deal with it yo

No more “but Dax was drunk when he hit on Jak! He was just being overly affectionate because alcohol does that to a guy! It doesn’t make him gay/bi!”

That boy was 100% sober when he was completing the entirely heterosexual task of complimenting Razer’s sexy sense of fashion.

And Jak was 100% diverting the conversation.


I don’t think any of ya’ll really truly appreciate my obsession with Harry Potter.

/or my Kingdom Hearts obsession

/or my Inkheart obsession

Guys. Guys, I have a confession. I get obsessed. a lot.

Wand is 12 ¾ inches, Maple. From one angle it looks like Harry Potter’s wand. From the front angle, it’s a geometric/abstract representation o a Calla Lily. …and yes I made the wand box. /the one it came in was huge. /I didn’t need one that big.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Midtown blatantly people watching. I glance at my phone every few seconds to make it less creepy but mostly I’m just checking out people’s clothes. This is what happens when I’m half an hour early to my meeting and have nothing else to do.

This slightly makes up for the fact that I walked through Times Square AGAIN this morning. Tomorrow I’m taking a different route. I literally can’t put into words how much I loathe Times Square. Ugh.