A ‘What If’ scenario that wouldn’t leave my head. I really doubt anything like this would ever happen, but what if Bendy and Boris had really different points of view on the whole studio and what happened there. Boris willing to forgive, forget, and move on, and Bendy…very much the opposite of all that!

So if Henry started working together with Boris things could get bad…really fast. With how irrational I usually think of him, Bendy would probably feel quite betrayed as well.


My hair decided it wanted to play nice today even though I forgot my hair brush, so I documented this rare phenomenon with some gratuitous pictures of myself, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombshell, AKA Me



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He’d been taken from his cell at Florida State Prison at four-thirty that morning, not allowed to shower or shave, placed in the back of a van and driven to Orlando in handcuffs and shackles without a seatbelt. It was the absence of a seatbelt that bothered Ted the most: “What’s the point of trying to save my life on this sentence if I’m going to be killed in a car crash?!” He had bounced around the back of the van for three hours on his trip to Orlando.

From “Defending The Devil”

Ted Bundy being dramatic af