con is NOT your typical Fandom Convention.


It’s Basically the Dealers Hall of your typical convention only that’s all there is to the event.

Don’t pull the Wow they’re more like Elitist Con, am I right? joke, Don’t Claim they’re alienating Cosplayers. They AREN’T.

Look at their Event Page. The Description itself says A Premium Collectibles Event for Advanced Collectors.

If you don’t know what that means, it means Its an event for Serious Buyers to either get the latest figures/toys/Pop funko figures OR Get a chance at buying a really rare or really valuable Comic Book or Comic Memorabilia.

They know who their target audience is and they’re giving the community a heads up saying We are not allowing cosplay You will be denied at door

They’re letting you know a head of time what will happen and that is helluva lot better than showing up in cosplay only to be denied access.

They are not alienating Cosplayers, they do not hate cosplayers, they’re just doing their job to ensure that their target audience is getting what they want and that Comics and Memorabilia.

So seriously guys: Stop lighting your torches and stop sharpening your Pitchforks. Actually Look into what the event is actually about. The event is getting harassed left and right because people aren’t doing their research. Get over it. It’s not even something Cosplayers would even be interested in. Y'all just want something to complain about


I can see now that i switched the locations of colossal and akon whoops

i will be in the dealers  hall for AX with @alexisparade 

and for colossalI will be an attendee !but! can do pick up orders and will bring stuff to sell to cover the costs :) hmu on twitter for that one

((As has been alluded to a few times by a certain flyboytracy… ‘Anime North’ was fast approaching and, well, it’s almost here. Friday morning I’ll be on my way to Toronto to stand behind a table for 3 days and to try and make some money. XD (Dealers Hall, V-8 if I have any Ontarian lurkers headed to AN around. XD) 

…Yes, this is why Virgil has been rather quiet. Sorry about that! ^.^;;; (I miss him too.) If I have a few minutes, I might setup a lil’ queue for first time ever or something for the weekend. =Oa Have to see. Hrm. But yeah. Next week, I should be back and Virgil-ing again. Please look forward to it. ;Db))

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Any advice for someone wanting to avoid cosplay drama but still make friends? The community where I live seems to thrive on causing so much drama. I don't want to seem stand-offish or elitist as I fear I am. But just seeing it unfold again and again makes me just dread being around any of them. But they are huge gossipers I fear being made out as some snobby bitch.

This ones harder than you think. Drama exists in all communities everywhere. I don’t care if you are in a quilting circle, I guarantee you there’s drama there too. 

I can only give you our own personal policy, as we do not approve or partake in drama either. And that’s 100% DO NOT ENGAGE. 

No opinions, no vague posts, no replies, no answering hate mail, no rants on controversial issues, no standing up for one cosplayer over the other. 

It’s a tough policy at times. Especially in hate mail or call out posts, but its the only way for people to give up on wanting you to enage. we’eve learned over the years that ANY response what people want who like drama. Good or bad, curteous, intelligent, nice or trolly, ANY response at all feeds the people looking for drama so you gotta be RADIO silent. 

This counts for public, in person interaction. You gotta be the wall. “Did you hear about so and so doing so and so for that thing? So and so is so mad.” “Oh, haha nope, I dont know anything about that, but hey I love seeing you! What are you working on lately?”

“I can’t believe so and so said that stuff to me, I hate her she yad ayada yada.” “Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that. Hey lets do something to take your mind off of it, have you been to the dealers hall? Or theres some cool panels coming up today.”

100% no engagement. no sides. no conflict. move on, change topic, detour. 

And if the person refuses, and only ever talks about drama? Goodbye. You don’t hang out with that person anymore. We’ve dropped a LOT of potential friends because we realized all they did was shit talk other cosplayers, and thats not why we do this hobby. 

You can’t let someone distract you from why you do this crazy thing. For fun. 

The Signs As Things That Happened At Connecticon
  • Aries: "Oh shit sorry Inuyasha"
  • Taurus: I fell down a flight of stairs and cut my foot open, again.
  • Gemini: "Hey, would you mind throwing me for a photo"
  • Cancer: Someone asked my friend if they were cosplaying Kirby. He wasn't.
  • Leo: "Listen man would you mind stepping on me in cosplay"
  • Virgo: My friend started disassociating while pooping and I snapchatted it.
  • Libra: I asked my mom if I looked dead inside, but she said I looked normal.
  • Sagittarius: 33 Undertale people were waiting for a vender to get a singular sticker.
  • Capricorn: The one Trump cosplayer who got kicked out
  • Aquarius: "Dude where's my bra?" "In the dealer's hall."
  • Pisces: I accidentally asked the Nostalgia Critic for dinner directions before realizing who he was