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1/2 I'm unsure of what to do. My boyfriend can be so hurtful and mean. He told me he's so unhappy in life he should just kill himself. He told me he wishes we never had our daughter. I love him b/c I know he can be a great person but, my daughter

deserves people in her life who celebrate her every day. Am I staying for the wrong reasons? I feel like I know the answer, but I need to hear it from someone else I guess. I’m just so lost. His unhappiness makes me depressed.

Your boyfriend sounds like he’s dealing with some serious mental issues, yo! I know some people are just assholes, but it’s not normal to want to kill yourself, it’s not normal to regret your children, that sounds like depression talking. It’s not your JOB to fix another person, but if you really want to stick this out, then please have faith that with treatment, I doubt that he would still be saying these things. Can you convince him to see a therapist? Does he have any family that could help you take care of him? -Q

No more “but Dax was drunk when he hit on Jak! He was just being overly affectionate because alcohol does that to a guy! It doesn’t make him gay/bi!”

That boy was 100% sober when he was completing the entirely heterosexual task of complimenting Razer’s sexy sense of fashion.

And Jak was 100% diverting the conversation.

Saturday Night Special || Chick + Dick

Sawyer had no recollection of ever meeting this man before but somehow she had agreed to the notion of going out for burgers with him – yes, a complete stranger whom at this point, she only knew as Richard. As she parted ways with him and gone about the rest of her day, she kept wondering how this whole conversation had escalated from him asking her where he could get a decent drink and some pie to the two of them getting hamburgers together. Soon she gave up. It didn’t do well to dwell on how something happened now because she was expected to show up for that date in a little more than half an hour. So she set down her papers and headed off to her room to get dressed. Not that getting burgers was a formal occasion or anything, but she had no idea if this fantastic meal was going to be at a dive somewhere or a restaurant that was considered Brooklyn Fare worthy.

She honestly doubted that it was anything that fancy, so she opted for the default style that would work for any occasion – casual. Rummaging through her dresser for jeans and a tee shirt, Sawyer changed out of the disgustingly designed unflattering uniform she wore at the diner and washed up in the shower. About twenty minutes had passed when she decided she was clean enough and that her clothes seemed all right for a date with a guy whose tastes she didn’t know. Even if it bombed, she was getting a free sandwich and on her salary, that was always appreciated. Running her hand through her hair in an attempt to get it to dry faster, she threw on her jacket and shoes, grabbed her keys and hauled ass out the door. And like most New York residents, she was walking. Not because she didn’t have a car – because she did, mind you – but because even at night in Hampton, there was no telling how bad the traffic could be. It’d be so much quicker just to walk and since she wasn’t too far from the theatre he mentioned, it was a no-brainer.

When she finally got to the doors of the theatre, she spotted him. “Hey!” She called out, making her way through the line of people to approach him. “I admit I took a little longer than expected, but in my defense, people shouldn’t be bicycling that fast at night.” It sounded ridiculous, but it was true – the fact that she stopped to watch the person on the bike and was in no danger of getting ran into was irrelevant. “So, these lovely burgers of yours.” She hinted, getting to the point of this date.