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thank you so much for the video! your english is wonderful! could you explain when to use masse or mye? takk!

Thank you so much, love!! <333 “masse”, “mye” and also “mange” can be easy to confuse - but I’ll try my best to give you a quick & easy rundown!


“Masse” is actually sometimes used by people as a quantifier in the spoken language — but it’s actually not grammatically correct in the written language (and honestly, I’d advice against using it while speaking too, even though you’ll probably hear some natives saying it – it’s often looked upon as a “childish” mistake to make). It is, however, a noun - and actually translates into “mass” or “matter”. So things like “brain matter” would be “hjernemasse” (lit. “brain mass”) (ok that’s…a tiny bit nasty - but I think you get my point!) 

You can, however, use the phrase “en masse” like this:

“Vi fikk en masse fisk.” - lit. “We got ‘a mass’ of fish.” 


“Mye” is a quantifier you use when you’re dealing with uncountable nouns - similar to the English “much”.

Har du mye kaffe igjen?” - “Do you have much(/a lot of) coffee left?”

Jeg spiser mye ris.” “I eat much(/a lot of) rice.”

You would also use “mye” together with verbs:

“Løper du mye?” - “Do you run much(/a lot)?”


“Mange” is a quantifier you use when you’re dealing with countable nouns - similar to the English “many”.

Han har mange venner.” - “He has many friends.”

“Jeg drakk mange kopper kaffe.” - “I drank many cups of coffee.”


I hope that cleared things up!! c:

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Why I’m Pissed at Tegoshi

Thought provoking comments. And I’m curious - since he hasn’t changed at all even though he’s about to turn 30 - what changed for you? I’ve never been swept up in his looks or his voice and perhaps it’s been his ‘persona’ that’s kept me at an arm’s length. But I had always hoped there was more to him than the self absorbed casually disinterested playboy idol.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Tegoshi. On one hand he fascinates me but on the other I find a lot of his attitudes really shitty. Over the last 3 years there were 2 or 3 times when his words pissed me off a great deal but I manged to process it and move on. But lately it feels like his diva persona is getting even stronger and the way he acts and talks is consistently arrogant and annoying.

Another thing, I guess, is the fairly recent realization that no, he was not a cute and pure boy who got corrupted by fame. Some of the stories about him around debut time suggest he was always a brat with shitty attitude. Actually, Shige also used to be overly arrogant but he realized where he went wrong and he reinvented himself and I admire that a lot. With Tegoshi though he brushes off any criticism and acts like he’s perfection incarnate.

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a.) why is your blog locked? b.) do you prefer to top or bottom? c.) what do you do for a living?

A) I don’t know what that means?
B) 🔝
C) I mange grant funded programs dealing with sexual health at a health center in NYC.

Help us get these kittens adopted please.

A couple of months ago my roommate broke up with her abusive boyfriend before he moved out of the state, and he up an left her with his cat Hermione. His pregnant cat. We have tried contacting him several times, but to no avail; besides, we didn’t really want to give her back to him since he is a bad person who already abandoned her once, and didn’t even bother spaying her.

We can’t really afford to care for a cat, but we did our best caring for Hermione and the 5 kittens she gave birth to about a month and a half ago. It has been extremly hard for us to do, since we both aren’t in a very good financial situation but we couldn’t just dump them in a shelter. Luckily, our neighbor whose cat has recently passed away took one of the kittens and we are now left with 4.

We put ads on several websites and we managed to get a hold of middle aged couple and their children who wanted to adopt the kittens, but sadly they lived about 3 states away. We met up with them about 3 weeks ago when they were down here to visit relatives, and they were very nice people who proved themselves to be a suitable home. However, since the kittens were only about 2-3 weeks old, they couldn’t be seperated from their mother and so we agreed that once they were old enough, we would send them over.

We manged to get a deal thanks to one of our friend with a small family owned pet shipping business in our town, and instead of paying 350$ so our 4 little kittens could be transported to their new home, we will only need to pay 180$. Sadly, we don’t even have that kind of money. My bank balance right now is exactly 27.20$, and I don’t get paid for flipping burgers until friday of next week. My friend isn’t in a good financial situation either, due to problems with some of her medical bills.

We ask you guys for your help, since we have no one to turn to. The few people we tried to ask for help thought we were a little off in the head for spending what few we had on cats instead of just handing them over to a shelter. Our goal is 180$, and we will be eternally grateful if you guys could help us in whatever way you can. Either by sharing or donating. Thank you so much in advance, this means the world to us.

Our deadline is November 21st, 6 days from now.

This is my paypal if any of you guys wants to donate and help us: