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So yeah, I really like Kirsikka. I saw her introduction post as I was waking up and when I read that she likes Sorrel, the thought of them being on Team Fancy and bumping into each other popped in my head.

Now…Sorrel likely joined because of Cyanthia and we know he’s oblivious to Kirsikka’s crush, but hear my out… Maybe a evening under the stars, everyone dancing to the Squid Sisters could change that? Huh~? e v e

Or I’m just a hopeless shipper who wants to see poor Sorrel be happy.
Please go easy on me, I’m still learning how to colour digitally.

Kirsikka & Sorrel are @tamarinfrog’s adorable kids.
※ Please do not repost or use my art. Thank you.


I have a suggestion for the dub


the whole “don’t let the person you like find your tumblr” thing is odd to me because i want the person i like to see this side of me because if they can’t handle this side of me then i don’t want to date them

Hey Florida, my whacky little home state:

If you’re registered as a democrat or a republican… it’s your turn to get out and VOTE today ( Mar. 15th )for your candidate!!!!!!! Do it just DO IT every vote matters!

Basically pretty important

My dearest followers,

I am deeply sorry to announce you all that school is taking over my life. That being said, I won’t have that much time to spend on my blog anymore. 

But don’t worry cause my younger sister (Ana) will keep my blog updated for the hard weeks to come. She has a tumblr account of her own (marvelsnatasha) and she’s really cool guys I’m sure you’ll love her (maybe not as much as you love me but then I’m hard to replace)

Sooo I obviously will check tumblr every few days to see what does down around here but I won’t be fully back until after I take all my exams.

PS: My sister (Ana) will tag everything she posts with “Ana blogsits” so you guys can know when it’s me and when it’s her.

Okay I think that’s it. Be nice to my sis okay she’s a beautiful cinnaon roll too good for this world, too pure

PS2: I will miss you guys very fucking much. Also maybe reblog this to spread the word?