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(( dealing with 13 yo Itachi’s mentality about the rest of his clan is so weird. Like, he p much thinks the only reason the clan is disliked is because they have awful attitudes sometimes and are prideful about their heritage. And I agree in a sense some of the way that pride is displayed is a problem. But if you were caged and refused opportunities because of your surname you would latch onto the name too. The Uchiha are a /bees/ nest yes…. And people keep poking the nest on purpose, agitating the bees into attacking. You fuck with the nest and you deserve to be stung.

But Bruh, Itachi at this point refuses to see the surname thing is an issue. It never happened to ~me~ so why do you guys act like its a problem. People don’t like you because you act horrible not because of being Uchiha, is basically his mindset at this point. If only Itachi had been more open to communication and Fugaku had shared his childhood, sigh. Then again depending on what point pre massacre, this is, Itachi might even find a way to excuse it or say he was refused because of a different reason, sigh.

I think it would take something like Danzō or Hiruzen admitting the rule exists, but even then they could just lie to him if he asks. What are you talking about itachi, you’re anbu, clearly this rule is something your clan made up to justify this rebellion…

My son is silly.))

okay but can we talk about when tracer is first a part of overwatch and in the public eye and rumours start to spread about her

some of them are malicious, some of them are embraced, but they’re all about the same thing:

“who is tracer, and who does she kiss?”

every time, there’s a picture of lena with a girl, always different, in uncomfortable paparazzi shots she swears constantly aim to get her bad side. she takes these in stride, makes jokes about them.

she doesn’t let anyone know how exhausting it is to constantly see them, though. and she still wonders why in this day and age people still give a damn.

she keeps it hush hush, but doesn’t hide it either. she’ll mention relationships in interviews, hold hands with girlfriends in public, go to pride rallies with full blown rainbow gear. she doesn’t find it important to label herself “gay” in the public eye, she just wants to be who she is without any poking and probing.

then one day it happens; she gets a letter.

it’s a young girl, fortunate enough to live in a war-free country, but is still finding herself lost and vulnerable. she’s figured out she’s a lesbian, and she’s terrified. 

lena knows how that feels.

she sent lena the letter telling her she wants to do good, wants to join the military, wants to do great things, and that she’s her hero. lena is touched, as she is with all the “you’re my hero!!” letters she gets, but this one is a bit different. 

the letter continues to talk about the girl’s depression, how she feels so helpless, she has no one to look up to and no one to tell her she’s valid, that she’s okay.

she continues to say that she doesn’t want to assume, but she thinks lena is like her. and she’s struggling to find strength and wants so desperately to find an outlet, but she hasn’t found anybody.

and she doesn’t know how much longer she can live so isolated.

lena definitely knows what isolation feels like.

a week after that letter, lena comes out, publicly. she realizes that the world could always use more gay heroes, for the gay heroes in the making, for the gay heroes who have no one else.

a few months later, she gets a letter from that girl again. she’s been accepted, top of her class, into a prestigious officer’s school. she wants to join the air force. she wants to join overwatch.

lena puts in a good word for her.

For one i’m not panicking. I’m not worried about the wedding because I doubt we’re even going to see him follow through with it. If anything I think this will give him another push towards Felicity. It’ll show him what he really wants in life. Plus if he’s MIA I know that Felicity will be worrying even as the team takes on whatever new threat it is they’re dealing with. 

it’s a mortal lock yo

real talk tho
kiyomaro when thru some mutherfucking shit
bitch basically died at one point
i mean, at least give him a shirt dude
at least give him a shirt 

tbh I don’t get all this ship hate in Star Wars. Like???? Calm the fuck down???? They’re fictional ships??? If u don’t ship/like them just ignore them???? Like Stormpilot is fuckin lit and so is Finnrey and so is Reylo and so is Kylux and so is Damerey and honestly???? Just live and let live okay?
(Don’t even try and hate on this post bc I don’t fucking care)

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How do you deal with a-all these anons!? I-I mean, r-really, y-yo have a lot of experience, um..d-do you have a-any advice?

“Dealing with anons? Well, if they’re harassing you or something, there is an option to turn it off - but usually I try to ignore them… the key word here being, eh, try… with varying levels of success… ”

“It’s still hard not to get defensive, especially when they decide to drag people I know through the dirt. But even though I know I’m not the best role model, just keep in mind, you’re allowed to tell people to stop asking questions about something.”

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I'm sorry to bring this up still, and yo, I'm sorry you're dealing with all these transphobes and what not, but please don't forget all cis white people aren't bad? GSA? Gay-Straight Alliance? That exists. There are good people that are cis and white and there are shitty people who are trans. None of you guys are shitty, I'm just saying, don't be so easy to say "down with the cis". People can be cis and still be good people. People who are trans can be transphobic too. They suck too.

*banging my fists on the table* down with the cis! Down with the cis! Down with the cis!