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25 Junkrat Headcanons

1 - He loves his prosthetics most of the time, and only every couple of months actually gets upset about it!

2 - Is going deaf due to the, y’know, explosions and bombs he’s up close with. So Roadhog and he are learning sign language so he can speak whenever he has problems with his hearing and for when he loses it completely.

3 - He is pansexual cause he really doesn’t give a fuck long as they can deal with his shit and tolerate that mofo.

4 - Just what we’ve all been waitin on, Jamie is a transman. He doesn’t really care but would never tell anyone cause ya never know how someone will react and he dosn’t wanna lose his hoggywog.

5 - Poor rat never falls asleep in front of others cause the shits embarrassing and dangerous, even then he only gets a couple of hours a night due to sugar and insomnia.

6. - He believes if he can steal something from someone and get away with it, then it is rightfully his cause the person who owned it before obviously wasn’t payin enough attention to it if he got it.

7 - He struggles with finding a religion right for him and kinda believes in every religion cause they all make sense to him, he is agnostic, but not belongin to one single belief.

8 - He has never once eaten an ice cream, he has sensitive teeth and is susceptible to migraines and hears people complaining about how cold it is and the headaches they get. He has become genuinely afraid of them.

9 - Although Jamison lost his leg to his own explosion when he was young, he arm wasn’t actually lost cause of him. Some asshole cut it off of him as a punishment for blowing up his farm (all plants). He went looking for the man who did it but couldn’t find him. He had to leave home before he could search more and decided he would come back one day (post Overwatch) and get revenge. He never finds the man.

10 - He hates bathes cause he has to take off his prosthetics. Without them there is nothing cool about him, in his eyes at least.

11 - Hot little flame doesn’t know how to cook, but he wants to.

12 - He is actually very good with children, and it is one of the few times in which he would be semi-responsible. No one ever trusts him around kids and thus he never gets to prove it.

13 - He is horribly afraid of spiders. Growing up in Australia was terrible for him because they have some of the most dangerous species of spiders in the world. He never grows out of this fear.

14 - He has autism and isn’t real good with focusing on shit when he feels it would never benefit him, but when he is interested in something becomes extremely intense with it. He has trouble sustainin conversations with people, and is inflexible with the routines Roadhog tries to set.

15 - He has taken off Mako’s mask in his sleep before. Mako didn’t wake up but he felt incredibly guilty, he wanted Mako to show him his face in his own time with consent. Although he did not confess what he had done, he did everything he wanted for a week. It is one of his only regrets.

16 - He has never kissed anyone and is a virgin. It’s not like he doesn’t want to kiss or fuck, it’s that nobody ever wanted to be with him romantically.

17 - When he was a child his mother grew a garden and it contained lily-of-the-valleys and Foxgloves. He liked eating the leaves. (In case you didn’t know large amounts cause dangerously irregular heartbeat and pulse, usually digestive upset and mental confusion. )

18 - He hates reading, he thinks books are boring and will only even pick one up if it has anything to do with bombs or pigs. People think he’s just too dumb too read but he’s actually quite the genius and could read near any book in under ten minutes and tell you everything that happened. He just hates reading

19 - The little firecrackers most embarrassing moment was when his mom made him take ballet. Although he enjoyed (and still enjoys) dancing, some neighborhood kids forced him to wear a tutu and dance for them. after that they burned his clothes and made him walk back home in it. (https://

20 - He ownes a stuffed koala. It used to have all of its limbs but Roadhog tried to throw it away without knowing and when Jamie ran to grab it from him his leg and arm came off. Although Junkrat was mad in the moment he actually loves it more than ever now.

21 - Whenever Mako gets into a coughing fit he tenses up cause he’s scared he might stop breathing. Very early into their deal Mako started coughing and wheezing in his sleep and stopped breathing for almost three minutes. He gave him mouth to mouth and saved his life. He never told him about it and to this day Roahog doesn’t know.

22 - Junkrat and are friends and he is the only one who knows about her crush on Lucio. Being the loyal lil rat he is he never told him and in return she taught him how to paint his nails. Eventually he taught Roadhog how to do his and now Hoggy is obsessed with nailpolish.

23 - Before he hired Roadhog he only ate every couple of days cause he never really feels like eatin. Roadhog now takes care of his meals for him, in return Junkrat sometimes gives him extra cash outta his earnings without telling him. He hopes that one day it will all add up and maybe Mako will want to stay a little longer.

