Mr. Shark

“Peter is a child.” Tony hisses into the phone. He’s keeping one eye on the kid from where he is standing, not hiding just standing, around the corner.

“He’s normally a child Tony, what’s your point?” Rhodey asks, Tony can hear him yawning over the line.

“Yes, he’s normally like 14 though not 4.” Tony is definitely not screeching in distress. “Normally he is my height, not this tiny thing.”

“What?” Rhodey asks, and he sounds more awake now.

“I don’t know, Friday says it’s Peter, but he’s like 2.” Tony peeks out to see Peter trying to pull himself onto the couch, he gets a wave and a gap-toothed grin.

“I thought he was 4.” Rhodey points out, and it sounds like he’s laughing at Tony.

“I don’t know what age he is, he’s small Rhodey. I need help, please come help me with the spider kid.” He pleads, waving back at Peter. Peter starts to toddle towards him.

“I’ll be there tomorrow morning.” Rhodey grumbles, and the dial tone sounds in his ear. Tony’s eyes are wide with fear when Peter bumps into his leg.

“Tomorrow morning?” His voice is little more than a squeak.

“That is what he said boss.” Friday replies, she sounds smug.

“Okay, hi Peter.” Tony greets crouching down next to the kid. “I’m Tony Stark.” He holds out his hand to the little guy.

“Hi!” Peter shouts, grabbing onto his hands. “I like your bobots.” He holds out his arms in the normal kid gesture for pick me up, and Tony does, hefting the kid onto his hip.

“Really, which of my robots is your favorite?” He asks, bouncing a little. Peter squeals excitedly.

“I like the nice wall lady, and the dumb rolly robot, but my favorite is suit lady.” He informs Tony, nodding excitedly. “She’s nice.” Tony laughs.

“She is, isn’t she? You know I think you are her favorite human too.” He pokes Peter’s nose for emphasis. Peter giggles, grabbing onto his glasses with one hand, and yanking them off his face. “Ow.” Tony winces, and the glasses snap in half, apparently the little spider still has some super strength.

“Oh no.” His eye’s go wide and glossy and he looks up at Tony. “Please no mad. I didn’t mean to Mr. Shark.” Tony is trying very hard not to look like he wants to cry. “Please don’t leave.” Peter sniffles.

“I’m not leaving Peter, I’m right here. The glasses are dumb anyways.” He takes what’s left of them from Peter and drops them in the garbage. “See all gone.”

“No gone. I broke the boat and you were gone, no leaving now.” Peter insists, clutching at Tony’s shirt. Tony drops onto the couch, he needs to look put together for the kid, but his heart feels like it’s breaking in his chest. He gave Peter abandonment issues. He was trying to break the cycle, and he failed. Gesturing with his left arm for Dum-E to come over, he tries to soothe the kid.

“I’m so sorry Peter. I shouldn’t have left you then, and I won’t leave you now. I promise.” He pats Peter’s pack in an attempt to be comforting. Dum-E rolls over, blanket clutched in his claw.

“Pinky promise?” Peter asks, holding up his pinky.

“Pinky promise.” Tony links his pinky with Peter’s just as Dum-E drops a blanket onto both of their heads. “Thanks Dum-E.” Tony grumbles, it makes Peter giggle so Tony will consider it a success.

“You’re not mad?” Peter asks.

“Nah those glasses were dumb anyways. I’m much prettier without them.” Tony informs him. Peter reaches out, grubby fingers poking at Tony’s cheeks.

“Your eye is dark under. Aunt May says it’s a bag but that doesn’t make any sense.” Peter informs him. “You put things in bags.” He informs Tony.

“I do not have bags under my eyes.” Tony insists. Peter looks as unconvinced as a four-year-old can. “I get a healthy amount of sleep.”

“Mr. Shark, you don’t sleep, ever.” Peter points out, and Tony doesn’t really have an argument, and he doesn’t really want to correct Peter’s pronunciation of Stark, so it’s time to change the topic.

“Friday, how long until Rhodey gets here?”  He asks.

“Based on his flight plan, he should arrive at the building in approximately 10 hours.”  Friday replies. Tony tries not to look absolutely horrified.

“I’m going to die.” He whispers, Peter pats his cheek comfortingly.

“Don’t worry Mr. Shark, I protect you.” Peter assures him, it’s the cutest thing Tony has ever seen and he’s going to wrap this kid in bubble wrap and never let him outside into the dangerous world ever again.

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Peter gets deaged and seny back to earth by wellmeaning being but It forgets to erase hod memories. Tony and hus team finds him after CW and Peter tries to get their help but nobody believes that he is a man from space. Tony takes care of him and Peter falls in love. Tony gets suprise of his life when there kid he is fond of turns out to be handsome spaceman.

“What the hell.” says Tony when he is back at his tower and sees a kid sitting on his couch.

“No swearing in front of the kid.” says Pepper and she looks at Tony, who promptly blushes.

“What is he doing here?” whispers Tony towards Pepper and the boy looks at him.

“I can hear you!” says the boy and Tony frowns at him.

“Okay what are you doing in my tower? How did you get in here?” asks Tony and the boy stands up. He looks like he is maybe 6 years old.

“P-picked your lock! Was easy.” says the boy and he smiles.

