deal ww it

The Current Issue:
  • Mental Illness Blogs: Recovery takes time, no matter what. You can't blame yourself for not being healed fast enough.
  • My Old Therapist: Recovery isn't a fast process. You have to keep trying to move forward, but understand that it can be slow going, and you're going to fall backwards sometimes. It's okay if it seems to take forever, as long as you don't give up.
  • Mental Health Literature: Recovery doesn't happen overnight. You have to take solace in every hard-won victory, no matter how small, because over years and years it all adds up.
  • Friends: You can be proud of how far you've come, no matter how far you have left to go.
  • The Rest of the World: So when are you going to be over this whole "mental illness" thing? Tomorrow? Next week? Any longer is pushing it.
  • The Rest of the World: You were smiling yesterday, you can't be THAT bad off. Are you sure you aren't just lazy?
  • The Rest of the World: All you really need is motivation. Stop being mentally ill immediately, we'll have to punish you.