deal with my ship stuff in your tags

what the fuck

ok first of all my english may be bad cause it’s not my native and i’m working on it but this is not the point
i just watched camp camp and i decided to check tumblr tag of ship i like
and god this is the worst fandom i EVER saw
this scream is probably gonna be lost but i really need to sound my feelings off
i ship MAXVID 
and i don’t get why do all those antis even CARE
why don’t you just block the fucking tag and stick with things you like??
shippers don’t have to deal with all your bullshit just because you think it’s wrong
i mean, this thing has a fucking baby-hitler in it. well, it still is not like south park or stuff, but this is not a program for children in any way
and you shouldn’t watch it in the first place then, because if you can’t snap out of the idea of some strangers who like to imagine love of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS you’re nothing but a kid yourself
it’s not strange people have such ideas when they see how those two interacting with each other. it happens ALL THE TIME. it doesn’t matter.
i talked to my good friend @namiya-san and she showed me all that hatemail she’s getting and JESUS CHRIST are you serious?? this is ridiculous!
accept the thing people like something you don’t and move on. shipping maxvid is not the same as supporting pedophilia. not at all. nobody is gonna rape your children if you’re planning any just because of that. all of us understand difference between fiction and reality. so why don’t you????

pennycombatready  asked:

I finally understand the pain that any Ichiruki blog faces. I recently made a post about ichiruki based around the movie Fade To Black and I already have people commenting and reblogging saying I'm wrong and that the canon couples are everything. One person even told me I need to look up what canon means even though I used it correctly within my post. So, I understand that you probably deal with a lot of idiots who try to argue that their ship is better. You have my respect for dealing with it.

Aw thanks! But luckily since I’m just reblogging stuff 95% of the time I don’t get it as bad as other IRs who are artists and fanfic/meta writers do. They’ve awesome ways of handling stupid people though. I forgot who it was, but someone replied an IH anon with graphic IR erotica. It was hilarious.

I went to see who were the pests butting in on your correctly-tagged post and no surprise, it’s the same people again. Do isasplendidwhatever and irgreatfriends/kubogodofbleach live in the IR tag?? And the person who told you to look up “canon” needs to learn how to read (as do a lot of them). 

But [dramatic voice] lo! The Three hath gathered on your post. Together with zotmo*n, they are the Four Horsemen of the Orange Apocalypse. Their number is the anticanonical 686, and their work is to make everyone bow to the Anticanon.

Important note for fanfic writers!

If y’all are wanting to tag people in your writing, but don’t know who to tag and are too shy to ask, TAG ME.

I’m always looking for more fanfic to read and I also need to work on leaving comments/liking/reblogging the stuff I read so it’ll be sort of an I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of deal, okay?


You can technically tag me in anything I guess, but I’ll be super ecstatic if it’s Marvel or SPN. Those are my drug right now.

NOTE: Some ships (weecest/wincest especially) are not always my cup of tea, but I am willing to read them, like really truly if y’all want me to. No harm in asking if you want, but I mean I don’t really mind. I’m pretty chill as long as you’re not trying to force ships down my throat. For the most part on those, I’ll probably just talk constructively about the writing itself and not necessarily the story/content, you know what I mean? 


Also, if I don’t at least ‘like’ your post within 24 hours of tagging me, yell at me via ask or direct call-out post lol. I promise I’m not ignoring you on purpose or to be mean. I’m just prone to laziness, general procrastination, and I get distracted super easily. I promise I’ll read it and leave a comment or whatever as soon as I can, but it might take me a few days or so depending on what my busy life decides to throw at me.

flameofswords  asked:

Hey, I saw your post asking about a team skull zine? (Or a general sun/moon zine), and while you did just miss one id be happy to help run one? As long as I have another mod dealing with formatting and maybe shipping? (Depending on how much I hate that part). I had no idea if you've seen my tags or not, so I just wanted to let you know!

Thanks so much for your message!

I’ve never done formatting and stuff before, and never been a mod for a Zine or anything– so:

!! If anyone would like to join this wonderful person and host a Team Skull Zine !! Please do !! Feel free to message me (as a middleman) or @flameofswords directly!

writing commissions!

hello! my name is subway. I am a young disabled woman living with my girlfriend, partysoft, and our beautiful dog, Bucky. unfortunately, last week (3/12) Bucky got into some of my prescriptions and had to be hospitalized. the bills total over $1,000, and they’re sitting on my credit card. I am unable to work, and my family is not able to help as much as we had originally hoped. more about Bucky in my girlfriend’s tag of him. here’s her tag from when we were his foster parents.

so I am taking writing commissions! this is a great deal for you because:

  • I will write stories about you, your roleplay characters, characters you love, or dinosaurs.
  • I do LGBTQ stuff and disability.
  • Rare pairs and little known characters, even OCs
  • Yes, I’m talking to you, femmeslashers.
  • I will use a quote from your favorite poet/writer/musical artist as a title or epigraph or maybe both. (definitely both, if it’s Beyonce.)
  • I’m happy to go serious or absurd, long or short, based on whatever prompt, ship, or scenario you have in mind.
  • I will totally 100% take an adorable picture of my adorable scruffy thank-God-he’s-alive dog just for you.

my AO3 account is here. rules and restrictions (& fandoms) under the cut.

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God give me strength……………………

I never drew ereri. And I never will because I hate it so much my ass is on fire and one of the reasons - ridiculously vast amount of people who tag my art wrong.

Do you see any snk tags here? Because I don’t. But for some reason 2/3 of this post’s tags are about ereri. And it pisses me off so badly you just can’t imagine. I laughed at it at first, then I politely asked some popular ereri blogs to delete my post, but ereri fandom was rude to me and now I’m going to be rude to ereri fandom and I feel no regrets because this shit continues for MONTHS already.

I understand, you probably reblogged the post not from me, you didn’t see the right tags. But there is a LINK in this post. You click it, you see another post, you understand that it’s definitely not ereri, happy end. It’s not that hard to do. I saw the artist who posted an incredible art of their OC and then people started reblogging it and tagging it snk, homestuck etc. Why are you people so lazy to check what you really reblog if you doubt? It takes a few seconds. I even saw a person who said something like “oh so it’s not ereri but it looks like ereri so I’m tagging it sorry”. You’re not sorry. You’re just an asshole. For the average viewer it’s not important, it’s just a bunch of tags, not a big deal. But for an artist stuff like this is very upsetting, even if they don’t say it out loud. Wrong tags, the I-don’t-like-this-ship/character/movie/book/show-but tags, reposting, ignoring artist’s wishes, Anon’s Very Important Opinions™ no one asks for, entitled people with some ridiculous demands and so on make you think why should you even post your “amazing art”? Not all artists draw for notes and boosting their internet ego, you know. Why should I post my art if it upsets me so much?

I’m hiding your nickname because, for real, it’s nothing personal, I don’t want to publicly shame you or whatever. It’s something I wanted to say to lots of people for a long time, and those who follow me for more than 3 months have seen that I was very patient because I hoped this shit will end soon. But nope. That is why I wrote this big angry post and I’m hoping you all read it and think about what I’m saying because seriously, at this point I have zero aspiration to post anything.