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Empress Sissi and the death of Ferenc Déak:

>>“He died January 28th, and Elizabeth wept when the new was brought to her. His body lay in state in the great hall of the Academy, which had been converted into a chapelle ardente,and here Elizabeth came in one of the simplest court carriages, and dressed in deep mourning.The deputies and ministers of Hungary were standing round the coffin when the Queen approached, carrying a wreath of laurel and white camellias, tied with a broad satin ribbon bearingthe inscription: “Erzsebet kyralyno Déak Ferencznek.” (“ From Queen Elizabeth to Franz Déak”). She stood for a few minutes in tearful silence by the lifeless body, and then turned to leave, when she suddenly went back, knelt on the lowest step, and prayed fervently. The Hungarian painters, Munkacsy and Ziczy, have represented this scene, and a Hungarian author has written: “ The memory of Déak is still glorified among us, but the tears of the Queen are the highest marks of honour that the dead hero could possibly receive.”<<

Clara Tschudi, Elizabeth: Empress of Austria.

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Sometimes I stop and think about all the amazing possibilities if you ship Lavi and Allen. 

You have Lavi as the Exorcist & Bookman Junior. Then Bookman!Lavi, you have Deak, you have Dreamworld!Lavi. Maybe a brainwashed Lavi, depending on what Sheril did to him.

Then there’s Allen. There’s Red, Noah!Allen, maybe even Nea!Allen and Past!Allen.

There are so many various combinations and these characters are all canon and they’re all different and it’s so exciting and versatile it makes me so happy hhhhhhhhhh

I really want to know why Deak was the way he was. During the arc while Deak was controlling Lavi it gets clear that he was merciless and literally numb - even towards the people Lavi loves. It’s entirely possible that Road did something to make Deak seem more extreme, but I think we’ve seen quite an accurate version of Deak. 

So it made me wonder - where did Lavi and Bookman go that Lavi had to create a persona like this? What did Lavi see and what did he have to go through to create a persona who hates everyone and doesn’t believe in anything/anyone anymore? 

In a flashback we see that Lavi says that the war made him hate humankind. But somehow I doubt it was just the war. 

Kit here and seeing as I’m finally almost through my drafts and most of my interactions are pretty much dead, I’m lookin’ to find some new partners! I’m coming up on 13 years of RP experience, prefer but not limited to plotted Para / Novella threads, and I am friendly to OCs, crossovers, and some unfamiliar fandoms (check my Rules page for familiar fandoms; I have a ton)! I also run IC games and streams now and again (chatzy, epic mafia, gaming servers, etc), so if you’re into that kind of stuff, I’m your man!

So please LIKE and/or REBLOG this is you’d be interested in interacting with an independent LAVI JR. BOOKMAN from D.GRAY-MAN, or alternatively a (total piece of shit) triplet!verse “JUNIOR“ BOOKMAN, brother to Lavi and Deak.

a.k.a. a genius dumb war-chasing archivist with identity issues who can’t People and fights metal demons and a family of evil super-humans with a size-changing magic hammer and huge conjured fire serpents!

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