deal with it himchan

Let’s talk about BangHim for a minute.

I’m having a lot of BangHim feels these days because of how much I miss Yongguk. I just wanted to let everyone know how MUCH I love these two. 

First of all, the name. BangHim is probably the most iconic ship name out there <3. But other than that is the immense amount of love and respect Yongguk and Himchan hold for each other. They’re the two hyungs of BAP and very close in age so its obvious they’re very comfortable with each other. They’re the mom and dad of BAP and will fight anyone who comes for their kids. 

Himchan knows how hard Yongguk works. How he doesn’t sleep without writing lyrics or composing new music. He knows the kind of shit Yongguk probably goes through when he has to deal with TS. Himchan knows. And I think that’s one of the very main reasons Yongguk is different around Himchan. Yongguk talks to him and lets him know. We all know Yongguk is big softie at heart but he puts up this facade or wall when he faces the world/industry to show hes strong, and he is very strong. But we all get to see that softness and HUGE gummy smile when he’s with Himchan. When Himchan makes a stupid comment or just simply exists tbh Yongguk just stares on and smiles. It’s really amazing. 

Then, we have Yongguk who truly appreciates Himchan for the person he is. When Yongguk is tired or unwell, like now that he’s taking a break for his anxiety, Himchan steps in. He becomes a temporary leader and manages the members well, and gives Yongguk the assurance that everything will be okay even if he’s not there. It’s a lot of responsibility to be the leader of a group, they probably get separate training for it in the beginning, but the fact that Himchan can so easily step into the position for the time being is mind blowing. It’s very subtle but we see it when they get an award, when there are mistakes in stages (Himchan apologized personally, for something that was out of their control), and making sure the boys are in line, so to speak. Of course, Himchan will always be the clown of BAP and it doesn’t seem obvious but he’s always watching out and encouraging and supporting the boys. 

Another reason I love this pair is because of the mutual acknowledgements of both their talents. Yongguk is an amazing rapper, song writer, composer, you name it. Everyone knows that, Himchan obviously knows that. Himchan’s talents aren’t as well known by the public but Yongguk sure as hell knows. Himchan’s basically a musical genius, he can play almost every instrument out there, and has perfect pitch (said by Daehyun), and has a such a beautiful and raw sound. Yongguk does his best to incorporate Himchan’s knowledge in their songs as much as possible, for example in No Mercy, they incorporated Korean Classical Music, an area Himchan excels in. And now in their recent albums, the increase in Himchan’s lines. 

Alright, this went from a minute to a few minutes, but it’s okay because BangHim is love. They’re amazing members, they’re amazing friends, and the’re brothers tbh. They’ll always support one another and have each other’s backs.