24 - That pyromaniac piece of shit enjoys jokes. Any joke, pun, or even funny voice will set him off on a giggle fit. Eventually he’ll get hiccups and that’ll make him laugh even harder.

25 - He is scared easily. He flinches whenever someone touches him or reaches out for him and is spooked by loud noises. Bombs and shit don’t freak him out or nothin cause he’s expectin it. But if something sudden happens he’ll be across the room and out the door in a second.

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I… can’t even process that right now. Like… I got things to DO TODAY!// Y'all! Don't even get me started on that. I can't barely deal with MadMoon, which I ship like a mofo, let alone throwing DOB in the mix. Point of fact, I need an AmG/TW au fic like asap! Derek could be the soft boy, like Salim, and DOB could be the Jinn-type guy, only a Spark or something. Derek would be telling them he's looking for his Spark. Or they could be on opposite sides, Werewolves vs Sparks. I NEED THIS, OK?!!

I like this omg!  I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!

okay for starters i can barely read this mofo’s info but whatever, i’ll deal

alright well, rule 1 broken already it’s not like we can unbreak that rule at this point, let’s go deeper

okay well let’s see what you want us to see you as

oh. alright.

that link literally redirects to this “DFI” page.

*In Too Deep by Sum 41 plays softly in the background*

it’s honestly not as bad as i was expecting but they have some iffy stuff and im really upset that none of their fucking links work, fix your blog when you change your urls or edit your themes good lord people


Luke Hemmings Acne Appreciation Post

because lukes ance is hot (*˘︶˘*)

i mean look at him, he rocks that acne

and you know what grinds my gears


fuckin hottie right there

HEs so perfect fuck me

I mean shit

date me please

hes perfect enough without makeup and then you do this sHit?

i have no words

no lip ring but still 

he doesnt even have to try

that fucker

how can his acne be prettier than me?

who fucking knows

so to end this post, hes one hot mofo and i cant deal with him anymore

sorry some of these pics are fetus

My (Personal) Opinion on Each Sign
  • Aries: Impossible to deal with
  • Taurus: Grumpy ass mofo
  • Gemini: U cool.
  • Cancer: Really nice, makes a great friend (couldn't date though)
  • Leo: Camera whore (cool tho)
  • Virgo: Micromanaging (I love my Virgo friends though)
  • Libra: The coolest ever
  • Scorpio: Understands the darkness in your soul, great friends
  • Sagittarius: Annoying AF men, pretty ok chicks
  • Aquarius: Much cool, great company
  • Pisces: Hot. Ass. Mess.
Things I Want to See in Empire of Storms
  • Political Intrigue-I’m talking about a power struggle in Aelin’s newly formed court (new and old members) and beyond with the newly freed kingdoms under Adarlan. 
  • The struggles and reintegration with the magic users. It’ll kind of be like a whole racism issue except with magical people.
  • Epic Action Scenes-with lots of fire from Aelin, ice and wind from Rowan, and everything possible from Dorian
  • Lorcan being a general asshole
  • Aedion and Gavriel Reunion Scene with revelations
  • Finding the Library of Terrasen 
  • A Visit from Brannon Galathynius
  • Maeve and Aelin Showdown
  • Manon and Aelin Showdown Pt. 2
  • Rowan vs. Manon
  • Manon joining the crew
  • Elide owning her magical powers and Blackbeak heritage
  • Finding out why Kaltain and Elide look so much alike that they could be sisters
  • Fleetfoot
  • Dorian dealing with psychological issues
  • Malide or Manorian. I’m not really that picky. Either one is fine.
  • Elide reunion with Aelin
  • Terrasen crew reunion
  • Nesryn. Always more Nesryn. 
  • Chaol finding new ways to deal with his bum leg. 
  • Chaol developing even more to become the badass mofo we all know him to be
  • Lysandra being a spy
  • Cadre Scenes
  • History of Terrasen 
  • A huge Rowan and Aelin Argument filled with angst (i don’t mind if an author puts my fave couple through the ringer)
  • Rowaelin-sweet, badass couple, steamy, any scene really.
  • Lysandra and Aedion
  • Or Lysandra and Lorcan. I think it would be amusing
  • Duke Perrington getting killed so we can see Maeve vs. Aelin in the last installment 
  • Asterin finding new love
  • Grandma Blackbeak getting her punishment
  • Fleetfoot and Abraxos meeting 

There’s more but I feel like this post is already way too long.