“What the…” Tony begins again, but Pepper coughs. So he stops.

“He says his name is Peter, he is actually 30 years old and from space.” says Pepper smiling and then she stands up. Tony looks back at her. She wears new shoes. Means she bought them from his money. Tony smiles a bit.

Then he heard what she said.

“I have one question.” says Tony then and he hears Pepper leaving. Rhodey isn’t even at the Tower yet and Vision is in search of Wanda. So its only him.

“Yeah?” asks Peter and smiles up at him.

“Are you crazy or am i?”


“So lets talk about that again? Your name is Starlord - which is the coolest name i know alright - and you have a spaceship and are a superhero in space?” asks Tony a while later, when they sit on the kitchen table.

“Yeah. I-i need to get home and i know you are really clever so please?” asks Peter and he pouts a bit. He looks like a sweet child. Tony smiles.

“Okay okay. Do you think you can draw me your team? While i work on something?” asks Tony then and gives Peter paper and a few crayons.

Those are Steve’s but he doesn’t care. Tony sits down again and starts searching for any hint about Peters parents. But he and friday can’t find anything.

“Tony, Tony look!” says Peter when he finished the drawing of Rocket, Gamora, Groot and Drax. Tony looks up at him and smiles.

“Aw that looks really cool, Peter.” says Tony and smiles down at him. For a moment Peter frowns, because he understands now that Tony doesn’t believe him either.

He sighs.

“Do you want to hang it on the fridge?” says Tony and Peter shrugs.

“Come on. It will be fun and you can tell me all about your superheros. I’ll listen i promise!” says Tony and his voice is a bit lighter.

He picks Peter up, lets him hang the picture up and smiles.

Peter wants to roll his eyes but he smiles, because Tony looks so excited.

“That’s Gamora…” he starts.


“Tony?” whispers Peter because he dreamed of aliens again and he is so tired. Two weeks, he is here for two weeks and … Tony still thinks he is a kid.

But he is so wonderful with him.

“Yeah?” Tony croaks and the arc reactor is the only light in the room.

“I’m sorry.” whispers Peter back and he is embarrassed. But Tony sits up and smiles down at him.

“Aw kiddo. Come here.” says Tony and helps Peter on the bed.

“Wanna tell me about your bad dream or do you wanna hear another story from me?” asks Tony and cuddles Peter.

“Story!” says Peter excited, because he enjoys this too much.

“Alright. Once upon a time there was a really brave boy named Peter and he was also known as Starlord…”


“Tony!” shrieks Peter when Tony tickles him. He even kicks, but Tony is a lot of stronger than he is a the moment.

“Thats what you get, when you eat the last of my ice-cream, mister!” says Tony and Peter laughs even harder.

“Stop!” says Peter and Tony looks down at him.

“Please never grow up, Peter.” says Tony then and he looks so sad that Peter knows what he thinks.

Don’t leave me, too.


“Of course i will keep him.” says Tony to Pepper. Peter sits outside of the door and eavesdrops.

“You don’t know that kid. You can’t just keep him.” says Pepper and she sounds not angry but distraught.

“He has no home, okay? And he is so smart for his age and has such a good heart… i don’t want him to be in an orphanage.” answers Tony and he sounds so exhausted.

“Just don’t hurt yourself you hear me?” says Pepper fondly and Peter sighs. He wants to go back to his guardians…but he can’t leave Tony.


“Tony!” says Peter and he is so happy. Oh god.

“What? Leave me alone squirt.” grumbles Tony who is deep asleep on the couch. Its exactly one month after the accident and Peter is finally big again.

“Look!” says Peter and this time Tony rolls onto his stomach.

“Munchkin i already told you…” starts Tony and then looks up.

“Tada.” says Peter and now he blushes. Tony sits up.

“You said the truth.” begins Tony and Peter nods. It takes two seconds and then Tony looks so heartbroken.

“Hey! No i won’t leave you.” says Peter and takes Tonys hand in his.

He will take Tony with him. Away from everybody who could hurt him.

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“This is humiliating.”

Peter rolled his eyes and shifted in his seat, resting his head against the bus window. “This is my life, Dad. Way to be supportive.”

Beside him, his deaged father – or Tony, as he was now supposed to exclusively call him – sighed and rolled his eyes into the back of his head. He’d been on a mission with the Avengers when he’d been hit with some kind of magic beam that’d deaged him to around sixteen years old. Not really knowing what else to do with him, because he obviously couldn’t carry on as an Avenger, and nobody trusted him to stay at home by himself even when he was an adult, Peter’s Pops had decided that Da– Tony should go to school with Peter so he could keep an eye on him.

Peter… had been excited by the thought at first, but now he was really starting to regret agreeing to this so readily.

“First, I’m kicked off the team. Second, my husband refuses to have sex with me. Third, he put my lunch in a lunch box with my regular face on it –“

“Please, please, never talk to me about your sex life ever again,” Peter grimaced. “And you… you might wanna not mention Pops. Or the fact you like guys at all –“

“What?” Tony frowned. “I’m not gonna hide who I am, kid.”

“I’m not saying hide it,” Peter replied quickly, unsure how to get him to understand. “Just… just don’t mention it, maybe? High school kids can be really cruel about this stuff.”

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