Okay, so I’m finally getting to posting my part of this deal with the Devil @raspberrymoriarty - a sheriarty fic based on this otp prompt and Sherlock sassing “if that ass is back I’m gonna marry the shit out of him”.    

I just need to slap a couple of big, fat disclaimers on this thrash baby of mine, though. 1) What was supposed to be a silly fluffy piece of 500 words suddenly took a detour into… ah, angst town, before its final destination at fluffville. Somehow it turned into quite the therapeutic excercise* and I ended up with 3500 words. Whut. 2) The whole concept of them marrying is basically OOC, which means so are they, but I’m gonna go ahead and say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 3) It’s way too long to be put up here, really, but a deal is a deal. 

(*I discovered I might be a little upset with Jim for faking his suicide, so now I’m letting Sherlock take it out on him, whoops. Also, I guess this is me dealing with Mofftiss’ cruel teasing with Jim. I think I had a little too much fun…)

Duly warned - proceed under the cut at your own risk.  

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Akira is like……a great character especially beyond his role as a funny character like….we know that his crimes as a shadow totaled up to “i made it rain once and that made some kids sad” which is barely anything compared to any standard motw but he felt fucking awful about doing it and that’s what’s important. 

he felt so truly awful about just being a shadow that he exiled himself, dragged himself to “the enemy” and asked them to let him atone for his sins, ie atone for being a shadow. like i know he’s a goofy parody of an edgy troubled character but he still is a troubled guy. he has no self-esteem, no self worth, he was completely unable to even comprehend why the kids went to such lengths to get him back after he made his deal with the devil. 

and like he’s so loyal to these kids man he watched over them for YEARS even when they lost the ability to see him. i forgot my ultimate point in this post but im in too deep to delete it

mercilessraven  asked:

This is an Anti-Hiddleswift fanfiction that was written and posted within the first two weeks of this farce. Anyway, obviously written by a Hiddlestoner, and always looking for more A-HS fics so if you know any, share! This one is pretty hilarious though: "Deal With The Devil": on AO3 under "Lokimademedoit" as the author. I'm going to post it on my tumblr again, hopefully you'll be able to see the links there.


Copy of a written deal Christoph Haizmann made with the Devil (1699)

Christoph Haizmann, a poor painter, claimed to have sold his soul to the devil. He claimed to have made two pacts with the devil, one in ink and one in blood. He was to be his bounden son for nine years; after that time, Haizmann’s body and soul were to belong to the devil.

Haizmann claimed to have also suffered from demonical neurosis. His case was studied by Sigmund Freud and Gaston Vandendriessche. 

                                           no one ever ‘sells’ the Devil their soul.

                      the moment you consider it;
                      the moment that tempting thought
                      courses through your m i n d——

                                                      he already owns you.


“Fools!  All of you!  My ungodly book speaks to you!   On All Hallow’s Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground. We shall be back, and the lives of all the children of Salem will be mine!”

-Winifred Sanderson, “Hocus Pocus”


THE GRAND GRIMOIRE - known also as “The Red Dragon”. It is a collection of “black magic” grimoires believed to be as old as the 16th century AD, containing instructions purported to summon Lucifer or Lucifuge Rofocale, with the intent of forming an infernal pact (i.e. a “deal with the devil.”)

Quoting the Esoteric Archives:

“A. E. Waite pronounced this the most fantastic of the texts of the Black Magic cycle, and ’one of the most atrocious of its class; it has a process in Necromancy which is possible, say some occult writers – in the geniality of a lucid interval – only to a dangerous maniac or an irreclaimable criminal. It must be admitted that the Rite is highly unreasonable, but in dealing with such literature it seems unsafe to advance the objection, for it applies much too widely.’”

(Emphasis is mine.)

I strongly discourage anyone from attempting any ritual contained within The Grand Grimoire for reasons which should be plainly obvious. Do not try this at home.