dealer garden

Facts about mexico:

  • Mexico is NOT  a big desert.
  • Taco Bell does NOT exist in mexico and it’s food is nowhere near actual mexican food or  mexican tacos.
  • Mexico introduced chocolate, corn, and chilies to the world.
  • About 60% of the modern Mexican population is mestizo (Indian-Spanish), 30% is Indian or predominately Indian, 9% is Caucasian, and 1% is other.
  • Mexicans DO NOT wear zarapes or sombreros,unless they are in a rural area.
  • Southwestern United States was actually Mexico’s territory but it ceded to the U.S. due to the Mexican-American war(1846 a 1848)


Experimenting with image transfer techniques onto terra cotta pots.  Going to give this guy a clear coat on the outside to darken the bees up a bit.  Also, how cute is the little miniature African Violet I picked up from a dealer at last weekend’s garden show???  I woke up to find him in bloom this morning.