deal wiith it

OKAY so these are characters who belong in vera and alyn’s story! I’ve mentioned before that they go to a “therapy” group session of sorts to talk about how they cope with and deal wiith having powers that they need to hide/makes people afraid of them

i’ve decided that there will be 10 in the group, so I still have to make 4 more kids to go along with the story. Feel free to ask questions lol i love to talk about them!!

thanks to EVERYONE who came to the stream and helped develop these babes! y’all are rockstars!

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oop2! 2orry mo2t of the grub code2 II deal wiith are female by default




It can be said that turtles like having their shells scratched.

But can you imagine scratching the boys shells and them making this really awful cum face while twitching like a dog when you scratch “the right spot”, even groaning and pressing back against the scratch to get a better angle.

Like they go completely immobilized when you find “the spot”  like

Eridan: Panic

cA: no i said too much im gonna delete that

cA: howw the fuck do you delete an email

cA: sol help me wwith somethin real quick

tA: what, me?

cA: no the other eyesore wwho shavved exactly half his fuckin face and quit

tA: got bored wiith iit, fuck you

tA: what do you want, ii haven’t even had my coffee yet.

cA: howw do you delete an email after you sent it

tA: ha2 iit been over ten 2econd2 2iince you 2ent iit

cA: yeah

tA: ii hope iit wa2n’t naked piicture2 then becau2e that 2hiip ha2 2aiiled, lol.

cA: oh god oh god

tA: what wa2 iit, you’re kiilliing me here.

cA: i sort a got upset and ranted about some really personal things to someone i barely fuckin knoww 

cA: like resentments and anger and wwhatnot

cA: wwhat wwas i thinkin

tA: ii am 2o not caffeiinated enough two deal wiith thii2 riight now.

cA: theyre gonna think im a wwhiny pussy

tA: well, iif ii may poiint out–

cA: goddamn it sol wwould it kill you to not make flippant fuckin remarks at my expense wwhen im clearly in pain

tA: ehehe, no, probably not.

tA: ii wiill take thii2 bullet for you, but only once.

tA: becau2e ii under2tand what iit ii2 two be 2pattered iin the foul 2pray of one'2 own uncontrollable emotiional diiarrhea.

tA: wa2 iit really that bad?

cA: i dont evven knoww i just felt so shitty for sayin it as soon as i hit the button

tA: can ii offer you 2ome word2 of wii2dom that help me exactly half the tiime?

cA: sure

tA: fuck iit. that ii2 all. just, fuck iit.

cA: wwoww sol thats profound you should wwrite self help books

tA: hey iif we’re doiing iin2ult2 after all ii can ab2olutely go back two that, but ii of all people know poiintle22 2elf-loathiing wank when ii 2ee iit.

tA: and ii say agaiin: FUCK IIT.

tA: 2o you’re the weiirdo who 2end2 awkward emaiil2, on top of everythiing el2e that make2 you weiird?

tA: fiine, then. that'2 you, and you’ll liive. fuck iit.

cA: fuck it huh

cA: easy for you to say

tA: ye2, 2o ea2y.

tA: from the liip2 of one who ha2 been naked iin traffiic on two dii2tiinct occa2iion2 to your 2hell-liike ear

tA: 2o come2 my completely unearned pronouncement of ultiimate embarra22ment 2urviival.

cA: wwhat 

cA: twwice?

tA: and who al2o once deciided he wa2 iin harry potter, except for real, and told everybody about iit.

cA: oh my god

tA: above the age of twelve, ii miight add.

cA: okay maybe you knoww wwhere im coming fr–

tA: and hacked a government web2iite lookiing for proof of contact wiith aliien2, you wouldn’t beliieve me iif ii told you whiich one but iit wa2 on the new2.

cA: did you find any

tA: no more than the u2ual.

tA: and ii have had 2ex wiith a lot of uh, not partiicularly advii2able partner2, let'2 ju2t leave iit at that.

cA: little hint maybe

tA: there wa2 a full-body snow leopard outfiit iinvolved ED plea2e don’t make me reliive iit.

cA: the fuck

tA: look my poiint ii2, you wiill liive, and after you don’t diie from the 2hame, you wiill have one le22 thiing to be afraiid of. 2o, fuck iit.

cA: huh

cA: fuck it

tA: ye2, gra22hopper.

cA: FUCK it

tA: good, now ju2t repeat iit every hour on the hour for the next 2eventy year2 or 2o and all wiill be well.

tA: can ii go iinhale my coffee now?

cA: yeah thats cool

cA: and then shavve the rest a your face its like moldy lookin and naff as fuck

tA: ok, mom.

cA: uh sol

tA: what.

cA: just

cA: snoww leopards


2hiit you know what iim catchiing up on greeter2 ii dont giive a fuck.

and iim taggiing all of you even iif iive talked two before 2o fuckiing deal wiith iit.

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ye2 after all thii2 tiime iit2 niice two fiinally be acknowledged by me, ii know. iim 2ollux captor, ii go by ca2e iid thank you two u2e iit greetiing greetiing yadda yadda thii2 ii2 the bootfull of hoofbea2t2hiit ii call my blog/2ociial liife. welcome.

anonymous asked:

Hi sollux, if possible. Ive been feeling really stressed out lately, and really low. I get snappy at things really easily, which isnt really like me at all. Ive felt my moods plummeting all over the place and had certain, um, dark thoughts. I really feel i need to see some sort of counsellor but i know that will never happen with my parents. do you know any online counselling things? or do you have any advice for someone like me? anyting would be really great. thank you.

2tudiie2 2how that a2 a general rule, entertaiiniing dark and viiolent thought2 ii2 not a good iidea, iif you let your2elf get 2tuck iin the2e type2 of thought pattern2 you can get your2elf worked up, and ju2t end up makiing your2elf angriier, or 2adder, or more de2perate, whiich ii2n’t goiing two help wiith your 2tre22 level2.

whiich ii2n’t two say that iit’2 bad that you’re haviing the thought2 at all, iintru2iive thoughts do happen and they’re not 2omethiing you can alway2 help, you just 2houldn’t encourage them, iit’2 not good for your mental health.

a great techniique for dealiing wiith them ii2 two pretend like they’re 2omethiing your a22hole friiend ii2 2houtiing iin the background.

“II WANT TWO PUNCH THAT GUY IIN THE FACE!” thank you, KK, but ii don’t thiink ii’m goiing two do that.

“you could jump iin front of that car.” okay but con2iider: no.

don’t let thought2 liike thii2 take root, don’t let them fe2ter, when they happen, ju2t bru2h them a2iide. wiith any luck thii2 wiill help you deal wiith the poiint2 of 2tre22 iin your liife that are cau2iing them iin the fiir2t place.

haviing 2omeone two talk two would probably be a good iidea. regardiing onliine coun2elliing 2erviice2… well, all ii can 2ay riight now ii2 watch thii2 2pace.