Food For Thought : The GazettE World Tour 2016

As the gazette have finally gotten over their fear of the united states and have announced their 2016 world tour I’ve started to notice a lot of…. “thirsty” fan girls and boys suddenly popping up. Now i’m not against any dick hunters out there, in fact i condone it. Like go out there and get it in, live life. 

Anywayyyyyyys, here’s the deal

1. Don’t be that guy

u all know those insane fans, like the ones who stalk members back to hotel rooms, the ones who put like pube hair and teeth into food and give it to them… don’t do that…. please…. It’s creepy, it scares them, it scares me, and if u are going to go ahead and do that anyway its gonna end up here and i’m going to yell at you, other girls will want your head. it’s not good for any of us. 

2. The Gaze boys aren’t just a dick attached to a sack of meat

They haven’t even gone on tour yet and Ruki has already complained about the foreign fans, i’m sorry the gazette isn’t going to your country, it’s not their fault, don’t yell at them. Like not to be a fucko or anything but there is a lot of people flying to different cities/counties just to see them. If you are whining that “wah they didn’t come to my city” go do something about it. ( I understand the young fans who gotta ask their parents and were turned down, and people who just don’t have the funds) *Also to the people who are going, don’t fuck it up for everyone else,  l’m sure everyone wants another world tour in the future

3.  If u busted , accept it

 Probably a solid 50-70 % of gals out there are wanting a little extra at the end of the show, u got a lot of competition out there my friend. If someone gets it before u, or they turn you down… whatever the case is, there is nothing to sob about. Maybe you aren’t his type? Maybe he’s scared of foreign girls? Maybe the old man is just tired? 

4. Concert etiquette for the modern fan

If any of u guys have been to lives or even those anime con concerts u probably know what i’m talking about. And if you don’t you are probably the issue, I know this is the first time a lot of hard core fans are going to see their boys in the flesh for the first time, you are all probably giddy with excitement. But have some chill. Don’t push threw the crowd to get to front row, you didn’t wait in line for that spot, have some respect. Know personal space, idk if the gazette does furi or whatever??? but if they do don’t be throwing your hands into others faces. Don’t bite/ hit/ kick/ fight people over guitar picks and water bottles. 

 I hope everyone going has a golly ol’ time seeing their 40 something emo boys.