deal with my tags tumblr

Small tip if you want to reblog a post with its tags

Okay so a lil thing that happens once in a while is people wanting to keep my tags comments on my posts when they reblog (I do tend to rant a LOT in my tags haha). While it’s not a big deal and this is in no way meant to call you out if you do it, as the creator it can be a teeny bit disorienting because the tags are where I often talk about my personal opinions/feelings while creating the piece.

So if I see someone reblog it and they copy all my tags into their tags, when I read the tags of the post (which I do pretty much all the time), I get a lil shock bc I see someone who isn’t me talking about the art piece like they drew it (in my own words).

AGAIN, not a huge deal but here’s a tiny tip on how to keep those tags in your reblog without freaking out the artist, that also gives you a place to put YOUR comments and differentiate the two ^ ^

First, copy all the tags.

THEN, instead of pasting them into the actual tags section, copy them into the text comments section of your reblog. They’ll still show up with hashmarks and it’ll be very clear that they’re originally tags!

After the tags, add who the tags are from, your source. For example, just: Source @yukipri works for me, or if you want to specify that I’m the original poster (instead of just someone else’s cool comments you found) Source OP, @yukipri etc. You can also add tags from people other than the OP!


​​#YukiPri rambles#Tumblr tips#reblogging#tags#Yep so just like this I'mma ramble in the tags as I always do#Like no seriously this isn’t a big deal so please don’t feel bad if you’ve done it before#It was confusing for me at first too#and there’s no handy full guide to Tumblr etiquette#I’m not even saying this is in the universal tumblr etiquette handbook either#just what I personally would prefer you do in my posts ^ ^;#and is also just nice on any posts so if there’s something cool in the tags i can see it#even if you just reblog#and so I can also find out who said it#this is important haha#it may not seem like a big deal but please credit comments <3  Source OP @yukipri

This leaves the actual tags section for anything YOU want to add, and it’s very clear whose thoughts they are <3

Anyway it occurred to me that not everyone may know/have thought about reblogging tags this way, so hope this was helpful to some of you ^ ^;

Thank you so much to all everyone who reblogs my content and adds comments in the tags! <3

So you’re an arsonist now?

It didn’t matter how you built your pyre. It still doesn’t. You weren’t sure how you were going to fracture yourself and fall together in a better way - like gravity, like collapsing into a black hole - but if death is an inevitability, surely the death of an ego is inevitable too?

It wasn’t supposed to matter, but it did. You carried sadness around you - you did, you did, and you still do. So what would come first, the sadness or the memories that caused them? It was a sick juxtaposition - it was the contrast between ‘okay’ and 'not okay’. You think that if you had never learned how to be happy in the first place you wouldn’t be so sad now. You think there’s still plenty of time left to be happy.

What did they - the pictures, the chatlogs, the people - matter to you now anyway? Physicality is easy to burn, physicality can disappear - into carbon under bunsen burners, into smoke. It was what came after you were afraid of - of not having anything to look back at, of not being able to pretend that this past was your future. It was not having these security blankets - not being able to read these conversations  and trace over these memories until they were as smooth as your bathroom tiles from wear.

You think about them a lot. If a relationship has ten effort units total, and you give all ten, then you’re not going to get anything back. If you look up to someone, if you spend hours social media stalking, if you keep up obsessively without getting any acknowledgement of your existence, if you write emails that never get replies, if you spend hours upon hours drafting messages that never get read - then do you not force them to look down on you?

And you wanted to become something greater, to become a phoenix at the threat of rebirth - wanted something of revenge, or regret, or some other unnameable noun that started with r. You didn’t want to become something greater if they weren’t going to look back at you.

But not now. The pyre is built and the funeral is ready. There are no white flowers, no observers, no wills or last rites. Nothing but you and the flame. Nobody will cry for your death - but then again, do you need anyone to?

So you jump in.

Too little, maybe, but not too late.

I can’t really understand other peoples’ interpretation on reading a new chapter or tg:re. It’s like we are reading different mangas. I know tg has been very deep and stuff but wtf.


So yeah, I really like Kirsikka. I saw her introduction post as I was waking up and when I read that she likes Sorrel, the thought of them being on Team Fancy and bumping into each other popped in my head.

Now…Sorrel likely joined because of Cyanthia and we know he’s oblivious to Kirsikka’s crush, but hear my out… Maybe a evening under the stars, everyone dancing to the Squid Sisters could change that? Huh~? e v e

Or I’m just a hopeless shipper who wants to see poor Sorrel be happy.
Please go easy on me, I’m still learning how to colour digitally.

Kirsikka & Sorrel are @tamarinfrog’s adorable kids.
※ Please do not repost or use my art. Thank you.

the whole “don’t let the person you like find your tumblr” thing is odd to me because i want the person i like to see this side of me because if they can’t handle this side of me then i don’t want to date them


Hey Florida, my whacky little home state:

If you’re registered as a democrat or a republican… it’s your turn to get out and VOTE today ( Mar. 15th )for your candidate!!!!!!! Do it just DO IT every vote matters!


I have a suggestion for the dub

Basically pretty important

My dearest followers,

I am deeply sorry to announce you all that school is taking over my life. That being said, I won’t have that much time to spend on my blog anymore. 

But don’t worry cause my younger sister (Ana) will keep my blog updated for the hard weeks to come. She has a tumblr account of her own (marvelsnatasha) and she’s really cool guys I’m sure you’ll love her (maybe not as much as you love me but then I’m hard to replace)

Sooo I obviously will check tumblr every few days to see what does down around here but I won’t be fully back until after I take all my exams.

PS: My sister (Ana) will tag everything she posts with “Ana blogsits” so you guys can know when it’s me and when it’s her.

Okay I think that’s it. Be nice to my sis okay she’s a beautiful cinnaon roll too good for this world, too pure

PS2: I will miss you guys very fucking much. Also maybe reblog this to spread the word?